- devious robotic mastermind; former general to Scorpius/Trakeena (719-LGb1 through 735-EnLG) and Captain Mutiny (735-EnLG through 742-EsLG)
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First Appearance: 719-LGb1
Last Appearance: 743-End1
Pictures: long shot, close-up (shown at right), monster form


  • Brunt, the robot warrior who captured the Galactabeasts in hopes of proving himself as a general to Scorpius, had wrist cannons like Deviot's wrist cannon; furthermore, his mouth was quite similar to Deviot's monster form.


  • On an orange planet with white rings, a relatively small spaceship towed the massive Zenith Carrierzord through the sky with two giant chains and released it, allowing the Zord to come to a landing on the hilly surface below.
  • The small ship then flew to the large Scorpion Stinger, and Deviot then walked through Scorpius's ship, knocking down a defensive Stingwinger or two.
  • Deviot had a dual missile launcher device on his right wrist and a dual-barreled cannon device on his left.
  • As Deviot entered the main lair, more Stingwingers guarding Scorpius attacked, but Deviot grabbed their heads and shoved them back.
  • Deviot had a cluster of black cables serving as a long ponytail hanging over the back of his large neck cuff, and on his robot back were folded-down wing panels never used.
  • Scorpius asked who dared to enter his lair uninvited, and Deviot told his name, calling himself Scorpius's loyal servant.
  • Holding a remote, Deviot said it controlled three of the most fearsome Zords ever created; Scorpius was tempted but asked what he was seeking in return.
  • Deviot wanted to be second in command, having heard Scorpius's daughter hadn't wanted the position; approaching Trakeena's cocoon, Deviot said he wanted to step inside and become invincible, but Scorpius angrily fired an energy bolt between him and the cocoon, saying it was only for Trakeena.
  • Deviot pointed out that Trakeena was long gone (apparently having been missing for weeks or months; see "Missing time"), and Scorpius irritatedly demanded proof of the power of his Zords.
  • On Terra Venture as Damon and Kai were driving, Deviot blasted their car twice with red lasers from his cannon.
  • After pounding the two once they'd morphed, Deviot blasted them with more lasers from his cannon (preceeded by a rapid series of electronic buzzes), and they collapsed unconscious.
  • The two awoke on an orange-skied planet with electronic cuffs on their wrists and necks.
  • From a throne connected to a large apparatus nearby, with Stingwingers around him, Deviot told the two Rangers they were his prisoners, under his control now; he then had a Stingwinger insert the Zord remote into the large control apparatus.
  • When the apparatus was turned on, the Rangers' collar devices activated, making them draw their sabers and slash each other; Deviot explained that the energy they expended fighting would power his Zords.
  • The long indicator meter on the apparatus slowly moved forward click by click during the fight; Deviot was pleased, saying they had more energy than he'd expected and his evil Zords would soon be brought to life, but when the two began to slow from exhaustion, the meter began to drop again.
  • Deviot allowed the Rangers to rest momentarily to regain their strength.
  • As Damon and Kai continued fighting after a bit of rest, the meter rose up to the yellow section; as it neared the red section, Damon managed to take Kai's Quasar Saber and was preparing to stab him with both sabers as Kai was on the ground.
  • Deviot shouted for Damon to destroy him, saying Kai's destruction would mean Deviot's domination, turning up the dial beyond 10.
  • As Damon swung, the saber flew from his hand, impaling the control apparatus, and the setup exploded, shorting out the Rangers' cuffs.
  • As the Rangers tore off their cuffs and ran, Deviot took his remote from the wreckage and summoned more Stingwingers to chase them.
  • Beside a beach in daylight in a dome of Terra Venture, perhaps the Ocean Dome, the weary Blue and Green Rangers ran over a hillside from Stingwingers and Deviot, apparently having teleported from Deviot's planet.
  • Just then, the three Rangers flew in on their Jet Jammers to help, and Magna Defender would arrive as well.
  • Soon, the Rangers would summon their Orion armor and perform their energy attack after Magna Defender had performed his lightning slash attack, but Deviot laughed as the golden energy crackling around him flowed from into the remote in his hand.
  • Deviot told the Rangers that rather than destroying him, they had given him the energy he needed, and he promptly summoned the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords by calling into his remote.
  • Deviot called the Megazords the most powerful Zords in the universe and said they would follow his every command.
  • When the Galaxy Megazord and Defender Torozord wouldn't fight back, Deviot, unlike the Rangers, had known that the Galaxy Megazord would refuse to fight, leaving the Rangers helpless.
  • Deviot told the evil Megazords to show the Rangers what they were made of, and after they'd attacked with their weapons, Deviot had them return to the Zenith Carrierzord, figuring it was proof enough for Scorpius.
  • On the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius angrily refused to talk about the cocoon, firing another warning blast, until Deviot finished destroying the Rangers.


