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First Appearance: 121-GWE5
Last Appearance: 246-RGR3
Pictures: Dragonzord (shown at right), cockpit


  • In the overhead shot of the Megazord cockpit, the three symbols in front of Jason were not the Red Ranger and Tyrannosaurus symbols, but instead the Green Ranger and Dragonzord symbols; this was shown again in 116-BigS.


  • Squatt said that they, the villains, hadn't seen the Dragonzord in ten thousand years.
  • Rita summoned the Dragonzord with red energy bolts from her fingertips.
  • The Dragonzord came from beneath the sea offshore from an industrial area in Angel Grove.
  • Dragonzord had a Z symbol on its belt. (see "Recurring letters")
  • Dragonzord had its claw symbol on its knees and hips.
  • Dragonzord could operate itself with little or no Ranger control.
  • Dragonzord could drill and hit things with its tail.
  • Green Ranger controlled Dragonzord with certain sequences of notes from the Dragon Dagger by playing the dagger like a flute.
  • Dragonzord could shoot "Dragonzord missiles" (named in 123-IBSp) from its fingertips.
  • Although Green Ranger must have gotten inside Dragonzord around the time the Dinozords returned, he wasn't shown in the cockpit once during the entire battle.
  • After Green Ranger had allied with the Rangers, Zordon told him to use his "flute" to bring life to the Dragonzord, which had remained lying on the ground following the battle with the Megazord.
  • Dragonzord served as the head, torso, and upper legs of the Dragonzord Battle Mode combination.


  • Dragonzord and Tyrannosaurus were frozen by Shellshock's stop-ray until Trini shorted out Shellshock's traffic light with dust from the Deandra flowers.


  • Tommy was apparently riding inside Dragonzord during the fight with Mutitis, but the cockpit wasn't shown.


  • When Tommy called the Dragonzord back to action, it walked out of the sea, yet it had just moments earlier disassembled from the Dragonzord Battle Mode formation.


  • Upon seeing the Megazord fighting the apparent Dragonzord (really Cyclops in disguise), Tommy said, "It's time for some real Dragonzord power!", but he hadn't been told about the Cyclops.


  • In the middle of his fight with giant Cyclops, Tommy jumped into the Dragonzord cockpit.
  • The Dragonzord cockpit was identical to the other Zords' cockpits, including the three combining circular displays on the front panel, with the central one bearing the Dragonzord claw symbol.
  • Although Tommy had been inside the Dragonzord cockpit prior to the Ultrazord assembly, he wasn't shown in the Megazord cockpit with the five Rangers once the Ultrazord was formed.


  • Red Ranger played the Dragonzord fanfare on the Dragon Dagger while in the Tyrannosaurus cockpit to call Dragonzord into battle.
  • Rita's spell to weaken Dragonzord was, "Dragonzord, gone is your energy. My spell will make you weak as you hear me speak"; as Rita spoke her spell, a red beam of energy with white Japanese-looking symbols shot from her mouth down to Earth, where it wrapped around Dragonzord as it walked across the land, presumably back to the sea.
  • When the Dragonzord wasn't arriving in time after Jason had called it with the Dragon Dagger, Billy said something was interfering with its mega-receptors. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • Jason's blowing the Dragon Dagger inside giant Hatchasaurus did nothing to help the Dragonzord with Rita's weakness spell, but when Jason declared, "Dragonzord power!", green energy gridlines suited him up in the shield and armbands, Dragonzord's eyes flashed, and the weakness spell was broken from the Zord.


  • Cyclopsis used its arm blades to sever Dragonzord's tail.
  • After Alpha had obtained access to Rita's databank and discovered Cyclopsis's weakness toward quick configuration changes, Dragonzord's tail (now restored) broke Cyclopsis's arm blades.


  • Goldar played the Dragonzord fanfare on the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord; the Zord responded to his commands and battled the Megazord.


  • The Dragonzord appeared to be at full strength despite Green Ranger's weak temporary powers.


  • From the Megazord, Jason gave an order to Dragonzord, not the Green Ranger below.
  • Giant Soccadillo in ball form was unharmed by the Dragonzord missiles.


  • Upon temporarily losing his Dragon Dagger, Green Ranger got inside Dragonzord's cockpit to control the Zord.
  • With Green Ranger inside its cockpit, Dragonzord didnt't seem to fare as well against giant Rhinoblaster as it had when Green Ranger had been controlling the Zord with the Dragon Dagger.


  • After Green Ranger had summoned the Dragonzord, it was shown awakening in its hiding place underwater.


  • Pirantishead's blast took control of the Dragonzord with blurry energy.
  • Evil Dragonzord used its tail on the Rangers and then blasted them off a skyscraper with its missiles before they could get up to the Zords' controls.


  • After the Rangers had regained control of their Zords, Zedd stripped the Zords of their power and returned them "to the depths of the Earth from whence they came," causing them to sink into lava at the bottom of a fissure in the ground; oddly, he left the Dragonzord alone.
  • Tommy called the Dragonzord "old friend" as he returned it to the sea so Zedd wouldn't get to it as well.
  • Zordon said that the Dragonzord now had to conserve what energy it had left, as its powers would periodically fail just as Tommy's powers would.


  • Tommy had received no warning about his limited powers before morphing into action, and he soon called the Dragonzord to fight giant Primator alongside the Thunder Megazord.


  • Dragonzord wouldn't respond to the Dragon Dagger's calls in Green Ranger's state of extreme weakness.


  • While possessing only enough energy for perhaps one last fight, Green Ranger was able to successfully summon Dragonzord to fight giant Turbanshell with the Thunder Megazord.


  • As the Green Ranger, Tommy's evil clone used the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord and cause it to attack Angel Grove.


  • Green Ranger's calling the sleeping Dragonzord was supposedly what Zordon feared most.
  • The Wizard of Deception shot Dragonzord with an orangish-yellow energy bolt from his wand, telling the Zord to energize itself with evil, after which the Dragonzord had never-before-seen black pupils in its glowing red eyes.
  • After the Wizard of Deception had been destroyed and the evil spell had apparently left the Green Ranger, the clone blew the Dragon Dagger, causing the Dragonzord's pupils to vanish and the Zord to collapse just before the Rangers would have used the Thunder Saber on it; he then had the Zord return to the sea.


  • For the Ninja Ultrazord, Titanus wore the Dragonzord's shield on its chest.


  • For the Shogun Ultrazord, Titanus wore the Dragonzord's shield on its chest.

    - Phrases used before summoning Dragonzord with Dragon Dagger
    123-IBSp Tommy: "I call on the power of the dragon!"
    124-SpFl Jason: "We need Dragonzord power! Tommy, power it up!"
    Tommy: "Right! Comin' up!"
    125-LAMa Tommy: "Dragonzord power!"
    132-ASIB Tommy: "All right, time for Dragonzord power!"
    135-GrC2 Tommy: "Time for the real Dragonzord power!"
    140-Ddy2 Jason: "Time to bring in Dragonzord power!"
    150-ROF2 Tommy: "I call on the power of the Dragonzord!"
    Tommy: "Time for Dragonzord!"
    154-ELiz Tommy: "We need Dragonzord power, now!"
    Tommy: "Time for Dragonzord power!"
    158-FbSe Tommy: "I need Dragonzord power!"
    159-MMMu Tommy: "I call upon Dragonzord!"
    213-GNM2 Tommy: "We need Dragonzord!"

    - Phrases used to address Dragonzord after summoning
    154-ELiz Tommy: "All right, big guy, let's go into attack mode!"

    - Phrases used for Dragonzord to fire missiles
    123-IBSp Tommy: "Dragonzord missiles!"

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