Demon cards
- mystical demon-summoning cards used by Bansheera's forces (primarily Jinxer), and associated demon mouth statue
Demon card
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First Appearance: (maw) 801-OpLs, (first card) 803-TByF
Last Appearance: (maw) 837-WrQn, (last card) 839-FLs2
Pictures: demon maw, various cards (sub-menu), demon card, standard back side (shown at right), growth card bats


  • Jinxer was not present as the demons arrived in the skull castle following their release from the Tomb of Forever; there would, however, be Batlings which accompanied Ghouligan during his attack on Mariner Bay.
  • Materializing along with the demons was what would be a permanent fixture of the lair, a large unnamed stone demon, mouth gaping wide, used for monster summoning; inside the maw was glowing mist which was usually blue, also red on occasion.


  • Jinxer was apparently responsible for Magmavore, although specifics of its creation or summoning are unknown.


  • Loki told Jinxer that perhaps Vypra could use a little help; from five monster cards in his hand, he selected one to give to Jinxer.
  • Each card had gold, yellow, blue, and red diagonal corners on back, with the center black diamond bearing the Batlings' belt buckle design.
  • The front of the cards showed an illustration and text of their respective monster, like an RPG card game.
  • Approving of the Quakemon card, Jinxer threw the card into the demon maw and recited an incantation calling for a monster to be created "from the bowels of the evil light."
  • Within the maw, a starscape thundering with flashes of color (reminiscent of the Lost Galaxy) caused gold lightning to strike a gold rod atop the giant stone head.
  • In the mountains, Loki had Jinxer do his stuff.
  • Jinxer's incantation called for the rocks and pebbles below to grow, at which point monster chunks on the ground transformed into white-necked vampire bats which flew up in a huge black cloud and formed giant Quakemon when ordered to unite; this process was normally used to reassemble and enlarge destroyed monsters from their remaining chunks, but Quakemon had just been summoned.


  • Telling Jinxer it was time to create, Diabolico summoned a monster card of Whirlin with gold energy, its gems briefly glowing as well, and he then gave it to Jinxer.
  • At the middle of each of the four edges on the back of each card was a small circle was a small circle bearing a design; the top circle bore two lightning bolts arranged in a V shape, a symbol connected with the demons' monsters but featured most prominently on the Troika monsters.
  • After throwing the card into the maw, Jinxer called for tornado winds from the east to transform the card into a monster; as seen during Quakemon's summoning, lightning struck the golden horn, and the colored lights flashed in the inner space within.
  • Whirlin materialized from the maw with red energy swirls.
  • Looking over Whirlin's smoking chunks a few minutes after his destruction, Jinxer remarked, "The things I have to do..." and tossed a card into a chunk as he told Whirlin his task wasn't finished yet.
  • The card, what would be used in the future as a standard growth card, had a normal back; on the front was a genie-like white winged demon holding up two large orbs.
  • Jinxer called for Whirlin, calling him a "demon of wind" and "demon of bats," to pull himself together and rise, at which point the chunks (including the card stuck into a chunk) morphed into the vampire bats, and the cloud assembled into giant Whirlin, as was the standard growth with that card.


  • When Impus whimpered during Diabolico's formulation of a scheme, Jinxer thought he was maturing and was ready to create his first monster; with purple energy from his pacifier, Impus formed Fireor's card, and Jinxer set him down, congratulating him.
  • Jinxer threw the card into the now red maw, and purple wisps associated with Queen Bansheera flowed down to the skull castle and into the maw's horn; Fireor then flew out as a fireball.
  • Although he remained in the castle, Jinxer used a standard growth card to reassemble and enlarge Fireor after it had flown into the monster's chunks.


  • Loki gave the card for Elestomp to Jinxer, and he created the monster from the maw.
  • Elestomp's card showed the monster apparently at a shore of some sort.
  • Below Elestomp's picture were alien scripts; at top was an orange gem, and bottom left was green, with two pink on right.
  • Elestomp emerged in a green whirlwind following the normal purple wisps.


  • Vypra gave the card for Smogger to Jinxer, and he created the monster from the red maw.
  • The card had a blue variant of the Batling design along the top, bearing a gem with a serpent eye-like slit.
  • Purple wisps went into the maw head, forming Smogger in ball form from a red energy sphere.


  • Impus created the red and black Trifire card, which Jinxer cast into the maw.


  • On Bansheera's remote orders, giant Magmavore walked over to the smoking chunks of Trifire in the mountains and shot red eyebeams into them; they arose with a red swirl (later associated with Jinxer's advanced growth cards) and reassembled into giant Trifire, now with a new weapon and armor.


  • After Liztwin had been destroyed, Jinxer held a special growth card: the front bore a golden design of the demon maw, its mouth holding a large blue sphere in which then appeared what may have been two crossed Batling swords in front of a horned helmet.
  • This card, like all of the demon cards unless otherwise noted, had the same standard back.
  • As the card stuck into the chunks, they were reassembled into titan-sized form (the size of the Supertrain Megazord) in the red energy cyclone which had been shown in Magmavore's resurrection of Trifire into advanced form in 810-RAsh; within the red energy, Liztwin grew long finger claws in place of his head hand, back fins, and a more hideous horned dinosaur-like head.
  • Advanced Liztwin only growled rather than spoke.


