- warrior and surrogate father for Astronema
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First Appearance: 603-SOSh
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2, (flashback) 733-FPst
Pictures: original form (shown at right), standard form, cyborg form, red form


  • When the Megaship began to fall into the atmosphere of a planet nearby due to the shutdown of its engines, Astronema, in the Dark Fortress, had whoever was in control of the attacking sphinx ship, perhaps Ecliptor, hold his fire, amusedly remarking that that had been too easy.


  • Somewhere on NASADA premises near a giant satellite dish and the Megashuttle launch bay, Ecliptor confronted the Rangers; the four new Rangers didn't know who he was, but Andros told them, saying he was trouble.
  • Ecliptor was erroneously in his second form as he walked up: this form gave him an enlarged right arm, and a spiked projection from his right shoulder.
  • Ecliptor remarked with a chuckle, "Hmm, the Power Rangers. What took you so long?"
  • Andros told the others they'd have to fight as a team to beat Ecliptor, in which case it's doubtful that Andros had managed to stand up to Ecliptor while working alone in the past two years.
  • Correctly in his first form with a normal right arm and a red cape, Ecliptor generated from his eyes a Cyber-Shadow, a bluish-white polygonal replica of himself, which shot green eyebeams at the Rangers.
  • Ecliptor then shot from his eyes red energy bolts which lifted Andros into the air and threw him around.
  • Ecliptor planned to destroy both the Rangers and the shuttle; choking Red Ranger, Ecliptor said that nothing could stop him, not Red Ranger, and not his "Earth-grown Rangers."
  • Andros leapt at Ecliptor and stabbed his chest with the Spiral Saber, sending them both crashing back through rubble-strewn grass into a wall behind them.
  • As the Dark Fortress began to destroy NASADA, Ecliptor warped away clutching his head after telling the Rangers they'd lost.
  • Once the Rangers had escaped in the shuttle, the Dark Fortress's Satellasers enlarged Ecliptor downtown, and when the Astro Megazord arrived, he was wielding a sword which he would often use in battle.
  • Doing poorly in a swordfight with the Megazord, Ecliptor generated six images of himself in a kaleidoscope-like mirage and struck the Megazord with his glowing green sword.
  • The Megazord soon locked on and struck the real Ecliptor, in the center, with its saber in energy whip form, making the mirages vanish.
  • Once Ecliptor remarked that that had been good, but not good enough, the Megazord leapt and sliced him with its glowing saber, making him explode into thousands of tiny bits which rained down on the city.


  • When Andros was scanning galaxies for lifeforms in hope of finding his lost sister Karone (secretly Astronema), he suddenly detected a lifeform on KO-35 and realized that Karone would go there, not knowing the colony had been deserted years ago.
  • While Astronema slept in her quarters, Ecliptor watched and laughed sinisterly to himself, "Sweet dreams," before going to KO-35 to ambush Andros on his search for Karone.
  • Ecliptor was again shown in his second form, with the enhanced right arm, despite the first form still being the more common one at this point.
  • Chuckling with Elgar sleeping upright nearby, Ecliptor used the control panel in the main room to see Red Ranger on KO-35 calling for Karone; Ecliptor remarked, "So, you returned to your home planet. Sorry we had to destroy it!"
  • The next morning as Andros continued searching, Ecliptor watched him from nearby for a bit, then rushed off in one direction to draw Andros's attention without letting him see him clearly, then when Andros came to a certain area of the city, Ecliptor oozed up from the tiled ground as a silver puddle.
  • Ecliptor was back in his first form, wearing his red cape.
  • Ecliptor wanted to be the first to welcome Andros home, adding, "if you can call this deserted dustball a home."
  • Ecliptor planned to rid the universe of the annoying interference of the Red Ranger.
  • After discarding his cape, Ecliptor caught Andros's flying punch, then pinned him to the ground, smashed him along a row of pillars nearby, and finally threw him into a pond.
  • Andros struck Ecliptor several times with the Spiral Saber until he was knocked back, having accomplished nothing.
  • Ecliptor's head hovered off his body and shot green energy beams from its eyes; his body then swordfought while headless.
  • After his head was back on, Ecliptor reflected the blue laser from Andros's Astro Blaster with his sword, knocking Andros down, and Ecliptor then stepped on his gun hand and prepared to strike with his sword, but Carlos burst onto the scene.
  • Ecliptor created a large cyber-shadow of his head, the green eyebeams of which gravely wounded Carlos when he took the blast in front of the downed Andros.
  • As Andros flew away with the injured Carlos, he said he'd be back, and Ecliptor replied, "Yes, I know."
  • Once Andros had returned and was looking for him, Ecliptor, from somewhere nearby, asked Andros if he was alone, or whether he'd grown so weak that he had to rely on the help of others.
  • Giant-sized, Ecliptor stomped the ground behind Andros, sending him flying.
  • Andros asked if Ecliptor could only beat someone smaller than him, but the villain struck down with his sword despite the remark.
  • When Andros leapt up toward his face with the Spiral Saber, Ecliptor swatted him out of the air and then blew a stream of fire from his mouth at the Ranger.
  • Soon, the Megalasers from the Megaship, in orbit high above, blasted Ecliptor, making him retreat.
  • Andros was silently upset that it had all been a trick.


  • As Andros engaged in a second battle with Voltage Hog, Ecliptor attacked him, now permanently in his second form.
  • Ecliptor planned to finish Red Ranger once and for all this time, and soon Astronema would rule the Earth.
  • Andros tried to fight Ecliptor, but the villain was far too strong and fast for him.
  • Andros's Astro Blaster beams merely bounced off Ecliptor's chest, and Ecliptor returned fire with green eyebeams.
  • As Andros rushed in again, Ecliptor used green energy bolts from his hand to drag Andros along the ground for a bit, then blast him.
  • Andros leapt and struck Ecliptor's chest with the Spiral Saber, with no effect; Ecliptor grabbed the weapon and snapped the end off, then knocked Andros into a nearby mud puddle and stomped his head into it.
  • The Quadroblaster, used by the other four Rangers, fired a sphere of energy which sent Ecliptor flying through the air, at which point his body broke up into glowing green fragments and vanished into a central point.


  • As the Rangers rushed torward Elephantitan who was trying to topple a building containing plutonium, a hologram of Ecliptor, in his caped, first form, appeared in the sky and told the Rangers to move a little bit more to the left so they'd be the first ones to be destroyed when the plutonium spilled; it's uncertain whether anyone, including the Rangers could see and hear this hologram.


