- mutant cyborg; former assistant to Divatox (500-TPRM through 601-FON1) and Astronema (603-SOSh through 643-CTD2)
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
Pictures: medium shot (shown at right), long shot


  • On the subcraft, Divatox blamed Elgar for the Piranhatron-like warriors' loss of Lerigot; Elgar claimed to have warned her that the warriors didn't have a clue, but she continued to blame him, since the warriors were his.
  • Elgar was Divatox's nephew.
  • A curved blade slid out of Divatox's left glove covering, and she threw it at Elgar, slicing off his right hand, which was revealed to be robotic underneath; Elgar exclaimed, "Rrrr, not again!"
  • Rygog remarked that one shouldn't send a moron to do a mutant's job.
  • Elgar suggested that Rygog do the job, since Lerigot was still on the loose with the Golden Key; Rygog declined and joked that he would lend a hand as he returned Elgar's severed hand.
  • Learning that Lerigot had gone to Earth, an unenthused Elgar (with his hand now reattached) suggested that they go back to looting and pillaging, since that was what he liked, but Divatox said they would never do so, since she would use Maligore's powers to raid the riches of the universe once she freed him from Muiranthias and married him.
  • At night, the subcraft hovered over Bulk and Skull and shone a light down on them; they sped away, but after they'd crashed into Norman's Bait Shop, the subcraft's bluish-white light teleported them into the craft after seeming to bleach their hair gray.
  • Later, Elgar had scrambled Bulk and Skull's brains so they'd be easier to deal with; they stood staring blankly in the subcraft.
  • Disapproving of his selection of Bulk and Skull as sacrifices, Divatox gave Elgar one last chance, and he smacked around the two superiors from his warrior team, telling them to find him more humans; a warrior underwater would then capture the scuba diving Jason and Kimberly after Divatox had spotted them.
  • The four teens met Elgar (in a motorized raft) and his warriors (on Piranhatron-styled waverunners) at a beach in the morning and tried to have Elgar release the hostages first, but he refused; the teens wanted to stall for more time, but Lerigot surrendered himself anyway; the teens, particularly Tommy, were then shocked to discover that what Elgar had dumped into the ocean were actually dummies dressed in Jason and Kim's wetsuits.
  • The next day, Elgar was manning the scanners when he detected five humans traveling without a vessel (actually the teens on the undetectable Ghost Galleon).
  • Elgar's earrings were missing in a close-up.
  • The day after that, Elgar was talking on the subcraft's telephone with someone when the alarm went off to indicate that they were sinking; before hanging up the phone, Elgar told the person, "Uh oh, we're sinking! Gotta go!"
  • Elgar was supposed to be dragging Jason along by a chain as the villains walked toward Maligore's temple, but in one shot, Elgar was walking with empty hands.
  • In the temple, Elgar wielded a whip against the Rangers.
  • The design of Elgar's head changed significantly, making him look meaner, during the fight scene.
  • For a sacrifice after the humans were turning pure again, Divatox wrapped her eel around Elgar's neck, and he fell into the pit.


  • With his body steaming, Elgar held a sword resembling a stack of cards that had been knocked over as he attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers.
  • Elgar didn't know when he'd seen Divatox this angry before.
  • For her journey to Earth, Divatox said she would need a crew of her best warriors, and Elgar begged to come along.
  • Elgar, still steaming, said he was still a little crispy from the Pit of Eternal Fire, the lava pit in Maligore's temple.
  • Divatox brought Elgar along, since she didn't want to leave him out of her sight for too long.
  • After the subcraft had arrived on Earth, Elgar was holding a chain connected to a pulley in the ceiling, which then tied around Porto, nearby, as two Piranhatron shoved him upright; Divatox told Porto to get back to work.
  • Elgar's teleportation effect consisted of orange energy lines around what appeared to be his points of contact as though he were passing through an invisible portal or gateway.
  • At the energy center briefly, Porto gave Elgar instructions on placing the detonator, in the exact center to cause maximum damage, and gave him a changer laser device in case anyone gave him any trouble.
  • After Porto had left, Elgar encountered Officers Bulkmeier and Skullovitch; he told them to step aside or he'd blast them, but they instead performed a choreographed baton sequence, at which point he blasted them with the changer laser, turning them into chimps.
  • When Justin confronted him, Elgar used purple energy to exchange the changer laser in his hand into his card sword.
  • When confronted by Justin, Elgar knew he was a Ranger.
  • Justin fought Elgar while unmorphed and did well.


  • Unmorphed Justin flipped Elgar onto the ground.
  • Elgar and the Piranhatrons retreated once all five Rangers confronted them at the power plant.
  • Carrying a large bottle of water on the subcraft, Elgar complained that it was hard to get good water delivery 20,000 leagues (or 70,000 miles) under, but the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean (the deepest ocean on Earth) is under seven miles deep; the Earth isn't even 16,000 miles wide.
  • Elgar was later cleaning Porto's face portal but then sneezed on it and had to start over.