  • When asked if Scorpius could count on him, Deviot replied that he would serve as his new general with absolute loyalty; for his first mission, he said, he would have Scorpius's new Zords destroy the Rangers.
  • Deviot summoned Hardtochoke, a Hexuba-themed monster, and gave him the Zords' remote to destroy the Rangers.
  • After an analysis of the Galaxy Book's drawing of eight Galactabeasts, Kendrix explained to the Rangers that the evil Zords were the missing three Galactabeasts, and it was Deviot who had made them evil; the five Galactabeasts knew their friends and wouldn't fight them.
  • Deviot was eventually beside Hardtochoke on a rooftop with the remote, telling the Zords to destroy the Galactabeasts before he was confronted by the Rangers and Magna Defender, who knew the secret behind the evil Zords.
  • Long ago, the three evil Zords had been the Rhino, the Phoenix, and the Shark Galactabeasts, but 3,000 years ago, they had lost their powers in a great battle, doomed to float forever in an asteroid field which was shown in normal-looking space rather than the colors of the Lost Galaxy.
  • Deviot had at some point captured the three defeated Galactabeasts and rebuilt them for his slaves, the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords, and the Zenith Carrierzord.
  • At a large construction area in a valley on a vast asteroid, the three Galactabeasts had been lashed to the asteroid, the Rhino and Phoenix against cliff faces, and the Shark to the ground, while robotic construction arms worked on them, apparently adding respectively-colored parts from below to them.
  • Now, Deviot said, the only spirit his Zords would ever know was transmitted to them from his remote controller.
  • Deviot summoned Stingwingers and gave Hardtochoke the remote, then vanished with red energy fading into a ripple effect.
  • Deviot, in a dark, cobweb-filled warehouse room appearing to be in Terra Venture after the three Zords had allied with the Rangers, fumed over the loss of his Zords.
  • Realizing Scorpius would never allow him to enter the cocoon, Deviot decided to destroy Scorpius instead.


  • In his lair, Scorpius was facing the viewscreen when Deviot entered, sorry to report that he had been unable to find Trakeena anywhere, saying she obviously didn't want to be found.
  • Scorpius insisted that it was Trakeena's destiny to rule the universe.
  • Deviot apologized, saying he would find her no matter what it took, and Scorpius sadly uttered Trakeena's name.
  • Deviot told himself that Trakeena's only destiny was to be lost forever, and that he would rule the universe.
  • Near an alley in downtown Terra Venture, Deviot and Stingwingers came up a GSA escalator; Deviot carried a silver cylinder which Damon and Leo recognized to be an energy cell, and which had apparently just been stolen from the GSA.
  • Having been nearby as Deviot's scanner had previously indicated, the Rangers ran down the alley as predicted; Deviot loudly told the Stingwingers to take the energy cell to the Dome Five warehouse to blow up the colony, and they teleported away.
  • Deviot watched happily behind a corner nearby as the Rangers ran off, tricked by his plan.
  • Deviot returned to the Scorpion Stinger and lied to Scorpius that he'd found Trakeena on Terra Venture, but that the Rangers were holding her prisoner.
  • Enraged, Scorpius planned to destroy them with his bare tentacles; Deviot insisted it was too dangerous, but Scorpius had their course changed to intercept Terra Venture, determined to deal with the Rangers himself.
  • After the Rangers had entered the warehouse to which Deviot had lured them, the door slammed shut.
  • Deviot, with Stingwingers, said the energy cell had merely been a ploy to get them there, and he stepped aside, introducing Scorpius, who lay on a crate, as the ruler of the universe.
  • Scorpius demanded to know where Trakeena was, but the Rangers didn't know what he was talking about; Deviot told him it was a trick.
  • Eventually summoning their Orion armor, the Rangers streaked up to Scorpius, the four Rangers grappling him as Leo leapt onto the crate behind him and delivered a fatal blow to Scorpius, making a large explosion.
  • Before the mortally wounded Scorpius had teleported back to the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot left to quickly get to the cocoon.
  • In Scorpius's lair, Deviot held Scorpius's tentacle as Scorpius weakly told him his energy was fading.
  • Deviot asked who could possibly match his wisdom in ruling the universe, and Scorpius told him it was he who must enter the cocoon and transform; Deviot would carry on his legacy with his new powers.
  • After asking if it was his final decision, Deviot dropped the tentacle and approached the cocoon, but Trakeena suddenly entered with her new allies Kegler and Villamax, sobbing over what had happened to Scorpius.
  • Scorpius told Deviot to be as loyal to Trakeena as he had been to him, then passed on his powers to her before dissolving.
  • Trakeena softly promised not to disappoint her father, then angrily asked who had done this; learning from Deviot that Red Ranger had done it, Trakeena swore revenge and left.


