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  • To go to Earth to make the planet Rita's, Goldar attacked Angel Grove, the city near which the Command Center was located and from which the five chosen Ranger teens originated; with almost no exceptions aside from planet-wide attacks, all future non-planetwide villain attacks on Earth up through 643-CTD2 would be directed at or just outside Angel Grove.


  • Rita said there would be no world peace while she was around.


  • To distract the Rangers from the Green Candle, the giant Cyclops monster attacked a city near Angel Grove; this was the only time that an attack on Earth was ever directed somewhere other than Angel Grove or just outside Angel Grove.


  • Scientists had predicted a rare solar storm one day; Zedd said this magnetic phenomenon occurred only once every century.
  • Bulk and Skull planned on going into the woods with a contraption they'd invented and hooking it up to "the giant satellite in the sky" to send out a message to find the Rangers; the nature of this giant satellite was unknown, although see "Terra Venture."
  • After Zedd had commanded him to destroy the planet's polarity, Magnetbrain threw his staff into the air, where it hovered while rotating and disrupted the planet's polarity, sending compass needles spinning, people tipping left and right, popcorn shooting out of bowls, cups flying off racks, clock hands spinning, and money flying out of the Juice Bar cash register.
  • Zordon said that Magnetbrain had already begun to destroy Earth's delicate magnetic balance; if the monster wasn't stopped, the planet would demolecularize and disintegrate forever.


  • Zedd said the Earth was 6,000 miles wide, but its actual diameter is almost 8,000 miles.


  • Zordon said that altering the Earth's rotation would undoubtedly cause a catastrophic break in the space-time continuum with unpredictable results; this concept is, putting it mildly, ludicrous.


  • In the Angel Grove Museum, Azina was the cultural liazon for the nation of Kahmala; she was responsible for the exhibit on ancient Kahmalan culture.
  • Billy knew that according to the Kahmalan ancient scriptures, "the people of Kahmala were terrorized once a year on the day of the fourth full moon by a creature called Face Stealer"; Adam said that "Face Stealer would come down from the sky and terrorize the citizens of [their] country by robbing them of their faces and leaving them without souls."
  • According to the legend, a brave team of warriors had used the magical masks (featured in the museum's exhibit) for protection and defeated the Face Stealer and captured its spirit in the urn (also in the exhibit) 5,000 years ago, and it would remain there for eternity.
  • Prior to the unleashing of the Face Stealer, Zordon was unsure whether its legend had any basis in reality.


  • Santa Claus had a toy distribution compound at the North Pole, where elves prepared for his gift-giving voyage on Christmas Eve night.
  • Zordon told the teens that because of a combination of the North Pole's unique polarity and a crosscurrent of holiday magic, their "morphing powers" would not work near Santa's workshop.
  • Except for teleportation, Rito's powers wouldn't work near the workshop either.


  • Crossing the Earth's orbit on his approach of the moon, Master Vile's immensely evil presence briefly cast darkness throughout the planet.


  • To begin the ground assault, which he said would surprise the people of Earth, Mondo targeted Angel Grove, saying they would begin right where Rita and Zedd had left off.


  • The reporter covering the snowboarding practice at Angel Grove Pines assumed that the three silver Cogs with odd snowboarding hats and carrying snowboards were the team from northern Nepasa (spelling uncertain), whom he had heard had some odd-looking outfits.


  • With the Zeo Megazord in repair, Zordon said that their only defense was the Red Battlezord and that this made the Earth even more vulnerable than before; the implication is that there were no other superheroes defending the planet at the time.


  • According to Billy, the Autochthon monster, apparently created from the evil inside a cave thousands of feet below a Native American reservation in California, was one of the earliest inhabitants of the land and that it had to be thousands of years old.
  • Sam explained that many years ago, the land had been ruled by powerful evil spirits, but that a great warrior had captured them and imprisoned them in the arrowhead now guarded by Tommy and David; thus, whoever held the arrowhead controlled the spirits.


  • In response to Gasket's plan to conquer the Earth, Archerina pointed out that Earth was not an easy prize and asked him how he would succeed where so many had failed.