  • Some time after Rygog had been ordered to prepare a full offensive on Angel Grove, Elgar drove one of a squadron of five giant vehicles through the desert.
  • Elgar's head and face always appeared quite different, giving him a meaner look, in the sentai footage.
  • Racing along a mountainous ledge, preventing Tommy from joining the other Turbozords, Elgar was startled when Tommy (perhaps inadvertantly) made the Turbo Megazord's head peek out and look at him; distracted, Elgar crashed his vehicle into a rock wall.
  • All five evil vehicles drove away once the Turbo Megazord was complete.
  • Elgar had a bandage on his head as he retreated.
  • Elgar, without the bandage on his head, later chased a winged, flying fish through the subcraft with a flyswatter, noting they had to get their screen doors fixed.
  • Elgar apparently wasn't familiar with Dimitria, but it seemed that Porto had been.
  • Elgar went to swing at the flying fish when it landed on Divatox's head; the results of this action weren't shown.


  • Porto completed work on the Chromite, and Elgar walked it in from the lift as it held his arm and a bouquet of roses, with a Piranhatron tossing up confetti and a spotlight following the couple.


  • After first telling him to swim with the sharks, Divatox had Elgar take a detonator to KAGV, the radio station which Visceron was using as a homing beacon.
  • After planting the detonator and returning to the sub, Elgar opened up a porthole and threw some water through it from a bucket, but the water soon splashed back in his face.
  • When Visceron awoke in the sea cave, he was smoking, and the right side of his face appeared to be smashed up; Elgar and Porto had been waiting to interrogate him.
  • Amused that Visceron had been blown up while fighting the Rangers, Divatox asked, "Isn't it ironic?"; Elgar replied to the camera, "Oh yeah. Don't you think, kids?", alluding to the Alanis Morissette song "Ironic."


  • Walking onto the bridge from the lift with a scuba mask and copper-colored surfboard, Elgar announced that he had returned.
  • In the south end of the bridge that night, Elgar slept on what looked like a futon on the floor; he was wearing a red nightcap and holding a fishbowl containing an oversized robotic fish; his boots were beside his bed.
  • When the villains found that Porto was gone, Elgar begged to fix the detonator Porto had left unfinished, and Divatox reluctantly accepted.
  • After supposedly completing the detonator, Elgar planted it on the back of one of the racers at the Angel Grove Derby, in which Justin was competing.
  • Later, on the subcraft, a hammerhead shark's head (looking just like Slippery Shark) was sticking into the subcraft through a porthole, and Elgar was trying to fight it off with a baseball bat.
  • Elgar soon locked onto Porto's coordinates and shrank him with red energy, then force-teleported him away with Porto's own teleport effect.
  • After Porto had returned, Elgar trimmed Divatox's ridiculously long red toenails; she wanted them round rather than square.
  • Divatox, Elgar, and Rygog all laughed at Porto's impending punishment of having to walk the plank (even though they were on a submarine).


  • As Porto introduced his latest detonator, Elgar looked at the camera while holding the detonator and announced, "This is the only device that those truly bent on world domination will ever need, all for only $19.95!"
  • As Demon Racer ran around the bridge at superspeed, Elgar said he loved the smell of burning rubber, as it smelled like complete world domination.


  • Elgar was reaching out through a porthole and pulling out Rygog's gloves and putting them in a clothes basket; already hanging on a clothesline nearby in the sub were Rygog's boots, and near that was an iron on an ironing board.
  • Elgar was soon surprised to find a pair of boxer shorts in his hand.
  • Later, Elgar wore Rygog's large torso armor, doing an Elvis impression; Rygog complained to Divatox, telling her Elgar was her nephew and asking her to make him stop.
  • Elgar told Divatox he had a birthday coming up, but she told him to forget it.
  • When Divatox was sad that she didn't have a family, Elgar reminded her she had him, but she said that was precisely the problem: all she had was "a
  • , malfunctioning nephew with the brain of a sea urchin"; when he happily told her he loved her too, she was repulsed.


  • In the sub, Elgar was trying to fight off a very long octopus tentacle that was wrapped around him from a porthole.
  • Some time later, Elgar had been almost completely pulled out through the porthole, except his head was still in the sub; shortly afterward, he was back on the bridge holding a pot of steaming octopus.


  • Elgar didn't know about Divatox's failed engagement to a creature from ancient Egypt known as Pharaoh, but Porto did.


  • Elgar and Rygog argued about which way the subcraft should go; Rygog said he was the navigator of the craft, but Elgar said Divatox had left him in control; the subcraft soon crashed into Angel Grove Cliffs.
  • When Divatox wondered whose brilliant idea it had been to turn those two (Bulk and Skull) into monkeys, Elgar suggested they could change them back, but Divatox said they had bigger fish to fry.