  • In a storage area in the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot found Kegler and Stingwingers pushing the chained-up cocoon into the corner.
  • Trakeena entered, saying it had been her orders, and Deviot toadied to her.
  • Later back in his cobwebbed warehouse apparently on Terra Venture, Deviot was angry, saying Scorpius's power should be his.
  • Deviot was startled when two monsters, Kubak and Teksa, entered, having been summoned by him earlier; both were Treacheron-themed monsters.
  • Deviot told the monsters he had a nagging problem he needed them to take care of for him, and, as always, he told them, they would be compensated generously.
  • Deviot showed the monsters a medium-sized brown chest full of gold and other riches, and Teksa concluded that the mission was big.
  • Kubak wanted his name and they would destroy him immediately, wanting partial payment ahead of time, but Deviot slammed the chest shut and said it was Trakeena and it would not be easy; they would be given the treasure once they finished the job.
  • Kegler came in, and Deviot had the monsters run, with Kegler innocently wondering who the vanishing figures were.
  • Kegler told Deviot that Trakeena wanted him to help Villamax capture the Red Ranger.
  • As unmorphed Leo and Kai sparred in the forest, orange energy beams blasted near the two, and Villamax confronted them from the other direction.
  • As the two fought Villamax after morphing, Deviot soon grappled Kai; Stingwingers then brought in the chained-up other three Rangers and Magna Defender, with electronic devices hanging off their chains.
  • Villamax promised to release Leo's friends if Leo surrendered; despite the others' urgings otherwise, Leo frustratedly tossed his saber into the ground and demorphed, then tossed his Transmorpher over to the saber sticking in the ground.
  • After the Stingwingers had taken Leo away, Villamax, as promised, released Kai and told the Rangers they wouldn't be so lucky next time.
  • Deviot couldn't believe they were really going to let them go, but Villamax grabbed him, saying he'd given his word and had to honor his promise; Deviot humbly retracted and had the others released.
  • As Villamax began to leave, Deviot said to himself that Villamax's honor would be his downfall.
  • In the Scorpion Stinger on an alien planet, Leo was chained up with his shirt tattered; impatiently waiting for Trakeena, Deviot began electrocuting Leo with a blue energy bolt from his right hand, but Villamax made him stop.
  • Seeing his items held by Deviot, Leo leapt into Trakeena's newly-opened pit grappling a Stingwinger, and when it flew out with him holding on, it crashed into Deviot, whom Leo grabbed in passing.
  • As the Stingwinger flew outside the Scorpion Stinger, Leo dropped Deviot, and after the Stingwinger had crashed, Leo ran off with his Morpher and saber.
  • Villamax emerged from the ship, and Deviot pointed him in the wrong direction before leading Trakeena in the correct direction; as she went after Leo, Deviot summoned Kubak and Teksa.
  • As Trakeena fought Leo in a forcefield, Deviot told his two monsters to destroy Trakeena and make it look like Red Ranger had done it.
  • Deviot secretly blasted the control panel to the forcefield, disabling it, and Kubak and Teksa laughed from above and attacked Trakeena, who didn't know the monsters.
  • During the ensuing fight, Trakeena slashed Kubak in the stomach with her sword, stunning him, then destroyed Teksa.
  • Trakeena pinned the begging Kubak against a wall, demanding to know who'd sent him; nearby, Deviot suddenly blasted the monster, making him collapse and explode.
  • Trakeena was furious, but Deviot said he'd thought she was in danger.
  • Back on the ship, Villamax presented Deviot with a dagger shaped much like his sword, in appreciation for his coming to Trakeena's aid.
  • After Villamax had left, Deviot bent the dagger into a U shape, saying his loyalty was as worthless as the "two-bit dagger," tossing it aside.


