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  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to give a ten-minute report on a language, Billy and Tommy paired up and decided to research the translation of ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics.
  • To aim the antidote missile at the right spot on giant Sinister Simian, Billy targeted her heart, saying it was where memories were kept, yet (unlike the ancient Egyptians) modern-day humankind, especially scientists such as Billy, understood the brain to be responsible for cognition, not the heart.


  • Three, designed by Zordon and Billy, was based on the sphinx, and its Zeo Battle Helmet used "pyramid power"; similarly, the Zeo Rangers demonstrated various other pyramid connections, including Gold Ranger's Pyramidas.


  • Adam was in an Egyptian stunt show in which a pharaoh-like guy tried to steal the Staff of Power to conquer Egypt, but Adam and two other people were defenders of the staff who defeated the would-be thief.
  • Pharaoh, a creature from ancient Egypt, had left Divatox at the altar a thousand years ago, but in real life, ancient Egypt only went up to the 300's BCE; in 1000 CE, Egypt was ruled by Arabian caliphs.
  • Pharaoh's staff looked identical to the one Adam had designed for the Egyptian stunt show from wood, papier mache, and glass.
  • Entering the subcraft's bridge from the lift, he said he'd been sitting down to a meal of scarab beetles and monkey brains when he was supposedly taken prisoner onto the subcraft, which he called a floating garbage can.
  • When Divatox told Pharaoh to take the detonator to the Angel Grove stunt show and make sure the "Rangers" didn't find it, he asked, "You're talking about the Turbo Rangers?"; after Divatox's reply of, "Who else?" he told her she could never beat them.

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