  • Displeased with Elgar, Divatox asked him if he was sure they were related, and he replied affirmatively.
  • When the chimps were playing with the periscope in the Juice Bar, the periscope viewer on the sub's bridge moved around, out of control, delivering a blow to Elgar's head which knocked him over.
  • Elgar was later about to swordfight the periscope viewer, but Divatox told him to stop fooling around.
  • Divatox sent Rygog and Elgar to hide the detonator-of-the-day.
  • Elgar thought to plant the detonator on one of the city's own emergency vehicles, a fire truck.
  • With the detonator about to go off, Divatox said her moment of victory was finally upon them, and she had Elgar, Rygog, and Porto go to the city to prepare the way for the new queen of the planet.
  • Elgar and Porto floated in the air and teleported away soon after arriving; Rygog, after having blasted at the Rangers only briefly, then left as well.
  • Angry over the failure of her plan, Divatox asked Elgar if he remembered Muiranthias, and she had two Piranhatron drag him away to throw him back into the Pit of Eternal Fire, despite his cries for mercy, saying he still had problem skin from last time and that he didn't want his nose to change a different color again.


  • On what she called a perfect beach day, Divatox was being carried in a covered throne by Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons on Angel Grove Beach while Porto and more Piranhatron walked with them; one Piranhatron was carrying what looked like Elgar's surfboard.
  • Elgar wasn't familiar with Blue Senturion.
  • According to Blue Senturion's estimated future from the year 2000, the universe's greatest evils would join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe; only one force stood in their way, a force which only Divatox, Elgar, and Porto saw. (See "Millennium message" for more information.)
  • After the hologram had ended, Elgar asked Divatox if she'd seen that; she replied that she knew what she had to do, then had Porto make Blue Senturion think the Power Rangers were evil and had to be destroyed for the good of the universe.
  • Divatox had Elgar rather than Porto send the Piranhatron; she planned to trick Blue Senturion into thinking the Rangers were attacking the Piranhatron.


  • Divatox planned to plant a detonator at the big soccer game the next day while the Rangers were busy fighting Electrovolt and Elgar.
  • When Divatox wanted Carlos to score four goals at the soccer game (to activate the detonator in the scoreboard), Elgar made a shame gesture with his fingers and asked if she'd bet on Angel Grove again.
  • From yellow energy from his hand in a desert area the next day, Electrovolt summoned a red dirtbike, bearing a positive sign, and a yellow dirtbike for Elgar, bearing a negative sign.
  • In a quarry, Electrovolt summoned dirtbikes for himself and Elgar, exciting Elgar.
  • Elgar (wearing a gold helmet) and Electrovolt rode around the Rangers, blasting inward at the Rangers with blue electricity.
  • Elgar and Electrovolt jumped through the air on their bikes and as they crossed paths shot a larger bolt of blue electricity at the Rangers.
  • Both bikes shot blue energy bolts from their fronts as they went through the air toward the Rangers and Blue Senturion.
  • Adam told Elgar he underestimated the power of good, but Elgar replied that evil was more fun.
  • After Adam had knocked Elgar down twice, Elgar wondered when he would ever learn not to fight with soccer coaches.


  • When Griller came aboard unannounced and offered his services to Divatox, Elgar pulled a "no smoking" sign off the wall of the lift, thinking it read, "No solicitors."
  • Elgar thought he'd heard of Griller, thinking he'd made the music video showing worms crawling out of someone's skull.
  • Later, Rygog and Elgar had removed the torpedoes and were polishing them on the bridge when Divatox wanted to use them to enlarge Griller; she made the two villains help Griller in the fight against the Rangers.
  • Elgar shot a red energy blast from his sword.
  • Rygog, Elgar, and the Piranhatrons retreated once Griller had been destroyed.


  • Divatox had Elgar take a school of Piranhatron to confront Adam and Justin at Angel Grove Cleanup Week, knowing they wouldn't be able to morph in public.
  • Confronting Adam and Justin, Elgar made subtle hints but didn't reveal the teens' identities.
  • During the fight, Elgar quietly remarked to Adam that it was tough when he couldn't whip out the old Morpher.
  • Elgar, arm-wrestling a Piranhatron, claimed to have beaten over 1,000 challengers and he was still unbeaten; Divatox absently beat him at arm-wrestling while stewing over Blue Senturion's ruining of her plan.
  • After Shrinkasect had shrunk the four Rangers, Elgar entered the sub from the lift, carrying a box with the shrunken Rangers in it.


  • Elgar dumped a bucket of water on Divatox as she lay on the floor with a burnt tongue from shrunken Tommy's Auto Blaster, then tried to pretend it was raining.
  • In Divatox's closet, Elgar had left a gold remote-controlled car, and Divatox, looking for a hand mirror, yelled to him, wherever he was, "Elgar, how many times have I told you to keep your junk out of my closet?!"


  • A Putrapod brought Tommy to a cave where Divatox, Elgar, and Rygog were waiting.


  • Rygog and Elgar teleported away after Divatox had set her trap for Tommy, and she soon left as well.