  • As the kind-hearted monster Waspicable watched a party Cassie was attending in the park, he remarked that he loved parties, then considered that maybe he did have a heart and wasn't cut out to be a monster.
  • Telling him he didn't have a heart since he was a monster, Ecliptor walked up with Quantrons, wanting to know why he hadn't yet attacked the Power Rangers
  • Waspicable stuttered that he'd been studying the Pink Ranger, planning an attack; outraged, Ecliptor slammed him in the stomach with the butt of his sword and then ordered him to attack, then prepared the Quantrons to attack as well.
  • Once Waspicable had blasted at the party, making a panic, and a Quantron had deliberately released young Sherry's treasured balloons, Waspicable felt terrible, but Ecliptor congratulated him.
  • When Cassie was captured, Ecliptor ordered Waspicable to blast Pink Ranger, and he thought for a moment, then as she cringed, he blasted a Quantron on one side of her.
  • Waspicable claimed to have missed, so Ecliptor shoved him down and prepared to strike her with his sword, but when Astronema had him stop, with Sting King saying the Pink Ranger was his, Ecliptor backed off.
  • When Cassie morphed after the other Rangers had arrived, Ecliptor told Sting King to destroy the whole city, and the villains vanished.
  • Storming through the Dark Fortress after Sting King's destruction, Astronema had an alarm sounded, making Quantrons scramble around; Ecliptor slowly walked in amidst the chaos, reporting to Astronema as ordered, asking his princess how he could serve her; this would be the beginning of his regular appearances aboard the Dark Fortress.
  • Astronema told Ecliptor to prepare all the Quantrons, as she had a plan for the next time they met the Rangers.


  • Moments after Astronema and Divatox had left Hercuron, where the Phantom Ranger had alerted the Rangers to Zordon's temporary location, Ecliptor suddenly leapt in and slashed Phantom brutally, finishing with a blast of eyebeams which, despite their weak appearance, seemed to burn a hole through Phantom's chest armor, exposing wires underneath.
  • Soon, as the Quantrons prepared to attack the injured Phantom, Ecliptor had the soldiers leave, as the Phantom was his, but as soon as he was alone, he was blasted as the five Rangers arrived.
  • As Ecliptor prepared to fight the six of them, Astronema called him away with bigger plans, and he obliged.
  • Ecliptor's standard teleportation consisted of a green version of the Quantrons' teleportation, whereby points of light from the top and bottom would converge into the center, making him vanish as they did so.


  • While Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull struggled in their RV with a toy they'd turned evil, Ecliptor took the Professor's Evilyzer and walked off with it, laughing that he'd been looking for one of these.
  • On the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor, telling Astronema he'd seen it work, hoped to use it to turn the Rangers evil; Astronema told him to test it on the Rangers but that she had an even bigger plan.
  • Ecliptor had a Quantron grab the Evilyzer and move out.
  • As a Quantron flew after the Red and Yellow Rangers in a Velocifighter with the Evilyzer mounted to its cockpit controls, the Evilyzer's energy beam missed Yellow Ranger, turning her Galaxy Glider evil instead and sending it spiraling into space after Andros had taken her onto his glider.
  • When Ecliptor returned to the Dark Fortress, Elgar was mocking him; when Ecliptor turned him around, Elgar began to blather nervously, then attempted to brush Ecliptor's chest while flattering him, making Ecliptor smack him aside.
  • Despite the missed Evilyzer shot, Astronema was content that Ecliptor's test had nevertheless been a success.
  • Ecliptor was still upset that they'd missed the Yellow Ranger, but Astronema said the Rangers were merely icing on the cake.
  • Astronema told Ecliptor to build her another Evilyzer, only much bigger, then told Elgar she needed a decoy to attract the Rangers.
  • Later, once the Delta Megazord had arrived to fight giant Destructipede, Astronema finally had Ecliptor fire the large Evilyzer cannon.
  • After the new Astro Delta Megazord had destroyed numerous monsters at once, Ecliptor pointed out they needed a monster of equal power now that the Rangers had the Astro Delta Megazord; Astronema agreed and sent Ecliptor out into the universe to bring back Mamamite.


  • T.J., Carlos, and Cassie searched a jungle planet for Zordon after having gotten a distress signal; meanwhile, Ecliptor was hiding nearby with a team of Quantrons and a device with an antenna, which had sent the distress signal as part of his plan to ambush the Rangers.
  • Cassie spotted what she thought was a Piranhatron footprint in the mud.
  • When Darkonda warped in, Ecliptor, startled, angrily told him, "Darkonda!! I told you never to darken my part of the galaxy again!"; he replied, "Take it easy, Ecliptor. I just happened to be in the neighborhood."
  • Not believing Darkonda's supposed innocent intentions, Ecliptor told Darkonda he was always plotting something.
  • Darkonda said he'd come to see Astronema's newest lackey; the reader will note that this would have been Elgar.
  • Taking a swing at Darkonda, Ecliptor told him to stay away from Astronema.
  • As the three teens approached, still oblivious to the villains, Ecliptor returned to his ambush; as Ecliptor attacked, Darkonda taunted that he was predictable and old-fashioned.
  • After a Barillian Bug from Darkonda had stung Carlos and made the three teens retreat during the Quantron attack, Ecliptor was angry that Darkonda had ruined his plan, but when he turned around, all he saw was the broken pod Darkonda had left behind.
  • Returning to the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor furiously shoved Quantrons aside, shouting that they were all worthless and weak.
  • Seeing Ecliptor furious, Astronema asked, "Well, what happened?" presuming that something drastic had gone wrong in order for his nerves to get rattled.
  • Ecliptor reassured Astronema he would finish the job and wouldn't fail her, but Darkonda then entered, saying he'd failed her already.
  • Kissing Astronema's hand, Darkonda told her they'd met once long ago; she pulled her hand away and curiously repeated his name but then regained her hostility, telling him she didn't remember him.
  • Ecliptor told Astronema that Darkonda was a traitor, a doublecrossing cheat, and she observed that he seemed to know a lot about Darkonda.
  • Darkonda told Astronema she was wise to distrust strangers but that one Power Ranger was already down, thanks to him, and he would soon deliver the rest to her; Astronema was startled after he'd left, and Ecliptor admitted that Darkonda had released a Barillian Bug during the fight which had stung the Black Ranger.
  • Awed, Astronema remarked that the use of the Barillian Bug was brilliant, causing Ecliptor to growl to himself.
  • When the Megaship later streaked away and Ecliptor attempted to track them, Darkonda, casually standing at the edge of the control room, said the Rangers had gone after the antidote to the Barillian sting; Ecliptor insisted there was no antidote, but Darkonda laughed that there was.
  • Tracing her finger along Darkonda's body, Astronema asked where this antidote was; Darkonda pointed out he thought he was unwanted, with which Ecliptor heartily agreed, but Astronema angrily repeated her question.
  • Darkonda told her the antidote was on KO-35, and that she should be waiting there for the Rangers; she said it was a fine plan and had him go to ambush them.
  • Soon, Astronema was concerned by the Barillian Bug monster's defeat, and Ecliptor gladly offered to get rid of the "worthless" Darkonda at once; when Darkonda entered, Ecliptor declared that he'd failed and wasn't as valuable as he claimed to be.
  • Darkonda argued that he'd succeeded, as they'd won the knowledge that the Red Ranger was the only true Space Ranger; separate him from the others, and they'd fall apart.
  • Darkonda's revelation wasn't much of a revelation, as Astronema had seen the ex-Turbo teens in 602-FON2 before they'd been recruited by Andros, and Ecliptor had in 603-SOSh called the four Rangers "Earth-grown Rangers."
  • Astronema was nonetheless intrigued by Darkonda's plan, taking him aside for him to tell her about it.