  • Zordon said there was only one possibility to reunite the Treys that he was aware of, but it could prove very dangerous: an interplanetary unification beam would be used to create a positive energy flow between the planets Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth; the beam had to be reflected off the planets at specific points in their orbits and returned to Earth with exact precision, and if the beam struck Earth without first hitting the Golden Power Staff at exactly the right time, Jason and the Treys could be destroyed.
  • The location on Earth where the beam had to strike was in the northwest corner of the Angel Grove desert; at the proper location, a large triangle appeared to have been burned into the ground.


  • When Lerigot's energy streak flew to Earth (the first time), the planet appeared to be rotating with the poles moving clockwise, with South America as a possible axis of rotation.


  • Carrying a large bottle of water on the subcraft, Elgar complained that it was hard to get good water delivery 20,000 leagues (or 70,000 miles) under, but the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean (the deepest ocean on Earth) is under seven miles deep; the Earth isn't even 16,000 miles wide.


  • On the subcraft, Divatox had the Piranhatron take Visceron to "the sea cave" until he was ready to talk; the sea cave was a cavern, perhaps somewhere on Earth, with blue, red, and orange shades of what looked like sky in the background, and lava pits in the ground.


  • According to Blue Senturion's estimated future from the year 2000, the universe's greatest evils would join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe, then divide its wealth; only one force stood in their way. (See "Millennium message" for more information.)


  • Elgar and two Piranhatron brought a treasure chest into the bridge from the lift after someone, presumably Divatox, had told him precisely where he would find it, in the Salton Sea (in southern California); in the chest was a map to the hidden space cars.
  • The instructions had supposedly been to go down 20,000 leagues, but the problems with this distance are listed above, under 502-SIT2.


  • The freeze key, placed in a cave somewhere, began to lower the planet's temperature to freeze it solid, but it was deactivated shortly after the temperature had dropped seven degrees.
  • In a shot from space, only the eastern coast of the United States was in sunlight, which would have made it before dawn in Angel Grove as the Rangers searched for the freeze key, yet it was still supposed to be the previous day at the time.


  • As the subcraft flew into space, it was supposed to be in the evening, but the sun was shining mostly on the eastern coast of the United States, which would have made it morning in Angel Grove.


  • At a fountain in the park, Ashley's wish as she tossed in a coin was for world peace.


  • Erutan was a nature spirit seen in Angel Grove in the form of a young boy.


  • On countless occasions, an Earth-like planet would be shown behind the Megaship even when appearances of the Earth or even another planet weren't appropriate.


  • 65 million years ago, an asteroid of the same size and velocity as Dark Specter's approaching asteroid had hit Earth with devastating effect: the cloud of dust and water from the impact had covered the planet, shutting out nearly all of the sunlight necessary to sustain life.
  • During this time, many plant species had died, and scientists believed that this might have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Terra Venture prepared to leave Earth orbit in search of a New World; the exact reasons for this search are unknown.


  • Apparently having moved into the normal universe, Mirinoi now had a moon which looked identical to Earth's moon, with the same oddly habitable atmosphere.
  • As the Galaxy teens thought of the New World, Leo imagined a planet without cars or pollution, and Maya spoke of beaches without a single footprint, like the planet had just been born.


  • As the city dome flew toward Mirinoi, it could be seen to be a glowing green-tinted recolor of the Earth, with the Americas visible through the clouds.


  • To fly from Mirinoi (now in the normal universe) to Earth, Triskull and his Ghouls flew through the purple/white/blue tunnel of light (see "Portals") which may have been a permanent wormhole of sorts connecting Earth and Mirinoi, similar to the wormhole which connected Earth and Eltar, perhaps permanently as well.


  • At least before any major changes to the timestream, Earth still existed in the year 3000, and at least Millennium City was populated by humans, mutants, and aliens.

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  • Once freed from her space dumpster, an angry Rita had supposedly moved buildings about at will, blown up mountain ranges, burned rain forests, and emptied lakes, all before Zordon had recruited the five teens to become Rangers.

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  • Six thousand years ago, Ivan Ooze ruled the planet with a reign of unparalleled terror, but a group of young warriors like the Rangers had trapped him in a hyperlock chamber.
  • As Hornitor and Scorpitron, giant robot creatures, were attacking Angel Grove, a reporter said that Angel Grove had never before known such a crisis, then asked, "Where are the Power Rangers?"