  • When the Scorpion Stinger was struck by a meteoroid from a meteoroid field which had just destroyed a nearby planet, Deviot feared they were under attack; when Kegler presented the smoking rock, Deviot cried out that it was an explosive device before Trakeena explained that it was just a meteoroid.
  • In the engine room, Kegler shrieked to Trakeena that the engines would take two or three centuries to fix, as he'd never worked on anything like it before; they needed a real mechanic, giving Deviot an idea.
  • Soon, the Barbarax-themed Cannonbrawl abducted High Councilor Renier from Terra Venture, and Trakeena demanded that the colony send their best mechanic to repair the Scorpion Stinger's engines.
  • When the Stingwingers brought the mechanic that had been flown there, Trakeena was shocked to find it was Green Ranger Damon, but she had Kegler and Deviot take him to the engine room nonetheless.
  • Later, as the meteor storm struck, Trakeena went to the engine room just as Damon was completing the repairs, and they all rushed back to the main lair, where Trakeena was relieved to learn from Kegler that they would be up and running in a few moments.
  • Damon began to leave, but Deviot blocked his way; when Villamax reported that Renier had escaped, Deviot prepared to blast Damon pointblank in the head for ruining his plan, but the ship rumbled and the lights flickered, during which time Damon escaped.
  • Soon, Deviot, re-entering the lair, reported engines were at full power, and Kegler made the Scorpion Stinger fly out of the meteor storm.


  • In the throne room, the villains were gathered by Trakeena; as promised, Deviot presented Motor Mantis, a Villamax-themed monster who ran in excitedly.
  • Deviot said Motor Mantis was the perfect monster: sneaky, underhanded, and devious; Kegler remarked that it sounded a lot like Deviot, and Deviot joyfully shoved Kegler over.
  • Deviot and Motor Mantis begged for Trakeena to give the monster a chance, and she approved.


  • In Trakeena's lair, Villamax had apparently introduced the subject of Loyax; Deviot called him a washed-up old warrior, but Villamax regarded him as an honorable legend.
  • On Terra Venture after Trakeena had accepted his plea for a final battle, Loyax said he felt strong and ready to fight; he had a device of some sort on the inside of his left forearm and the symbol of Barbarax on his stomach.
  • After Yellow Ranger and Loyax had fallen off a cliff into the ocean, Deviot reported that he believed Loyax had been destroyed, but Trakeena had Deviot go down and find Loyax to make sure he destroyed the Rangers.
  • After Maya and Loyax had emerged from a cave onto the beach, Deviot and Stingwingers attacked despite Loyax's insistence on fighting alone; the warrior and Maya proceeded to fight back together.
  • Deviot blasted, mocking Loyax's honor and criticizing Trakeena for trusting the warrior, but he was soon struck in the chest and sent flying back from Loyax's mace, allowing the two to escape.
  • After being attacked by the four other Rangers, Deviot eventually escaped to find Loyax.
  • After a fight, Maya held out her hand, and after some thought, Loyax began to take it, but a large electronic dart stuck into his back, and he pulled it out, knowing it had been Deviot; on a cliff nearby, Deviot criticized the weakening of Loyax's honor on the premise that one once evil was always evil.
  • Loyax grew, and he stomped near the Rangers, replying to Maya that he couldn't stop it; below, Deviot was working a remote control, controlling Loyax through his wrist device.
  • After the Rangers had shorted out the wrist device, Deviot was confused when giant Loyax swung his mace at him, saying no one could make him be evil ever again.
  • Having lost control, Deviot said Loyax had chosen the wrong side, pressing a button which caused spark explosions all over Loyax, and Deviot then discarded the remote and left as Loyax fell and exploded.


