- space pirate; nemesis of Turbo Rangers (500-TPRM through 545-CIS2)
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
Pictures: Divatox, 500-TPRM, circa early PRT, medium shot (shown at right), Divatox and henchmen, human form
See Also: Dimitria, Mama D, General Havoc, Elgar


  • A group of Piranhatron-like warriors chased Lerigot through a Liarian jungle, intending for Lerigot to surrender to Divatox, but Lerigot escaped and fled to Earth.
  • Divatox's subcraft was under a body of water, seemingly a lake, on Liaria.
  • After entering the bridge of her subcraft from what appeared to be the room's northern elevator, Divatox slapped around the two superior warriors standing on one side of the room.
  • Divatox blamed Elgar for the Piranhatron-like warriors' loss of Lerigot; Elgar claimed to have warned her that the warriors didn't have a clue, but she continued to blame him, since the warriors were his.
  • Elgar was Divatox's nephew.
  • A curved blade slid out of Divatox's left glove covering, and she threw it at Elgar, slicing off his right hand, which was revealed to be robotic underneath; Elgar exclaimed, "Rrrr, not again!"
  • There were large piles of loot (seemingly all or mostly gold) in the southwestern and southeastern corners of the subcraft's bridge.
  • Divatox said that Elgar and Rygog were giving her a migraine as they argued about the task of capturing Lerigot.
  • Divatox planned to make Lerigot come to them willingly by capturing the one thing he valued most in the world: his family.
  • Divatox kept perfume in a golden box on a stand with the loot pile.
  • Divatox opened a jar in the loot pile and cuddled her pet white, male eel affectionately.
  • Hearing that Lerigot had gone to Earth, Divatox figured Lerigot was looking for Zordon.
  • Learning that Lerigot had gone to Earth, an unenthused Elgar (with his hand now reattached) suggested that they go back to looting and pillaging, but Divatox said they would never do so, since she would use Maligore's powers to raid all the riches of the universe once she freed him from Muiranthias and married him.
  • Divatox called Maligore the "Great Flame of Destruction" and her husband-to-be.
  • Divatox assigned Elgar to head the capture of two humans of purity and strength on Earth to serve as her dowry to Maligore.
  • Disapproving of his selection of Bulk and Skull as sacrifices, Divatox gave Elgar one last chance, and he smacked around the two superiors from his warrior team, telling them to find him more humans.
  • A bit later, Divatox saw in her periscope two humans "ripe for the picking," preparing to scuba dive nearby; they were actually former Rangers Jason and Kimberly; after Divatox had spotted the scuba divers, one of the Piranhatron-like warriors, swimming underwater, attacked them and brought them aboard, unconscious.
  • Lerigot's wife Yara, holding baby Bethel, was captured and made a prisoner in the subcraft; there was a mindblock device on Yara and Bethel's heads to prevent them from telepathically contacting Lerigot.
  • Only after Divatox thought Lerigot had reached Zordon did she have the mindblock briefly removed from Yara so that she would contact Lerigot and hopefully cause him to surrender himself; she planned for Yara to contact both Lerigot and Zordon.
  • Knowing that Zordon was receiving the transmission, Divatox told him that Lerigot had to surrender if they wanted Yara, Bethel, and ex-Rangers Jason and Kimberly spared.
  • Divatox's sensors told her that Jason and Kim were once one of Zordon's "Power Rangers," a title which she said mockingly after struggling to remember it.
  • After receiving Divatox's ultimatum that they surrender Lerigot, Zordon believed that Divatox planned "to use Lerigot and his Golden Key to pass through the treacherous Nemesis Triangle into another dimension," and that once there she would "likely travel to the lost island of Muiranthias and attempt to join forces with an evil creature named Maligore, at which point not even the Zords (presumably the Zeozords, Super Zeozords, etc.) would be able to stop them.
  • Elgar, meeting the teens at a beach in the morning, tricked Lerigot and the teens with mannequins dressed in Jason and Kim's wetsuits; back in the bilge, Jason and Kim no longer had their wetsuits on.
  • Bulk and Skull were not released following the capture of Jason and Kim; rather, they were in a cell adjoining the bilge.
  • The Golden Key wouldn't work in Divatox's hands.
  • It's unknown why Divatox didn't merely teleport the subcraft closer to the Nemesis Triangle rather than wasting at least a day traveling by sea.
  • When a fly landed on her leg, Divatox slurped it up with her long, elastic tongue.
  • That night, as she saw no Rangers around as she headed toward the Nemesis Triangle, Divatox remarked that she'd known Zordon would realize he shouldn't mess with her.
  • The next day, Divatox, looking at herself in a hand mirror, wondered if she looked fat, then said, "Nah," and pursed her lips at herself.
  • As the subcraft approached the Nemesis Triangle the day after that, Divatox gave Lerigot the Golden Key and told him to open the gateway, but he refused; Divatox had Elgar take baby Bethel from Yara, at which point Lerigot gave in.
  • Lerigot still had his mind blocker on when he used the Golden Key to get the subcraft through the Nemesis Triangle.
  • Divatox panicked when she learned that they were sinking, but she found that the leak was in the bilge; she had it sealed off and the water purged, but not before Bulk, Skull, and Kim had escaped.
  • Seeing that only Jason remained in the bilge, Divatox said they'd have to make do with only one sacrifice, but she could have sent the Piranhatron-like warriors to recapture the escaped prisoners.
  • As the subcraft surfaced near Muiranthias, Jason was in a black cape and hood on the bridge, with two superior warriors on either side of him, one holding a chain attached to his wrists.
  • When Elgar pointed out that Lerigot wasn't looking well, Divatox was upset, but she'd had the same reaction when Elgar had made the same observation two days prior.
  • Frustrated that the Rangers were still approaching Muiranthias, Divatox picked up her phone and called Rita; she addressed herself to Rita as "Di" (pronounced Dee), as though she and Rita were quite familiar with each other.
  • Divatox apologized for waking Rita, saying she'd forgotten about the time change.
  • Divatox knew that Rita had had some experience in the matter of getting rid of the Power Rangers.
  • When Divatox asked how to get rid of the Power Rangers, Rita cackled, replying, "What?! The Power Rangers? If I knew that, do you think I'd be lying here listening to this?!" at which point she held the receiver up to Zedd so Divatox could hear his loud snoring.
  • Rita told Divatox that her advice was to run, then she hung up the phone while cackling.
  • Figuring that the teens were riding something, Divatox fired torpedoes; it's unknown why she didn't try this sooner.
  • When the villains were surrounded by Malachians on their trek toward Maligore's temple, Elgar wanted to fight, but Divatox urgently told him that they were the Malachians, guardians of Maligore.
  • Divatox let Lerigot out of his cage and removed the mind blocker, then gave him the Golden Key, which he used to unlock the door to Maligore's temple with golden energy.
  • When the Malachians began bowing after Lerigot's use of the Golden Key, she encouraged them to keep bowing to her and said that she loved being queen.
  • Divatox took the Golden Key back after the temple had been unlocked, but she didn't put the mind blocker back on Lerigot.
  • Divatox commented on how much she liked the temple's interior, as though she hadn't seen it before.
  • Divatox said the lava would have to go, but that the main room of the temple was where they'd do all their entertaining.
  • Divatox planned to feed Maligore with Jason and Kim, then use the Liarians as dessert.
  • Divatox, calling out to Maligore, referred to herself as his one and only true soulmate; she said their wedding had been long and coming, and she now brought him to perfect specimens (Jason and Kim, suspended over Maligore's lava pit) to seal their matrimonial pact.
  • Divatox told Maligore to come forth and let evil twist Jason and Kim's souls; she also told him to be free again and join forces with her.
  • In the temple, Divatox was suddenly holding her eel, but she hadn't been shown bringing it along.
  • Divatox referred to morphed Justin as "Power Boy"; apparently at some point on the voyage to Muiranthias she had discovered the Rangers' identities.
  • After an explosion from the lava pit had knocked Tommy, Kim, and evil Jason from the area, Divatox told Maligore to arise and meet his bride so that together they could exact revenge on Lerigot, descendant of those who had imprisoned him.
  • For a sacrifice after the humans were turning pure again, Divatox wrapped her eel around Elgar's neck, and he fell into the pit; she told Rygog to remind her to get another pet.
  • When Maligore reached a clawed hand over the rim of the lava pit, Divatox's smile faded.
  • As Divatox slowly turned to Rygog and shook his hands excitedly, Rygog said, "He's ba-ack!"
  • When the large Maligore climbed out of the pit, Divatox looked nervous; Rygog asked her if she was sure about this.
  • Divatox chuckled nervously when Maligore, now walking toward the Rangers, roared.
  • While Maligore was growling at the Rangers as they summoned their Turbo Weapons, Divatox was trying to sneak behind Rygog, but he told her to talk to Maligore.
  • Rygog had Divatox go up to Maligore just as the Rangers were summoning their weapons, putting her in the crossfire.
  • Walking up to Maligore, Divatox chuckled and told him he looked great and hadn't changed a bit.
  • When Divatox tried to shake Maligore's claw, she was electrocuted, making her scream and pull away.
  • As they rushed outside to watch the fight between Maligore and the Rangers, Divatox told Rygog he was going on a diet the minute they got back.
  • Divatox and Rygog watched from a cliff as giant Maligore and the Turbo Megazord fought.
  • After Maligore had been destroyed, Divatox cried out, "Oh, my plan! The money, the jewels, the plastic surgery! I didn't even get a honeymoon!"; she swore to get revenge on the Rangers.
  • Fleeing from the erupting volcano, Divatox ran through the jungle, shoving aside a dazed Bulk and Skull, shouting that she wanted her mommy.


