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  • At an alien microphone in the Youth Center after telling the humans to dance, Master Vile addressed the people of Earth (perhaps broadcasting to all the people of Earth, or simply the people in the Youth Center), saying he was the new landlord in town, and all of their leases were up; blue and yellow energy snakes from his hands flew up into the air and caused an eclipse; he told everyone to party like there was no tomorrow, because there wasn't.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), Hydro Hog had evaporated a great deal of water, inflicting upon the world an extraordinary water shortage.
  • Once time was restored soon after the destruction of Hydro Hog, there was no water shortage.


  • Puppetman, a mere robotic sidekick for a children's performer, apparently had a remarkably high level of awareness for a robot, as he noted that the Cogs (whom he described as "silver clowns") were a riot, and he excitedly wondered what they would do next; creation of such a robot would require an advanced mastery of artificial intelligence not yet attained by real-life humankind.


  • Mankind possessed hydrogen bombs.
  • The day after Professor Phenomenus had spotted an enormous asteroid heading for Earth, General Norquist sent a message to the Rangers telling them of the asteroid heading for Earth, saying they were the only ones who could stop it, and pleading for them to help if they could hear the message.
  • A crowd was gathered somewhere outside at NASADA, clamoring to ask questions to Norquist, who was at a press conference; behind him was apparently the same sign as had been behind him during his transmission to the Rangers.
  • Norquist addressed the people:
    "Please! People of Angel Grove and the world, I have troubling news. A large asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. (people are slightly alarmed) Every country in the world has been alerted. We are doing everything we can and exploring every means possible to avert this catastrophe, a catastrophe just like the one that happened to our planet 65 million years ago. An asteroid of this size, traveling at this speed, hit Earth with devastating effect. The impact formed a cloud of dust and water that covered the entire planet, shutting out nearly all of the sunlight necessary to sustain life. Many plant species died, and scientists believe this may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs."
  • Following Norquist's announcement, the crowd began to panic, and people began to flee the area.


  • Widespread panic turned to joy as the combined efforts of the Astro Megazord, Delta Megazord, Mega Voyager, and Mega Winger changed the asteroid's course, saving the Earth.


  • One day, over a thousand Velocifighters flew to Earth without warning; in the sky above a city, presumably Angel Grove, a swarm of Velocifighters approached, and as people in the city were astonished, some of the fighter ships began blasting all over, making huge explosions.
  • Even if Angel Grove wasn't the initial city shown, it was still one of the major targets of the invasion.
  • Huge sections of city exploded, and buildings shattered all over; meanwhile, Quantrons and Piranhatrons flooded the streets.
  • From space, swarms of Velocifighters were over the planet, and visible explosions at least the size of very large cities rocked various spots on the surface.
  • Later that day after the Megaship had apparently gone down, Mega Winger had collapsed, and the Rangers had been defeated and gone into hiding in Angel Grove, Quantrons began rounding up weary groups of captured people.
  • Later, when giant Dark Specter was blown up beside the Dark Fortress, dozens, if not hundreds, of flaming chunks of rock streaked down from the sky and rained down on Angel Grove; soon, there were many flaming hunks of rock strewn about the city, and presumably all over the planet.
  • After some thundering, a hologram of Ecliptor's head appeared in the sky above Astronema's forces (definitely in Angel Grove, perhaps elsewhere on the planet as well), and he spoke, "Dark Specter is no more. Astronema, princess of evil, is now your supreme leader. It is for her that we fight, and for her we will conquer the universe! Good will be destroyed, and evil will rule."
  • After Ecliptor's speech, his face was replaced by Astronema's, looking down on her armies, and the villains began to bow in reverence; her image soon vanished.
  • As people and villains in the streets below watched moments later, the Dark Fortress hovered over a group of flaming, partially-damaged skyscrapers.


  • The night after Astronema had beamed down onto a building with Ecliptor and told them the universe had surrendered and that they were to bring her the hiding Rangers or she would destroy the planet the next morning, people were huddled by campfires in the city, discussing the predicament.
  • The next morning, initiated by Bulk, people in the crowd began declaring to Astronema that they were Power Rangers, frustrating her to the point of blasting into the crowd and having her forces attack.
  • Suddenly, Zhane, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley called out from atop a stone wall, and T.J. declared that they were the Power Rangers.
  • In front of the crowd, the teens morphed and began fighting Astronema's troops, aided by the crowd after Bulk and Skull had rallied to help them.
  • Minutes later, a wave of gold energy from Zordon's destruction radiated outward from the Dark Fortress as a ring of energy which spread throughout the universe; when the wave passed over the armies of evil, they were dissolved into piles of sand.
  • Soon, the Dark Fortress landed in Angel Grove, and Andros emerged carrying Astronema's body; she would soon morph into Karone and come back to life.
  • Probably another day, the teens, Zhane, and Karone flew the functioning Megaship back to Earth from KO-35, having brought numerous silver square cases containing cargo of some sort.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Terra Venture prepared to leave Earth orbit in search of a New World; see "Terra Venture" for notes on the ship's origin.
  • After being kicked out of a Terra Venture boarding facility apparently in Angel Grove, Leo walked through a dingy portion of town where street thugs attacked an old lady; although this was a much less desireable side of Angel Grove than had been shown at any point in the past, there remains far too little information to conclude with certainty that society in general had deteriorated vastly since 643-CTD2.


  • When Andros arrived on Terra Venture, tracking the Psycho Rangers' data cards, Leo told him he remembered when the Rangers had saved the Earth.
  • After the five Space Rangers had helped destroy the Psycho Rangers, T.J. said they couldn't stay for too long, as they were needed back on Earth, but Ashley had them at least get a tour, and Andros agreed, saying it wasn't every day one got to visit Terra Venture.


  • The Space teens referred to being Rangers in the past tense, indicating that some time had passed since they'd retired their powers.
  • After the apparent death of Pink Galaxy Ranger Kendrix on planet Rashon, the Space Rangers flew from Terra Venture on their Galaxy Gliders to return to their mission, though the exact nature of their mission on Earth, and why they now needed their powers while they hadn't before, is unknown.


  • As Terra Venture neared Mirinoi, the impromptu New World, Damon remarked, "They called it a dream. Pretty soon it's gonna be a reality."
  • Leo imagined a planet without cars or pollution, and Maya spoke of beaches without a single footprint, like the planet had just been born.


  • At least before any major changes to the timestream, Earth still existed in the year 3000, and at least Millennium City was populated by humans, mutants, and aliens.


  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website after 643-CTD2, Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, T.J., and Andros brought peace to the world and were celebrated as heroes.

  • In the PRTF "Time Blaster" ride, the Time Force Rangers briefly encountered Columbus's first voyage to the New World, flying over the Niņa, Pinta, and Santa Maria; they also visited a World War I aerial dogfight and a futuristic landscape guarded by seemingly hostile laser outposts in the year 2566. (Source: Submitted by CLFunaro)
  • The ride also took the Rangers to the "time of the Arabian Nights" (some time between approximately 800 and 1500 CE), where a stone dragon statue came alive and attacked Circuit. (Source: Submitted by CLFunaro)
  • Also in the "Time Blaster" ride, the Time Force Rangers visited Atlantis, an ancient advanced civilization which at some point sank to the ocean floor, now residing in the South China Sea. (Source: Submitted by CLFunaro)

    Pilot Episode

  • A TV anchorman referred to the space dumpster as the first alien object ever found.

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