    Flower Power Peace Parade
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  • With a bit of Tommy's help, Kim designed a model float for the Flower Power Peace Parade, a parade promoting world peace.
  • The flowers from the parade were to be recycled as potpourri.
  • Angel Grove High's marching band and drill team were in the Flower Power Peace Parade.
  • Kim's float was an award-winning entry from Angel Grove High; it had competed against hundreds from all over the country.
  • Kim's float symbolized world peace and togetherness.
  • Kim's float had "Indonesia" on the side.

    Special weapons' location
    - place to which Jason and Tommy were sent to retrieve special weapons, also place where Titanus was encountered
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    First Appearance: 126-GuHo
    Last Appearance: 126-GuHo


  • There was an artificial-looking rock marker, with smooth sides and straight corners, on the path which led to the weapons which would destroy the Super Putties; presumably, this was on Earth.
  • At the top of a mountain guarded by Titanus was an altar surrounded by stone pillars; on the altar were miniature podiums with each of the five dinosaur statues; in front of the small statues was a black chest with yellow trim, in which the special weapons were located.

    Putty Bowl Restaurant
    - outdoor restaurant with Putty Patrollers as waiters (131-CKim)
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    First Appearance: 131-CKim
    Last Appearance: 131-CKim
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  • Zordon tracked Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Samurai Fan Man to the Putty Bowl Restaurant, where Putties in yellow vests served as waiters; it was in the woods or somewhere remote, and there appeared to be Buddhist statues around the area.

    Pamango fruit
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    First Appearance: 152-THBO
    Last Appearance: 152-THBO


  • In Angel Grove Park was a pamango tree; a pamango is a hard, brown, coconut-like fruit with fern-like leaves growing out the top of it; parrots and the Two-Headed Parrot monster seem to love to eat it.

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  • Miss Appleby's class was chosen as teen exchange speakers to represent the United States in Australia; this trip coincided with Zedd's once-a-century recharge.


  • An indeterminate number of years ago, Kat was supposed to have gone to the Pan Globals as a diver; her coach had said she was the best she'd ever seen; she was supposed to bring Australia their first gold medal in years, but just as she was to win the trials, she hit her head on the board and lost the competition.

    Pan Global Games
    - annual international games similar to Olympic Games
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  • By this point, Kim was practicing for the Pan Global Games, though she had been practicing gymnastics intensely since 309-PsLn.


  • Gunthar Schmidt was a world-famous coach who was coming to Angel Grove to do some scouting for his Pan Global gymnastics team.


  • Coach Schmidt had trained quite a few gold medalists in past Pan Global Games.


  • An indeterminate number of years ago, Kat was supposed to have gone to the Pan Globals as a diver; her coach had said she was the best she'd ever seen; she was supposed to bring Australia their first gold medal in years, but just as she was to win the trials, she hit her head on the board and lost the competition.
  • The announcer for the diving trials, after Kat had hit her head on the board on her final dive, remarked that Australia's hope for Pan Global gold was ruined, but, oddly, he showed no concern for Kat's well-being after the accident, and he ignored the possibility of the winner of the trials bringing Australia a gold medal in Kat's place.
  • Kim performed in the Pan Global gymnastics trials one day and got a 9.95.

    Forest of Eternal Light
    - mystical forest where Archerina attacked Kat
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    First Appearance: 445-MyMe
    Last Appearance: 445-MyMe


  • Archerina had Kat come to the Forest of Eternal Light for their battle; the forest was filled with mist, with the sun streaking down from above through the mist, giving the whole forest a bright white appearance.
  • Although there was a dark gray sky over Detective Stone's whodunit party mansion and the Power Chamber, it was a sunny day above the rocky shore beside the Forest of Eternal Light.

    Royal Academy of Dance
    - dance academy in London where Kat may have studied after her Ranger career
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  • Kat nervously auditioned with the Royal Academy, a dancing school in London; she'd been talking about its importance with the teens non-stop, and she'd been practicing for months.
  • Amy Kendall, Juliette Hughes, Arianna Landau, Katherine Hillard, and Jenny Hunter were asked to return at 5:00 for a final audition; the crowd seemed surprised by the selection of Jenny.
  • After the final auditions, the judges had Jenny and Kat stay because they thought they were the most promising two dancers.
  • The main judge told Jenny that she could become agreat artist, but that her attitude, her apparent lack of control over her emotions, made her untrainable at this point.
  • Kat was invited to join the Royal Academy for the fall semester.

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