  • Some time later, Divatox and her army were on a planet that looked identical to Liaria, except that in the view of the planet from space, the planet was reddish-brown without a bright green glow.
  • Divatox was now played by a different actress, and her costume now showed much less cleavage; her personality also seemed to change, from goofy and hysterical to cool and calculating.
  • Divatox stood on a ledge at a beach, overlooking an army of Piranhatron, which had now taken on their traditional appearance; behind her were Elgar, Rygog, Porto, and a number of monsters.
  • Divatox told her villains that they were all there to avenge the ruination of her plan to dominate the universe.
  • Elgar didn't know when he'd seen Divatox this angry before.
  • Divatox declared that the Power Rangers would pay dearly and that their beloved Earth would become hers.
  • For her journey to Earth, Divatox said she would need a crew of her best warriors, and Elgar begged to come along.
  • Divatox named Rygog second in command; she said he would navigate the oceans as well as the skies; he replied that he was always at her disposal.
  • Divatox told Rygog to select an elite batallion of soldiers to bring with them.
  • Divatox made Porto her technical advisor, placing all things scientific under his responsibility.
  • Divatox brought Elgar along as well, since she didn't want to leave him out of her sight for too long.
  • Divatox told the Piranhatron that she would call them as she needed them.
  • After the subcraft had landed in Angel Grove Lake, Divatox planned to ruin the most important ceremony of the teens' lives (their high school graduation) for ruining the most important ceremony in her life (her wedding to Maligore).
  • Divatox wickedly remarked that the teens shouldn't bother with college applications.
  • Divatox planned to use the detonator Porto had designed to blow up the Angel Grove Energy Center so that a blackout would shut down the entire city right as the teens were graduating.


  • When Adam, Tanya, and Kat left the graduation to check on Justin, who was fighting Elgar and Piranhatrons at the energy center, Divatox took Piranhatrons with her to delay the three teens.
  • Divatox's standard teleportation was in an orange energy bolt.
  • When an unmorphed Adam was sent rolling over to Divatox, she grabbed him and forced him to stand, demanding, "On your feet! You're not done yet!" and then throwing him back to the Piranhatron.
  • After the Red and Green Rangers had defeated the Piranhatron, Divatox teleported them and herself away, laughing that the power plant might not still be there.
  • Watching the Rangers hunt for the detonator, Divatox laughed that they couldn't find pointy ears at a Star Trek convention.
  • After the Rangers had obtained a Turbo Navigator, Divatox told Rygog to send some of his best Piranhatrons to stop the Rangers.
  • When Porto calculated that the destination of the wormhole in space was the planet Eltar, he wondered who would want to go there; Divatox was intrigued, saying that only one intergalactic being on Earth had any reason to take a trip to Eltar.


  • Learning that Zordon would soon be leaving for Eltar, Rygog was excited that the Earth would soon be totally defenseless; Divatox had him prepare a full offensive attack on Angel Grove.
  • Discovering that Dimitria was heading through the wormhole toward Earth, Porto let Divatox look for herself, at which point she ordered him to close the wormhole, but his wormhole closer was eventually deactivated by the Rangers.
  • Dimitria had long dark hair, pulled back, and she wore a white robe with a white mouth/nose mask, and she was translucent; what was shown of her face resembled Divatox's face (at least the Divatox shown from 501-SIT1 through 525-WTFO).
  • Dimitria, later presumed to be Divatox's sister, was from the planet Inquiris.
  • Divatox said that if there was one person in this galaxy she couldn't stand, it was Dimitria, whose name she said mockingly; when Elgar asked her what Dimitria had done to her, she explained that Dimitria was the embodiment of good, while she was the embodiment of evil.
  • Since there wasn't enough room on Earth for the both of them, Divatox planned to eliminate Dimitria, saying this time it was personal.
  • Elgar went to swing at a flying fish with a flyswatter when it landed on Divatox's head; the results of this action weren't shown.


  • In the subcraft, Porto and Divatox had microphones, and Divatox held headphones as they introduced the Chromite; Divatox then cheerfully looked at the camera as though she were addressing an audience.
  • Porto said the Chromite had the special power Divatox had asked for.
  • In the elevator with Elgar, Rygog, and Porto after the destruction of the Shadow Rangers and the Chromite, Divatox was disappointed in the Chromite but not angry.


  • Porto entered from the northern elevator, having intercepted a transmission from Visceron to Dimitria; he thought it would interest Divatox.
  • Divatox said that any friend of Dimitria was an enemy of hers.
  • Divatox had Porto locate the source of the transmission, Rygog prepare the destruction beam, and Elgar take a detonator to destroy KAGV, which Visceron's craft was using as a homing beacon.
  • After hearing that Visceron had urgent information from Inquiris for Dimitria, Divatox told Rygog to capture Visceron so they could learn the information.
  • Visceron knew Divatox.
  • When Visceron refused to work for Divatox or tell her the message, Divatox tried to hit him, and when he blocked, she flipped him onto the ground, then stepped on his chest.
  • Divatox had the Piranhatron take Visceron to "the sea cave" until he was ready to talk; the sea cave was a cavern, perhaps somewhere on Earth, with blue, red, and orange shades of what looked like sky in the background, and lava pits in the ground.
  • Soon after Visceron had awoken, smashed up, in the sea cave, Divatox thought to change Visceron into a menial servant and run him ragged with physical labor to make him talk.
  • Divatox had Porto send the Piranhatron to guard the detonator, but when they were defeated, she sent Porto with Visceron to guard it.
  • Amused that Visceron had been blown up while fighting the Rangers, Divatox asked, "Isn't it ironic?"; Elgar replied to the camera, "Oh yeah. Don't you think, kids?", alluding to the Alanis Morissette song "Ironic."
  • As the teens realized how evil Divatox was, Tommy didn't think they had ever been up against this much power before.
  • Visceron brought important news from Inquiris: it had been discovered that Dimitria's birth records had been tampered with; while it was always thought that she was an only child, she actually had a sister; after learning that this sister was actually a twin sister, Dimitria gasped and asked if it could be.
  • The teens were left to wonder how Dimitria would ever find her sister, indicating that if Dimitria knew her sister's identity, she didn't mention it.


  • After learning of Justin's upcoming derby, Divatox told Porto to make a detonator by the next day; when he explained that the detonators were very sophisticated devices and were quite complicated to manufacture, she was impatient with him, and both she and Elgar rudely told him they didn't want to hear the details of the detonator; after they'd left, Porto frustratedly said, "That is the last straw. I'm sick of wasting my superior intellect on this band of buffoons! I'm going AWOL!"
  • The next morning, Divatox was upset that Porto had left, since she needed him to fix the detonator which was currently on the subcraft's bridge.
  • Elgar begged to fix the detonator, and Divatox reluctantly accepted.
  • When she discovered that Porto had grown to giant size to prove himself by destroying Angel Grove, Divatox told Rygog to do whatever it took to establish a beam to shrink Porto and bring him back, as he was ruining her plan.
  • After Porto had returned, Elgar trimmed Divatox's ridiculously long red toenails; she wanted them round rather than square; at their current length, it would have been impossible for her to wear shoes.
  • Divatox asked Rygog the penalty for going AWOL, and he consulted an old book with metal skull and crossbones on the cover, on a book stand to hold it open; based on the book's guidelines, Divatox planned to make Porto walk the plank, even though they were on a submarine.
  • Divatox, Elgar, and Rygog all laughed at Porto's impending punishment.