  • Astronema was sleeping on her bed in her quarters when Darkonda came in, startling her.
  • Having been ordered by Astronema never to sneak up on her again, Darkonda considered speaking with Ecliptor instead but then, after asking to speak openly, said Ecliptor was a mighty warrior worthy of great admiration but that intelligence wasn't his strong point.
  • Astronema countered that Ecliptor had been her trusted protector since she was a child and that she should destroy Darkonda for his comments.
  • Darkonda told Astronema that Ecliptor had made an oversight that could allow the Power Rangers to find Zordon, in which case Dark Specter would destroy both her and Ecliptor.
  • Astronema gasped as Ecliptor entered her quarters and found her speaking with Darkonda.
  • When Darkonda told them of the Rangers' hiding of an interstellar scanner to search for Zordon with great speed, Ecliptor said Darkonda lied; Astronema retorted that he hoped Darkonda lied.
  • Astronema assigned Ecliptor and Darkonda to both bring her back the scanner.
  • On Brokaya as they approached the scanner, Darkonda wondered what Astronema would think if he told her the truth about Ecliptor; Ecliptor told him not to, as it would only hurt her, and Darkonda replied that he wouldn't, as long as Ecliptor did as he said.
  • Darkonda had them destroy the dish together, with Ecliptor shooting green eyebeams.
  • When confronted by the Rangers, Ecliptor said, "Let's get 'em, traitor," but Darkonda had him go first.
  • Locking swords with Andros, Ecliptor spoke, "Ranger, listen!", but Andros, surprised, watched as Darkonda charged and slashed Ecliptor in the back.
  • As Ecliptor was stunned, Darkonda shot out a tentacle from his left arm and latched it onto Ecliptor's back, making Ecliptor fall to his knees with yellow energy bolts.
  • Ecliptor's sword had three buttons (or at least gems or some other small protrusions) in the hilt: green, red (larger), and blue.
  • When Ecliptor asked Darkonda what he was doing, Darkonda replied, "Something I should've done long ago. Astronema will think you've gone down in battle."
  • Darkonda planned to take Ecliptor's powers, then Astronema's.
  • Darkonda turned into dual snaking red and yellow energy streaks which painfully flowed into Ecliptor's back; Ecliptor sparked, then mutated into Darkliptor while Darkonda's voice was laughing.
  • Yellow energy bolts randomly shot out of the smoke cloud around Darkliptor, and he then walked out, holding both Darkonda's and Ecliptor's swords and laughing with Darkonda's voice.
  • Darkliptor was mostly Darkonda's body, but with Ecliptor's chest underneath, as well as Ecliptor's right arm, the top of his head surrounding Darkliptor's face, and some portions on his feet and legs.
  • See the "Darkonda" page for Darkliptor's powers.
  • Awed to see Darkliptor's unusual form, Astronema asked what he was; he told her that Ecliptor had attacked him when he'd turned his back, an accusation which startled Astronema.
  • Darkliptor told Astronema that, to prevent the Rangers from destroying them both, he'd captured Ecliptor, but he reassured her that Ecliptor was safe and tapped his chest, saying, "in here."
  • Later as Darkliptor fought T.J. and Andros, T.J. ran forward with both the Astro Axe and Spiral Saber, with Andros running in behind him; T.J. threw the weapons into the air, then as Darkliptor looked up, T.J. shot him with his Astro Blaster, and Andros sprung off T.J.'s hands, caught the weapons in midair, and slashed Darkliptor with both of them.
  • Darkliptor crackled with blue electricity, then shattered back apart into Darkonda and Ecliptor, who both fell down, and the frozen Rangers unfroze.
  • Getting up while Ecliptor lay on the ground, Darkonda asked how this could be, as he was invincible; he then, with Astronema watching from the Dark Fortress, angrily dragged Ecliptor up, saying, "Get up, you weakling! I'm not through with you yet!" and Astronema then fired the Satellasers.
  • Getting behind Ecliptor, Darkonda said they must quickly rejoin, and the Satellasers hit them, making a giant Darkliptor.
  • When the Astro Delta Megazord's Flying Power Punches flew toward him, Darkliptor split apart, and Darkonda held Ecliptor in front of him to take the fall for him.
  • After the explosion from the impact, the two normal-sized villains appeared below, with Darkonda saying he wasn't through yet; Ecliptor, smoking, writhed in pain before falling over.
  • After promising to get the Rangers, Darkonda looked at the writhing Ecliptor, calling him pathetic but noting that Astronema expected him to bring Ecliptor home, and that he had one more use for him; they then teleported away.
  • Later, on the Dark Fortress, Darkonda told Ecliptor to go ahead and tell Astronema that he'd attacked Ecliptor, but first he had a few stories of his own to tell her which would make her throw them both into the nearest black hole.
  • As Ecliptor threatened, "Not if I destroy you here and now!", Astronema happened to walk in at the moment, coming to the conclusion that despite her initial doubts, Ecliptor had indeed attacked Darkonda.
  • When Ecliptor began to interject, Astronema ordered him to listen to her, that he would not attack Darkonda; from now on, she said, Darkonda was his equal, making Darkonda laugh and Ecliptor stew.