  • Watching as the Piranhatron made jacket after jacket in a factory, Elgar was eating a chocolate bar he'd been saving for weeks, but Divatox threw it into the vat to make the jackets irresistable.
  • Looting a shipment of gems to the Angel Grove Museum for Divatox with Rygog and Piranhatron, Elgar put on a pirate hat, wielded a sword, and announced to let the looting begin.
  • Elgar was hoping to find a video game in the crates of gold and jewels, but he was instead delighted to find what looked like a gold maraca.
  • Morphed Ashley tricked Elgar into sealing the shipment door shut.
  • Elgar said he had a bad back.


  • Elgar and two Piranhatron brought a treasure chest into the bridge from the lift after someone, presumably Divatox, had told him precisely where he would find it, in the Salton Sea (in southern California).
  • In a street, Elgar and Dreadfeather teleported away after only capturing one of the two space cars; they took Justin and Storm Blaster to a tire warehouse in the warehouse district, where the captives were shielded from the Power Chamber's (but not Lightning Cruiser's) sensors.
  • Justin tricked Elgar into cutting his chains.
  • After Lightning Cruiser had freed Storm Blaster and Justin from the warehouse, Divatox teleported to the warehouse; when Dreadfeather said they needed something as powerful as the space cars, Divatox said that was exactly why she'd brought them this, summoning an ugly brown modified car for Elgar.
  • Elgar told Carlos he couldn't read.
  • After his car was destroyed, Elgar, back in the sub, tried to trick Divatox with a map he'd drawn for gold in Hawaii; Divatox kicked Elgar into the lift to make him swim to Hawaii.
  • Elgar protested that he couldn't swim.


  • When Elgar made a comment about Divatox's bad aim after she'd missed a Piranhatron that had moved during her test shot of Porto's teleportation device, Divatox shot red eyebeams at Elgar but missed and turned a Piranhatron into a donkey.
  • After Divatox had disappeared from the beach after an accident with the teleportation device, Elgar made up a "Have You Seen Me Lately?" ad for a milk carton which read, "Divatox / Female / DOB: Unknown / Hair: Purple / Eyes: Two / Last seen trying to destroy the city."
  • After Mad Mike had been destroyed, Divatox used Elgar as a test subject for the teleportation device, upset that the villains had gone out for pizza while she was missing.
  • Rygog got the five pizzas from Elgar before Divatox fired.
  • The device teleported Elgar outside the sub, where a shark pursued him.


  • Sent by Divatox to rob Angel Grove Bank, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons were dressed in coats, shades, beards, bandannas, and hats.
  • After the invisible Phantom Ranger had beaten the villains up, Elgar told their mysterious attacker it was lucky he had hadn't time to go to the gym.
  • Back on the sub, Divatox commanded Rygog and Elgar to go back up to get enough gold to sink a ship, and they attacked a gold mine in Angel Grove but were again thwarted by the Phantom.
  • During the attack, Elgar shot blue energy from his sword.


  • Elgar was with Translucitor in the forest as the three captured Rangers were tied to a rocket, but he soon left when Ashley and Cassie began beating Translucitor up.


  • Following to Divatox's plan, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron set up a rocket in the forest (reminiscent of Translucitor's rocket in the forest in 524-VAct) which was going to launch the freeze key, a powerful freezing device, into the sun and freeze it.
  • Soon after the Rangers had rushed onto the scene to attempt to stop him, Elgar fired the rocket despite T.J.'s warning that they'd all freeze.
  • When the Rangers destroyed the rocket in mid-flight with the Turbine Laser, Elgar was disappointed but admitted that it had been a heck of a shot.
  • When Elgar returned to the subcraft, Divatox angrily shoved Elgar into the lift despite his protests that he couldn't swim, and he would then be shown swimming outside the sub; he later wandered in with a large squid on him, but his swim would be undone by Clockster's time reversal.
  • Back in time, as Elgar was preparing to launch the rocket, Divatox teleported onto the scene and told him to take the freeze key back to the subcraft, since the Rangers would rush in and shoot the rocket down with the Turbine Laser; when the Rangers rushed in as predicted, Elgar remarked, "Talk about psychic."
  • After Phantom Ranger's vanishing from the cave had caused the freeze key to vanish and time to resume, Clockster left, and Divatox sent Elgar after him.
  • In the city, Elgar told Clockster to turn back time again until the freeze key unexploded, but the freeze key had merely vanished from the cave.
  • Knocked down during a fight in which he, Elgar, and Piranhatron fought the Rangers, Clockster sped up time and then reversed it to just before the fight had begun.
  • Seeing the torpedoes coming, Elgar and the Piranhatron dove aside, then soon retreated to the subcraft.