  • Divatox's right eye didn't appear to have black makeup around it beneath her mask as it usually did.
  • When Elgar suggested somebody fast to deliver Porto's latest detonator, Porto recommended Demon Racer, a choice which Divatox heartily approved; as soon as Divatox had mentioned the monster's name, he frantically ran around the subcraft's bridge at superspeed.
  • Waving away the smoke caused by Demon Racer's frantic running, Divatox remarked, "Just like all the rest of the men in my life."
  • After Demon Racer II and the detonator had been destroyed, Porto, Elgar, and Rygog were in a sauna in the subcraft; when Divatox banged on the doors to tell them about their defeat, the three henchmen remained quiet so she wouldn't know they were in there.


  • Just as Justin was sad, thinking no one cared about his birthday, he found a silver bike secretly sent by Divatox; the oversized card attached to it said the bike was to cheer him up and told him to take it for a spin.
  • Divatox planned for Big Burpa to cast a spell preventing Justin from getting off the bike, then the odometer on Justin's bike, really a detonator, would count downward until it exploded.
  • While watching Justin's bike ride, Divatox opened Porto's faceplate and removed a bag of popcorn.
  • Watching Justin's party, Divatox wondered why birthdays were so important, and Porto replied that if she let them celebrate one, she'd understand.
  • Elgar told Divatox he had a birthday coming up, but she told him, "Forget it! I never got so much as a card or a gift, so why should you?"; she then said, almost weeping, "Nobody cares about me. I don't even have a family."
  • Elgar reminded Divatox she had him, but she said that was precisely the problem: all she had was "a
  • , malfunctioning nephew with the brain of a sea urchin"; when he happily told her he loved her too, she was repulsed, then banged her head into the periscope and sighed, watching Justin say, "This is the best birthday ever."


  • Porto and Divatox planned to keep the teens so busy with Piranhatrons that they wouldn't have time to deal with the detonator Porto had planted at the teens' car wash.
  • After the lying spell over the Rangers had been broken, Mouthpiece desrtroyed, and the detonator ruined, Divatox demanded to know whose idea it had been to make the Rangers lie.


  • Divatox was upset by being reminded of ancient Egypt when she spied on Adam's Egyptian stunt show.
  • Elgar wondered if Divatox had a phobia of pyramids, and Porto replied, "You could say that. Her first failed engagement was to a creature called Pharaoh. Like Maligore, he too left her at the altar."
  • Divatox had Porto call Pharaoh, since he still owed her one; she planned to use him to destroy the Rangers, then she'd throw him in a trash heap like he'd done to her a thousand years ago.
  • Pharaoh, a creature from ancient Egypt, had left Divatox at the altar a thousand years ago, but in real life, ancient Egypt only went up to the 300's BCE; in 1000 CE, Egypt was ruled by Arabian caliphs.
  • Divatox told Pharaoh that she'd wasted a century in therapy after he'd dumped her, and she thought he owed her one; he accepted.
  • When Divatox told Pharaoh to take the detonator to the Angel Grove stunt show and make sure the "Rangers" didn't find it, he asked, "You're talking about the Turbo Rangers?"; after Divatox's reply of, "Who else?" he told her she could never beat them.
  • Divatox told Pharaoh to do as she said, or she wouldn't send him back; he did what she asked, despite saying he had a staff and knew how to use it.
  • Divatox said that by sundown the amusement park would be a giant crater and children everywhere would weep with anguish.
  • After planting the detonator but losing his staff, Pharaoh returned to the subcraft and begged for Divatox to send him home, but she ordered him to go back and guard it until it went off.
  • Before giving Pharaoh his order, Divatox remarked that he always had been useless and that she supposed she should be glad she never married him.
  • Watching the powerless Pharaoh being manhandled by two kids, Divatox reluctantly agreed with Rygog that they should return Pharaoh's staff so he could perform his duties.
  • Once the Piranhatrons had retrived his staff, Pharaoh planned to stop the Rangers personally, but he expected Divatox to send him home; Divatox, running her hands over his body, called him big and strong, telling him to wait for just the right moment to rid her of the Rangers forever.
  • Pharaoh left, content that Divatox was giving him the respect he said he deserved, at which point Divatox told Porto that even if the Rangers destroyed Pharaoh, they would never get back to the detonator in time.
  • Having Rygog fire the torpedoes to enlarge Pharaoh, Divatox remarked, "Pharaoh, here's one for old time's sake."
  • Upon learning that Pharaoh had been destroyed (actually, that he had blown up), Divatox responded, "Finally, closure."


  • Elgar and Rygog argued about which way the subcraft should go; Rygog said he was the navigator of the craft, but Elgar said Divatox had left him in control; the subcraft soon crashed into Angel Grove Cliffs.
  • Entering the bridge, Divatox was fed up with the "Ranger-ridden" Earth, and she vowed to blow the Rangers out of the water.
  • When Adam and Justin were at the beach while Numbor was adding weight to Angel Grove, Divatox was frustrated that every time she wanted to do something evil, one of the Rangers showed up, so she had Rygog send Piranhatrons.
  • When Divatox wondered whose brilliant idea it had been to turn those two (Bulk and Skull) into monkeys, Elgar suggested they could change them back, but Divatox said they had bigger fish to fry.
  • Divatox had Numbor plant a detonator and keep the Rangers busy while Angel Grove was sinking; she also told Numbor to help Kat lose some weight, having heard of Kat's insecurities about her weight.
  • After Numbor and the detonator had been destroyed, Divatox declared, "From now on, no more stupid monsters!"; she said she needed a new crew around her and that maybe she should hire a temp agency.


  • Displeased with Elgar, Divatox asked him if he was sure they were related, and he replied affirmatively.
  • After witnessing the chaos caused by the fire alarm pulled by Reggie and Junior at Angel Grove High, Divatox had Rygog send Piranhatrons to Angel Grove for them to set off every alarm, bell, and buzzer in the city to distract the Rangers so they wouldn't find the detonator-of-the-day.
  • With the detonator about to go off, Divatox said her moment of victory was finally upon them, and she had Elgar, Rygog, and Porto go to the city to prepare the way for the new queen of the planet.
  • Elgar and Porto floated in the air and teleported away soon after arriving in the city; Rygog, after having blasted at the Rangers only briefly, then left as well, after which the Rangers destroyed the fire truck monster created by the detonator.
  • As her henchmen trembled, Divatox went through her since-failed plan: the false alarms had been going, the detonator had gone off, and she'd sent the henchmen to pave the way for her glory, at which point it had all gone downhill.
  • Divatox asked Elgar if he remembered Muiranthias, and she had two Piranhatron drag him away to throw him back into the Pit of Eternal Fire, despite his cries for mercy.


  • On what she called a perfect beach day, Divatox was being carried in a covered throne by Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons on Angel Grove Beach while Porto and more Piranhatron walked with them; one Piranhatron was carrying a brown surfboard with a skull imprint on it.
  • Divatox said it felt very good to be out of the subcraft, and her intention was merely to have a day at the beach.
  • When the explosion from Blue Senturion's crash landing knocked her out of her seat and into the sand, Divatox remarked, "Try and have one day out, and look what happens."; she then had the villains examine the crash.
  • Divatox wasn't familiar with Blue Senturion, but, upset that he'd ruined her day at the beach, she had him brought back to the subcraft to find out what he was doing there.
  • When Blue Senturion said the message was for Dimitria, Divatox was able to impersonate Dimitria's voice well enough for Blue Senturion to confirm that her voice print matched Dimitria of Inquiris.
  • According to Blue Senturion's estimated future from the year 2000, the universe's greatest evils (Machina, Mondo, Zedd, Rita, and Divatox are shown in front of an exploding city) would join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe, then divide its wealth. (See "Millennium message" for more information.)
  • Divatox was upset with the thought of sharing anything with the other villains, whom she called third-rate pirates.
  • Only one force stood in the villains way, a force which only Divatox, Elgar, and Porto saw, and a force which angered Divatox.
  • After the hologram had ended, Elgar asked Divatox if she'd seen that; she replied that she knew what she had to do, then told Porto to reprogram Blue Senturion to turn him evil.
  • When Porto explained, "He's an Intergalactic Police Officer. It can't be turned evil," Divatox had him make Blue Senturion think the Power Rangers were evil and had to be destroyed for the good of the universe; she declared that nothing would come between her and the riches of the Earth.
  • Divatox had Elgar rather than Porto send the Piranhatron; she planned to trick Blue Senturion into thinking the Rangers were attacking the Piranhatron.
  • After Blue Senturion had left to fight the Rangers, Divatox laughed that the Rangers wouldn't last a day.
  • As Blue Senturion and Tommy fought, Divatox asked Porto if they had any spare monsters, as she wanted to send one down to keep Kat from yelling at the two to stop fighting; Porto replied that in fact they did have one, Terrortooth.
  • There was a fiery explosion from around the corner just after Blue Senturion had run there with the detonator still inside him, and Divatox then arrived to taunt the Rangers that their defender from the other galaxy was gone, but Blue Senturion would soon be shown riding the Robo Racer into battle against giant Terrortooth, and the detonator was still inside him; the explosion may have been the enlargement of Terrortooth.
  • When Blue Senturion played back his hologram for the third time, it showed Divatox in the center position of the villains rather than on the side.


