- planet home to (or once home to) intelligent Edenoites
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First Appearance: 301-FIN1
Last Appearance: 303-FIN3


  • Edenoi was a brown, rocky planet with an atmosphere tinted red; the Edenoites were forced to wear gas masks to protect them from poisonous gases.
  • The poisonous gases that the Edenoites were forced by Dregon's armada to dig up only hastened the destruction of their planet.
  • Alpha had been monitoring the Command Center's galactic scanner when he'd picked up a distress signal from Edenoi.
  • Edenoi was the home planet of Alpha Five (or perhaps the original Alpha, if the successive Alphas retained the memories of their past forms); his memory banks contained many fond memories of the planet.
  • Zordon told Alpha that Edenoi was very far away and that all they could do for now was to continue monitoring for more information.
  • Count Dregon's Spiderbase was frequently shown flying away from what looked like the Earth's moon; this may have been a moon of Edenoi.
  • Zedd said that Edenoi was in the Andromeda sector; he didn't seem familiar with the planet.
  • Zordon said that Edenoi was in the northernmost corner of the galaxy, in the constellation Andromeda; he said it was far beyond their reach.
  • One area of the planet, where enslaved Edenoites were digging, was honeycombed with pockets of poisonous gases just below the surface; the air was safe to breathe outside a certain distance (within sight range) from the mine site.
  • The air of Edenoi was similar to that of Earth; it was safe to breathe once one was distanced from the poison gas mine sites.

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