  • Upstairs above the Onyx Tavern, Darkonda knocked on an unmarked door; an aged elven fellow opened the door a crack and apologized that they were closed, but Darkonda forced his way in and picked up the elf, ordering that he give him a vial of strength potion.
  • The elf scurried into the back to look while Darkonda waited outside.
  • Speaking with Ecliptor in the back, the elf told him to hurry, or Darkonda would destroy him; Ecliptor gave him a vial of red liquid to give Darkonda, then picked up the elf and insisted he'd never been there.
  • Hearing something, Darkonda approached the door, and as the elf returned with the vial, Darkonda looked inside, but Ecliptor had stepped back into the shadows; Darkonda then took the vial and left.
  • Later on Earth, Darkonda swallowed the vial and proceeded to pound the Rangers with enhanced speed and numerous energy attacks.
  • Approaching Andros, Darkonda suddenly crackled with blue electricity and began to spasm; as he realized someone must have tampered with the potion, green slime oozed from all over his body, and he vanished.
  • Elsewhere, the dripping and agonized Darkonda staggered through a tunnel or parking garage.
  • Darkonda swore to destroy whoever had done this to him, but Ecliptor stepped out and replied, "Too late, Darkonda. I've already destroyed you!" and teleported away.
  • After swearing to get Ecliptor, Darkonda grew with yellow energy, bursting up through the roof of the area in a mutated form with a seriously altered beastial voice and horns projecting from all over his body.
  • As Astronema and Ecliptor entered the main room of the Dark Fortress after Darkonda had been mutated and enlarged by a strength potion secretly poisoned by Ecliptor, Astronema was startled to see giant Darkonda on a rampage in Angel Grove.
  • As Astronema was outraged, Ecliptor said, "I told you that he could not be trusted."


  • Astronema watched on the viewscreen as the Delta Mega, having split from the Astro Megazord, flew into the sky, leaving the Astro Megazord alone against giant Darkonda and his spawn monster, which had been created after the Astro Delta Megazord's failed energy cyclone attack.
  • Ecliptor told Astronema that the Rangers had left.
  • After interrogating Skygantor and learning that the Rangers had obtained Zordon's keycards, Astronema told Ecliptor with determination to get her battle gear and follow her.
  • As the Rangers found themselves in a hangar inside the secret moonbase on Ganymede after the Delta Megaship had landed inside the base, Astronema (with gear) and Ecliptor appeared with Quantrons to block their path to a set of doors ahead.
  • Fighting the Rangers along with the Quantrons, Ecliptor was stunned by a single punch to his chest from Red Ranger.
  • Later, after the Mega Voyager had destroyed Darkonda and the Rangers had taken the Megaship to their docking station for major repairs, Ecliptor observed on the Dark Fortress that the energy readings for the Rangers' Astro Megaship were abnormally low; walking in, Astronema remarked they'd been badly damaged.
  • Elgar was excited about the thrashing Darkonda had given the Rangers; Ecliptor was glad he had been destroyed, but Elgar doubted it, rambling about how bad and powerful Darkonda was.
  • After Ecliptor had silenced Elgar, Astronema pointed out, "He's right, though," and said the Rangers were down for the count thanks to Darkonda.
  • Astronema said now was the perfect time to attack Earth, and Ecliptor growled and left with her, leaving Elgar to chuckle cockily to himself.


  • One night, Astronema stormed in to answer a call from Divatox.
  • Divatox, in front of a shiny blue curtain, was artificially sweet to Astronema, telling her she'd lost a little pesky thing called a Storm Blaster; Astronema and Ecliptor exchanged glances.
  • After ending the transmission with Divatox, threatening to capture Storm Blaster if she found it first, Astronema had Ecliptor release the Velocifighters to catch Storm Blaster, but Storm Blaster would make it to Earth unharmed.
  • During a Quantron fight against the Space Rangers and Blue Turbo Ranger, Andros seemed to deal easily with Ecliptor and kick him back into some boxes.


  • As two Astronemas struggled on Earth to the confusion of the Rangers, Body Switcher and Ecliptor watched as well, with Body Switcher unable to tell which was the real Astronema.
  • Once revealed, the real Astronema called Body Switcher into battle before storming off.


  • In a mountainous clearing on a planet which was probably Earth, presumably in the present, Darkonda walked around waiting for his opponent, and Ecliptor then appeared, walking up in his more recent form.
  • Darkonda bowed, supposedly with the respect that Ecliptor deserved, but Ecliptor retorted that Darkonda bowed to no one but himself.
  • As they touched swords confrontationally, Darkonda said he'd come to ask if Ecliptor wanted to go into business with him, but as they swordfought briefly, Ecliptor rejected the offer, saying he'd rather team up with a snake or a scorpion.
  • Walking off laughing, with a fence in the background, Darkonda told Ecliptor he was getting awfully confident with himself lately and that he'd have to conquer the Earth without him; he then warped away without telling his "good friend" what he was up to.
  • Later, when unmorphed Zhane, in his black Megaship uniform, teleported down to a beach on Dekata 5, the planet on which Darkonda's lab was located, Ecliptor confronted him, laughing, "The legendary Silver Ranger lives."
  • Ecliptor added that he wouldn't live for long, then told him, "Let's get this over with. I have better battles to fight."
  • Unmorphed Zhane dodged twice, then tried to counter but was beaten into submission and grabbed by the jacket; Ecliptor then threw him back into the sand.
  • Soon after charging again, Ecliptor hurled Zhane onto the sand again and told him he was nothing without his friends to help him.
  • Ecliptor said Zhane's destruction would make him a legend.
  • Zhane dodged Ecliptor's two sword swings, then kicked Ecliptor in the stomach to buy himself time to morph.
  • After Zhane had morphed, Ecliptor offered, "May the worthiest opponent win."
  • Quickly, Ecliptor grappled Zhane's arms in a struggle of strength, then, overpowering him, headbutted him away.
  • Zhane shot gold energy pulses from his Silverizer , but Ecliptor deflected them with his palm and returned fire with his eyebeams.
  • While Zhane was down, Ecliptor quickly ran up and stomped his chest, then grabbed the Silverizer blade as Zhane tried to strike.
  • Zhane called for the Silver Cycle, and Ecliptor was surprised when it flew down and struck him, sending him flying a cliff and splashing into water below.
  • After the six Rangers had trashed Darkonda's lab on Dekata 5 and destroyed his Crocotox monsters, Astronema was outraged, saying it couldn't be, as the Silver Ranger had been destroyed on KO-35 years ago, but Ecliptor replied that the Silver Ranger was as alive as ever.
  • Astronema said they needed a battle plan, one with teeth, and considered inviting Darkonda back, but Ecliptor told her he didn't think that was such a good idea.


