- demonic sorcerer; former second-in-command to Queen Bansheera (through 816-CobS)
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: close-up (shown at right), long shot, zombie form, advanced form


  • Materializing with the other demons in the skull castle lair soon after their release from the Tomb of Forever, Diabolico formed from a golden demonic wisp.
  • Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there; he then told the perturbed Vypra that they must care for her son Impus.
  • Asked by Diabolico who had done this, Loki explained humans had built their cities right on top of their palace; to further illustrate the point to the curious Diabolico, Loki projected an image showing Bansheera's palace as it had been in the past, then showing modern-day Mariner Bay in its place.
  • Diabolico was a gold armored demon with red eyes, silver horns, and black wings; on his torso was a green-eyed fanged skull face with a red star, the Star Power, for a forehead.
  • Diabolico swore that they would have their palace back after they destroyed the miserable city brick by brick.
  • Prior to their arrival in the skull castle, the fiery Ghouligan had already begun attacking Mariner Bay; this would be the first of numerous early monster attacks based on natural forces and disasters.


  • Diabolico said they had to find the Power Rangers' base and destroy it; Loki said he'd already found it but that it was underwater, and he knew what water did to them.
  • Diabolico had Jinxer come forth, needing a monster; he wanted one evil enough to wipe "this whole city" off the face of the Earth, and the lava-creature Magmavore would then land in Mariner Bay.


  • As Loki studied the Lightspeed Megazord in an archive projection, Diabolico said Queen Bansheera would be quite unhappy if she returned and the city was still standing; this was the first actual mention of Bansheera returning.


  • Diabolico grew tired of the Rangers, saying it was time to reclaim Mariner Bay, and then they could finally rebuild their palace.
  • Loki asked Diabolico to let him handle it, but Vypra said they needed a monster the Rangers couldn't get close to, and Diabolico agreed, having an incredible idea; he then summoned Whirlin's card and had Jinxer create the monster.
  • Seeing Whirlin, Diabolico said he was absolutely perfect.
  • The Rangers rushed up as a tornado was over the waterfront; after bystanders had been escorted away, the tornado vanished, and Diabolico appeared in a flaming oval in the sky.
  • Diabolico told the Rangers below he had come to destroy their precious city and restore Queen Bansheera's magnificent palace.
  • After Whirlin's destruction, Diabolico said they would win the war: Mariner Bay would be destroyed, and their palace would rise again.


  • As Mitchell sent the four teens to escort Dr. Hanson and the top-secret fuel cell to the Aquabase, Diabolico watched the teens driving to the airport and planned to stop them from obtaining the powerful device; Vypra observed that they would easily destroy Mariner Bay with it.
  • Impus formed a card for Fireor, which Jinxer threw into the demon maw.
  • As Loki was cocky and bullying, Fireor suddenly turned his head and blasted Loki back with fireballs from his eye slits; Diabolico approved, sending Fireor after the fuel cell.


  • In the skull castle, Vypra told Diabolico the Rangers hadn't even come close to touching her, but he demanded to know why she hadn't destroyed them; Vypra bitterly planned to do so after the Vyprari was recharged.
  • Loki teased Vypra and her silly "toy," telling her to grow up; Diabolico asked if he had a better idea, and Loki presented the card for Elestomp.


  • Jinxer was tending to the whining Impus when the others entered, Loki furious with the crying which Jinxer was unable to stop.
  • Vypra confrontationally told Diabolico the day Bansheera returned, Impus would remember how Diabolico had treated him, and she then smiled fondly at the child as he continued to whimper.
  • Jinxer hoped Queen Bansheera returned quickly, as Impus needed the comfort of his mother, and Diabolico remarked the sooner the better, saying with her great powers they'd crush the Rangers like flies; he made no mention of the recent battle between Strikning and the Cyborg Rangers.


  • Diabolico said Mariner Bay would be rubble by now if not for the Rangers; they had to destroy it before Queen Bansheera returned, he warned.


