- Zordon's home planet; invaded by Dark Specter (544-CIS1 through 545-CIS2)
Eltar (under siege)
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First Appearance: 544-CIS1
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1


  • Alpha monitored the opening of a wormhole to Eltar, and he and Zordon kept it a secret from the teens (except Tommy) until the wormhole was opened, at which point they had to leave quickly before the wormhole closed.
  • After appearing in the Power Chamber, Lerigot asked Zordon and Alpha if they were going home soon, and Alpha told him they were.
  • Alpha said the wormhole was nearly ready for interdimensional travel, but Eltar was never revealed to be in another dimension.
  • When Porto calculated that the wormhole's destination was the planet Eltar, he wondered who would want to go there; Divatox was intrigued, saying that only one intergalactic being on Earth had any reason to take a trip to Eltar.


  • Eltar was Zordon's home planet, where Zordon had a family he returned to when Lerigot gave him his freedom.


  • After Phantom Ranger's second fight against Divatox's henchmen, Dimitria told the teens they'd determined that the planet Eltar was the source of the mysterious power (presumably Phantom's).
  • Dimitria said that perhaps the Phantom Ranger was an Eltarian voyager.
  • If the Phantom truly was an Eltarian voyager, Dimitria said, then no one, not even she, would know his purpose until he chose to tell them.


  • On Eltar, Zordon and Alpha Five had built robotic duplicates of the teens, mentally identical to the originals, and the teens now tested them for several days to see how real the robot teens were and whether they could endure the battle against evil.
  • Another day after the teens had explained everything to robot Justin, the robot teens were needed on Eltar; the five seemingly happy robot teens were teleported to Eltar without supplies or luggage of any sort.


  • When Dimitria mentioned an urgent message from Eltar, Justin exclaimed that Eltar was the source of all their powers.
  • Zordon told the teens that Eltar was under attack; a visual showed massive explosions on a gray moon-like planet.
  • Zordon said that so far they had been able to resist their attackers' advances, and that though the teens might be tempted to come to their aid, they had to stay and protect the Earth.
  • Probably no more than an hour later, Dimitria gave the Rangers grave news, that planet Eltar had fallen to evil forces; the teens were all quite concerned about Zordon and wanted to go help him, but Dimitria said they had to stay to defend the Earth from Divatox, so she and Blue Senturion were leaving to try to help Zordon.


  • In the Power Chamber after the Rangers had been overwhelmed by the invading Piranhatron outside, T.J. asked Alpha whether they still had shields, but the robot replied that they were totally gone; what had caused the shields to disappear is unknown, though the fall of Eltar, the source of the Rangers' powers, may have had something to do with it.
  • Probably only minutes after Divatox had destroyed the Power Chamber, a flaming face streaked in from the sky to tell her that Zordon had been captured and that she was to leave at once for the Cimmerian planet for Dark Specter's assembly of villains.
  • As the helmetless Rangers stood together in the rubble of the recently-demolished Power Chamber, their torn and dirty suits vanished with bright light, leaving the teens unmorphed and dirty, with their clothes having slices in the same places as the power suits had been damaged; Cassie observed that their powers were gone.
  • At NASADA, Justin told General Norquist the Power Rangers needed his help, and after Norquist asked what they needed, Justin replied, the space shuttle, causing the guards to chuckle.
  • Justin thought to whisper something into Norquist's ear, after which Norquist exclaimed, "Eltar!" and asked when the Rangers needed it; Justin replied right now, and Norquist accepted, causing his two fellow directors or scientists to look at each other, dumbfounded.
  • Soon afterward, Norquist told Justin that the shuttle was set to take the Rangers to Eltar, as Justin had requested, but the teens had earlier intended to go to the Cimmerian planet.


  • Eltar was apparently much further from Earth than the Cimmerian Planet, as T.J. planned for the teens to set a new course for the Cimmerian Planet if the shuttle couldn't make it to Eltar.


  • When Skygantor took out five black keycards to bet with at a card game in the Onyx Tavern, the dealer yelled that they were worthless, but Darkonda carefully examined them with intrigue, asking where he'd gotten them.
  • Skygantor defensively told the dealer, "I stole them when we battled on Eltar!"; the dealer was unimpressed.
  • Skygantor added, "They were Zordon's! They must be worth something!" and Darkonda agreed, saying the keycards were priceless.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Zordon's title was "Zordon of Eltar."

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