- explosive devices used by Divatox (501-SIT1 through 523-PhPh)
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First Appearance: 501-SIT1
Last Appearance: 523-PhPh


  • Appointed Divatox's technical advisor, Porto designed a detonator; as he'd previously discussed with Divatox, the detonator would achieve maximum implosive power within sixty minutes, having enough power to destroy the Angel Grove energy center and then some.
  • At the energy center, Porto gave Elgar instructions on placing the detonator, in the exact center to cause maximum damage.
  • The detonator began counting down from one hour.
  • On countless occasions, the timer displays on detonators would not match the elapsed time and/or the audible beeps of the timer.
  • After the Turbo RAM had driven the detonator away into the distance, it exploded, sending blue energy waves passing harmlessly over the power plant and the Rangers.


  • In addition to creating the Chromite, Porto also built a refracto-detonator which looked like a pile of old paint cans; once on Earth, it was triggered by radioactive paint dripping out, and once the paint on the ground had formed a rainbow of colors, it would detonate.
  • Some time later, the refracto-detonator was leaking a huge puddle of shimmering, multicolored liquid, but it still hadn't gone off; it didn't have a visible timer.
  • The Turbo Megazord cast a shadow on the Chromite, making it dissolve and the detonator's paint puddle vanish.


  • Divatox had Elgar take a detonator to KAGV, the radio station which Visceron was using as a homing beacon.
  • The detonator began counting down from an hour.
  • The detonator blew up in Visceron's hand, engulfing him in a large fireball; lying on the ground, Visceron then reverted to his original, damaged form.


  • Divatox told Porto to make a detonator by the next day, but he explained that the detonators were very sophisticated devices and were quite complicated to manufacture.
  • The next morning, Divatox was upset that Porto had left, since she needed him to fix the detonator which was currently on the subcraft's bridge.
  • After supposedly completing the detonator, Elgar planted it on the back of one of the racers at the Angel Grove Derby, in which Justin was competing.
  • The detonator began counting down from two hours.
  • When the timer hit zero, a small fireball exploded from the back of the racer, sending Mean Machine rolling out of control, the brake lever breaking off.


  • Porto presented his new super-duper, high-powered detonator, smaller than previous detonators; as Elgar held it in the subcraft, it appeared to be counting down from 100 minutes.
  • Demon Racer hid the detonator in fuzzy green dice in Rob's car.
  • When the timer only had a few seconds left, Green Ranger threw the dice from Rob's car into the canyon below, and a significant explosion erupted from down below as the timer would have hit zero; Divatox would then tell her henchmen that the detonator had been disabled.


  • Divatox planned for Big Burpa to cast a spell preventing Justin from getting off his new bike, then the odometer on Justin's bike, really a detonator, would count downward until it exploded.
  • "Miles" was written beneath the detonator's display, which began at 25m00s.
  • In all shots of the detonator after the initial shot, the "m", seconds display, and "s" were all blacked out, showing only the changing minutes/miles number.
  • After realizing that the bike was a detonator, Justin tried to dump the bike in the lake, but its tires continued driving right over the surface of the water.
  • Bluish-green energy crackles prevented Justin from removing his feet from the pedals.
  • On Justin's suggestion, morphed Tommy tried to shoot out the bike's tires with his Auto Blaster, but it didn't work, possibly because his two blasts only seemed to strike the silver frame of the bike.
  • The bike crashed to the ground when Tommy leapt off Red Lightning and tackled Justin, but it then continued rolling until it fell over, and moments later (while the bike was stopped), the odometer changed from 01 to 00, making the bike explode.


  • Porto secretly went to the car wash the teens were volunteering at and dropped a detonator into a bucket; the detonator seemed to have begun counting down from an hour.
  • Bulk and Skull accidentally knocked the detonator into a soapy bucket; it short-circuited just as the timer reached zero, and the detonator merely made water explode out of the bucket.


  • Divatox had Pharaoh plant the latest detonator, modeled in a smooth pyramid shape, at the Angel Grove stunt show.
  • When the detonator caught Justin's eye and he reached for it, red elecricity shocked his hand.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed giant Pharaoh, Mr. Peabody was holding the pyramid-shaped detonator when the Rangers returned, but why he wasn't electrocuted is uncertain.
  • Surprised by the Rangers, Mr. Peabody threw the detonator up in the air, and a green blast from Adam's Thunder Cannon made it explode in a small burst of sparks.