  • As his last-ditch effort to defeat the Rangers, Diabolico summoned from gold energy bolts (apparently from the demon maw) a box which contained three monster cards.
  • On the front of the box was an image of a white angel-warrior demon, squatting with Diabolico's staff, white angel-like wings wrapped forward.
  • At the top of the design was the gold V-bolt emblem.
  • Jinxer nervously told Diabolico those were the only monsters he had left; with these, his three most powerful monsters, Diabolico said there was no way he could fail.
  • After removing the three cards from the box (not shown), Diabolico told his warriors to come forth, and the three cards flew from his palm into the maw.
  • The back of the cards were dark red with the gold V-bolts held by something black and white, perhaps demon hands.
  • In thundering gray mist within the maw, the cards flew through, followed by Falkar, Demonite, and Thunderon, colored (with matching background quarters, almost like a three-colored, open-topped corridor) blue, white, and red.
  • The three, looking like illustrations, flew out and transformed into their real versions in front of the maw.


  • Diabolico had a surprise for the Rangers, presenting a mirrored demon card for Demonite which startled the others and pleased Jinxer.
  • The mirror card had red borders, within which was a mirrored surface.
  • Fighting the Rangers, Demonite threw out the mirror card, and it formed with gold energy into a Demonite clone, but with a blue visor and two sword gauntlets.
  • The clone felt any pain inflicted upon Demonite; when Carter destroyed Demonite, the clone elsewhere suddenly sparked and exploded with purple and gold shockwaves, its mirror card dropping to the ground and shattering apart like glass.
  • To resurrect and enlarge Demonite even stronger than before, Diabolico threw into the demon maw a card with gold border designs, including a gold Diabolico-like head (and tiny Star Power star in the design) around the top.
  • The card was one of what would be three gold-bordered Diabolico cards, each bearing a colored picture section appropriate to its monster: Demonite's block was red, Thunderon's would be green, and Falkar's would be blue; each card bore gold V-bolts on the back.
  • In the red picture section of Demonite's Diabolico card were two crossed daggers with gold bolt blades and black/white handles matching the "skin" of the Troika monster.
  • Twirling over Demonite's chunks, the card dissolved as gold energy bolts flowed into the chunks; hundreds of purple spheres containing what looked like electricity then coalesced into giant (or slightly larger than giant) Demonite, who now had two sword gauntlets, no helmet, and an ugly red demon face with sharp extensions.


  • After Thunderon had been destroyed, Diabolico threw a green version of the Diabolico card; the picture showed black/white gauntlets (matching Troika's skin) holding a bolt and another weapon.
  • The spinning card charged Thunderon's chunks with gold energy bolts as it dissolved, and titan-sized Thunderon appeared from gold energy, apparently with no body alterations.
  • As Falkar watched, Diabolico threw a blue version of the Diabolico card, stabbing him in the back and enlarging him to titan size with gold energy bolts, at which point he had a modified helmet.
  • In US footage, the blue card had a normal back rather than the V-bolt back of the other Diabolico cards.


  • Jinxer now resurrected and enlarged monsters with standard growth cards again.


  • To prove he could still create a monster, Loki threw a card into the demon maw, and Cyclopter emerged.


  • The growth card thrown by Jinxer to enlarge Infinitor in US footage (notorious for showing incorrect cards) was a red-bordered card with an image of what looked like Freezard.


  • In the skull castle, purple wisps from above went flowed into the blue demon maw's horn, and purple energy from the maw formed an egg in Olympius's hand.
  • When Jinxer threw in Bird Bane's card and recited an incantation, nothing happened, but suddenly the goofy Bird Bane emerged in blue energy and knocked Jinxer down.
  • When Jinxer tossed a gold-maw card with a shiny red circle in its mouth, a red energy cyclone swirled up Bird Bane's pieces, and red energy recreated him in titan size with enhanced armor.


  • To have Aquafiend resurrected and enlarged, Vypra commanded him to rise again while pointing her sword at his chunks, and a card from an unknown source struck them.
  • As giant Aquafiend towered menacingly, King Neptune's trident began to glow blue and grow, causing Chad to drop it, and giant Aquafiend then picked up the enlarged weapon, but it would shrink after his destruction.


  • To make a monster in the woods for Vypra, Jinxer threw a card into a tree trunk; the card's entire back side showed a white silhouette of an evil tree with red fruits, and two parallel white lightning bolts and a moon in the sky.
  • Jinxer's incantation caused the card to glow white and Treevil to emerge from the tree.


  • In the central lair, Carter heard Bansheera's laughter coming from within the glowing blue maw statue, so he dove in, finding himself amidst more columns before coming upon Bansheera's veiled throne area; there were also other ways into the lower-level throne room (see "skull castle").
  • In the wake of Bansheera's temporary defeat, explosions burst forth from the demon maw and ripped through the skull castle, heavily damaging the interior columns and the skull exterior and apparently destroying the demon maw.


  • Bansheera demanded a monster, but he replied nervously he didn't have any more monster cards; the last one he had been shown using was to create Treevil for Vypra.
  • Earlier, Jinxer had stood behind the towering Lifeforce Megazord's right foot; having been out of monster cards and having only had a Batling card, Jinxer had embedded the Batling card into the metal hide to give the Rangers a surprise when they returned to their base.
  • The Batling card, with a normal back, had stuck a bit into the Lifeforce Megazord's metal leg when thrown.


  • Following an incantation from afar by Jinxer, the stowaway card glowed with green light, and Batling bats flooded out from the card into the Lifeforce Megazord's holding bay.
  • The card had a blue border with a solo Batling drawing, above which was a slit-eye design like in the Batlings' and cards' symbol.

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