- teen waitress; Jason's former girlfriend (436-BITS through 450-Good)
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First Appearance: 436-BITS
Last Appearance: 510-GlHa


  • Eddie and his biker gang rode terrorized Ernie's beach club as it was being set up on the lake; Eddie claimed that the area was the gang's turf.
  • Emily rode behind Eddie on his bike.
  • Emily wore a gold elephant's head necklace.
  • Emily, wearing orange, went into the Juice Bar the next day and ordered a cola.
  • Jason, recognizing Emily from the biker gang, asked Emily if they'd met; she rudely replied that they hadn't, but Jason recognized her necklace.
  • When Emily was afraid Eddie would see her in the Juice Bar, Jason asked her to go somewhere they could talk, since a really good friend of his (Ernie) was preparing to shut down his club because of her friends.
  • Walking on the beach with Jason, Emily explained that when she'd first moved to Angel Grove, no one would talk to her, so she'd joined Eddie's biker gang, since they were the only ones who would talk to her.
  • Jason suggested that Emily should tell Eddie she didn't agree with him.
  • When Emily found Louie Kaboom's remote control in the sand, Louie told her he'd take that; when Louie turned Emily's necklace into the Tough Tusks monster, Jason told Emily to run and that he'd take care of Louie and Tough Tusks and then meet up with her later; she ran off and apparently hid behind a rock formation while Jason flipped onto the other side of another rock formation, placing himself out of Emily's view to morph.
  • After hearing how Jason had helped Emily, Eddie took his biker gang to the beach club to show his appreciation by having the gang help set up the beach club.
  • When Ernie said the girl he'd hired to run the beach club had had to take another job and he needed someone who could start right away, Emily took the job.
  • Later that day, in different orange clothes, Emily said that working at the beach club was the best job she'd ever had.
  • Emily's primary wardrobe color was orange unless otherwise stated.
  • Jason gave Emily back her necklace later that day, after Tough Tusks had been destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord.
  • Emily and Jason appeared interested in each other.


  • Working at the beach club, Emily wanted to tell Rocky how impressed she was that he was modeling in the Mr. Stenchy fashion show; her comment convinced Jason to model as well.
  • When morphed Jason was flipped onto his back by the Stenchy monster at the beach club, Emily cried out, "Gold Ranger!"; he told her to get the monster's attention, and she did so, calling the monster over to herself, at which point Gold Ranger sent the monster flying with a surprise kick; Jason then congratulated Emily on the nice work but said that she'd better go now and that he'd take over from there; she smiled and rushed off.
  • At the fashion show, Emily wore a black dress with an orange flower pin.
  • Tanya and Kat apparently knew that Emily liked Jason.


  • Emily worked at the beach club, which had been busy lately due to the hot weather; she would be shown working there again in 441-ZR5? and 443-Kng2.


  • Emily was working on her new shaved ice in the Juice Bar.


  • Jason was surprised that Emily was working in the Juice Bar, and she explained that she was helping Ernie out there since the beach club was closed.


  • Emily worked at Ernie's luau at the beach club.
  • Emily and Jason were still interested in each other.
  • Emily sat at the teens' table to watch the Hawaiian dancers at the luau, and Tanya had herself, Rocky, Jason, Adam, and Emily dance with the Hawaiian dancers.
  • When Cogs attacked the luau, the six teens directed everyone away from the area (with Jason guiding Emily away).


  • Emily, carrying a backpack, came into the Youth Center and asked Tommy and Adam if they'd seen Jason, as he had planned to show her some martial arts moves after their class.
  • Emily helped Ernie while waiting for Jason.
  • When Jason stumbled into the Youth Center and collapsed, the teens took Jason away rather than letting Ernie call an ambulance.
  • Emily was walking along the shore of the lake as Tommy was talking with Jason on the edge of the park about Jason's losing the Gold Ranger powers.
  • As he saw Emily walking, Jason said that things couldn't be all that bad, and he said goodbye to Tommy before he joined Emily on her walk and the couple put their arms around each other.


  • Jason returned to Angel Grove with Kimberly; the status of his relationship with Emily is unknown.


  • Emily, making her final reappearance since 450-Good, took the teens out back behind the Youth Center to show them the painting Lt. Stone's chimps had made on the wall.


  • Emily still worked for the Youth Center, but she was back east visiting her grandmother at this point.
  • Emily apparently had access to the Youth Center's safe on a regular basis.

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