  • In the mountains, Elgar and Piranhatrons were waiting to ambush the hiking T.J. and Cassie with a rockslide.
  • After springing the ambush, the two teens got away in Storm Blaster; not seeing the teens, Elgar said that even Rangers couldn't disappear into thin air, but he was obviously ignoring their power of teleportation.
  • That evening, Elgar tried to sneak onto the from the lift; what he'd been doing all that time is unknown, but the villains had been waiting for his return to fly the subcraft up to the Space Base.
  • Elgar proudly pointed out to Havoc, his uncle, that his head (Elgar's) had gotten bigger.
  • Elgar hauled in the subcraft's anchor.


  • Elgar had given General Havoc a map of Angel Grove in the form of a brochure; on the map, Angel Grove was a pink square in the center, with an area to the south labeled Stone Canyon, and a pink square the same size as Angel Grove labeled "Hosp."; there was a lake to the northwest of Angel Grove and another to the northeast; "P. Park" was to the north of the hospital.
  • While Metallasaurus rampaged on Earth, Elgar was shooting satellites with the neutron laser; Divatox scolded Elgar that it wasn't a game, but then had to get a token from him to work the laser, as she was out.


  • Rygog and Elgar were in the Cirrus Dimension with Piranhatron when the Rangers arrived to save Cassie; Rygog and Elgar fought fiercely for Rygog to carry out Havoc's orders of sprinkling Narvanian dust on Cassie to turn her to stone, even though the stone Cassie would actually be Havoc in disguise.
  • Soon after Havoc had ambushed Phantom, Divatox kissed the ruby in the Cirrus Dimension while Piranhatron restrained Cassie; meanwhile, Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron brought the weakened Phantom to her.


  • Divatox sent Elgar to go with Flash Head to capture the Rangers, but Elgar retreated once his plan to fire tennis balls at the Rangers had backfired and caused the Piranhatron to run away.
  • Before trying to shoot tennis balls at the Rangers, Elgar remarked that one shouldn't send a Flash Head to do a
  • 's job.
  • On the Space Base's balcony after Voltmeister was destroyed, Elgar was filming Piranhatron with a camcorder for some sort of video.


  • While Divatox was considering what to wish for with her three wishing coins, Elgar used a coin wishing for a full head of hair, giving him long brown locks.
  • Elgar later had his hair up in a beehive.
  • Just as Divatox was wishing with the third coin (Justin's) that the "Power Rangers be for all eternity...", Elgar, blow-drying his hair, accidentally knocked the coin from her hands and sent it falling to Earth; it and Elgar (subsequently thrown from the Space Base by Divatox) both landed at a house where Bulk and Skull had been doing plumbing work.
  • Elgar quickly learned that his hair was getting in his way.
  • Back on the Space Base, Elgar had the Piranhatron shave off his hair with an electric razor.
  • Divatox had Elgar bring evil Blue Senturion to her.


  • Blue Senturion and Elgar were later in the park, where Diva Drones brought them hundreds of coins in the search for the wishing coin.
  • On the Space Base, Divatox called for Elgar, and he scared her by appearing right in her face; she sent him to alert the Wild Weeder to Bulk and Skull's possession of the wishing coin in Martha's nursery.


  • At the villains' monster training area near Angel Grove Forest, Elgar said he hated these cattle calls.
  • When Divatox found out that Elgar had personally mixed Porto's new evil fuel formula, she had Elgar test the flying car; he promptly crashed, apparently ruining the car.


  • Elgar had broken the periscope.
  • Divatox had a rule whereby Elgar wasn't allowed to touch the periscope or her.
  • Elgar and Piranhatrons went to Angel Grove to steal parts from Ashley's car for Maniac Mechanic's battle wagon.
  • Elgar had a list which told him which parts he needed, but he supposedly couldn't read.
  • After Elgar and Piranhatrons had arrived, Skull hid inside the towtruck while Ashley fought the Piranhatrons and Elgar stole many parts from her car; meanwhile, Bulk was distracted under the car trying to attach the truck's chains.


  • Divatox and Elgar didn't believe Lord Litter's story about the nature-controlling boy Erutan.
  • Realizing how nice it would be to control the elements because of the damage she could do, Divatox told Elgar to bring her the boy.
  • Elgar, Lord Litter, and Piranhatron rounded a corner at the lake after Erutan had left after talking to T.J.; Elgar wanted to fight T.J., but Lord Litter made them leave.
  • The next morning, Elgar, Lord Litter, and Piranhatron trapped Erutan in a net when T.J. went looking for him on his morning jog.
  • Elgar retreated when Erutan made a lightning bolt strike Lord Litter, stunning him.


  • In some sort of underground compound, Rygog commanded the Creeps to continue to fight after they'd retreated from the Rangers; Elgar and Porto were in the compound as well.
  • Elgar knew that Porto's new cannon for the Creeps was called a Ranger Scrambler.
  • Helping the Creeps set up for their performance at Angel Grove Lake, Elgar had trouble counting to three.