  • Divatox had Numbor plant a detonator and keep the Rangers busy.
  • Morphed Kat destroyed the detonator with pink pulses of energy from her Auto Blaster, causing a medium-sized explosion.


  • After witnessing the chaos caused by the fire alarm pulled by Reggie and Junior at Angel Grove High, Divatox had Rygog send Piranhatrons to Angel Grove for them to set off every alarm, bell, and buzzer in the city to distract the Rangers so they wouldn't find the detonator-of-the-day.
  • Rygog, not Porto, later gave Divatox a detonator shaped like a fire extinguisher; she had him and Elgar hide it in Angel Grove.
  • Elgar thought to plant the detonator on one of the city's own emergency vehicles, a fire truck.
  • The detonator's timer started counting down from thirty minutes.
  • When the detonator's timer hit zero, the firefighters inside the truck experienced a bright flash of light, and the fire truck transformed into a giant monster fire truck which had a growling laugh.


  • After reprogramming Blue Senturion, Porto placed a detonator inside the officer's back before sending him on his way.
  • There was a fiery explosion from around the corner just after Blue Senturion had run there with the detonator still inside him, and Divatox then appeared to taunt the Rangers that their defender from the other galaxy was gone, but Blue Senturion would soon be shown riding the Robo Racer into battle against giant Terrortooth, and the detonator was still inside him; the explosion may have been the enlargement of Terrortooth.
  • After opening Blue Senturion's back panel, Alpha snipped a yellow wire, causing Blue Senturion's right arm to go up; Justin snipped a different wire, raising his other arm; finally, they decided it had to be the purple one, and they disabled the detonator by cutting the purple wire.


  • A Piranhatron planted a spider-shaped gold detonator inside the electronic scoreboard at the big soccer game.
  • The detonator had been designed to activate when Angel Grove scored four goals.
  • Justin reached inside the scoreboard and turned off the detonator just as Barry scored the fourth goal.


  • Elgar took to the Royal Academy audition hall a detonator which looked identical to a tape player used in the auditions; Elgar reset the counter, and when the device started playing music at the next audition, the counter began to climb until the detonator would explode at 100.
  • Morphed Kat hurled the detonator into the air just as the timer reached 100, making a large explosion in midair.


  • Divatox gave Shrinkasect a detonator shaped like a soda can for him to hide without letting the Rangers see him.
  • Outside the Youth Center, which was being used as a recycling center for Angel Grove Cleanup Week, the chimps inadvertantly made Shrinkasect drop his detonator, and they took it with them.
  • On the detonator was the brand name "Touch Down Cola."
  • Divatox thought the Rangers would never find her detonator, but morphed Justin grabbed the can, presumably having located it with a Turbo Navigator, and hurled it into the air, where it went off with a large explosion.
  • After the detonator had exploded in the air, the smoke from the torpedoes' crater near the chimps began to glow blue, and when it stopped, chimps Bulk and Skull had been turned human again, but they were temporarily invisible; this transformation occurred just after Skull had realized they might have been able to help the Rangers if they'd been human.


  • As four of the teens were put under an anger spell when they put on Delisha Ennivel's jackets, Divatox remarked that the Rangers would be so busy being angry that they wouldn't have time to notice when she went after the gems she'd wanted at the museum that were being delivered that day; this was ordinarily the part of her plan where she'd plant a detonator, but she had apparently given up the detonator idea.
  • After Elgar had failed to steal the gems, Divatox said she was going to need something to really blow the Rangers' socks off (again, a perfect cue for a detonator); she ended up having Delisha put a jacket on Blue Senturion to fill him with anger.


  • After Justin had unwittingly led Rygog to the Phantom's ship in the woods, Divatox had Porto send Rygog a detonator to make the Phantom return.
  • The detonator Rygog planted reached zero very quickly, as though its timer had only begun counting from a minute or less.
  • Phantom Ranger threw the detonator into the air, where it exploded; this was the last use of a detonator by Divatox.

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