  • In the starry sky above the skull castle, a faint blue image of a face appeared as Bansheera spoke Diabolico's name.
  • Diabolico was seemingly pleased to see Bansheera, saying they'd been preparing for her arrival.
  • Asked about the palace, Diabolico said they were nearly there, but they had a small problem, and Loki blurted out that there was a city on top of it, and it was protected by Power Rangers whose base was underwater, and she knew how they felt about water.
  • Diabolico reassured Queen Bansheera they'd be taken care of, and she said they had better, flying away as a blue streak.
  • When Impus quietly planned to cause the dormant volcano to erupt and destroy Mariner Bay, Diabolico remarked the little pest had finally made himself useful.
  • After Trifire had been destroyed, Queen Bansheera said this world would be hers, and Diabolico asked her to tell them what to do, but she replied it had already been done.


  • As Bansheera's powers were nearing full strength, Diabolico again told her they were awaiting her return.
  • As Bansheera's powers waned, forcing her to depart, Diabolico said they would carry on, and Bansheera in parting threatened to replace him with Impus if he didn't.
  • As the Megazord was defeated, Diabolico had the monsters return to their resting places and let the volcano destroy Mariner Bay.
  • After the Rangers had rescued Miss Fairweather, they were attacked ineffectively by Batlings on their way back to the Megazord; once they had reactivated it, the two giant monsters arose again.


  • After midnight on Ryan Mitchell's 20th birthday, Ryan swam up to the Aquabase and sneaked into the captain's quarters, seeming to know what he was looking for, if not where to find it as well; he would leave with the experimental Titanium Morpher.
  • As the Rangers regrouped against Vypra the next morning, Ryan descended from a thundering cloud, morphed as the evil Titanium Ranger.
  • After the Rangers had retreated from morphed Ryan, Diabolico then arrived on the rooftop amidst gold energy wisps and bolts, his chest demon face preceeding him.
  • Diabolico congratulated Ryan, saying he'd known he would be the perfect addition to their team; this seemed to imply that Ryan had been previously living apart from the demons.
  • With Ryan's new powers, Diabolico laughed that the city would soon be theirs, and Ryan agreed, very soon.
  • In the skull castle soon, Vypra observed the Rangers would be destroyed if they fought, and the city would be destroyed otherwise.
  • Diabolico told the bowing unmorphed Ryan he'd mastered the powers of the Titanium Morpher, proving himself worthy of being the Titanium Ranger, and now they'd use the powers to take back their homeland.


  • Learning that Titanium Ranger was Ryan, Dana asked Mitchell how that could be, saying Ryan had been killed in that car crash, but Mitchell told her Ryan had not died, recounting the story of their crash.
  • When Ryan had been perhaps five or six, Mitchell and his two children had barely survived their car plunging off a cliff one night during a rainstorm; as Mitchell had hung from the root holding young Dana, young Ryan hung from his foot.
  • Mitchell eventually called for someone to please help, at which point the spectral form of Diabolico flew up from below in golden wisps.
  • Seeing Diabolico, Mitchell gasped, and Diabolico said he could help him, but Mitchell shouted for him to go away; whether he had previously known Diabolico is uncertain.
  • Continuing, Diabolico explained that if he saved the boy's life, he belonged to him; Mitchell shouted "Never!" and Diabolico vanished telling him the choice was his.
  • When Mitchell's shoe came off and Ryan plunged earthward, screaming, Mitchell cried out, "Save him!!"
  • First visible as he flew down, Diabolico turned into energy wisps, swooped down, and plucked Ryan out of the air.
  • Spectral Diabolico flew up to Mitchell and appeared, holding the unconscious but corporeal Ryan.
  • Stunned, Mitchell begged Diabolico to give him back his son, but the demon replied, "You will not see your son again until his 20th birthday. He is mine now."; as he flew down toward the earth as energy, Mitchell screamed, "Nooooo!!"
  • In the skull castle, Diabolico told Ryan his father was going to let him die, but it was he who had saved him that night, asking if he remembered, and Ryan nervously agreed, uneasy from Diabolico's touch.
  • Diabolico said it was his daughter Mitchell loved, while he had tossed away Ryan like trash, and it was Ryan who had suffered all these years; again, this was suggestive of Ryan living apart from the demons over the years, as Diabolico wouldn't have reminded Ryan of his suffering under his own care.
  • Ryan said with determination it was time to repay him, but Diabolico urged patience, saying he would eventually have the chance to destroy his father.
  • When morphed Ryan ran off after fighting and being confused by Dana, Dana and the teens tried to follow, but Vypra and Liztwin appeared blocking their path.
  • After saving his father from falling and then leaving his Morpher behind, Ryan confronted Diabolico in the skull castle.
  • Diabolico told Ryan only the future mattered, as the past was gone, forgotten, but Ryan replied he remembered it all too clearly.
  • Diabolico told Ryan to stay and his future would be to follow in his footsteps, master, ruler of the Dark Kingdom, but Ryan walked away.
  • Enraged as Ryan walked away from him, Diabolico swore he would pay for this.


