Desert of Despair
- desert containing access point to Temple of Power
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First Appearance: 305-NjQ2
Last Appearance: 307-NjQ4


  • Zordon told the teens of a legendary (perhaps merely mythical) lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Despair; he said the Desert of Despair was much too dangerous, but the teens convinced him to let Alpha give them the map to the temple, against Zordon's better judgment; Alpha and Zordon had found this map with the Power Coins long ago.
  • The map said the temple entrance was marked by a very distinctive rock formation.
  • A woman's wailing echoed through the Desert of Despair as the teens began their journey through the desert.
  • The distinctive rock formation (identical to the double-peaked mountain on which the Command Center was built on Earth) which marked the temple entrance was actually shown in the Desert of Despair near where the teens began their journey, then also later at the end of the teens' journey when they finally found the rock formation, presumably far away from their starting point.
  • When he saw the teens in the Desert of Despair, Zedd appeared to be looking straight at what is presumed to be Rita's planetoid.
  • In the desert, Kim picked up a spherical gray marble "rock" which she immediately dropped because it was hot, then it set the area on fire, trapping the teens next to a rock wall until they leapt over the flames; Billy accidentally dropped the map into the fire.
  • As the teens walked through the desert again, Aisha suddenly sank chest-deep into the sand, with translucent white wisps of energy pulsating around the area; the guys formed a human chain and pulled her out.
  • The teens retreated from the attacking Tengas into a thin alcove leading into the rock formation which was supposed to mark the entrance to the temple.
  • Adam touched a slab of rock in the alcove, making the rock wall at the end of the alcove rotate open, revealing a dark tunnel; Billy hadn't told the teens of any mention on the map of such a rotating rock wall and trigger button.
  • Aisha said the dark tunnel looked really creepy, but the teens didn't make any particular mention of the five translucent bluish-gray ghost-like apparitions which floated up past them with red eyes and outstretched arms; the first ghost had red eyes with a red mouth, the second had red eyes with a black mouth, the third had white eyes with a white mouth, the fourth had red eyes with a red mouth, and the fifth had red eyes with a black mouth; there was also a translucent blue wisp that floated up around Aisha, and something like white light went up in front of Rocky, but it may have been a reflection of some sort, such as off his communicator.
  • In the dark tunnel, Billy told the others to look for any light filtering through that would indicate some kind of an opening, but there was already lighting from an unknown source.
  • When the teens reached a dead end, Tommy was frustrated and seemed to be about to hit the wall on the right, but he walked straight through the wall, with faint white energy appearing briefly around his places of contact.
  • Billy tossed a rock through the intangible area of wall and then said it appeared there was some kind of power vortex there; the five remaining teens then sequentially walked through the wall, with faint Ranger-colored energy around their places of contact as well.


  • Zedd was facing the Earth when he told Rito that the Tengas had let the teens escape in the Desert of Despair.
  • When Rito attacked a second time, Alpha said the Rangers were still so far away in the Desert of Despair and that he hoped they returned in time; this does not sound as though the desert was on Earth.


  • When Vampirus threatened the Temple of Power from the Desert of Despair, the Command Center sensors led the teens to the conclusion that the disturbance that had tripped the alarm wasn't on Earth; Billy suggested scanning the solar system.
  • Outside the Desert of Despair's entrance leading to the Temple of Power, Vampirus declared, "I call upon Ninjor, keeper of the temple of Ninja power!", after which three blue ghosts with red eyes and black mouths emerged from the alcove; Vampirus was blasted by a bluish-purple energy beam, and Ninjor then stood near the entrance.

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