  • Horror Bull was a biological monster, but with black horns with green gridlines just like those covering Ecliptor's body.
  • Later in the day, Astronema was sitting by her window on the Dark Fortress, having been sitting there all day according to Elgar, staring into space.
  • Entering, Ecliptor told Astronema that although the Horror Bull had been destroyed, he'd still obtained valuable data on the Rangers' weapons, and he asked whether she wished for him to proceed with their plan; she was in a daze and asked what plan, and he spoke of using the information crystal to disable the Rangers' weapons.
  • Astronema dreamily told him not to bother her with that now, and Ecliptor agreed.
  • Soon, Ecliptor knocked and entered Astronema's room with a tray of food as she lay on the bed.
  • Ecliptor had thought Astronema might want something to eat, so he'd brought her favorite meal.
  • When Astronema replied that she wasn't hungry, not looking at him, Ecliptor asked if something was troubling her; she evasively looked aside and said no, but he set the tray down and told her, "Astronema, I know when something is troubling you. I've known you since you were a little child. I practically raised you all by myself. Tell me what it is so I can help you."
  • In a somewhat pouty manner, Astronema told him nothing was wrong and that she'd like to be left alone; he accepted and began to leave but first told her the Rangers were on Earth at a movie theater and asked if he should send the Horror Bull to attack them; Astronema told him to take no action until she gave the order, and he agreed.
  • Later, Ecliptor inserted the information crystal from the first Horror Bull into the slot in the forehead of a different Horror Bull.
  • Ecliptor had Elgar inform Astronema that they were ready to attack, but Elgar found that she wasn't in her room; confused, Ecliptor was sure she would want them to proceed with the plan, and despite Elgar's uncertainty, he had Horror Bull attack.
  • As the five Rangers fought Horror Bull ineffectively, Ecliptor appeared in the quarry to taunt them.
  • When the Rangers fired the Spiral Saber Booster Mode and Quadroblaster at Ecliptor, Horror Bull stepped in front of him and reflected the blasts back at the Rangers.
  • When morphed Zhane drove up to help the Rangers, Ecliptor incredulously asked, "Silver Ranger? What's he doing here?"
  • As Zhane successfully fought Horror Bull, shattering the monster's energy barrier, Ecliptor planned to make him pay, but the other Rangers stopped him, and a glowing Battlizer karate chop from Andros knocked a smoking Ecliptor back, stunned, and he then vanished.


  • After Dark Specter had ordered Astronema to destroy the Red and Silver Rangers on Centaur B, Astronema was concerned to hear of the Silver Ranger, but when Ecliptor asked whether he should launch the attack, Astronema gave the order to destroy them, then went to her room.
  • Ecliptor had a scan begun and told the Quantrons to use their Q-Blades to intercept.
  • Later, Dark Specter told Astronema that Coralizer and Darkonda had been destroyed, but Ecliptor privately doubted the news of Darkonda's destruction.


  • Ecliptor informed Astronema of Black Ranger's presence on Earth, causing her to give Lizwizard one last chance.


  • One day, morphed Andros and Darkonda swordfought in a pine forest while Ecliptor spied from nearby; Andros shouted that Darkonda had kidnapped his sister, and Darkonda considered it one of his finest accomplishments.
  • During the fight, Darkonda said that his only regret was not destroying Andros when he'd kidnapped his sister.
  • Ecliptor accidentally stepped on a twig as Andros held his Spiral Saber to Darkonda's neck, distracting him and allowing Darkonda to vanish.
  • After Andros had teleported away, Darkonda hatched a plan to destroy him and soon planted devices on four trees surrounding a clearing, then covered up an activator plate in the center of the clearing.
  • Pleased after testing the trap with a rock, Darkonda remarked that Red Ranger would find him but that it would be the last thing he'd ever find; Ecliptor, still spying, agreed with the remark and left.
  • That night, Ecliptor entered Astronema's room and told her the Batarax was ready to attack Earth upon her command but sensed something was troubling her.
  • Astronema asked Ecliptor to tell her again where he'd found her; he replied that she'd been left on his doorstep as a little girl, and he'd taken care of her as his own daughter ever since.
  • When asked about her family, Ecliptor replied that her parents and brother had both been destroyed by the Power Rangers; she told him he was the only one she'd ever trusted, then looked out the window and said softly that something told her that her brother was alive.
  • Ecliptor told Astronema not to be distracted, as she was the princess of evil; she sat in her command seat, gave a quick frustrated sigh, perhaps annoyed with herself, then agreed in an evil voice and ordered to attack Earth.
  • As the Rangers fought Batarax in a plaza the next day, Quantrons stormed in, and Astronema and Ecliptor watched the fight, pleased.
  • When morphed Andros defended a mother and her two young children from an attacking Quantron, a purple energy bolt from Astronema's staff stopped the Quantron dead in its tracks, making it fall backward stiffly, its back apparently sizzling.
  • Andros and Ecliptor were both puzzled, and Astronema, shocked herself, walked off despite Ecliptor's asking her to wait.
  • Soon, Ecliptor thoughtfully watched as Darkonda lured Andros away from the fight, and Ecliptor would soon be in the forest to watch the confrontation between Andros and Darkonda.
  • Luring Andros toward his laser beam trap, Darkonda brought up a proposition as they fought: if Andros could beat him, he'd tell him where his sister was, but Andros refused before Darkonda could give the alternative.
  • Soon seeing the hidden activator plate between himself and Andros, Darkonda told him his sister didn't even know he existed, and she wouldn't unless he told Andros more; this interested Ecliptor, who watched from beside Andros's hovering Galaxy Glider.
  • To get more information, Andros charged forward, right toward the activator plate, but Ecliptor tackled him aside and saved his life.
  • Darkonda was so startled that he stepped forward onto the activator plate, and the laser beams from the surrounding devices centered on him and destroyed him in a large explosion.
  • Andros was quite upset that Darkonda had been destroyed, but when he learned that Ecliptor had actually saved his life, he was baffled; Ecliptor left, saying he would not save him again.
  • Speaking privately with Dark Specter, Darkonda feared that Ecliptor had tarnished Astronema's evil spirit, saying, "You see, he has shown her caring. Caring and evil do not mix. It could be an explosive combination!"; Dark Specter hoped that Darkonda was wrong.
  • Back on the Dark Fortress, Astronema was furious over the notion that Red Ranger would claim to be her brother, and Ecliptor agreed that it was obviously a cruel trick; she planned to make him pay dearly.