  • Queen Bansheera told Diabolico his failure to destroy the Rangers was pathetic, and she again considered that Impus could do the job, startling him slightly.
  • Diabolico declared his powers would never belong to the "worm" as Impus slept nearby.
  • As the others entered, Vypra admired Impus, saying he was probably dreaming of the day he grew up and took over.
  • Loki insisted there was no way he was taking orders from that little squirt, and Diabolico agreed, saying he was the only leader around there.
  • To defeat the Rangers, Diabolico summoned from gold energy bolts (apparently from the demon maw) a box which contained three monster cards.
  • On the front of the box was an image of a white angel-warrior demon, squatting with Diabolico's staff, white angel-like wings wrapped forward.
  • Jinxer nervously told Diabolico those were the only monsters he had left; with these, his three most powerful monsters, Diabolico said there was no way he could fail.
  • After removing the three cards from the box (not shown), Diabolico told his warriors to come forth, and the three cards flew from his palm into the maw.
  • When Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon emerged, Diabolico assigned the three the important mission of destroying the Power Rangers.
  • Falkar was later familiar with Ryan, calling him "the traitor."
  • As Ryan slept uneasily that night, he dreamed of running through an area of pillars in the skull castle.
  • Standing atop a pillar, Diabolico shot yellow energy rings from his chest to make Ryan pay the consequences for turning against him, flinging Ryan against a nearby pillar.
  • More energy rings pinned Ryan's chest against the pillar, and his shirt fell apart on fire from a golden beam from Diabolico's staff, which proceeded to brand a tattoo into his lower back.
  • Diabolico presented his permanent gift to Ryan, a large gray cobra tattoo; every time Ryan morphed, the cobra would move up his body until it reached his neck and destroyed him.


  • As Loki wondered what Diabolico would do now that his monsters hadn't been successful, both Loki and Jinxer recalling Bansheera's threat, Diabolico observed the sleeping Impus until the three monsters entered, Demonite apologizing for Titanium Ranger's foiling of their plan.
  • Diabolico had a surprise for the Rangers, presenting a mirrored demon card for Demonite which startled the others.
  • To resurrect and enlarge Demonite even stronger than before, Diabolico threw into the demon maw a card with gold border designs, including a gold Diabolico-like head around the top, complete with a little red Star Power star.
  • After giant Demonite's destruction, Diabolico was stunned, but Falkar and Thunderon cockily promised to take care of the Rangers for him.


  • Some time after Demonite's destruction, Bansheera told Diabolico he'd disappointed her greatly, again threatening to give his Star Power to Impus if he failed again.
  • After Bansheera had left, Diabolico growled at the sleeping Impus, saying the spoiled brat would be nothing if he weren't the queen's child.
  • Approaching to destroy Impus before he got his powers, Diabolico was interrupted when Jinxer arrived and innocently asked what he was doing.
  • Entering, Loki asked to make a monster, but Diabolico silenced him, saying they didn't need another monster.
  • Falkar and Thunderon entered for their master, and Diabolico told them to destroy the Rangers before Bansheera returned.
  • After Thunderon had been destroyed, Diabolico, on the scene, threw another gold-bordered Diabolico card, enlarging Thunderon to titan size.
  • As Falkar watched below, planning to take the credit while Thunderon did all the work, Diabolico threw a third Diabolico card, stabbing him in the back and enlarging him to titan size as well.
  • As the Max Solarzord arrived, Diabolico noted Ryan couldn't fight the cobra forever.
  • After Falkar and Thunderon had been destroyed, Diabolico held a colored gem for each of his three warriors, saying they would return even more powerful than before.


