Prince Dex
- alter ego of Masked Rider
Prince Dex
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First Appearance: 301-FIN1
Last Appearance: 914-QntQ


  • Being forced to mine along with the other gas mask-wearing Edenoites, Prince Dex spotted a Plague Sentry and remarked that he wanted to pull its horns off; his grandfather King Lexian told him that he'd get his chance someday.
  • While Lexian and three other diggers were shown, Dex's voice could be heard saying he saw movement; soon afterward, Lexian looked up, wondering where Dex had gone, but the same number of people were still in his digging group.
  • Dex and three friends were all dressed in gas masks and brown cloaks with white sashes to confront the Rangers, whom they thought were intruders.
  • After transforming into Masked Rider to fight, Dex told the Rangers, "Words have no meaning on a planet under the cape of war!"
  • Dex had the following conversation with the White and Red Rangers while fighting them in the form of Masked Rider:
    Dex: "Prepare to be crushed, interlopers, like all those who dare to cross the Masked Rider."
    Tommy: "You've gotta listen to us."
    Dex: "Nothing you can say will save you. You sealed your own fate by coming here. Now you shall pay the ultimate price for your actions."
    Rocky: "You've gotta believe us! We're here to help!"
    Dex: "I believe no one!"
  • When the Spiderbase began blasting at both Rangers and Edenoites alike, Dex knew that the Rangers had been sincere, as even Dregon, he said, wasn't low enough to fire on his own soldiers.
  • Tommy explained to Dex that they'd come because their friend "Alpha Five" had believed the Edenoites were in danger, and Dex replied that friends of "Alpha" were friends of theirs.


  • Dex's friends called him "Sire."
  • After fleeing from the Spiderbase's air attack with the Rangers and his three friends into a cave, Dex said he needed to rest but a moment, at which point he reverted from Masked Rider back to Edenoite form.
  • Dex was prince of Edenoi.
  • The Masked Rider power had been bestowed upon Dex to battle evil and injustice.
  • Dex knew that the air of Edenoi was similar to that of Earth.
  • Dex's identity as Masked Rider was apparently a secret.
  • Dex touched his first two fingers on his right hand to his forehead, and his mind crystal projected images on the wall.
  • The Masked Rider powers had existed on Edenoi for many centuries, handed down from king to king, kept always ready but never needed, until recently; the powers had been bestowed upon Dex by King Lexian, his grandfather, when it became clear that the Edenoites were losing the fight against Dregon.
  • Dex explained, "Until Lexian can be returned to his rightful throne, the people on Edenoi buy their time slaving in the gas mines, depending on Masked Rider to stave off Dregon's attempts to destroy the planet. Until that day, our rebel forces continue to fight bravely on, and I remain an outlaw under the guise of the Masked Rider, trying to bring some sense of hope to our people."
  • The Plague Patrol knew Dex was among the rebels in the cave, perhaps from seeing him standing near the entrance.
  • Before entering into combat with Dregon's forces alongside the Rangers, Dex announced, "To the Power!", and the Rangers and Dex's friends replied, "To the Power!"
  • Once the helmeted Rangers and gas mask-wearing Edenoites had emerged from the cave, a Plague Patrol soldier said, "We shall now put an end to you and the rebellion, Prince Dex!"
  • Dex told the Plague Patrol that as new friends like these rallied to their cause, the day grew near when they and Count Dregon would be banished from Edenoi for all time.
  • The gas mask-wearing Dex transformed into Masked Rider in front of the Plague Patrol; Dregon may have been watching from the Spiderbase at the time as well.


  • The final Plague Patrol soldier, retreating on foot, told Masked Rider, calling him "Dex", that they would meet another day when Dex wasn't with the help of his friends.
  • When Masked Rider transformed back into Dex, he was no longer wearing his gas mask, even though he had been prior to transforming into Masked Rider.
  • After the Plague Patrol and Cogworts had been defeated, Dregon called in his henchmen, and they told him that Dex had escaped.
  • Billy told Dex to keep them informed of his welfare.
  • On Edenoi after Dregon had been shown approaching Earth, Dex and Lexian were in a misty black chamber with images of planets around them, light streaming down from above, and they were wearing ancient white and gold royal garments.
  • Lexian and a saddened Dex had the following discussion in the misty black chamber:
    Lexian: "The time has come, Dex."
    Dex: "But, Grandfather, I can't just leave you."
    Lexian: "You must. It is too late for our planet now. Our spirit will live on to guide you to your destiny."
    Dex: "My destiny?"
    Lexian: "Planet Earth is Dregon's next target. It will be up to you to protect it from destruction. Now, go, before it is too late."
    Dex: "Grandfather, I will always love you."
    Lexian: "And I, you, Dex."


  • With the Zeo Megazord in repair, Zordon said that their only defense was the Red Battlezord and that this made the Earth even more vulnerable than before; the implication is that there were no other superheroes (such as Masked Rider) defending the planet at the time.

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