  • Deviot presented Trakeena with the Hexuba monster Maronda, one of the most evil creatures in the universe; when asked what made her so evil, Maronda captured a Stingwinger inside her necklace, pleasing Trakeena.


  • Deviot was amazed as Chameliac analyzed the Ranger holographic displays on the Scorpion Stinger.


  • On the planet Rashon (later revealed to be the home of the Savage Sword), an alien (described as an "evil messenger" on the Fox Kids website) landed a craft, meeting up with Deviot on the surface.
  • Presenting a black case with a chain for a handle, the alien asked a question in an alien language, and Deviot presented the key in response, telling him to give him the box.
  • The alien allowed Deviot to unlock the box, and he removed the five Psycho Ranger data cards, wrapped in an embroidered black silklike cloth.
  • Approving, Deviot spoke to the data cards, "Good to see you again, my friends," and said it would finally bring an end to the Power Rangers.
  • Behind Deviot, the alien had drawn a sword, but Deviot, apparently not having suspected treachery, turned and blasted, making the alien fall and explode.
  • In a Scorpion Stinger room, Deviot approached a control panel for a large digital reanimator apparatus as Trakeena, Villamax, and Kegler watched.
  • Deviot explained that he'd simply reprogrammed them (the Psychos) for greater strength; Kegler had thought they'd been destroyed, but Deviot angrily explained they hadn't been destroyed, but rather digitized.
  • Inserting the cards into a slot, Deviot activated the reanimator to bring the Psychos "back to their full evil power," and they were beamed into existence by the apparatus.
  • Each of the Psychos now had an armband device on his left bicep; their voices now no longer had the echoing digital effects which would have otherwise made them sound very much like Deviot.
  • When Psycho Blue refused Trakeena's orders, wanting to target the Blue Ranger on his own, Deviot activated a remote on Trakeena's instruction, making the Psychos crackle painfully with green electricity, and Psycho Red agreed to cooperate.
  • Later, in a warehouse in the Industrial Dome, Trakeena stood with the Psychos, Villamax, and Deviot as they waited for Leo, the four captured teens surrounded by stone pillars around which was an invisible energy barrier.
  • Trakeena commended Deviot, saying the Psycho Rangers were everything he'd promised; Deviot began to marvel at their improved powers and his brains.
  • While the Space and Galaxy Rangers fought the Psychos, Mike fought Deviot and Villamax inside a warehouse shed; during the fight, Mike sent a kicked barrel flying while fighting Deviot, and Deviot would soon vanish with the others after the apparent destruction of the Psycho Rangers.
  • Soon, at the battle site, flaming robotic rubble was strewn about in the spot where the Psychos had been destroyed; from the dirt, a barely conscious Psycho Pink weakly struggled, with a cracked left eyepiece and gouges in her chest.
  • Speaking her name, Deviot walked up as Psycho Pink lost consciousness, and he kicked her onto her back saying she'd disappointed him, but he then hoisted her away over his shoulder to give her one more chance.


  • In the Scorpion Stinger, Psycho Pink was unconscious against a pillar as Deviot planned to rejuvenate her capabilities to maximum strength, making her stronger than ever, as soon as she came to.
  • Trakeena wanted Psycho Pink to destroy all ten Rangers, but, regaining consciousness, she protested that she only wanted the Pink Ranger.
  • When Deviot used his remote to electrocute her bicep, she tore off the electric cuff and crumbled it to dust, saying she wasn't his little pink toy anymore, but rather, she was a Psycho Ranger.
  • When Psycho Pink ran out after failing to hit Trakeena with an energy arrow, Trakeena had Villamax and Deviot stay, planning to get rid of the rest after Psycho Pink destroyed the Pink Rangers.
  • While Kendrix and Cassie chased Psycho Pink to Rashon, Deviot and Stingwingers, and later Villamax, attacked the other eight teens as a distraction.
  • Before blasting red lasers at the Rangers, Deviot entered something into the control panel on his wrist blaster.
  • When Terra Venture was hit by an energy disturbance from Rashon, Deviot left with the others, figuring Psycho Pink was busy.


