- former mentor of Turbo Rangers (503-SIT3 through 544-CIS1)
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First Appearance: 503-SIT3
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
See Also: Divatox


  • The four teens were shocked to learn that Zordon, and Alpha Five too, were leaving; when they wondered who would cover their backs, as Tanya said, Zordon replied that he'd made arrangements so that they wouldn't be alone.
  • After a wormhole had been opened from Earth to Eltar for Zordon to return home, Dimitria was already on her way through the wormhole before Lerigot gave Zordon his freedom.
  • Discovering that Dimitria was heading through the wormhole toward Earth, Porto let Divatox look for herself, at which point she ordered him to close the wormhole, but his wormhole closer was eventually deactivated by the Rangers.
  • Soon after Alpha Six had entered the Power Chamber once Zordon and Alpha Five, then Lerigot, had left, many bright flashes heralded Dimitria's arrival in a white beam from the center of the Power Chamber floor.
  • Dimitria had long dark hair, pulled back, and she wore a white robe with a white mouth/nose mask, and she was translucent; what was shown of her face resembled Divatox's face (at least the Divatox shown from 501-SIT1 through 525-WTFO).
  • When Dimitria arrived in the Power Chamber, Alpha Six welcomed her, then told the Rangers who she was, chuckling that she made quite an entrance.
  • Dimitria was from the planet Inquiris.
  • Unless otherwise stated, Dimitria would always speak in questions, even when speaking only to Alpha.
  • When Kat asked Dimitria if she knew who they were, she asked them if they knew who were they were; when Tommy replied that they were the Power Rangers, she asked if they weren't much more than the Power Rangers.
  • Dimitria knew Tommy's name (and presumably the teens' as well) upon first arriving on Earth.
  • Dimitria asked the Rangers if they would be surprised to learn that there were many unexpected events in their future.
  • Dimitria floated up into the air and then appeared from the waist-up in Zordon's tube, then asked the Rangers if they were now surprised even more.
  • Elgar apparently wasn't familiar with Dimitria, but it seemed that Porto had been.
  • Divatox said that if there was one person in this galaxy she couldn't stand, it was Dimitria, whose name she said mockingly; when Elgar asked her what Dimitria had done to her, she explained that Dimitria was the embodiment of good, while she was the embodiment of evil.
  • Since there wasn't enough room on Earth for the both of them, Divatox planned to eliminate Dimitria, saying this time it was personal.


  • After retreating to the Power Chamber, Tommy was impatient with Alpha Six's playful attitude over the capture of the other teens, and when Dimitria wouldn't answer his question about the Shadow Rangers' powers, he was frustrated, wanting her to tell him what to do about finding the teens and fighting the Shadow Rangers.
  • Alpha told Tommy he didn't get it, that Dimitria was from Inquiris, as in "inquire," and that she didn't give answers, only questions; Tommy adamantly brought up that Zordon would always guide them, but Alpha replied, "Yo yo yo! Look, she ain't Zordon. And you don't have a lot of time, so you'd better get with the program, slick."


  • Inquiris was Dimitria's home planet.
  • Dimitria knew Visceron, who was en-route to Earth with urgent information too important to be monitored.
  • Dimitria didn't place any blame on the Rangers after Visceron had been blown up by a detonator in his struggle with the Rangers.
  • When the teens noted how evil and powerful Divatox was, Dimitria asked them if, after all they'd been through together, they hadn't yet learned the power of love and friendship; she showed the teens what this meant by holding out her hands, causing blue wisps of energy to heal and revive Visceron.
  • Visceron brought important news from Inquiris: it had been discovered that Dimitria's birth records had been tampered with; while it was always thought that she was an only child, she actually had a sister; after learning that this sister was actually a twin sister, Dimitria gasped and asked if it could be.
  • The teens were left to wonder how Dimitria would ever find her sister, indicating that if Dimitria knew her sister's identity, she didn't mention it.


