Desert nomads
- desert travelers responsible for unleashing demons from Tombof Forever (801-OpLs)
Desert nomads (left to right, without masks: Haba, Taru)
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 801-OpLs


  • In a desert apparently in Egypt, three nomads were startled when they came upon ancient temple ruins.
  • One man was named Haba, another Taru with a camel named Dolores, and a third unnamed nomad with a cloaked face.
  • Awed, the nomads observed that the ruins looked thousands of years old as Taru led them forward to search for treasure.
  • Searching for water, the nomads peered into a clay cauldron while Taru sat; the cloaked man warned Haba that if he fell in, they might never see him again.
  • As Taru leaned back against a broken-off stone piece to drink from his water pouch, it pushed back, splitting open a fissure in the sand between the cauldron and podium, and Taru fell in.
  • In the chamber below, Taru found himself in the heiroglyphic-laden Tomb of Forever, filled with golden objects; he eagerly shouted up to his friend Haba that he'd found "the ancient tomb" and had them light up the torches.
  • Soon, as Taru used a burning stick to light the tomb's wall torches, Haba helped the cloaked man climb down a rope which they'd tied to something above.
  • Taru gleefully examined a handful of golden coins until Haba drew his attention to the cobwebbed sarcophagus.
  • Approaching, Taru carelessly shoved the warlock's skeleton over, and the skeleton broke apart on the floor.
  • As Taru had his hands pressed against the sarcophagus, a dial between his hands turned, and the sarcophagus began to rumble as the nomads removed their hands.
  • Haba was frightened, but Taru demanded that they open the sarcophagus, telling Haba to get out of their way if he wouldn't help, and the three then pushed on Taru's order, sliding the lid off.
  • As the nomads peered in at the white light within, a blue streak of light shot out with a small shockwave, and they recoiled from mist and an explosion, knocking them against the wall as the spirits of the demons flew out.
  • One of the demonic wisps flew toward Taru, perhaps into his mouth, as he screamed; behind him cowered the cloaked man, but Haba wasn't seen as the nomads presumably perished at the hands of the unleashed demons.


  • At least one skeleton lay in front of the still-open sarcophagus, presumably the remains of a nomad.

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