  • The night after Kendrix's death, the villains watched as the four Rangers flew into space; Deviot knew they were undoubtedly looking for the departed pink Quasar Saber, and Trakeena sent him to prevent them from finding it.
  • Later, Deviot was on the planet Gwinnet, disguised as Runtus, the humanoid who had found the saber.
  • Inside Runtus's cabin, the shapeshifted Deviot was weighing gold nuggets as Villamax-type monster Spikaka and Barbarax-type monster Ironite stood guard outside.
  • When morphed Leo and Maya confronted the fake Runtus as the monsters were distracted, he reached for a blaster (looking just like one used by Horn) but was threatened by Leo; he then attempted to bribe them for information but was further intimidated, causing him to press a button under his desk, activating blue laser beams which blasted the two Rangers out the door.
  • At the doorway, Damon and Kai cornered pseudo-Runtus, and he nervously told them he'd sold the saber to two Skrondrils (scoundrels?) who were at the planet Kirassa, and as the Rangers left, he begged them not to reveal their source.
  • Once the Rangers were gone, Deviot picked up his blaster and morphed back into his normal form.
  • In the cabin, the real Runtus was tied and gagged; removing his gag, Deviot demanded to know where the saber really was, and Runtus told him it was on Onyx, at the auction.
  • Blasting the chains off his two defeated monsters outside, Deviot told them they were pathetic but that they'd done a good job.
  • Deviot had Ironite tell Trakeena of the saber's location and had Spikaka set up the trap on Kirassa.
  • Soon, on Kirassa, the Rangers surveyed an abandoned campsite, spotting the Quasar Saber in a bundle, but when Leo pulled on it, the fake handle came off of a disguised detonator stand, triggering an explosion which sent the Rangers flying.
  • Deviot walked up to the stunned Rangers with Spikaka and repeated his pleading from earlier, in Runtus's voice.
  • Deviot kicked Leo and aimed his missile launcher, but the pink Quasar Saber flipped through the air and struck his hand, then returned to Karone, who helped the Rangers flee.
  • Nearby, Trakeena confronted the Rangers, joined by Villamax and Ironite, then Deviot and Spikaka.


  • In Trakeena's lair, Decibat was demonstrating his abilities by emitting powerful soundwaves; the villains were all in agony clutching their ears until Deviot shoved him, ordering him to stop, and Trakeena sent him to Terra Venture.
  • During the demonstration of Decibat's powerful soundwaves, Deviot had been holding a green bottle of "Stinger Soda" (bearing drawings of the Scorpion Stinger's shape in its logo) before the bottle had shattered.
  • Later, Deviot was impatient as Kegler repaired a speaker of Decibat's which had been damaged, but Kegler told Deviot he was tweaking Decibat to make him louder than ever, pleasing the monster.


  • When Kai drove into the Mountain Dome with the Galaxy Book he'd stolen from the Science Division, Deviot blasted him from the bushes, demanding the book.
  • Suddenly, the Guardian flew down from the sky with a sword.
  • Deviot exclaimed, "The Guardian?! I don't believe it!" and was then attacked, causing Deviot to scream in panic before the Guardian proceeded to pound him.
  • Mid-fight, the Guardian froze in agony, and Deviot suddenly realized or remembered that he couldn't survive in this atmosphere.
  • Picking up the box containing the Galaxy Book, Deviot remarked that it was finally his.
  • The Guardian roared and charged, but Deviot blasted him, making him fall back in agony amidst a large explosion, soon vanishing as specks of energy in Kai's arms.
  • As the other Rangers arrived, Deviot said he'd just begun, opening the Galaxy Book and proceeding to read the Keonta spell.
  • The crackling book hovered up from Deviot's hands as he laughed that it was working.
  • With orange energy bolts, Deviot was morphed into a monstrous, greenish-yellow, biomechanical form; the monster form was mostly on his left side, with the right side of his body far less mutated, although his head and legs were fully mutated.
  • The sky lightened, and the book fell to the ground.
  • With his same voice, Deviot said he had more power than they could ever imagine, and he proceeded to pound the Rangers.
  • Deviot shot green energy blasts from his right cannon, the only hand blaster he still had.
  • The Orionized Rangers struck with their claw arms but bounced off Deviot.
  • Deviot said the power he now held was limitless.
  • As the Rangers performed their Orion fireball attack, monster-Deviot casually batted the fireball aside, fragmenting it and making the Rangers fall to the ground.
  • The Galaxy Quasar Launchers' combined gold energy blast created a huge explosion, but monster-Deviot then grew.
  • Deviot shot three red tendrils from his more robotic right hand and grappled the Galaxy Megazord's hand, electrocuting it with orange energy.
  • Confronted by Centaurus and Stratoforce after Zenith had blasted him from the sky, Deviot was startled, but then remarked that it would take more than two tin cans to stop him.
  • Following a dual energy cyclone from the two Megazords, two slashes from the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber made giant monster-Deviot fall and explode.
  • As the Rangers ran up to the Galaxy Book, it blew open with an energy storm which cast Terra Venture into the Lost Galaxy.