  • Probably not long after the Rangers' victory, black clouds rolled over the sky, and red lightning bolts struck at the city, blowing up a building or so.
  • The Rangers ran up but were blasted by a red lightning bolt as Diabolico appeared from gold energy bolts.
  • The Rangers charged blasting, but Diabolico faded away unharmed, and his staff then flew by, hitting them, then stabbed into the ground and made an explosion, blowing them back, and he returned laughing.
  • To make the Rangers fight his monsters together, he threw the three gems, which crackled together and formed Troika; he then vanished after telling Troika to destroy the Rangers.
  • In the skull castle, Diabolico reported to Bansheera that the Rangers' demise was near, and she told him this was his last chance, vanishing.
  • In the desert, Ryan ran up to the palace ruins, having been told of the cobra's lair by Diabolico; he knew that if he destroyed the cobra, he would break the curse over him.
  • After the Rangers had apparently slain Troika with the Battle Boosters, Diabolico appeared from gold energy bolts and grew to titan size with the same energy, saying he would destroy them himself.
  • Diabolico was unfazed by the Supertrain's hand-mounted Gatling Blasters as he approached.
  • Diabolico shot a gold energy beam from his staff, making Supertrain fall.
  • When the Lightspeed Megazord slashed with its saber, titan-sized Diabolico braced and was unharmed, laughing that their puny saber was useless against him.
  • Diabolico's star and chest eyes alternated again, and the steady orange beam shoved the Lightspeed Megazord back a distance through several buildings.
  • The Max Solarzord flew in in robot mode blasting with its shield cannon; Diabolico blocked with his forearm, deflecting the blast into the city around him.
  • As the Solarzord flipped into shuttle mode and flew the Lightspeed Megazord away, Diabolico was startled by the notion of the Titanium Ranger back in action.
  • As the Lightspeed Solarzord glided and blasted, Diabolico deflected the lasers with his wrist into the city below and returned fire with a golden beam from his wand.
  • The Lightspeed Solarzord blasted again with its wrist lasers, and Diabolico was gone when the smoke cleared, but he then emerged saying all they'd done was made him angry, reminding them that he was invincible while they were not.
  • With his powerful torso blast, Diabolico made an explosion around the Lightspeed Solarzord, but the flames were sucked into the Solarzord's panels, alarming Diabolico.
  • Heavy bombardment from the Lightspeed Solarzord's energy cannons made Diabolico shout in agony and drop his staff.
  • Diabolico stated that they had done the impossible: they had defeated the mighty Diabolico, but he assured them that Queen Bansheera would avenge his defeat a thousandfold; he then fell and exploded massively, and his Star Power flew into the sky.


  • Ryan had been too young to remember much about Olympius (reinforcing the idea that he had grown up apart from the demons); he did describe, however, that Impus had been next in line after Bansheera had given Diabolico the Star Power.


  • As Vypra and Loki explored the Tomb of Forever, Vypra spoke an incantation as a rope dangled down into the flames deep within the sarcophagus.
  • The rope grew taught as flames spewed out, and Diabolico climbed out.
  • Although he now had a hole where his Star Power had been, Diabolico laughed that he was back and better than ever.
  • Outside, Diabolico planned to make amends for his foolish mistake of letting the Rangers defeat him.
  • Vypra welcomed him back to the land of the living, and Diabolico intended to repay both of them.
  • Vypra explained Olympius's efforts to destroy them and their search for revenge, Loki describing the Star Power's transformation of Impus into Olympius.
  • Asking, "He stole my Star Power?" Diabolico said it would be his pleasure to destroy the brainless fool, and he had them leave.