  • On KO-35 the next day, Astronema walked through a city courtyard, looking around curiously before Andros approached and tried to talk with her, but she defensively blasted at him repeatedly and was gone.
  • As Andros called after Karone, a spying Darkonda was pleased, saying it was working; after Andros had left, Darkonda was delighted that Andros had gotten to her, thus causing her to doubt herself and to be torn between good and evil.
  • Having heard Darkonda's delight, Ecliptor confronted him, saying he was vile and without honor and that he should have destroyed Darkonda long ago.
  • Darkonda fought Ecliptor, planning to stop him from getting in his way; Ecliptor told Darkonda he never should have returned to this part of the galaxy.
  • Before attacking, Ecliptor said Astronema would never have to worry about Darkonda again.
  • As Darkonda and Ecliptor swordfought, there were golden glows of light between their swords.
  • Darkonda declared that Astronema was falling to pieces and that he intended to be there to pick them up.
  • After mutual slashing, with Darkonda blasting as well, both combatants were exhausted and on the ground; once they were back up, Darkonda flipped over Ecliptor and ran, but Ecliptor's eyebeams made several explosions around him, and he was sent flying off a cliff.
  • Darkonda warped back up behind Ecliptor and slashed him in the back; Ecliptor gave him his final warning to leave now and never come back, but Darkonda said the only way he would leave was if Ecliptor destroyed him.
  • When Ecliptor attacked, Darkonda warped behind him and grappled him, forcefully merging with yellow energy bolts after Darkonda had said he thought it was time they got a lot closer.
  • Darkliptor suddenly clutched his head in pain, and the two flew apart, weakened; Darkonda was outraged, saying it was impossible, but Ecliptor explained, "My mind is strong and disciplined. Yours is weak and unfocused."
  • Darkonda shouted that Ecliptor and Astronema were the weak ones, but Ecliptor rushed forward and delivered a slash to Darkonda's stomach which finally destroyed him.
  • Ecliptor, weak, surveyed the flaming hole in the ground and noticed something wasn't right, as there was no debris, and he furiously realized Darkonda had probably escaped again.
  • Ecliptor stormed onto the Dark Fortress and, bringing urgent news, went to Astronema's room where she lay on the bed.
  • Rising, Astronema interrupted, asking why he hadn't told her about her brother; Ecliptor thoughtfully explained that although they were both evil, they were very different.
  • Ecliptor said he had been built evil, every cubic centimeter of him; she, on the other hand, had been born, born to be good, and it had only been after years under his supervision that she had risen to become evil; thus, he had feared that if she'd known the truth, she would become good again.
  • When asked if she would become good again, Astronema said she was confused.
  • Ecliptor explained that he had come to tell her that Darkonda had spied on her and the Red Ranger and then spoken with Dark Specter, but how he'd known of the contact with Dark Specter is unknown.
  • Outraged by Darkonda, Astronema was angry at herself for not listening to Ecliptor's warnings about him.
  • Knowing Dark Specter would test her loyalty, Astronema planned to pass with flying colors, saying, "Evil is what I am, and evil is what he'll get."; she then told the needle monster she'd summoned to destroy the Red Ranger.


  • On Yotoba, Astronema was carrying morphed Andros away from Darkonda toward where she thought Zordon was when Ecliptor blocked their path menacingly, telling one or both of them, "You're history."
  • Astronema pleaded for Ecliptor not to attack, and Andros shielded her, telling Ecliptor to leave her alone; Ecliptor paused, looking at Astronema's pleading face, and couldn't.
  • Astronema didn't know what to say, but Ecliptor told her to just go; as she continued helping Andros along, Ecliptor told her, "Be careful, my princess."
  • Suddenly, Darkonda leapt up and viciously slashed Ecliptor in the back, calling him a traitor, leaving an enormous robotic slash across the length of Ecliptor's back; he then knocked him down with another slash to the stomach.
  • Darkonda said one traitor down and one to go, then stomped on Ecliptor's back.
  • A short while later, as Darkonda was attacking the rebellious Astronema, Ecliptor arrived, blasting Darkonda repeatedly with his eyebeams; reeling from the beams, Darkonda fell and exploded.
  • As Ecliptor staggered through the Piranhatron crowd, Astronema rushed over to him while the Rangers kept the Piranhatrons at bay.
  • Astronema refused to leave Ecliptor like this, but he told her to get going, as Dark Specter would be back for her and he would survive.
  • Ecliptor told the Rangers to get Astronema out of there, and they did so as Ecliptor tried to hold back the Piranhatrons.
  • Moments after the Megaship had taken off, Darkonda was speaking with Dark Specter on the viewscreen in the Dark Fortress when Quantrons brought in Ecliptor on a stretcher; Darkonda wanted Ecliptor and Astronema destroyed, but Dark Specter adamantly replied that he had plans for them and that their loyalties would never stray again.
  • Darkonda agreed, and once Dark Specter had vanished, he added, "For now," and had Ecliptor taken away, having plans of his own.


  • When Ecliptor trudged into the main chamber of the Dark Fortress perhaps the next day, he was quickly attacked by Quantrons who dragged him away while Darkonda watched.
  • In another room, Ecliptor was restrained to a table, and Darkonda walked up with a red doctor's light on his forehead, then brought a very menacing spiked spinning tool close to Ecliptor to give him an "attitude adjustment."
  • Later, when asked, Darkonda told Dark Specter that the mission was accomplished, and Ecliptor would never again forget that his loyalty was only to him, Dark Specter.
  • The next day, Astronema had sneaked aboard the Dark Fortress to reprogram Dark Specter's asteroid.
  • Ecliptor, with silver cyborg modifications all over his body, found Astronema and approached her; Astronema was initially relieved that it was Ecliptor, but as he said he was better than ever, she noticed his new form.
  • When Astronema asked with concern what they'd done to him, Ecliptor replied while approaching her, "The same as will be done to you, my princess," and as her headset fell to the floor, she screamed in protest; with this, the teens lost contact with Karone.
  • Later, as the Rangers attempted to push the asteroid with the Megazords, Darkonda laughed on the Dark Fortress that today was a fine day for destruction; beside him, Ecliptor watched silently.
  • Confronted by Andros and Zhane, Astronema now had circuitry along the right side of her face, and her suit had been modified for a more mechanical look; she still wore her locket.
  • Ecliptor attacked Andros and Zhane as ordered by Astronema; his sword had been modified along with his body.


  • After Astronema had pulled the Psycho Rangers out of battle just before they would have destroyed the Rangers, they were annoyed, but she blasted three of them to keep them in line, then ordered them to leave, telling them she would only tell them as much as she decided.
  • Intrigued as Astronema went into her room and sat to think, Ecliptor asked her to tell him her plan so he could assist her; evilly pleased, she told him that the Psychos' magnificent power was coming from Dark Specter himself; they would destroy the Rangers, but slowly, so she could drain Dark Specter away to nothing.
  • Ecliptor was astonished that Astronema wanted to destroy both the Rangers and Dark Specter, but she evilly said that there was only room for one evil monarch, and that would be her.