  • After the Turbo Megazord had destroyed giant Demon Racer II, Dimitria told the Rangers about Rob's and Tony's drag race at Angels' Bluff in the form of a statement; her statement, however, was no less puzzling than her questions, as she gave it in the form of the following clue: "Rangers, listen carefully. There is a drop so steep even angels fear to tread."


  • Dimitria continued to speak in questions even when speaking only to Alpha.
  • Dimitria said a declarative sentence before asking the Rangers a rhetorical question: "A most difficult task awaits you, Rangers. If you can't stop her [Big Burpa], then who can?"


  • When Kat called Dimitria over the communicator to tell her of all the writing around the teens turning into hieroglyphics, Dimitria's image rippled into existence in her tube halfway through Kat's message.


  • Dimitria said a declarative sentence before asking who could help Katherine but Kat herself.
  • Moments later, Dimitria said another declarative sentence, saying it wasn't her who had conquered Kat's spell, then asking Kat whether she hadn't discovered for herself what was truly important.


  • When Kat, in the Power Chamber, caught Justin teleporting from a tree into the Power Chamber after having been chased up there by Reggie and Junior, Justin was surprised that Kat had caught him doing it; apparently, he hadn't been concerned with Dimitria seeing him do it.
  • Dimitria didn't say anything as Kat scolded Justin for using his teleportation in that manner; Kat repeated to him the rule he already knew: that they weren't to use their powers for personal gain, and when he said he didn't know how to solve his problem, Kat sweetly told him he was too smart not to figure something out, thus ending the discussion on the matter.


  • After a spacecraft (belonging to Blue Senturion) had emerged from an interdimensional warp inside the Earth's atmosphere, Dimitria asked the teens why someone would travel between galaxies at great risk to speak with them; their answers were that he had come to get their help or give them help.
  • When Blue Senturion said he had a message for Dimitria, Divatox was able to impersonate Dimitria's voice well enough for Blue Senturion to confirm that her voice print matched Dimitria of Inquiris.


  • Kat looked pleased as she took a moment to watch T.J. and Cassie fight the Piranhatron for her, perhaps suggesting that the teens knew about their upcoming retirement before going on their camping trip.


  • Dimitria now spoke in statements regularly, with her last question having been asked in 516-Shr1.
  • Before the four teens left the Power Chamber to fight giant Flamite after being unable to find Tommy, Dimitria reminded them of another matter that had to be dealt with as well; the northwest door slid up, revealing in the small alcove a fairly large hourglass on a pedestal, the sand at the top but flowing down; there seemed to be small chunks of crystal on the top of the hourglass.
  • Dimitria told the teens it would be their ultimate (presumably as in "final") mission; time was fleeting, but it was of the utmost importance; Kat replied that they wouldn't let her down, and the teens then morphed to the city to help evacuate people.
  • When the hourglass neared the halfway mark, Alpha feared that they'd never complete their ultimate mission, but Dimitria said the Rangers knew what they had to do; Alpha said the Rangers were running out of time.
  • After the Rangers destroyed Flamite, Alpha didn't think they (presumably the Rangers) were going to make it in time, but Dimitria said they must; if they didn't, she said, disorder and confusion would abound more than she could control.
  • After selecting their replacements, the teens smiled in the Power Chamber as the hourglass was empty; Dimitria told them they'd cut it very close.
  • Tommy told Dimitria they wouldn't let her down, as they all knew how important this was; the teens and Alpha then headed to the ceremony chamber when Dimitria told them it was time to begin the ceremony.
  • In the ceremony chamber, Dimitria appeared from the waist up above a cluster of four Command Center columns with various colors of neon rings, not just blue and purple.
  • Dimitria told the teens, "We have gathered here to honor each of you for your dedicated service as a Power Ranger. Your courage and loyalty has known no bounds. However, as each Ranger reaches your stage of life, it becomes our duty to set them free to discover all that the world has to offer them. To that end, you have been asked to select an outstanding individual who will take over as your successor. We welcome them now into the Power Ranger family."