  • Confronting Olympius, Vypra held up her hand, and lightning struck; in a contracting reverse-explosion, pieces gathered into Diabolico's body.
  • Diabolico noted little Impus had grown, thanks to his Star Power.
  • Olympius thought Diabolico had been destroyed, and he agreed he had been, but he was now back to reclaim his rightful place.
  • As Olympius said he was in charge now, the two fought with staves and kicks.
  • Olympius and Diabolico seemed to be fairly equally matched in strength and combat ability despite Olympius's possession of the Star Power.
  • Diabolico launched his right forearm like a rocket, grabbing Olympius's pike, and he then whoosed up to reconnect with his arm.
  • Suddenly, blue lightning bolts blasted them both back, Diabolico in particular sent flying a tremendous distance, as Bansheera appeared in the sky and ordered them to stop and return to the Skull Cavern immediately.
  • In the skull castle, Bansheera expressed surprise over Diabolico's return, and Olympius complained about his interference.
  • During the villains' bickering, Diabolico interjected that the Star Power was his, but Bansheera ordered them all quiet, not caring about their petty lies and hatred.
  • Bansheera had Olympius go to capture the last Ranger, telling Diabolico she would destroy him herself if he interfered again.
  • After Bansheera and Olympius had left, Diabolico remarked to himself that Olympius's days were numbered.
  • Following Freezard's destruction, Olympius entered the lair, and Diabolico taunted him.
  • Olympius told him to watch how he talked to him, but Diabolico retorted he would always be Impus the runt, demanding the Star Power.
  • Diabolico told the prince he couldn't hide behind his mother forever and that he would take the Star Power, by force if need be, and Olympius replied he was welcome to try.


  • In lair during Memorase's attack after four of the Rangers had been given amnesia, Olympius told Diabolico his plan had failed once again, but Diabolico interjected that they only had one Ranger to contend with.
  • In response, Olympius asked, "So?" and Diabolico voiced his intentions to render Pink Ranger useless as well.
  • As Diabolico and Memorase looked upon the city from a rooftop, Diabolico remarked it was a depressing sight, a city where a palace should be, and he told Memorase to destroy it all, vanishing.


  • Diabolico listened behind a pillar as Olympius took the Golden Key from Jinxer, planning to go to the Shadow World to prove himself to Bansheera.
  • Deep within the skull castle, Vypra and Diabolico hid behind pillars as Olympius unlocked the doors to the Shadow World.
  • The golden lock on the doors bore a demon head design looking like Diabolico.
  • Once Olympius had entered the Shadow World, Vypra wanted to get him and take the key, but Diabolico told her to be patient, as they would soon get many birds with one stone.
  • Watching from the castle as Olympius and Gatekeeper fled from uncontrolled monsters in the Shadow World, Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki laughed.
  • When Olympius summoned the doors to escape, blue lightning bolts from above blasted the two back, and the doors vanished.
  • The key flew from Olympius's hand, and giant on the horizon, Diabolico's image held the glowing key, the only key to the place; he then vanished laughing that Olympius would be there forever.
  • Overhearing Diabolico's talk of Olympius's banishment in the main chamber, Bansheera emerged and demanded to know whether Diabolico was responsible for exiling her son to the Shadow World.
  • As Diabolico tried to explain, Bansheera burst into laughter, remarking Olympius was a failure and could rot there forever.
  • Now, Bansheera said, the responsibility of rebuilding her palace rested with Diabolico, and she told him not to fail or her fate would be worse than her son's.
  • Diabolico hmmed in response to Vypra's observation that Bansheera cared more about her palace than her own son.
  • As the Sorcerer of the Sands read from a tome of symbols related to the Tomb of Forever's heiroglyphs, the skull castle began to rumble violently, and Diabolico noted someone was reading the ancient spell.
  • Remarking, "Enough of this," as columns began to topple, Diabolico put his fists together and began chanting in a demonic tongue, and the two chantings competed with each other from afar.
  • Finishing, Diabolico shot a fiery blast from his hand, and the fiery energy washed out from the book, reducing the Sorcerer into dust, and the immolated book fell into the remains.
  • Diabolico laughed from the Sorcerer's mirror in his desert tent, holding the Golden Key and telling Ryan he'd failed; his image then vanished with a blue pulse from his staff.