  • Watching the soccer practice at which Adam was coaching, future Ranger Carlos was practicing, and future Ranger Ashley was cheerleading, Divatox was elated, saying it was her lucky day; she told Elgar they had to get to work on that soccer game, as she thought she'd just found a new goal.
  • The teens noted that it had been quiet lately, as though Divatox had given up or gone on vacation; Tommy, however, suspected she was up to something really big.
  • Divatox sent Piranhatrons to attack the soccer field; as the teens observed, the Piranhatron were after Carlos and Ashley, not Adam.
  • Divatox was frustrated over the Piranhatrons' failure in the attack, but Porto then presented Electrovolt.
  • Divatox planned to plant a detonator at the big soccer game the next day while the Rangers were busy fighting Electrovolt and Elgar.
  • The detonator, planted by a Piranhatron just before the game, had been designed to activate when Angel Grove scored four goals; she said that Carlos was such a hotshot, she had no doubts he would score the goals.
  • When Divatox wanted Carlos to score four goals at the soccer game, Elgar made a shame gesture with his fingers and asked if she'd bet on Angel Grove again.
  • Divatox and crew excitedly watched the soccer game on a big-screen TV in the south end of the bridge; she sat in a seat of some sort, eating as she watched.
  • When the medium-sized periscope later emerged from an open ice chest at the soccer game, Divatox wore a parka and mittens as she looked through the periscope in the subcraft; this was the only time that the periscope's presence in a cooler or other cold location would appear to make the bridge cold.
  • After blaming Elgar for the destruction of Electrovolt and the disarming of the detonator, Divatox said she wasn't beaten yet and that she would never let the millennium message come to pass.


  • Watching the Royal Academy audition hall where Kat and Jenny Hunter, among other dancers, were auditioning, Divatox told Porto there was work to be done and that she didn't want a replay of last time; she then sent Elgar to plant a detonator at the audition hall.
  • When Griller came aboard unannounced, Divatox asked who in the seven seas he was.
  • After Griller had introduced himself, Divatox recruited the monster, liking his power of animating objects.
  • Later, Rygog and Elgar had removed the torpedoes and were polishing them on the bridge when Divatox wanted to use them to enlarge Griller; she made the two villains help Griller in the fight against the Rangers.


  • Divatox had Elgar take a school of Piranhatron to confront Adam and Justin at Angel Grove Cleanup Week, knowing they wouldn't be able to morph in public.
  • Divatox drank from a steaming goblet but spat out the green liquid, and it burned a hole through the floor, revealing what looked like a Piranhatron quivering in a lower chamber (the bilge?); the drink wasn't nearly strong as Divatox wanted.
  • Elgar, arm-wrestling a Piranhatron, claimed to have beaten over 1,000 challengers and he was still unbeaten; Divatox absently beat him at arm-wrestling while stewing over Blue Senturion's ruining of her plan.
  • After Divatox had watched a fly's buzzing greatly bother Blue Senturion's receptors, she asked Porto if Shrinkasect was ready, at which point Porto promptly introduced Shrinkasect from the lift.
  • Divatox gave Shrinkasect a detonator shaped like a soda can for him to hide without letting the Rangers see him; her initial plan seemed to ignore Shrinkasect's ability to disrupt Blue Senturion's sensors and shrink people and objects.
  • After Shrinkasect had shrunk the four Rangers, Elgar entered the sub from the lift, carrying a box with the shrunken Rangers in it, delighting Divatox.


  • When the shrunken Rangers escaped from the box and hid behind a control panel, Divatox slipped her long tongue through the grating and licked morphed Tommy and Tanya, then saying "Yummy. Mighty Morsel Power Rangers."
  • Divatox went in for another attack with her tongue, this time wrapping it around Tanya until Tommy shot her tongue with his Auto Blaster, causing her a great deal of pain.
  • Elgar dumped a bucket of water on Divatox as she lay on the floor with a burnt tongue.
  • In her closet which seemed to be somewhere downstairs, Divatox had many different dresses, none of which she was ever shown wearing.
  • Divatox went to her closet for a hand mirror some time after having water dumped on her.
  • Elgar had left a gold remote-controlled car in Divatox's closet, and she yelled to him, wherever he was, "Elgar, how many times have I told you to keep your junk out of my closet?!"
  • At the bottom of the closet was some sort of plate bearing Divatox's name and a caricature of her grinning face which would be seen numerous times after this point.
  • A contact lens from Divatox's left eye fell out, and the shrunken Rangers hid it.
  • Divatox had sneakers in her closet.
  • The Rangers drove off in Elgar's toy car.
  • Directly opposite Diva's closet was some sort of industrial-looking hall of pipes and valves and such; her three goons were nearby.
  • Divatox didn't know that the flashing alarm lights on the subcraft meant the torpedoes had been launched until Porto told her.


  • Divatox was asleep in a bed in a bedroom in the subcraft; on the wall was a window looking out into the water; Divatox slept with a mask over her eyes.
  • Above Divatox's bed was the caricature Divatox face, this version rather large.
  • Divatox's mother, whom Divatox would call "Mama D," appeared in a purple-edged image in Divatox's bedroom.
  • Mama D wore what appeared to be a black and purple version of Divatox's cape and collar.
  • Divatox's pillows and possibly whole bed were sea-related, with her main pillow being transparent, filled with clear ooze with eyeballs in it; a large orange plastic fish was near her head.
  • Mama D wore a necklace identical to Divatox's.
  • Mama D told Divatox, "Listen carefully and hear me now, my decadent [i.e. self-indulgent], diabolical daughter."; Divatox happily stirred in her sleep, replying that she was listening.
  • Mama D said that their family name had always been legendary among the other pirates in deepest space and that they had ruled supreme, until Divatox came along, whom they thought of as a wimp rather than a witch.
  • Still apparently in her sleep, Divatox impatiently asked for Mama D's motherly advice; even though Divatox never listened to her, Mama D told her to get rid of the Power Rangers (or "Power Punks," as Mama D called them), or she'd be piecing together scraps back at the pirate eyepatch factory; when pressed for more, Mama D told her to remove the leader, and the rest would fall.
  • Upon sitting up, Divatox had a bare back and shoulders, probably from sleeping without her cape on, but she still wore her gloves.
  • Divatox, in full costume, entered the bridge from the lift and sent the Piranhatron to the shore to wait for her orders; they would shortly begin chasing after Tommy's pickup truck on copper-colored dirtbikes bearing fins and Divatox's caricatured face.
  • To distract the other Rangers as the Piranhatron attacked Tommy, Divatox flipped a lever which made two Putrapod pods float up from the sub.
  • The Flamite monster emerged from the lift just after Divatox thought to use him.
  • A Putrapod brought Tommy to a cave where Divatox, Elgar, and Rygog were waiting.


  • Tommy was tied up in the cave, hanging by his hands from the ceiling.
  • Divatox wanted Tommy to suffer all the trials and tribulations he'd put her through, wanting him to beg for mercy.
  • Mama D arrived pleased with Divatox's success, and when Divatox told her she was trying decide the best way to torture him, Mama D suggested the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, as it wasn't "in use right now."
  • Divatox had Mama D call up the vortex.
  • Hearing the eerie voices moaning from within the vortex, Divatox shuddered and said she thought she recognized Pop's voice in there; Mama D replied matter-of-factly, "He asked for it," and then left.
  • Divatox smeared peanut butter on the rope suspending Tommy so that the rats on the rope would eat through it; she then teleported away laughing evilly just after Rygog and Elgar had done the same.
  • After Tommy had been freed by T.J. and Cassie and the Rangers had destroyed Flamite, Divatox, in full costume, lay on her bed, seeming exasperated to begin with.
  • Mama D told Divatox she'd messed up again, as Tommy still lived; Divatox protested that it couldn't be, but Mama D told Divatox that ever since she'd been a little kid, she'd always messed things up.
  • Divatox punched a pillow and sucked her thumb.