  • After Psycho Pink had been destroyed, Astronema told the Psychos the next time one of them attacked without her permission, she'd destroy them herself; in passing, she then winked at Ecliptor.


  • As the Psychos fought the Rangers, Dark Specter said his powers were being drained right now and told Astronema to find the perpetrators; heading to her room, Astronema quietly but urgently told Ecliptor to stop the Psychos now, and the four Psychos would then warp away from their fight.
  • Alone in the control room of the Dark Fortress, the Psychos were all quite angry at Astronema for stopping them; listening from Astronema's room, where he and Astronema were, Ecliptor told Astronema that the Psychos were angry and would attack the Rangers on their own, which pleased her.


  • Soon after the Psychos had stolen the Mega Voyager, Ecliptor told Astronema that it had been hidden as requested; the Psychos didn't think it was hidden well, but Astronema planned to ambush the Rangers when they found it.


  • Walking up behind Astronema on a mountain peak somewhere once she'd talked with Dark Specter, Ecliptor suggested that the Psychos had lost their patience and might strike out on their own to destroy the Rangers; on Astronema's order, Ecliptor then swore to prevent it from happening.
  • Meanwhile, as part of the ambush for the Rangers, the Mega Voyager lay in a large, black, abstract enclosed area, but the Rangers would soon detect it on a planet in the M94 galaxy.
  • After the Mega Voyager had been infected with the Rangers inside, giant Psycho-monster Red, peering inside the Megazord, told Red Ranger he was his at last, but he suddenly swirled away and appeared confused in the black grid area in normal form, where Ecliptor confronted him, telling him he'd brought him there, and asking what he thought he was doing.
  • Psycho Red replied he'd been about to destroy Red Ranger, then wielded his sword and slashed Ecliptor across the chest; unfazed, Ecliptor said he'd regret that and pulled out his sword.
  • Ecliptor fought Psycho Red, appearing to be fairly evenly matched; Psycho Red was sick of being bossed around, but Ecliptor ordered that he was to listen to orders until Astronema gave the word.
  • During the fight, saying he was nobody's puppet, Psycho Red streaked away, and Ecliptor remarked that he would pay dearly; ultimately, however, the Rangers would destroy the three Psychos before Ecliptor would get the chance.


  • After Jakarak had been destroyed, Ecliptor urgently told Astronema they could send down another monster, but Astronema dreamily told him to forget about the Rangers and that first they'd build up their own forces, having a plan she said couldn't fail.


  • As Mega Voyager approached Secret City after destroying giant Vacsacker, an alarmed Astronema had Ecliptor hurry; suddenly, the ground in the mountains quaked, and all of Secret City warped away in one giant warp wave, leaving the Mega Voyager alone in the mountains.


  • After scanning the five Rangers into data cards in Secret City's Data Laser room, Astronema handed Ecliptor the data cards, telling him to guard them with his life; she and the Quantrons then left.
  • The machine went haywire, and the Psycho Rangers smashed through the door connecting the test room and control room, startling Ecliptor.
  • Psycho Red planned for them to take over and make changes.
  • Ordering them out, Ecliptor shot his eyebeams, but Psycho Red blocked and reflected them with his hands, knocking Ecliptor over and making him drop the Rangers' data cards.
  • After Psycho Red had picked up the data cards, the Psychos fought Ecliptor; during the fight, each of the Psychos vanished suddenly while fighting Ecliptor, then they reappeared surrounding him, laughing at his confusion.
  • The Psychos simultaneously blasted Ecliptor with their blue energy bolts, knocking him out.
  • After the Psychos had restored the Rangers, Ecliptor eyeblasted the Psychos from behind, and while they again pounded him into submission, the Rangers escaped but were confronted again outside.
  • A bit later, as Zhane approached the tower while the Rangers were fighting the Psychos elsewhere, Ecliptor confronted him.
  • In the sentai shots of Ecliptor, his chest was damaged in spots, but he was undamaged in the US shots.
  • Zhane's rushing Super Silverizer blast attack, followed by two non-glowing slashes from the blade, made the already weakened Ecliptor collapse.
  • Back on the Dark Fortress after the people and Rangers had been freed and Secret City destroyed, Ecliptor humbly bowed for Astronema's forgiveness, not having anticipated the Psychos' interference; Astronema told him not to worry, as she always had another plan.
  • Holding the Psychos' data cards, Astronema said tomorrow was another day.