  • As the three demons watched King Neptune in a flaming oval, Loki reminded Diabolico they couldn't go in the water, so Diabolico planned to summon the one demon who could go underwater, Aquafiend.
  • At a stone altar, Diabolico summoned a scroll from yellow energy and unrolled the aged map which showed the bay, including what looked like Bansheera's palace to the north, the modern Aquabase on the southeast, Neptune's sunken galleon and trident off the coast, and Aquafiend's lagoon in-land.
  • Diabolico planned for Aquafiend to steal Neptune's trident so Diabolico could use its power to drain all the water from Mariner Bay and thus attack the Aquabase.
  • Vypra remarked nothing could get in their way with Olympius gone; they all apparently hadn't known of his defeat against the Rangers after escaping the Shadow World.
  • As Diabolico called beside the lagoon for Aquafiend to rise, the monster emerged and told Diabolico he was at his service, agreeing to the orders Diabolico then gave.


  • When Diabolico needed a monster, Loki adding he'd been looking for Jinxer all day, Arachnor introduced herself after descending from above.
  • Loki, and apparently Diabolico as well, were not familiar with Arachnor.
  • Arachnor claimed to be able to gather data from the Rangers' weapons, rendering them useless, and Diabolico replied she had his attention.
  • As Arachnor explained her hatchlings needed nourishment, Diabolico replied there was plenty of food in Mariner Bay, making Arachnor agree they had a deal.
  • Below after four of the teens, as well as many other victims, had been caught in Arachnor's giant web in a warehouse, Diabolico observed with Batlings and told the Rangers the babies were about to hatch, laughing that he'd heard they were famished.
  • After Arachnor's destruction, Bansheera was disgusted that they'd all failed her once again; Diabolico tried to explain, but she retorted his excuses only angered her futher, ordering them to restore her palace at once.


  • Finding Jinxer observing Bansheera in a massive pillar of flames after her laughter had echoed through the palace, Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki asked what was going on; Jinxer giddily told them Bansheera was finally transforming.