  • Elgar was polishing the periscope when Divatox chose him to test-pilot Terrorzord.
  • Elgar flew off in Terrorzord before Porto could make a few adjustments, such as inserting the cotter pin.
  • While fighting the Rescue Megazord, Elgar had Terrorzord dodge one artillery cannon blast, then after the Rangers had located him, he quickly pulled out the prone Robo Racer and used it as a shield when the Rescue Megazord fired again.
  • Terrorzord's arm locked up while in the process of striking the final blow to the Megazord; Elgar forced the lever, causing the axe arm to fall off.
  • Terrorzord picked up its arm and flew away, leaving its axe behind.


  • Elgar was apparently using a blowtorch to fix Terrorzord in the Space Base's holding bay.
  • Some time later, Elgar stood with Rygog and Porto in the holding bay as Terrorzord's arm was being moved into position.
  • As the Rescue Megazord fought giant Goo and Robo Racer fought Terrorzord, the Megazord grabbed Goo's goo tube and squirted it at Terrorzord, transforming it into a camel on which Elgar sat.


  • On the bridge after Strikeout had been destroyed, Elgar and Rygog were wearing baseball caps, and Elgar had a bat, ball, and glove, when Divatox, not looking at the two henchmen, exclaimed that she didn't want to see any of those things again; they quickly discarded the items.


  • Elgar was swinging with a fly swatter at the lunar bats which were flying around the balcony; one of his casual remarks that the humans should try dealing with the creatures gave Divatox an idea to create the monster Count Nocturn from one of the bats.
  • After Count Nocturn had been destroyed, Divatox shoved Elgar off the balcony when he suggested getting another lunar bat, but he climbed back up.


  • Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatrons worked on the near-completed evil Zords on the surface of the moon.
  • Elgar put the control panel of the Divazord back together.
  • Later, on the Space Base's balcony, Elgar was building a house of cards with Divatox's oversized deck when Divatox returned from her fight in Divazord.


  • Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron were attacking morphed Carlos and Justin when the other Rangers arrived.
  • After he and Rygog had been blasted by Lightning Cruiser's laser cannon, Elgar told the Rangers, "You're gonna need [Lightning Cruiser] when Divatox sends down her big--" but Rygog interrupted him, telling him to be quiet; Elgar may have said "ol'" or possibly "gold" before being interrupted, or this may have been merely a grunt.
  • The next day, Elgar and the Piranhatrons fought the Rangers during the beginning of Sharkzord's attack.
  • Elgar had a swordfight with T.J.
  • Elgar shot purple energy bolts from his sword.
  • Elgar retreated from the Rangers once they had regrouped.


  • In her flying car, Divatox drove up on the surface of the moon, where Porto, Elgar, and Piranhatron were, to look at Goldgoyle, who stood in giant form on the moon.
  • Later walking through the desert right after the Rangers had destroyed Goldgoyle despite losing both Megazords, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons saw the Rangers streak overhead through the sky on their way to the Power Chamber and followed them over the horizon, finding the Power Chamber over a set of mountains.
  • Upon first seeing the streaks, Rygog commented on the connection between the streaks of light and the Rangers, and Elgar suggested that they follow them.
  • As the two villains caught sight of the Power Chamber, Rygog asked if it was what he thought it was, and Elgar knew they'd found the Power Chamber and that Divatox would flip.
  • On the Space Base, Rygog and Elgar told Divatox they'd found the Power Chamber, and the best part was that the Rangers were inside.
  • Despite Elgar and Rygog's earlier bickering over who had discovered the Power Chamber, once the villains were setting up for their assult in the desert, Porto attributed the discovery to Elgar, not believing he'd done something right.


  • As Divatox watched the capture of the space cars, Elgar asked her, "Things are looking pretty good, huh?", and she then looked up at the Power Chamber and said it was only a matter of time.
  • After the Piranhatron army had seemed to retreat once the Rangers had sealed themselves inside the Power Chamber, Elgar and the Piranhatron attacked soon afterward with a battering ram; more Piranhatron scaled the structure with grappling hooks.
  • Entering the Power Chamber as the Piranhatron fought the Rangers and wrecked the place, Elgar spotted Zordon's and Dimitria's empty plasma tube; if he destroyed it, he said, they couldn't come back, so he threw a Piranhatron's hammer into the tube, shattering it.
  • Elgar planted explosive devices from a case all over the Power Chamber's interior.


  • Attending Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet, Divatox had brought along Elgar, Rygog, Porto, Piranhatrons, and a Putrapod.
  • Once Rita and Divatox had exchanged bitter words over the Power Rangers, Elgar turned back and asked Rita what was with the hair, provoking Rita into shooting an energy blast at Divatox's back.
  • After Astronema had turned and walked off with an attitude after catching Rita's stray blast, Divatox, surprised, asked Elgar who she was, and Elgar replied, "That's Astronema. They say she'll be the new queen of evil," but Divatox planned otherwise.
  • Later seated at the banquet table, Elgar drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.
  • As the cloaked Red Ranger ran across the table with his Spiral Saber after fending off Quantrons and General Havoc upon being revealed as a spy, Divatox shouted at Elgar for him to do something, and Elgar attacked along with Quantrons but was fended off.