  • On Captain Mutiny's home planet, the Galaxy Megazord Saber's repeated slashes made giant Rocketron spark and explode just as his self-destruct had been activating, but the monster was then alive in normal size in the desert with a bit of energy left.
  • Monster-Deviot suddenly grabbed the monster and drained rippling orange energy from Rocketron into himself.
  • Deviot laughed, saying it was working, and he was then back to his original form, walking away feeling good as new.
  • On the ground intermittently glowing, Rocketron begged for Deviot to give him his power back before it was too late, but he then exploded in a massive explosion with an energy shockwave.


  • In Mutiny's castle after Grunchor had been unleashed on Terra Venture, Deviot told Mutiny to give him 100 Swabbies, and he would ensure success by feeding Grunchor a strength serum.
  • Mutiny grumbled, "If Trakeena finds out you're working for me now, she'll toss me overboard!" and Deviot replied he worried too much.
  • Mutiny gave Deviot the requested Swabbies but wanted Terra Venture by sundown.
  • At a construction facility on Terra Venture, five Swabbies were dragging along heavy silver rods bearing the Barbarax symbol on each; Deviot ordered them not to drag them, saying Grunchor would be there any time now and would be hungry.
  • Holding a remote scanner device and telling them to put the containers in place, Deviot reassured the Swabbies he was in complete control.
  • As the five Rangers ran up, discovering Deviot, he welcomed them to the Lost Galaxy.
  • During the ensuing Swabbie fight, Deviot watched on the remote scanner panel as a green blip approached; Deviot remarked to himself that it was time for Grunchor's feeding.
  • Grunchor's trail approached, and as the Rangers cleared out, Maya yanked Deviot off his higher platform, making him lose his scanner and panic as it was deactivated.
  • Grunchor's trail stopped, and Deviot urged him to come back.
  • Leo grabbed the device, telling Deviot he couldn't control Grunchor anymore.
  • After Deviot had blasted at Leo, Maya leapt and slashed Deviot, then went to finish him off while he was down, but Leo blocked her saber with his, saying they needed him to tell them how to stop Grunchor.
  • Interrogated by Leo, Deviot didn't remember how to use the device, until Maya prepared to impale him, and he frighteningly gave in, saying fire was the only thing that could defeat Grunchor, but it would take more than they had.
  • Deviot swore he was telling the truth, then scrambled away mumbling in terror.
  • Later, a fire-based attack powered by the combined energies of the Rangers and Megazords would destroy giant Grunchor; apparently Deviot had told the truth about the fire attack, although all fire attacks before the final massive power-pooling had been useless.
  • In the slave camp with Barbarax and Deviot after Grunchor's destruction, Mutiny had a hankering to make Deviot walk the plank for Grunchor's failure (a euphamism for "be executed" in 738-USun), but Mutiny then changed the subject to his shortage of slaves.


  • On Mutiny's planet, wherever it had gone, morphed Damon and Leo were running from a band of pursuing Swabbies before being surrounded and confronted by Deviot and Barbarax at the edge of a sloped cliff, where they were blasted off by Deviot.
  • Later, unmorphed Leo and Damon, dirty with their undershirts sliced, had their hands chained up to a wooden structure in the desert with a Mutiny flag on it.
  • Deviot prepared to shoot them, but Barbarax made them wait until sunset for Captain Mutiny, who wanted to destroy them himself.
  • Seeing it was a few hours from sunset, Deviot laughed, telling the two teens two enjoy what was left of their last day, and the two villains vanished with orange energy ripples.
  • At sunset, Deviot and Barbarax accompanied Mutiny for the execution, but the Rangers arrived and freed Leo and Damon, causing the villains to leave Rojomon behind to battle.


