Deserted Planet
- former resting place of Sword of Light (227-PTr1)
Deserted Planet
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First Appearance: 227-PTr1
Last Appearance: 228-PTr2
Pictures: space view, city (shown at right)


  • The Sword of Light was hidden on the Deserted Planet, located in a galaxy light-years away known as the "Farthest Galaxy."
  • The Deserted Planet, as shown in an apparent establishment shot, was a cratered bluish-gray planet similar to the moon.
  • The Rangers materialized on the Deserted Planet outside of the Deserted City, where the Sword of Light was hidden; they had to walk into the city on foot for some reason.
  • The trees and grass outside the Deserted City looked Earthen; the city itself looked identical to an Earthen city, containing even abandoned cars and an ambulance on the street during Tor's transformation sequence.
  • The Deserted Planet's differences to Earth included a red tint in its atmosphere, and giant floating silver orbs and inverted, stone pyramids floating over the Deserted City.
  • Tommy said the planet had been deserted for thousands of years.
  • The statue containing the Sword of Light stood in the center of the city; it was a statue of a bearded man in what may have been Spanish armor, holding the disguised Sword of Light.
  • Serpentera blasted the entire center of the city to bits.
  • Serpentera blasted a floating pyramid, causing one of the floating orbs to disintegrate and blast the pyramid with rocky debris and destroy it.
  • After Zedd had given the command for Serpentera to destroy the entire Deserted Planet, Serpentera's blast started an expanding circular chain reaction of red energy which destroyed everything in its path.


  • Serpentera was somewhat slow in reaching Earth since it had consumed most of its energy destroying the Deserted Planet, according to Goldar.
  • Zedd said Serpentera had blown up the Deserted Planet.

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