  • In the main lair after Bansheera had transformed by means of absorbing Vypra's life energy, Loki told Diabolico the good news of her transformation.
  • Loki planned to ask Bansheera to let him destroy the Rangers, and Diabolico wished him luck.
  • Before he went, Loki gave Diabolico a gift for being his loyal friend throughout the millennia: on a green pillow, he presented a large black insect amulet which he attached to Diabolico's chest.
  • Loki wished for the charm to bring him luck, and Diabolico thanked him and told his "old friend" to be careful.
  • Behind a column, Diabolico listened as Bansheera confidently granted Loki's request but then told Jinxer they were all expendable and that she was using Loki to trap the Rangers.
  • As Loki fought the Rangers at the stadium, Diabolico soon arrived to help, but Loki rebuffed that he didn't need his help, shocking Diabolico.
  • Suddenly, Bansheera's scream sent the six plummeting into the Skull Cavern's dimension.
  • As Loki and Diabolico looked around, Diabolico wondered why they had been brought there.
  • From afar, Bansheera ordered Loki to finish them; Diabolico warned his charging friend that Bansheera was using him, but Loki said Bansheera had told him he was her favorite warrior.
  • As Loki was grappled by the Rangers, Bansheera told Diabolico to destroy them, and Loki's bazooka flew into his hands, but he protested that Loki would be destroyed if he fired.
  • Struggling as Bansheera ordered him to do as told, Diabolico exclaimed Loki was his comrade and that they weren't pawns in her wicked game; Bansheera, however, replied that they were, and that she would make him obey if he wouldn't do so.
  • Diabolico raised the cannon against his will, shouting for Loki to look out, but his finger pulled the trigger, and the blast struck Loki dead center.
  • As the Rangers lay unconscious nearby from the blast, Diabolico ran up to Loki's prostrate, smoking body in horror.
  • Groaning as he lay dying, Loki asked why their queen would do this, and Diabolico replied intently that she had no heart.
  • Seeing his loyalty was all a big waste, Loki said it was too late for him, but not for Diabolico; as he held out his hand, Diabolico held it and told him to conserve his strength, but Loki gasped goodbye.
  • As Diabolico screamed "no," Loki's hand fell to the ground lifelessly, and his body exploded, engulfing Diabolico in flames; as they died down, Diabolico stood among the flaming debris that remained.
  • Standing amidst the flaming debris that remained, Diabolico spoke, "Goodbye, Loki, my friend," and swore to avenge his destruction.
  • From afar, Queen Bansheera laughed, and Diabolico shouted that he cursed her name, swearing never again to lift a finger for her and that he was no longer her warrior.
  • Bansheera replied he was hers and hers alone, startling Diabolico; although Loki was gone, she told Diabolico he still had powers which were useful to her, powers which she would use as she saw fit to destroy the Rangers.
  • As Diabolico yelled in protest, a red energy beam from the castle caused Diabolico to explode into a fiery streak which then enveloped the Rangers in flames.
  • Emerging from the flames after Carter had arrived but been unable to help the others, Diabolico told Carter he could help him save his friends.
  • Beginning to spark from the flames, Diabolico told Carter the only way to save them was to strike Bansheera exactly where her heart would be.
  • As Bansheera's laughter echoed across the city near sunset following her defeat but survival, Diabolico stood on a rooftop, where he angrily threw down his staff and swore revenge against Bansheera for what she'd done to Loki.