  • Divatox spied on Cassie and Ashley with her periscope, knowing the new teens' identities.
  • Divatox waited in a black limo as Delisha Ennivel, a monster posing as a human fashion diva, gave Ashley her card, impressed with the jacket she'd made in design class; once Delisha had returned to the limo, Divatox then had her start making the jackets, but the purpose of the meeting between Ashley and Delisha is unknown.
  • Divatox wanted everyone in Angel Grove fighting to wear Ashley's jackets, especially the Rangers.
  • In some sort of factory, Piranhatrons used equipment to make jacket after jacket; Divatox had them coat all the jackets with an anger potion, and she threw in Elgar's chocolate bar to make the jackets irresistable.
  • As four of the teens were put under the anger spell when they put on jackets, Divatox remarked that the Rangers would be so busy being angry that they wouldn't have time to notice when she went after the gems she'd wanted at the museum that, as Porto pointed out, were being delivered that day; this was ordinarily the part of her plan where she'd plant a detonator, but she had apparently given up the detonator idea.
  • After Elgar had failed to steal the gems, Divatox said she was going to need something to really blow the Rangers' socks off (again, a perfect cue for a detonator); she ended up having Delisha put a jacket on Blue Senturion to fill him with anger.
  • A torpedo carrying a Zord-sized green jacket (with a Blue Senturion badge) flew in and put it on Robo Racer as it fought the Turbo Megazord, but turning the machine evil was unnecessary, since Blue Senturion was already under the spell of his own jacket.


  • Elgar and two Piranhatron brought a treasure chest into the bridge from the lift after someone, presumably Divatox, had told him precisely where he would find it, in the Salton Sea (in southern California); such precognition might have stemmed from the millennium message.
  • Divatox wasn't particularly impressed with the gold and jewels in the chest, but she was excited to find the map inside, which had been missing for eons.
  • Divatox had Porto bring her Dreadfeather to obtain the Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, which she called the two most powerful vehicles in the universe; if she possessed them, she said, nothing would stand in her way.
  • After Lightning Cruiser had freed Storm Blaster and Justin from the warehouse to which Elgar and Dreadfeather had taken them, Divatox teleported to the warehouse; when Dreadfeather said they needed something as powerful as the space cars, Divatox said that was exactly why she'd brought them this, summoning an ugly brown modified car for Elgar.
  • Divatox blasted Dreadfeather with red eyebeams for making a snide remark about the car she'd brought for Elgar.
  • After his car was destroyed, Elgar, back in the sub, tried to trick Divatox with a map he'd drawn for gold in Hawaii; Divatox kicked Elgar into the lift to make him swim to Hawaii.


  • Divatox was at a cove at the beach with her henchmen and Piranhatrons as Porto introduced a device to transport any object from one place to another.
  • When Elgar made a comment about Divatox's bad aim after she'd missed a Piranhatron that had moved during her test shot of Porto's teleportation device, Divatox shot red eyebeams at Elgar but missed and turned a Piranhatron into a donkey.
  • Divatox turned up the power on the device and missed the stationary Piranhatron; the ricochet hit her and teleported her onto a sidewalk somewhere in Angel Grove with her memories gone.
  • The amnesic Divatox wandered into Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor.
  • Divatox ate a slice of pizza with a handful of jalapenos on it, and Mike, the owner, made Divatox work for him since she didn't have any money.
  • Elgar made up a "Have You Seen Me Lately?" ad for a milk carton which read, "Divatox / Female / DOB: Unknown / Hair: Purple / Eyes: Two / Last seen trying to destroy the city."
  • Divatox worked for Mad Mike with her cape off.
  • Seeing the amnesic Divatox waitressing at Mad Mike's, Porto, wearing a large dress and hat to pick up pizzas for the henchmen, asked Divatox if she recognized him, and she said he could be any one of the guys with aquariums on their heads that she knew.
  • Divatox wasn't wearing her boots when Carlos was ordering at the counter. (Source: Submitted by Brent Crane)
  • Rygog referred to Divatox as "the queen of evil."
  • When Porto and Elgar approached Divatox, Divatox, she ordered Elgar to stay away from her, calling him a freak.
  • Divatox's eyebeams reflected off a platter Elgar held in front of his face, knocking her down and restoring her memory.
  • When the Rangers were trapped in a building with the evil space cars, Divatox told Porto to make her a colossal cooker, and the cars then knocked the Rangers into a giant pizza cooker; Mad Mike proceeded to make a Ranger pizza of them.
  • Divatox had very long red fingernails beneath her left glove, an impossibility.
  • After Mad Mike had been destroyed, Divatox used Elgar as a test subject for the teleportation device, upset that the villains had gone out for pizza while she was missing.
  • Rygog got the five pizzas from Elgar before Divatox fired.
  • Divatox told Porto to save her a slice of the pizza.


  • Divatox counted her treasure (which was now filling the whole bridge) and came up with 860 diamonds, 745 rubies, and 2,000 pounds of gold: not nearly enough for her, even though Elgar totaled it at $10 billion.
  • Divatox thought to rob Angel Grove Bank.
  • Divatox didn't believe Rygog and Elgar when they described the Phantom that had attacked them at the bank.
  • Divatox commanded Rygog and Elgar to go back up to get enough gold to sink a ship, and they attacked a gold mine in Angel Grove but were again thwarted by the Phantom.
  • After Justin had unwittingly led Rygog to the Phantom's ship in the woods, Divatox watched the area but saw no Phantom in sight.
  • Divatox noted, "When you don't want him, he's all over you like a sunburn. And when you do want him, he's shy. Oo, I like that in a man."
  • Divatox had Porto send Rygog a detonator to make the Phantom return.
  • After Phantom had arrived and thrown the detonator from his ship, Divatox had the torpedoes launched to destroy the ship, but the ship survived.


  • Divatox sent Translucitor to turn everything and everyone in Angel Grove (except the Rangers) invisible and intangible so that the Rangers would be unable to protect the city; this invisibility plan came immediately after the Phantom Ranger's introduction in 523-PhPh.
  • Either Porto or Translucitor (presumably Translucitor) had made the Piranhatron invisble on Divatox's request.
  • Divatox, her three henchmen, and Translucitor walked through Angel Grove as Divatox blasted randomly with red eyebeams.


  • According to Divatox's plan, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron set up a rocket in the forest (reminiscent of Translucitor's rocket in the forest in 524-VAct) which was going to launch the freeze key, a powerful freezing device, into the sun and freeze it.
  • Elgar fired the rocket despite T.J.'s warning that they'd all freeze.
  • When Elgar returned to the subcraft after the Rangers had destroyed the rocket in mid-flight with the Turbine Laser, Divatox was furious with Elgar.
  • When Elgar mentioned Rygog's retreat from the Phantom, Divatox wasn't concerned by the Phantom, saying she'd find out his weakness, as he was next on her list after Elgar.
  • Divatox shoved Elgar into the lift despite his protests that he couldn't swim, and he would then be shown swimming outside the subcraft.
  • Elgar's begging for one more chance before being shoved into the lift gave Divatox an idea, and Clockster would soon be on the bridge.
  • Clockster's mission was to reverse time to restore the freeze key.
  • When asked, Clockster said he couldn't swim, so Divatox told him not to mess up.
  • In downtown Angel Grove, Clockster purposely made time speed up to double-speed, then faster.
  • Divatox was immune to Clockster's temporal changes, but everyone else on the subcraft was vulnerable to it.
  • After Divatox bellowed angrily, Clockster then reversed time until it was just before the time the Rangers had burst in on the villains in the forest prior to the rocket launch.
  • As Elgar was preparing to launch the rocket, Divatox teleported onto the scene and told him to take the freeze key back to the subcraft, since the Rangers would rush in and shoot the rocket down with the Turbine Laser; when the Rangers rushed in as predicted, Elgar remarked, "Talk about psychic."
  • Divatox had the freeze key placed in a cave somewhere to freeze the Earth solid instead; according to the Power Chamber's readings at one point, the temperature was down seven degrees, and the whole planet would freeze in five hours.
  • Outside the cave, where there were icicles, Divatox wore a parka, and the freeze key was on a stand inside, freezing the Earth.
  • When Clockster touched the freeze key curiously as it was freezing the Earth, time stopped, and Divatox and the freeze key were suspended in time as well.
  • After Phantom Ranger's vanishing from the cave had caused the freeze key to vanish and time to resume, Clockster left, and Divatox sent Elgar after him.
  • In the city, Elgar told Clockster to turn back time again until the freeze key unexploded, but the freeze key had merely vanished from the cave.
  • Knocked down during a fight in which he, Elgar, and Piranhatron fought the Rangers, Clockster sped up time and then reversed it to just before the fight had begun; then, as the fight would have begun, Divatox tried to use the periscope, but its view was blocked from having emerged from a bucket of tar, so she launched the torpedoes to enlarge Clockster, an event which hadn't happened the first time around.
  • After Clockster had been destroyed by the Turbo Megazord, Divatox told Elgar that if she had one more chance, she'd go back so far none of her henchmen would even be born.