  • Just after Astronema had watched the Rangers take the Megashuttle to Earth, with the Dark Fortress recently having arrived near Earth, Elgar suddenly walked in, and when Astronema demanded to know what was doing there, he replied, anything she wished, calling her his queen.
  • Elgar asked a Quantron for a turkey on rye with extra peanut butter.
  • Astronema told the Quantrons to throw him off her Dark Fortress, but when Elgar said Dark Specter had said she needed him, she stopped them and growled in consternation with a smile on her face.
  • Late the next day, some time after the Rangers had escaped NASADA in the Megashuttle and defeated giant Ecliptor with the Astro Megazord, Astronema mused that she had to work smarter, not harder - beat the Rangers at their own game; to that end, as she stroked a live turtle on a podium nearby, she had Elgar lock the Satellasers on the New York City sewers, impressing Elgar.
  • A purple beam from the Dark Fortress shot into the New York City sewers, pulling the five confused Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles up onto the street above.


  • Elgar and Quantrons went along with Astronema to meet the Ninja Turtles.
  • When teleporting with the Quantrons, Elgar would have a red version of their teleportation, in which two points of light from top and bottom converged to make him vanish, or diverged from the center to make him appear.
  • The next day, the Ninja Turtles' lowering of the Megaship's defenses allowed Astronema, Quantrons, and Elgar to teleport onto the bridge; he soon worked the center controls.


  • At night, Elgar slept standing against a pillar in the main room of the Dark Fortress.


  • Flying a Velocifighter, and accompanied by another Velocifighter, Elgar shot down a NASADA satellite he'd been looking for, making it crash onto the planet Kalderon.
  • Later, Elgar was relaxing while many Quantrons were searching the planet for the satellite.
  • Eventually, Elgar and the Quantrons encountered the teens and fought them; Elgar retreated when giant Clawhammer roared in the distance.
  • Nearby, Astronema threatened to feed Elgar to Clawhammer if he didn't find the satellite before the Rangers.
  • As the teens prepared to leave with the data discs, Astronema, Quantrons, and Elgar confronted them.
  • After defeating the Rangers, Astronema took the discs from Red Ranger's hand and had Elgar guard them with his life.
  • To tie up the Rangers as Astronema told him, Elgar first tucked the discs into a slot in his vest.
  • As the villains then prepared to leave, the discs fell out of Elgar's vest, probably due to Andros's telekinesis.
  • When Astronema realized back on the Dark Fortress after Clawhammer's destruction that Elgar had lost the discs, she grabbed Elgar and told him it was time to play with Scrudley; Quantrons covered their eyes as a screaming Elgar was locked into a cell nearby with a monster with two glowing red eyes.


  • Storming through the Dark Fortress with Elgar following her taking notes after Sting King's destruction, Astronema told him no more insects; as she had an alarm sounded, making Quantrons scramble around, Elgar repeated, "Okay, no bugs and no French painters. Got it," a reference to the Artistmole monster used by Rita and Zedd in 308-ABWD.
  • Although this was Elgar's first reappearance since his encounter with Scrudley in 606-SatS, the Dark Fortress had been shown very little since then.


  • After Astronema, on the planet Hercuron had guessed that the company Elgar described approaching the Dark Fortress was the Rangers, Elgar told her over the video phone that she was the smartest boss he'd ever had; Divatox, nearby, was outraged and tried to spot him in the video screen, but he ducked and immitated a phone operator's voice before the transmission ended.


  • After Ecliptor's test of the Evilyzer in which the yellow Galaxy Glider, rather than Yellow Ranger herself, was turned evil, Elgar was mocking Ecliptor, not thinking he was much of a warrior or particularly evil for that matter.
  • When Ecliptor, having returned, turned him around, Elgar began to blather nervously, then attempted to brush Ecliptor's chest while flattering him, making Ecliptor smack him aside.
  • Astronema told Ecliptor to build her another Evilyzer, only much bigger, then told Elgar she needed a decoy to attract the Rangers, after which the dangerously powerful Destructipede monster attacked Angel Grove.
  • Destructipede was a centipede monster, breaking Astronema's rule in 610-Wasp that they were to use no more insect monsters.


  • Darkonda said he'd come to see Astronema's newest lackey; the reader will note that this would have been Elgar.
  • When the Megaship later streaked away from presumably the orbit of a jungle planet toward KO-35, Elgar said he'd lost the Megaship, but Ecliptor shoved him aside to track it with the controls; at this point, Darkonda, casually standing on the edge of the control room, told them where the Rangers were going.


  • As Astronema and Ecliptor entered the main room of the Dark Fortress after Darkonda had been mutated and enlarged by a strength potion secretly poisoned by Ecliptor, Elgar was at the controls grumbling that the ship had the worst video games ever, until Astronema shoved him aside and was startled to see giant Darkonda on a rampage in Angel Grove.


