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MMPR: The Movie

  • Wearing a cloak and holding her staff, Dulcea watched the teens as they walked along a beach soon after arriving on Phaedos.
  • A Tengu later grabbed Kim by the shoulders using its feet and flew around with her but then dropped her once the cloaked Dulcea had appeared on the scene.
  • Dulcea sustained a drop of several stories off a cliff without injury.
  • Dulcea discarded her cloak, revealing a skimpy green suit, and fought the Tengu with her staff; she eventually pulled her staff into two halves and spun them around, making a whistling that hurt the teens' ears and made the Tengu fly away.
  • Dulcea's sticks didn't have handles at first, then they did after she'd been twirling them, then didn't when she reassembled her staff.
  • Dulcea was impatient and dismissive with the teens, ordering them to return to wherever they had come from, as the ground was supposedly littered with the bones of those who had tried for the Great Power and failed.
  • Dulcea swept Tommy off his feet and pinned him to the ground with her staff to get his attention, telling them to leave Phaedos before it was too late.
  • Dulcea knew of Zordon and was deeply concerned when she heard that something had happened to him.
  • Dulcea instantly seemed to believe the teens the moment they mentioned Zordon's name.
  • Dulcea was the master warrior of Phaedos.
  • Just after she had fought the Tengu Warriors, Dulcea was shocked to hear that Ivan Ooze was free; this indicates either that she was unfamiliar with the Tengu or that Tengu were known to be used by villains other than Ivan.
  • Dulcea called Ivan a monster and said that if they didn't hurry, the teens' planet was doomed.
  • On the long journey on foot to the Ninjetti temple, Dulcea didn't tell the teens where they were going.
  • When Aisha asked how they could survive the journey to the monolith while all others had died, Dulcea told them they were chosen by Zordon and that she had faith in his wisdom.
  • When Tommy asked Dulcea if she could help them, Dulcea said they would call upon the "sacred animals of the Ninjetti" for help.
  • Once night had come, Dulcea poured a glittery dust from a pouch on her belt into her palm, told the teens to close their eyes and look deep inside for the animal spirits within them, then blew the dust into the fire, after which blue glitter swirled over the area and then gathered around the teens, suiting them up in the Ninjetti suits.
  • Adam was disappointed that his ninja animal was a frog, but Dulcea kissed his forehead band and alluded to the frog one kissed to get a handsome prince.
  • Dulcea told the teens that they must journey to the monolith without her, because if she stepped beyond the plateau leading to the Neola Jungle, she would age as rapidly as Zordon was, outside of his time warp.
  • With a blue glitter cloud and then a gleam of yellow light, Dulcea turned into a white owl, then she flew away.
  • Ivan recognized the whirling sticks the Tengu described, as belonging to Dulcea, whom he described as a "miserable, manipulating, loathsome she-devil of a witch."
  • Dulcea later watched in owl form as the Rangers teleported away from the monolith after obtaining the Great Power.
  • There appeared to be white cuffs on Dulcea's owl legs.

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • During Ivan Ooze's rule of Earth six thousand years ago, a rebel factor known as the Order of the Meledon eventually lured Ivan into a hyperlock chamber; in the final revision of the movie, Zordon would describe those who trapped Ivan as a group of young warriors like the Rangers.
  • According to legend, the Master Warrior on Phaedos was the only person who knew the secrets of the Great Power.
  • Dulcea had a pet anteater creature named Snoggle which could talk in an alien language.
  • The Great Power originated in another time and another dimension, brought to Phaedos long ago by the Nathadians, a people whose only surviving descendant was Dulcea; they had built the great monolith to protect the Power.
  • According to Dulcea, the only way to obtain the Great Power was to achieve the highest state of being, by learning the ancient art of Ninjetti, the genesis of what would be known as the Ninja on Earth; it was the perfect union of mind, body and spirit.
  • In the language of the Nathadians, "Nin" stood for "man" and "jetti" stood for "animal"; thus, "Ninjetti" was man and animal, together as one.
  • Dulcea and Zordon had both belonged to an interstellar peacekeeping force known as the Order of the Meledon.
  • As a member of the Order of the Meledon, Zordon was widely regarded as the finest commander in the galaxy, a true legend; if not for him, Dulcea told the teens, the universe would be a very different place.
  • Over time, the Order's enemies were defeated, and Dulcea returned to Phaedos, while Zordon moved on to continue the struggle elsewhere; prior to modern day, Dulcea hadn't heard from Zordon for centuries.
  • Dulcea said that Zordon was always an inspiration and that if he died, a piece of all of them would die, and the force of good within the universe would be dealt an irreparable blow.

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