  • Divatox was now played by her original 500-TPRM actress again, changing her personality back to goofy and hysterical.
  • In the mountains, Elgar and Piranhatrons were waiting to ambush the hiking T.J. and Cassie with a rockslide.
  • Approaching in his Space Base, Divatox's brother General Havoc tried to contact Divatox, but, without knowing who it was, she wouldn't take the call, as she was too involved in watching the ambush in the mountains.
  • Divatox was shocked to see Havoc when he came aboard the subcraft.
  • Divatox was excited to learn that Havoc had brought the Space Base; she'd ordered his men to build it approximately a century ago.
  • Divatox was superficially sycophant toward Havoc after learning of his Space Base.
  • With Elgar still not back after his failed mission, Divatox annoyedly had the villains wait for his return before flying the subcraft up to the Space Base; it wouldn't be until that evening before Elgar returned.
  • Once the subcraft was docked with the Space Base, Divatox said it was sweet Havoc had remembered the space balcony, a balcony just beyond the subcraft's doors, overlooking the Earth; he said he never forgot a detail, and that from there, she'd have a view of any world she'd like to conquer.
  • Leading Divatox to the holding bay, Havoc said he'd saved the best for last: his secret weapon in the neverending fight against good, Metallasaurus; Divatox was thrilled that he hadn't forgotten.
  • When speaking to the Rangers, Havoc referred to Divatox as a pirate queen and as "queen pirate of the universe."
  • After Metallasaurus had broken the Turbo Megazord Saber, Divatox noted happily that maybe her brother wasn't so bad after all.
  • When Havoc returned after capturing the Turbo Megazord, Divatox delightedly hugged Havoc but then quickly stuck her tongue out in disgust while hugging him.


  • Divatox was delighted with Havoc's installation of a neutron laser for defense on her balcony, but her clumsiness caused it to shoot a beam which bounced around the interior of the Space Base.
  • Divatox used the neutron laser from the Space Base to shoot down Lightning Cruiser over Angel Grove as it was firing at Metallasaurus.
  • Divatox sent the Piranhatron to attack the Rangers after they'd tried using the Turbine Laser, ineffectively, on Metallasaurus.
  • Soon afterward, as she watched Metallasaurus's rampage, Divatox said this day would go down in the history books, then for the first time shouted her victory call of "Viva la Diva!"
  • Elgar was shooting satellites with the neutron laser; Divatox scolded Elgar that it wasn't a game, but then had to get a token from him to work the laser, as she was out.
  • After Metallasaurus had been blown to the Space Base by an exploding tank of gas, Havoc and Divatox both vowed to get the Phantom Ranger; Divatox said that he was now at the top of her long list.


  • Among Divatox's ideas for Phantom were to send him into deep space, throw him into the Vortex of Eternal Doom, or feed him to the giant squid on planet Vrenom.
  • Havoc addressed Divatox as the "queen of all evil."
  • Havoc told Divatox to steal the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby, but she wasn't familiar with it.
  • After Havoc had told her that the Power Ruby was the source of the Phantom's incredible power but that it would be impossible to obtain, Divatox told Havoc that he was going to get it for her.
  • After Havoc had ambushed Cassie in the park, then impersonated her in the Cirrus Dimension to capture Phantom and his ruby, Divatox kissed the ruby in her hand in the Cirrus Dimension while Piranhatron restrained Cassie; meanwhile, Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron brought the weakened Phantom to her.
  • Divatox was about to remove Phantom's helmet when Cassie got free, and Phantom hit Cassie's communicator out of Divatox's hand to Cassie, allowing her to escape.
  • After Cassie had escaped, Divatox furiously told Havoc to put Phantom back in his cage, then to teach the Rangers some respect.
  • After the Rescue Megazord's artillery cannons had destroyed Metallasaurus, Havoc was on the subcraft, where he promised to return with a new Metallasaurus; Divatox reminded him that his last promise had taken 100 years to keep, and he called her an ingrate as he walked away.
  • Happy that she still had the Power Ruby, Divatox told Porto she had a plan.


  • Divatox planned to combine the power of the Rangers (using the stolen Turbo Megazord) with the power of the Phantom (using the stolen Power Ruby) and change the course of history forever.
  • When Porto lowered the shields to send down the Turbo Megazord, the Rangers on Earth caught the Space Base in a beam from their super-magnet in the desert; Divatox tried taking several shots at the desert with her neutron laser but missed; eventually, Crosspatch disabled the magnetic beam.
  • Divatox's reaction to the Rangers' recovery of the Turbo Megazord and the Power Ruby wasn't shown.


  • Seeing that Bulk and Skull were filming Cassie and Ashley, Divatox had Porto bring her Flash Head.
  • Divatox sent Flash Head and Elgar to turn the teens to movie reels and capture them.
  • Looking at a reel of film that had been a Piranhatron before Flash Head's demonstration of his power, Divatox remarked, "A monster movie - my favorite."
  • Divatox demanded a second monster after Flash Head had been destroyed by the Rescue Megazord.
  • Just before Porto introduced Voltmeister, Divatox used the phone on her console to order something with a large order of flies, to go.
  • After Voltmeister had been destroyed, Divatox couldn't believe the waste: two monsters destroyed in one day; Elgar said it was like they had two sets of Rangers, a concept which sparked Divatox's interest.


  • On the subcraft, Wicked Wisher turned three coins into wishing coins.
  • Divatox demanded more wishes, but Wicked Wisher couldn't make more than three wishing coins.
  • Divatox considered wishing for a new Space Base.
  • Elgar used a coin wishing for a full head of hair, giving him long brown locks.
  • Divatox wished for Blue Senturion to be evil.
  • Just as Divatox was wishing with the third coin (Justin's) that the "Power Rangers be for all eternity...", Elgar, blow-drying his hair, accidentally knocked the coin from her hands and sent it falling to Earth.
  • After shooing Elgar away to retrieve the evil Blue Senturion, Divatox began to use his electric razor on her chin.


  • In a plains area near Angel Grove Forest, Divatox, sitting in a cobra throne, and her henchmen tested Piranhatron and monsters in a training setting.
  • Rygog's "Monster List" on his clipboard had Lord Litter, Maniac Mechanic, Torch Tiger, Wild Weeder, Wicked Wisher, Voltmeister, Metal Mangler, Metalsaurus, Mad Mike, Dreadfeather, Flamite, and Shrinkasect on it, each with a "yes" or "no" beside its name, with the first three having "no" circled; these were not the monsters present at the training area (with the exception of Torch Tiger), but rather the past and future monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW, though "Metalsaurus" (Metallasaurus) was Havoc's evil Zord, not a monster; missing from this list were Delisha Ennivel, Translucitor, Clockster, Crosspatch, and Flash Head.
  • After seeing Lightning Cruiser flying overhead while she was unimpressed with the monsters present, Divatox said Lightning Cruiser was what she wanted.
  • When her three goons presented her with a brown convertible sedan, Divatox cried out asking where her flying car was, but Porto explained that the Rangers' booster fuel allowed it to fly.
  • Preparing for her flight in the flying car, Divatox exclaimed, "Viva la Diva!"
  • After buzzing Lightning Cruiser in midair, Divatox circled around and prepared to ram the space car, but her flying car ran out of fuel and crashed into the training area below.
  • When Divatox later found out that Elgar had personally mixed Porto's new evil fuel formula, she had Elgar test the car; he promptly crashed, apparently ruining the car.
  • Porto said that next time he'd mix the fuel himself.


  • Divatox had a rule whereby Elgar wasn't allowed to touch the periscope or her, but he'd broken the periscope anyway.
  • Divatox was impressed with Maniac Mechanic, studying him with interest after he'd teleported onto the bridge once Elgar had shown her his ad.
  • Before Maniac Mechanic had even begun repairing her periscope, Divatox planned to use the monster in a scheme to keep the Rangers busy.
  • Pleased with Maniac Mechanic, Divatox told him, "You may touch me," and after he'd touched her hand with an index finger, she coyly led him away with a beckoning finger.
  • The next day, Maniac Mechanic still needed a frame and a place to work, and Divatox chose the auto shop garage at Angel Grove High, where Ashley and Carlos took a shop class and where Bulk and Skull had just dropped off a frame for the class.
  • After Maniac Mechanic had been destroyed, Divatox couldn't believe the miserable excuse for a mechanic had ever helped anyone take over three galaxies; apparently she'd seen that blurb on the ad Elgar had pulled out.