  • After giant Darkonda had been destroyed after badly damaging the Astro Megazord, Elgar was excited about the thrashing Darkonda had given the Rangers; Ecliptor was glad he had been destroyed, but Elgar doubted it, rambling about how bad and powerful Darkonda was.
  • After Ecliptor had silenced Elgar, Astronema pointed out, "He's right, though," and said the Rangers were down for the count thanks to Darkonda.
  • Astronema said now was the perfect time to attack Earth, and Ecliptor growled and left with her, leaving Elgar to chuckle cockily to himself.


  • When Body Switcher transformed Astronema into Ashley, Elgar cowered but then looked at her and remarked, "Whoa, baby!"
  • After being captured, the real Ashley was tied with rope to a tree in what looked like the Cirrus Dimension, with Body Switcher thinking of ways to show off his powers for her.
  • Walking up after calling out to ask where everybody was, Elgar was shocked to find Astronema tied up; he shoved the monster down and cut the disguised Ashley free as she ordered.
  • Ashley thanked Elgar as he helped her down, then told him to tie up the monster and ran off; only after she'd left did Body Switcher angrily explain that was actually the Yellow Ranger.
  • Returning to the Dark Fortress later, Astronema was unamused but not furious when grappled by Elgar.
  • Nearby as Astronema soon grumbled about Body Switcher's destruction, Elgar quietly told a Quantron that he liked Astronema better the other way, and she casually zapped his rear with a purple energy bolt, making him chuckle, "Hey, but what do I know?"


  • After the Rangers had trashed Darkonda's lab on Dekata 5 and destroyed three of his Crocotox monsters (one on Earth) with the help of the Silver Ranger, Astronema was outraged, saying it couldn't be, as the Silver Ranger had been destroyed on KO-35 years ago, but Ecliptor replied that the Silver Ranger was as alive as ever.
  • Elgar pointed out that Darkonda was alive too and teased Astronema that this day couldn't get much worse, prompting her to order the Quantrons to take him to play with Scrudley.


  • Elgar was back to fire the Satellasers while the Rangers fought Praying Mantis.


  • Later in the day after her Horror Bull and Destructoid attack in Angel Grove, Astronema was sitting by her window on the Dark Fortress, where Elgar told Ecliptor she'd been sitting all day.
  • After later preparing a second Horror Bull, Ecliptor had Elgar inform Astronema that they were ready to attack, but Elgar found that she wasn't in her room; confused, Ecliptor was sure she would want them to proceed with the plan, and despite Elgar's uncertainty, he had Horror Bull attack.


  • In a passageway of the Dark Fortress, Darkonda told Elgar he had to be on his toes: lock the hatches, put the Quantrons on high alert, as the Rangers could be there any minute after Astronema.
  • Elgar happily told Darkonda a Ranger wouldn't step onboard with trusty Elgar on the job, and Darkonda replied that he was relying on him.
  • Seeing two Quantrons (actually Andros and Zhane in disguise), Elgar told them to keep their eyes open for Power Rangers, then he wondered what was for lunch.


  • After Datascammer had been destroyed, Astronema turned and said, "You've failed me," but Elgar was perplexed, as he was the only one there.
  • Confused, Astronema asked where the Psycho Rangers were, and Ecliptor said they'd left to make trouble for the Rangers, causing Elgar to grumble about troublemakers.


  • As Astronema was upset after the destruction of the Psycho Rangers that she'd been so close to destroying Dark Specter, Elgar was confused as to whose side she was on; she replied that she was on her own side, then told him as she aimed her staff at him that if he was smart, he'd keep his mouth shut.
  • As Elgar nervously left chuckling, she blasted him in the rear with her staff.


  • After Ecliptor had been defeated upon nearly destroying the moonbase, crippling the Mega Winger, and destroying the Delta Megazord, Elgar shook Ecliptor's hand, telling him he'd looked smashing in red, but Ecliptor crushed his hand with his grip.


  • After giant Tankenstein's robot form had self-destructed, taking the Mega Voyager with it, Astronema was pleased that the Rangers were almost out of firepower, and Ecliptor said it was only a matter of time before the Rangers were completely at their mercy.
  • When Elgar wondered what Dark Specter would think, Ecliptor held his sword near Elgar's neck to silence him, and Elgar ran out.


  • As Astronema addressed her Quantron army elsewhere after receiving Dark Specter's order to begin the final assault on the universe, Elgar called up Rita and Lord Zedd for her by the time she returned; he had probably also contacted the Machine Empire and Divatox to give them the orders.
  • Later, after the Rangers had been defeated and had gone into hiding in Angel Grove, Ecliptor and Elgar walked with Astronema into the Dark Fortress hangar, where Ecliptor told her the super-torpedo would be ready momentarily.
  • Later among the invasion force on Earth, Elgar was confused when the villains began bowing to the Astronema hologram in the sky, but he then caught on and did so himself.


  • The next morning, Elgar was among the victims of Zordon's energy wave.

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