  • Probably months later, after Darkonda had lured the Rangers to the planet Forza, Ecliptor entered and said the Rangers were on the surface and that the Megaship was empty; Astronema had him activate "the web."
  • After the web had caused the Rangers to demorph, Astronema asked Ecliptor if he was sure the Rangers couldn't penetrate the web, and Ecliptor said not without the controller he was holding.
  • While Darkonda was sent to capture the Rangers, Astronema had Ecliptor go to capture the Megaship.
  • At the "Astro Megaship Alert Systems" console on the bridge, Alpha was intrigued by a green grid on a black screen; suddenly, the grid merged into a green point of light which flew in and landed in the bridge, becoming Ecliptor.
  • Alpha rushed to the engine portion of the center stations and set DECA to security password access only.
  • Ecliptor hurled Alpha across the bridge, then told DECA that the ship's top-secret data files were now under his control; when DECA asked him to enter his security password, Ecliptor used his sword to slash off her camera above "Computer Systems"; she then told him from "Operations & Safety" that that was an invalid entry and to please try again.
  • Ecliptor approached Alpha, whom he knew knew the password, telling him to give it to him or he'd turn him into a hundred transistor radios.
  • Backing out of the bridge timidly, Alpha hit the door controls, and the door slammed shut on Ecliptor, pinning him on the floor beneath the doorway.
  • Alpha tried to hide in a cargo room but was found; he refused his last chance to give Ecliptor the password.
  • As Ecliptor prepared to strike, DECA suddenly tilted the ship, making towers of containers fall on Ecliptor, burying him.
  • Before fleeing, Alpha teased Ecliptor from the doorway; Ecliptor shot a green energy bolt from his sword, missing but scaring Alpha off.
  • Soon, Ecliptor got in the Megalift and asked which deck the Hyper Accelerators were on; DECA told him and took him there as ordered, but on Megadeck 6, he slipped on hundreds of silver balls left by Alpha.
  • Ecliptor soon forced his way through the engine room door with his sword, planning to do some reprogramming.
  • Hiding behind some bins, Alpha opened the bay doors slightly, nearly sucking Ecliptor outside.
  • Ecliptor grabbed the doors, shot the control panel with a green energy bolt from his sword, and got back inside before the doors sealed; Alpha fled, and he decided not to go after the robot.
  • Ecliptor accessed the computer's top-secret database from the engine room's control kiosk.
  • Called by Astronema, Ecliptor heard a beep and suddenly said he'd discovered the location of the Mega Voyager; Astronema told him to go there and destroy it.
  • In the circuitry inside the engine core, Ecliptor ripped out a crackling cable and prepared to touch it to his remote device, saying this should be enough power.
  • As the engine died out, Ecliptor touched the cable to the device, and he streaked into the control kiosk as green energy.
  • At a computer terminal with an empty chair in the Ganymede moonbase, Ecliptor passed through a cable with red energy, then materialized from the inactive screen from red streaks.
  • Ecliptor's body, except for the cyborg parts, was now solid red, though his silver arm was red as well.
  • When Silver Ranger rushed in, Ecliptor said his power was now unsurpassed and that he would destroy the Mega Voyager.
  • Zhane fought Ecliptor clumsily with the Super Silverizer ; outside, Ecliptor was impervious to the Silverizer slashes and blasts.
  • Ecliptor grew to giant size, making Zhane asked if he didn't think it was a little unfair.
  • Mega Winger and giant Ecliptor faced off just outside the moonbase.
  • Ecliptor's charging was uninterrupted by blasts from the Wing Blaster.
  • The Mega Winger fell after being slashed twice by Ecliptor's sword.
  • Giant Ecliptor then slashed the moonbase's dome twice, making it crackle with red energy bolts, and explosions erupted throughout the base.
  • Ecliptor heard another spacecraft approaching and began to fly off, but Mega Winger grabbed his legs.
  • Ecliptor shot red/green eyeblasts with red energy bolts, blasting two holes into Mega Winger's chest and sending it collapsing backward.
  • Ecliptor prepared to finish him off, but the Astro and Delta Megazords arrived, blasting him.
  • When the Delta Megazord approached, Ecliptor pressed the yellow button on his sword's hilt; also present were red and blue buttons.
  • His sword crackling with red energy bolts, Ecliptor delivered a flaming red energy slice which made the Delta Megazord explode and fall back in pieces.
  • Ecliptor pressed the red button and sent a wave of flaming energy at the Astro Megazord and Mega Winger, downing the Mega Winger.
  • Ecliptor looked up into the sky and said, "Now for the Earth!" and flew to Earth, landing in what was presumably downtown Angel Grove.
  • After landing, the Astro Megazord began striking Ecliptor with its energy whip attack, but Ecliptor blasted the Megazord with his red/green eyebeams.
  • After grabbing the end of the now-solid Astro Megazord Saber, Ecliptor used his sword to chop the blade right off it.
  • While stomping the Megazord, Ecliptor suddenly began to spew steam from his joints, wondering what was happening to him, and he shrank to normal size, his extra power having been depleted, though he was still red.
  • After being struck by the Rangers' weapons, Ecliptor, having dropped his sword in a puddle, was weakened but got back up.
  • Andros performed his Battlizer punch/chop attack, followed by his supercharged Spiral Saber slash, causing Ecliptor to fall and explode.
  • As Ecliptor fell and exploded, a woman in blue armor with a blue head covering was watching from a crouching position behind him.
  • Ecliptor, now his normal color and weakened, emerged from the flames and teleported away.
  • On the Dark Fortress, Astronema congratulated Ecliptor, telling him one Megazord destroyed and another damaged.
  • Elgar shook Ecliptor's hand, telling him he'd looked smashing in red, but Ecliptor crushed his hand with his grip.
  • Ecliptor said now was the time to attack, before the Rangers had a chance to regroup, and Astronema agreed, telling him the plan.


  • As Battlized Andros hovered over the Piranhatrons and Darkonda during Astronema's invasion of Earth, Ecliptor rushed out and shot Red Ranger's wing pack with his eyebeams, making Andros veer out of control; he then reverted to normal form with a red gleam and fell to the street below.
  • As Ashley joined Andros, Ecliptor and Darkonda confronted them; their eyebeams and energy bolts flung the two Rangers back a long distance, where they demorphed in pain and then ran off.
  • Later, after the Rangers had been defeated and had gone into hiding, Ecliptor and Elgar walked with Astronema into the Dark Fortress hangar, where Ecliptor told her the super-torpedo would be ready momentarily.
  • Soon after Dark Specter's destruction, a hologram of Ecliptor's head appeared in the sky above each of the villain armies on the various planets, and he spoke, "Dark Specter is no more. Astronema, princess of evil, is now your supreme leader. It is for her that we fight, and for her we will conquer the universe! Good will be destroyed, and evil will rule."
  • Proudly astonished on the Dark Fortress, Astronema had trouble believing she really was the supreme leader now, but Ecliptor told her the universe was now at her beck and call, now calling her his queen.


  • The next morning, when the people of Angel Grove all pretended to be Rangers in reaction to Astronema's demand to bring her the Rangers, Astronema ordered for them all to be destroyed, and as her forces closed in, she and Ecliptor blasted into the crowd.
  • When the real Rangers revealed themselves and morphed to fight the Quantrons and Piranhatrons, Astronema and Ecliptor returned to the Dark Fortress.
  • Soon manning the control room alone with Quantrons, Ecliptor suddenly heard an alarm coming from the main core room, located off the control room; as he and Quantrons rushed in, Red Ranger went through the doorway and locked the door shut, trapping them inside the core room.
  • Minutes later, Ecliptor finally pried the door open and rushed in, stopping when he saw Astronema lying on the floor, apparently having been killed by Andros; horrified, he shouted, "What have you done to her?! Your own sister!"
  • Ignoring Andros, Ecliptor kneeled over Astronema's body and lamented, "Oh, my precious princess. You're like a daughter to me. Talk to me, please!" but she lay motionless.
  • Ecliptor growled and attacked Andros furiously, swearing to see that he paid for this, if it was the last thing he ever did.
  • After Zordon had insisted that Andros destroy his energy tube, as time was running out, Andros pinned down Ecliptor's sword, slashed Ecliptor's arm, then slashed Ecliptor's chest, knocking him back, and he then weakly crawled toward Astronema's body.
  • When Zordon told Andros it was his duty to save the universe, Andros charged up to strike Zordon's tube; just as Ecliptor got up to stop him, the Spiral Saber shattered the tube, releasing intensely bright orange light which stunned Ecliptor; he then turned gray and dissolved into small particles as the first of hundreds of victims of Zordon's energy wave.


  • During a time when Astronema had had her original purple hair, probably prior to 601-FON1, she'd battled a warrior on a green planet as Ecliptor watched nearby with his sword drawn, not interfering.
  • Ecliptor was shown in his second, large-shouldered form rather than his first.

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