  • Diabolico walked in the woods, again vowing never to forget Loki and to make Bansheera pay; he still wore Loki's insect amulet, but its red orb was dark intermittently.
  • Regretting his loyalty to the queen, Diabolico considered the fates of Vypra and Loki and noted she wouldn't think twice about sacrificing him either.
  • Confronting Diabolico in the woods, Olympius sought a duel to the finish, summoning Diabolico's discarded staff with golden energy; initially surprised to see the Rangers hadn't destroyed the prince, Diabolico agreed to the duel, and the two locked in combat.
  • At one point having downed Diabolico, Olympius told him to take a deep breath, as it would be his last, but Diabolico countered.
  • During the fight, Diabolico blasted Olympius with a blue-tipped gold energy bolt from his staff.
  • Locking staves after blasting at each other, the two slammed their sparking staves into the ground, flinging the both of them back.
  • Finally, the two charged toward each other, the area tinted orange, and collided in a blinding white light, making a large forest explosion with a fiery spherical shockwave.
  • Walking through the castle, Olympius led the captive Diabolico in chains.
  • Having defeated Diabolico, Olympius planned to use his powers to finally crush the Rangers.
  • Diabolico replied Olympius would never take his powers, but Bansheera countered that she would; her finger tentacles wrapped around him and drained red pulses of energy from him as he groaned.
  • Diabolico's breath faded as his red eyes were filled with glossy blackness.
  • Downtown, Olympius introduced his new warrior, summoning Diabolico with a blue energy cloud from his staff.
  • Diabolico stood hunched and groaning faintly; his silver horns were black, his red eyes were glossy black, his green and gold wings were now black and gold, his green torso eyes were black, and Loki's insect charm was darkened permanently.
  • Mystified, the teens asked Diabolico how he could fight for the queen after what she'd done, but Olympius replied Diabolico couldn't hear them.
  • Ordered to destroy the Rangers, Diabolico mechanically approached with a grunt, and the teens morphed to defend themselves.
  • During the fight, Diabolico kicked a burning blue car, sending it skidding over to the girls, nearly crushing Kelsey against a wall.
  • As Diabolico leapt onto the car and prepared to strike Kelsey, Joel armed his Mega Battle armor, but Diabolico pinned his buzzsaw to the car roof, then flung both Joel and the roof back.
  • After Carter had been blasted off his Trans-Armor Cycle, Diabolico lifted him into the air by his shoulder.
  • Carter urged Diabolico to remember Bansheera's betrayal, and Diabolico's red eyes returned as he suddenly remembered; everything but his eyes remained black, however.
  • Dropping Carter, Diabolico approached Olympius despite the prince's orders to stop; the two again locked in combat.
  • As Diabolico landed painfully from a strong kick, dropping Loki's insect amulet, Carter rushed over to him.
  • Carter urged Diabolico they could beat Olympius, and Diabolico confided he had grown to hate Bansheera more than him.
  • Diabolico nearly handed Carter the Golden Key which would help him defeat Bansheera, but as Olympius blasted with his pike, Diabolico shoved Carter out of the way; critically wounded, Diabolico fell and exploded.
  • In her lair following the defeat of Olympius, Bansheera called for the two demons to grow with even more power than before.
  • As Bansheera held out her hand, her finger tentacles reached down from the sky and wrapped around Diabolico and Olympius's fallen bodies, charging them with gold energy.
  • Diabolico grew with extended horns, claws on his left hand, a large broadsword, and a long silver tail; his normal coloration was restored.
  • In giant Diabolico's chest, the hole from the Star Power was no longer plain black, but instead a gold depression with cracks around it.
  • Carter tried to wave down Diabolico, telling him not to let Bansheera control him, but he blew a fireblast from his mouth at them; the blast, however, wasn't especially harmful, not even generating an explosion.
  • While giant Olympius and Diabolico were both shown to be the same size, their individual size changed in relation to whether they were fighting standard Megazords or the taller Supertrain Megazord.
  • Giant Diabolico shot numerous golden fiery blasts from his mouth.
  • As Olympius and Diabolico absorbed energy blasts from the Zords, they returned the blasts as energy bolts the same color as the blasts' initial colors, Diabolico perhaps firing from his eyes.
  • As the Lightspeed Solarzord was apparently destroyed, Olympius and Diabolico laughed.
  • A brief eclipse and an incantation from Jinxer caused lightning bolts from the sky to pour into giant Diabolico and Olympius; as the sun returned, the two demons' eyes gleamed white.
  • Speaking for the first time since growing, Diabolico remarked they had been recharged, never having felt such power in his life.
  • Fired upon by the tiny Carter below, giant Diabolico swung his sword down, sending Carter flying when he was struck by the tip, then blew fire down at the three Rangers.
  • As Olympius cried to let Queen Bansheera's reign begin, Diabolico told the Rangers their time was over and prepared to swing at them, but the Lifeforce Megazord blasted him as it flew in and landed.
  • Confronted by the Lifeforce Megazord, Diabolico had them take the Rangers down, and Olympius agreed.
  • Charged at Lifeforce level 3, the Lifeforce Megazord slashed its golden saber in an X; the yelling demons crackled and glowed with blue energy and then exploded, unleashing twin floods of blue energy into the sky with a yellow shockwave.
  • Amidst a chain reaction of explosions, the two blue beams connected high above to a bright point in the sky; with a golden gleam in space, blue shockwaves flew out from Earth as a skull-like demonic face with a star in the forehead dissipated in a blue cloud, shattering outward with specks of white light.
  • In fiery gold energy following Diabolico's destruction, the Golden Key flew down into the Tomb of Forever and hid itself in the wall designs.
  • As Bansheera and Carter dangled above the Shadow World pit during Bansheera's ceremony to unleash the demons from the Shadow World, Diabolico's spirit flew up beside Queen Bansheera in a gold energy wisp.
  • Diabolico was now back to his original form, holding his staff and again having the Star Power gem in his chest.
  • Bansheera was pleased Diabolico had come to help, but he declared he was there to help the Rangers destroy her for good.
  • Diabolico lobbed his blue-tipped yellow energy blast from his staff, severing Bansheera's finger tendrils and causing her to plummet screaming as Diabolico followed, laughing.

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