  • When Divatox first saw that T.J., on the first day of a new jogging routine, was alone one morning, the new monster Lord Litter was already on the bridge, and Porto already knew about the plan to use the monster against T.J.
  • Divatox and Elgar didn't believe Lord Litter's story about the nature-controlling boy Erutan.
  • Realizing how nice it would be to control the elements because of the damage she could do, Divatox told Elgar to bring her the boy.


  • After seeing that Cassie was holding music auditions, Divatox took her red alien-looking electric guitar from Porto (which he'd apparently been holding even before her observation on Cassie) to write "the most memorable hit" the teens had ever heard.
  • Divatox began playing the introductory guitar solo from what would be Crash and the Creeps' addictive "Confusion" song (click here to listen).
  • After Cassie and Vicki had endured a day of disappointing auditions the next day, Crash and the Creeps, in the form of five humans in Ranger-colored clothes, auditioned at the last minute with their "Confusion" song, with Crash playing Divatox's alien guitar.
  • As the Creeps fought the Rangers in monster form another day, Divatox was singing "Confusion" to herself while watching the fight.
  • Sending Rygog to stop the monsters after they'd retreated from the Rangers, Divatox remarked that one just couldn't find good monsters when one needed them.
  • Another day once everyone in Angel Grove High appeared hypnotized by "Confusion," Crash, in human form, was handing out flyers at the resource center in Angel Grove High for Crash and the Creeps' upcoming broadcast from Angel Grove Lake on Friday, a broadcast apparently set up by KAGV Radio.
  • On the day of the performance, Crash was shown talking to Divatox on the Space Base, saying they'd be world famous.
  • Meanwhile, the four Creeps were loading up Divatox's flying car, docked just beyond the balcony, with their equipment, and Divatox hurried them.
  • Divatox ordered Crash not to run away from a fight again, or else he'd better run fast and she'd be using him for target practice.
  • Glaring at Crash, Divatox accidentally shot a Piranhatron in the rear with red eyebeams, making it startle in pain.


  • Porto told Divatox the Zord project was nearly finished, but there were just a few minor glitches.
  • Divatox had ordered Porto to build her an evil Zord.
  • Porto said the Zord needed a test run, so Divatox had Elgar test it.
  • To make Carlos feel even worse after accidentally injuring Owen, Divatox thought to send in a real challenge, and when Porto asked, "Piranhatrons?" she replied no, calling him a peabrain, but her plan to send down someone Carlos wouldn't lift a finger to fight consisted of Piranhatron disguised as Owen and fellow players.
  • When Porto told Divatox Elgar had left before he could finish the Terrorzord, Divatox told him he'd better hope the Zord stayed together.
  • After Terrorzord had caused the Rescue Megazord's artillery cannons to blast Robo Racer, Divatox was delighted they were winning, but Porto was nervous.
  • After the Terrorzord had locked up, lost its arm, and retreated, Divatox ordered Porto to design her more Zords, saying they'd put the Rangers out of business permanently.
  • Divatox said Elgar and Porto gave her a migraine.


  • As Elgar was repairing Terrorzord, Porto presented Mr. Goorific, whom Porto had already described to Divatox.
  • Divatox wasn't particularly enthusiastic about Goo, but she sent him anyway, telling him not to fail her.
  • Divatox was later impatient about the repairs on Terrorzord.
  • While the Rescue Megazord fought Terrorzord, Divatox had Mr. Goorific enlarged to give the Rangers even more trouble.


  • When T.J. and Carlos arrived on the scene to help the others, they found morphed Justin, Cassie, and Ashley defending Storm Blaster from Rygog and Piranhatrons, with Piranhatrons trying to get in Storm Blaster.
  • Another day, when Divatox saw T.J. frustrated by being struck out, she called Porto in, and he entered from the balcony with Strikeout.
  • Divatox didn't like baseball, but she'd heard Strikeout had an explosive pitch.
  • After Strikeout had been destroyed, Divatox didn't want to see any baseball-related items again.


  • Spying on Bulk and Skull's film festival in the Youth Center, where Carlos and Justin were, Divatox said she was sick of vampire movies.
  • Using Elgar's casual suggestion that the humans try to deal with lunar bats, Divatox wrapped her long tongue around a lunar bat flying around the balcony, turning it into Count Nocturn.
  • When Justin suspected Carlos, bitten by Count Nocturn, of being a vampire, Divatox wanted Count Nocturn to turn the other four teens into vampires as well.
  • After Count Nocturn had been destroyed, Divatox shoved Elgar off the balcony when he suggested getting another lunar bat, but he climbed back up.


  • Divatox played solitaire on the balcony with oversized playing cards as she waited for Porto to construct the evil Zords.
  • Divatox used a metallic cone to shout to Porto on the moon to check on the status of the Divazord; he shouted back through a smaller cone of his own.
  • Divatox thought she was the only person who could drive the Divazord and defeat the Rangers forever.
  • Later, still on the balcony, Divatox was meditating with incense burning beside her.
  • At a later point, looking through the periscope, Divatox was perplexed by a super-strong Justin, and she wanted him abducted so she could study his super strength.
  • Still later, Divatox had everyone, even Porto, clean up the subcraft while she was waiting to try out the Divazord.
  • When her space taxi arrived to take her to the Divazord, Divatox was delighted to have her own Zord and finally give the Rangers a real battle.
  • Divatox rejected the suggestion to test-drive the Zord first.
  • Divatox exclaimed, "Viva la Diva!" on her flight to Earth in the Divazord.
  • In battle, the Divazord began spinning around, shooting energy randomly; Divatox then flew away, sickened by the spinning, and saying she was getting too old for this.
  • Divatox docked the car back with the Space Base, being angry with Porto for letting her get in the Zord, and for letting Elgar work on it.
  • Divatox planned to have Porto pilot the next Zord they test-piloted.
  • The Divazord's spinning had made Divatox so sick that she was near throwing up.


  • Piranhatrons poured gold coins into Divatox's collection, pleasing her.
  • Divatox assigned Porto to drive the nearly-complete Sharkzord, despite his reservations.
  • After he and Rygog had been blasted by Lightning Cruiser's laser cannon, Elgar told the Rangers, "You're gonna need [Lightning Cruiser] when Divatox sends down her big--" but Rygog interrupted him, telling him to be quiet; Elgar may have said "ol'" or possibly "gold" before being interrupted, or this may have been merely a grunt.


  • After the remote for the three evil Zords had been completed, allowing Rygog to control all three Zords at once, Divatox crackled with orange energy and ordered the Catzord be sent into battle.
  • As Rygog piloted the three evil Zords, Divatox wanted him to use full power; Porto suggested half power instead, but she replied she never did anything halfway.
  • Divatox commanded Rygog to power up, despite Porto's reservations, and Rygog then overloaded the Catzord, causing it to spark.
  • After the three evil Zords had been destroyed, Divatox was angry that Rygog had been defeated even with three Zords, and she said they'd defeat the Rangers if it was the last thing they did.


  • In her flying car, Divatox drove up on the surface of the moon, where Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatron were, to look at Goldgoyle, who stood in giant form on the moon.
  • Divatox was impressed with Goldgoyle; when he claimed to be the most destructive monster in the universe, she happily told him he could prove it by destroying the Power Rangers.
  • Later, after Porto told Divatox that Goldgoyle was ready to go, Goldgoyle said he'd eat the Rescue Megazord for lunch; Divatox remained skeptical, though still excited.
  • After Goldgoyle had destroyed both the Rescue and Turbo Megazords before being destroyed himself, Divatox, Porto, and many Piranhatron had a party in the Space Base, with Divatox giving the following victory speech: "The Power Rangers are running, and they won't quit running until I, Divatox, run 'em straight into the ground! Today the Megazords, tomorrow--!"
  • When Rygog and Elgar told her they'd found the Power Chamber, and the best part was that the Rangers were inside, Divatox was astonished and giddy.
  • Divatox called for the armies to be readied, saying, "Today, the Power Rangers go down in history!"
  • Inspecting long lines of Piranhatron in her army waiting in the desert to attack the Power Chamber, Divatox planned to take over the world.
  • Preparing for her assault, Divatox exclaimed, "Viva la Diva!"
  • Divatox was sitting in her cobra throne in the desert when she saw green and then blue teleportation streaks fly up from the Power Chamber; astonished that Dimitria and Blue Senturion were gone, she had her army begin the attack.