  • In the castle, Mutiny told Hexuba she was all talk, and he wanted action; as he said this, he was holding the remote Deviot had given to Hardtochoke to control the three evil Galactazords in 720-LGb2.


  • At the Ocean Dome, Barbarax found a perfect spot before he was attacked by the Rangers, but as they charged Barbarax, they were blasted back by Deviot as he arrived.
  • Suddenly, the ground began to quake with massive footsteps, and Deviot and Barbarax waited expectantly.
  • A white energy shockwave flew out from a distant yellowish light in the distance, a bit like an atomic blast, and the Rangers ducked, with the wave knocking Deviot and Barbarax down.
  • Suddenly, the enormous Titanisaur arose from the waters.
  • Telling the Rangers they didn't stand a chance against Titanisaur, Barbarax told them he'd see them at the slave camp and left with Deviot.
  • During the ensuing battle, Deviot was bored and wanted them to ram the Megazord and get it over with, which Barbarax did by spinning the wheel.
  • Later, as Titanisaur began to overheat while under Mutiny's control, the planks beneath Barbarax's feet began steaming, and the floor began to glow red; Deviot said they were overheating, assuming it was Barbarax's fault.
  • Mutiny refused to break off the attack, but Deviot insisted he was destroying his own ship; Titanisaur soon flew back into the ocean to cool off.


  • At the slave camp later that day, Deviot stood on a cliff overlooking a massive mining crew below, saying it was going along nicely, and Mutiny came up behind him; Barbarax then landed with more captives from Terra Venture, including GSA officer Mike, who went unnoticed.
  • Later, a portal opened in space, and Terra Venture began to approach to escape the Lost Galaxy.
  • As the Megaship lifted up over a mountainside, Mutiny, in the desert the next "morning," asked who that was, and Deviot replied it was the Power Rangers, taking the slaves.
  • After Mutiny had defeated Mike, Deviot said there was still time to stop the Rangers, as they'd be heading toward the portal, and Mutiny said they would too, then.
  • Mutiny's castle pursued the Megaship toward Terra Venture and the portal.
  • Following Terra Venture, Mutiny's castle emerged from the tunnel into the normal universe.
  • After being crippled by the Scorpion Stinger, Mutiny's castle exploded in a massive fireball.


  • Soon after the destruction of Captain Mutiny's castle, a smoking and weakened Deviot entered Trakeena's lair in the Scorpion Stinger, desperately thanking Trakeena for saving him from the clutches of that space pirate, saying Captain Mutiny had kidnapped him and forced him to do labor in his slave camp.
  • Calling Deviot a traitor, Trakeena had Villamax approach; Deviot pleaded that he lived only to serve her, but she told Villamax to destroy him before she got a headache.
  • Deviot already had a gash in his left shoulder.
  • Villamax struck Deviot across the stomach, making him pulse orange, then kicked him down.
  • Deviot begged please, then got up and ran down the hall from the unyielding Villamax.
  • Stumbling into the cargo room, Deviot found the chained-up cocoon, "the source of unparalleled power."
  • Deviot approached weakly to finally take its magnificent energy, and he blasted off the chains, but as he approached to show Trakeena no mercy, Villamax grabbed him and pummeled him as Trakeena entered laughing with Kegler.
  • Deviot begged Trakeena to call him off, but Villamax punched him hard in the gut, making a spark explosion, and Villamax pinned him to the ground.
  • Deviot begged to explain, but Trakeena told Villamax to finish him off.
  • Villamax spark-elbowed Deviot after picking him up, then delivered a powerful slash across his chest.
  • Deviot suddenly grabbed Trakeena and ran hurtling toward the cocoon, past Villamax.
  • Inside the cocoon amidst white flashes, Deviot and Trakeena were merged as Trakeena shouted and screamed.
  • Trakeena rolled out of the cocoon, and she startled Villamax with a demonic grin, yellowish-green irisis with red borders, and black lines streaking down from her eyes; she also had long black pseudo-hair tendrils, and Deviot's blaster on her right hand.
  • Now speaking with Deviot's voice reverb, Trakeena said she was okay, but Deviot was finished; she would then proceed to plunge into insanity, destroying Terra Venture and her own forces with it.


  • After Trakeena had mutated into a superpowered green form after a second exposure to her cocoon, she bore no more traits of Deviot, and she appeared more sane.

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