- humanoid beings native to Edenoi
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  • The poisonous gases that the Edenoites (prounounced "Eden-ites") were forced by Dregon's armada to dig up only hastened the destruction of their planet.
  • The digging Edenoites appeared to have antennae; Lexian's antennae were much longer than his three fellow diggers' antennae.
  • Zordon said the Edenoites were a highly intelligent and gentle race of people.
  • Dex and his three friends were particularly paranoid of invaders.
  • When Billy tried to explain that they'd gotten a report that Edenoi was in danger, one of Dex's friends said they'd sent no message to the likes of them.
  • Dex told the Rangers, "You pose as friends, yet your garments betray you! You were sent by Count Dregon to further enslave our people!"; the Rangers were probably mistaken for the soldiers of Dregon's which wore tan and white suits somewhat similar to Ranger suits.


  • Dex had a silver crystal in his forehead which glowed faintly with white light at key points in his speech.
  • Dex was prince of Edenoi.
  • Dex's three friends had silver crystals on their foreheads as well.
  • The Edenoite's mind crystals, silver crystals located on their foreheads, gave them the ability to communicate their thoughts as well as images.
  • According to Dex, Count Dregon had enslaved the Edenoites and forced them to mine the soil, releasing noxious gases which would ultimately destroy the planet.
  • For many centuries, Edenoi had been a planet of great peace without the need for weapons or armies; Count Dregon, knowing this, had waged an attack and enslaved the Edenoites, a race of scholars and artisans.
  • Some Edenoites had escaped the planet, but many more were still in hiding.
  • Dex explained, "Until Lexian can be returned to his rightful throne, the people on Edenoi buy their time slaving in the gas mines, depending on Masked Rider to stave off Dregon's attempts to destroy the planet. Until that day, our rebel forces continue to fight bravely on, and I remain an outlaw under the guise of the Masked Rider, trying to bring some sense of hope to our people."


  • When Adam asked Zordon what he thought would happen to the Edenoites, whether he thought Lexian and Dex would get them away from the planet in time, Zordon replied that they were a strong-willed people and that he believed they would succeed.
  • Billy was sorry they hadn't had more time to get to know the Edenoites, Dex especially; Zordon said there was much they could learn from the Edenoites, and that perhaps there would be another chance.
  • On Edenoi after Dregon had been shown approaching Earth, Dex and Lexian were in a misty black chamber with images of planets around them, light streaming down from above, and they were wearing ancient white and gold royal garments.
  • Lexian and a saddened Dex had the following discussion in the misty black chamber:
    Lexian: "The time has come, Dex."
    Dex: "But, Grandfather, I can't just leave you."
    Lexian: "You must. It is too late for our planet now. Our spirit will live on to guide you to your destiny."
    Dex: "My destiny?"
    Lexian: "Planet Earth is Dregon's next target. It will be up to you to protect it from destruction. Now, go, before it is too late."
    Dex: "Grandfather, I will always love you."
    Lexian: "And I, you, Dex."


  • To help convince Zordon to call the Aquitian Rangers for help, young Rocky reminded him of their helping of Dex on Edenoi; since Alpha and the teens most likely would have checked up on the Edenoites' well-being some time after 303-FIN3 and Rocky probably wouldn't have mentioned their helping the Edenoites if the Edenoites had lost their struggle, it can be inferred that the Edenoites survived the crisis.

    Masked Rider's allies
    - three allies of Prince Dex, a.k.a. Masked Rider
    Left to right: Zarius, Donais, Ferrian, Dex (Masked Rider)
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    First Appearance: 301-FIN1
    Last Appearance: 303-FIN3


  • Dex and three friends were all dressed in gas masks and brown cloaks with white sashes to fight the Rangers, whom they thought were intruders.
  • Masked Rider appeared to fight the Rangers just as well as his three unmorphed Edenoite friends did.
  • When Billy tried to explain that they'd gotten a report that Edenoi was in danger, one of Dex's friends said they'd sent no message to the likes of them.
  • The female friend suddenly stopped attacking when Aisha mentioned that they had only come because Alpha had asked them to.
  • One of the male fighters was shocked that Billy knew that Edenoi's surface was being disrupted, but Billy could have known this easily if he had indeed been sent by Dregon.


  • Dex's friends called him "Sire."
  • Dex's long-haired Asian-looking friend was Ferrian, the shorter-haired friend was Donais, and the female friend with brown hair was Zarius.
  • While the three friends had fought the Rangers with Masked Rider earlier, they now hid safely as Masked Rider and the Rangers fought the Plague Patrol and Cogworts.


  • Jennifer, Rocky's science project partner, looked exactly like Zarius, but without the mind crystal.

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