- cell phone-shaped device used to morph Zhane into Silver Ranger
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First Appearance: 620-SvSv
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
Subcategories: Digimorpher morphing


  • As helmetless but morphed Zhane told Alpha a story from at least two years ago about a giant monster grabbing him and lifting him up, he slipped his Digimorpher out of his belt and clicked it open, describing having grabbed the Digimorpher and called his Silver Cycle.
  • The Digimorpher, taking the place of an Astro Morpher for Zhane, looked just like a silver and black cell phone.


  • When Alpha called Zhane over the Digimorpher, it made the same warble sound as the communicators and Astro Morphers; Zhane removed it from his jacket and pulled up the antenna slightly to answer.
  • To later morph, Zhane clicked open his Digimorpher in front of him with his left arm while holding out his right arm like the Astro Morpher preparatory poses; he then touched the Digimorpher's keypad with his right hand.
  • During the stock footage of a hand pressing the buttons on the Digimorpher to morph, the Digimorpher would always suddenly be in his right hand, rather than his left, with his right thumb pressing the buttons.
  • The buttons on the phone-like keypad were 1-3 (all with an M subscript), 4-6 (all with an E subscript), 7-9 (all with G), then on the bottom were a key that toggled between up and down, a 0 with an A subscript, and an enter key.
  • To morph, Zhane pressed 2-5-8-0, causing the Digimorpher to simultaneously call out in a tinny voice, "M-E-G-A"; when he hit enter, the round display above the keypad flashed a red "Mega" as the Morpher said, "Mega," activating his morph.
  • Zhane's morph with the Digimorpher was nearly identical to the Astro Morpher morphs.
  • During the morph, an image of the Digimorpher was in the display area usually reserved for the Rangers' helmet symbols.


  • At the top of a mountain during a violent thunderstorm to recharge his powers, Zhane pulled out his Digimorpher and clicked it open, then held it up.
  • One lightning bolt flashed through the Digimorpher, making an explosion of sparks around Zhane, then soon another struck the Digimorpher directly, making a firework-like burst, followed by two which struck the rocky peak with purple and yellow explosions respectively, then finally, one more double-bolt to the Digimorpher, making another burst.


  • Morphed Zhane appeared to speak into his left wrist to call the Silver Cycle, even though he wore neither an Astro Morpher nor a communicator.
  • Zhane carried his Digimorpher on him at all times, even when in civilian clothes on Earth.


  • Running after Yatru, Zhane called, "Let's rocket!" and then instantly morphed in a white gleam of light without using his Digimorpher.


  • Although the Astro Morphers hadn't worked inside Secret City in 638-MTSC, Zhane was now able to morph within the dome, but communication and teleportation were now possible through the dome as well while they hadn't been before.

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