  • Divatox was quite unimpressed when she saw that the space cars had arrived to help fight the invasion; she called it pathetic.
  • As Divatox watched the capture of the space cars, Elgar asked her, "Things are looking pretty good, huh?", and she then looked up at the Power Chamber and said it was only a matter of time.
  • Afterward, Divatox's forces scoured the wreckage for the Rangers, and Piranhatron also carried injured Piranhatron out of the rubble.
  • Divatox was angry that Elgar didn't know whether the Rangers had been in the Power Chamber when it had exploded.
  • Divatox wasn't familiar with the flaming face which appeared in the sky, saying he was a messenger from the Cimmerian planet; he told Divatox that Zordon had been captured and that she (calling her "Queen of Evil") would leave at once for the Cimmerian planet.
  • When Divatox replied that she'd just captured the Earth and wasn't going anywhere, the flaming head told her Dark Specter would not be happy; at the mention of Dark Specter's name, Divatox eeked and, with fake cheeriness, agreed to come immediately.
  • Divatox yelled to the unseen Rangers that she'd be back, then she teleported herself and all of her villains away after shouting, "Viva la Diva!"


  • Attending Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet, Divatox had brought along Elgar, Rygog, Porto, Piranhatrons, and a Putrapod.
  • Divatox wore a long, black, feathered fashion accessory over her shoulders and bragged about having discovered the Power Chamber and blown the Rangers into high heaven.
  • Rita, laughing while walking with Zedd, accidentally bumped into Divatox, making the crowd of villains fall nervously silent.
  • Rita unpleasantly remarked, "It's you," and Divatox responded with insincere pleasantries, calling her Frieda.
  • When Rita asked if she was still after the Power Rangers, Divatox coyly replied that she should get out of the dumpster more often and that she'd destroyed the Power Rangers; she then giggled and said insultingly, "Well, someone had to."
  • Divatox turned and remarked that it was good to be the queen.
  • When Elgar turned back and added a crack asking what was with the hair, Rita, as though embarrassed and finding no other alternative, shot a red energy blast from her wand at Divatox's back but missed; Astronema, beyond, caught it in her hand and crinkled it up into purple electricity.
  • After Astronema had turned and walked off with an attitude, Divatox, surprised, asked Elgar who she was, and Elgar replied, "That's Astronema. They say she'll be the new queen of evil," but Divatox planned otherwise.
  • Pushing through the villains to be seated at the banquet table some time later, Divatox called herself the queen of all evil.
  • Toasting to Dark Specter, Divatox drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains, then was insulted to see that the cloaked stranger, Andros, hadn't drunk any.
  • As the cloaked Red Ranger ran across the table with his Spiral Saber after fending off Quantrons and General Havoc, Divatox shouted at Elgar for him to do something, and Elgar attacked but was fended off.
  • After the spying Red Space Ranger had been revealed and had escaped, Dark Specter growled that the spy knew his plans and had to be stopped, and Divatox and Rita, struggling physically, bickered over which one of them should go; during the struggle, each of them called the other "sister."
  • Trying to win Dark Specter over, Divatox removed her cape, exposing her bare shoulders, and told him he reminded her so much of her fiancee, alluding to Dark Specter's body-double, Maligore.
  • Dark Specter told Astronema that she would take the Dark Fortress to destroy him, and Astronema vanished after looking at the two older villainesses.


  • Just after Astronema had watched the Rangers take the Megashuttle to Earth, with the Dark Fortress recently having arrived near Earth, Elgar suddenly walked in, explaining that Dark Specter had said she'd needed him.


  • Zordon and his lava setup were on the planet Hercuron, guarded by Piranhatrons until Divatox walked up with Rygog and proudly had them take Zordon to her new spacecraft.
  • Before taking Zordon away, the Piranhatrons rolled down a "Divatox" curtain on the tube.
  • Having heard the invisi-warped Phantom Ranger running off nearby, a Piranhatron whispered to Divatox, making her smirk evilly.
  • As Phantom prepared to launch a small broadcast device to contact the Rangers, orange energy beams blasted it from his hand, and Divatox and Rygog walked in while he was surrounded by Piranhatron.
  • Divatox was amused to see the Phantom; she had the Piranhatron attack, but Phantom managed to recover and launch the beacon.
  • Divatox was bored as the Piranhatron continued fighting Phantom while others kept carrying Zordon away; she told Rygog to tell the ones with Zordon to move quickly, as there would be more Rangers after the Phantom.
  • Divatox wasn't especially surprised after coming upon Astronema and the Quantrons attacking Phantom.
  • After Astronema had guessed that the company Elgar described approaching the Dark Fortress was the Rangers, Elgar told her over the video phone that she was the smartest boss he'd ever had; Divatox, nearby, was outraged and tried to spot him in the video screen, but he ducked and immitated a phone operator's voice before the transmission ended.
  • Divatox was in the middle of chewing out Astronema, who was irritated and deep in thought, when Dark Specter's head appeared in the sky and silenced her; he then told Astronema to attack the Earth, knowing the Rangers would go to protect it.
  • Divatox tried to mock Astronema's affirmative reply but then stopped confrontationally when Astronema looked at her; Astronema then walked off and teleported away.
  • Once Astronema had left, Dark Specter told Divatox to leave with Zordon as soon as possible; put out, she sighed for him to cool his jets, as she was working on it, and when he demanded to know what she'd said, she toadied to him, asking if she'd ever told him how handsome he looked in that lava.
  • Walking to her new spaceship with Rygog, Divatox wondered why she didn't get any of the good gigs anymore.


  • For a moment before being destroyed, the teens' interstellar scanner on the planet Brokaya, searching for Zordon, eventually showed an image of Dark Specter's spacecraft somewhere in space, presumably still piloted by Divatox's forces.


  • Among the various monsters, mutants, and aliens on Onyx was an eclectic mix of monsters and henchmen which had been used or would be used by many of the main villains, including Divatox.


  • On a red desert planet, a horde of Piranhatrons carrying Divatox flags was forcing the chained-up space cars to drag heavy loads of something brown and metallic through the desert, with the cars struggling.
  • After Storm Blaster had managed to escape, Divatox called up Astronema.
  • Divatox, in front of a shiny blue curtain, was artificially sweet to Astronema, telling her she'd lost a little pesky thing called a Storm Blaster.
  • Divatox sweetly told Astronema to call if she happened to see Storm Blaster, and she would send an army or two to go catch it; Astronema agreed with the same feigned kindness, but then added with sudden ferocity that if, on the other hand, she caught it first, then it was hers.
  • Outraged at the "little brat," Divatox mockingly ranted, "Oh, look at me, I'm so cool! I'm Astronema! I'm in charge of the whole universe!" but Astronema merely waved her hand dismissively and ended the transmission.
  • The Space Rangers, Justin, and Storm Blaster would eventually defeat the desert Piranhatrons and free Lightning Cruiser.


  • The Psycho Rangers' helmets had side flares similar to those possessed by Divatox or the Piranhatron warriors in 500-TPRM.


  • After Astronema had begun organizing Dark Specter's forces for the final takeover of the universe, Divatox was leading an army of monsters against the Aquitian Rangers on the planet Gratha.
  • Along with Piranhatrons, Griller, and Maniac Mechanic were monsters formerly used by other villains, including the cat monster, Admiral Abominator, Silo, Vacsacker, the Darkonda spawn, Psycho-monster Blue, and a flat-topped bluish-white monster.
  • Divatox, with Rygog following her, shoved her way through the crowd to watch the Piranhatrons fight the Aquitian Rangers; jealous, she planned to outdo Astronema's evil.
  • A while later, Divatox had conquered Gratha.
  • Hours later, as Ecliptor's hologram in the sky explained that Dark Specter had been destroyed and Astronema was now their supreme ruler, Divatox shrieked, "Not her again!!"
  • When her forces dropped to their knees and began bowing in reverence, Divatox was frantically outraged, wanting them all to "pray" to her rather than Astronema, as they were working for her.


  • The next Earth morning when Zordon's energy wave approached Gratha, Divatox was running through the jungle trying to escape when the wave hit, making her trip; she was then delighted to find herself with long, flowing black hair, wearing a white dress identical to Dimitria's.
  • Standing, Divatox gasped that she was gorgeous, and looking around, giggling with delight, she cooed, "I'm alive! Alive!"
  • The blatant relationship between Dimitria and Divatox apparently answered the long-unanswered question regarding Divatox being Dimitria's lost twin sister.

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