  • After Phantom Ranger's second fight against Divatox's henchmen, Dimitria told the teens they'd determined that the planet Eltar was the source of the mysterious power (presumably Phantom's).
  • Dimitria said that perhaps the Phantom Ranger (a name apparently coined by T.J.) was an Eltarian voyager.
  • If the Phantom truly was an Eltarian voyager, Dimitria said, then no one, not even she, would know his purpose until he chose to tell them.


  • Just as Alpha called the teens in regard to recent vanishings in Angel Grove, Translucitor made the Power Chamber, Alpha, and Dimitria vanish as well, shifting them into an alternate dimension of invisibility.
  • When the guys were wondering about the Phantom's purpose, Dimitria told them that in time they would know his purpose.


  • After Justin and Carlos had left the Power Chamber's protection and had succumbed to the freezing of time due to the freeze key, Dimitria told Alpha there was nothing they could do.


  • When the teens wondered about the Phantom's cryptic "one last hope" message, Dimitria told them that its meaning would only be revealed when Phantom Ranger chose to tell them.


  • Dimitria knew of the tremendous power of the Phantom's Power Ruby.


  • Dimitria knew that without his Power Ruby, the Phantom would cease to exist.
  • After his life was restored, Phantom thanked Cassie, but she thanked him instead; Dimitria then said, seemingly speaking to Phantom, "You have fought valiantly on the Earth's behalf," but Phantom replied, "They have indeed."


  • After robot Justin had learned the truth about the teens' experiment to see how real their robot duplicates were and robot Justin had said he thought they had a few glitches, Dimitria light-heartedly said that no one could replace the real Rangers but that perhaps someday the robot Rangers would assist them.


  • Dimitria knew of Wicked Wisher and his power of creating wishing coins.


  • In an urgent message to the teens from Eltar, Zordon began to warn the teens of something, but his signal shorted out; Dimitria had Alpha begin a long-range scan, thinking Zordon might have been warning them of an attack.
  • When T.J. told Dimitria after the battle with Goldgoyle that both Megazords had been destroyed, she replied that unfortunately their destruction could not be helped.
  • Dimitria gave the Rangers grave news, that planet Eltar had fallen to evil forces; the teens were all quite concerned about Zordon and wanted to go help him, but Dimitria said they had to stay to defend the Earth from Divatox, so she and Blue Senturion were leaving to try to help Zordon.
  • T.J. assured Dimitria that they would protect the Earth, and she replied that she had no doubt.
  • Before leaving, Dimitria told the Rangers, "Against the darkest danger, when all hope is lost, if ever you bow your heads, raise them high again, for you are the Power Rangers!"; Dimitria's final words before teleporting from the tube with orange, then yellow light were, "May the Power protect you."
  • Dimitria had a green teleportation streak as she and Blue Senturion flew away from the Power Chamber.


  • Entering the Power Chamber as Piranhatron ransacked it, Elgar spotted Zordon's and Dimitria's empty plasma tube; if he destroyed it, he said, they couldn't come back, so he threw a Piranhatron's hammer into the tube, shattering it.
  • Probably only minutes after Divatox had destroyed the Power Chamber, a flaming face streaked in from the sky to tell her that Zordon had been captured and that she was to leave at once for the Cimmerian planet for Dark Specter's assembly of villains.


  • During the invasion on the universe by Dark Specter's forces, Blue Senturion was helping Phantom Ranger defend the Phantom's home planet (definitely not Eltar) from the Machine Empire.


  • The next Earth morning when Zordon's energy wave approached, Divatox was running through the jungle on Gratha trying to escape when the wave hit, making her trip; she was then delighted to find herself with long, flowing black hair, wearing a white dress identical to Dimitria's.
  • The blatant relationship between Dimitria and Divatox apparently answered the long-unanswered question regarding Divatox being Dimitria's lost twin sister.

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