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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

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Episode Chronology

101-DOTD : Day of the Dumpster
Zordon recruits five teenagers to become Power Rangers.

102-HiFv : High Five
Trini must conquer her fear of heights.  The Rangers are sent to a time warp.

103-Tmwk : Teamwork
Kim and Trini try to close down a dump site.  The Rangers get their Power Weapons.

104-PrEn : A Pressing Engagement
Jason tries to achieve a new benchpressing record.  The Rangers learn about their Power Crystals.

105-DiDr : Different Drum
Gnarly Gnome hypnotizes a group of girls but leaves Melissa, Kim's deaf student, unaffected.

106-FdFt : Food Fight
Pudgy Pig crashes the food festival and threatens to consume all the world's food.

107-IEyG : I, Eye Guy
Eye Guy kidnaps Billy's young friend, Willy.

108-PRPk : Power Ranger Punks
Baboo turns Billy and Kimberly into punks.  Kim saves the Rangers from Terror Toad.

109-PL&W : Peace, Love, and Woe
Billy asks Marge to a dance.  Madame Woe kidnaps Marge, thinking she's a Ranger.

110-FPIS : Foul Play in the Sky
Squatt drugs Kim's uncle Steve, and Kim must land a plane by herself.

111-FWBT : For Whom the Bell Trolls
Trini dreams of Rita turning her favorite doll into a monster.

112-HBZk : Happy Birthday, Zack
Zack thinks everyone has forgotten his birthday, but a surprise party is in the works.

113-NClA : No Clowning Around
Pineapple the Clown turns Trini's cousin Sylvia into a cardboard cutout.

114-DkWr : Dark Warrior
Dark Warrior kidnaps Trini's uncle Howard to obtain his invisibility formula.

115-SwPl : Switching Places
Billy's invention accidentally switches his brain with Kimberly's.

116-BigS : Big Sisters
Kim and Trini are big sisters to MariaRita kidnaps Maria to open the ancient Power Eggs.

117-GWE1 : Green with Evil part 1: Out of Control
Rita turns Tommy into her evil Green Ranger.

118-GWE2 : Green with Evil part 2: Jason's Battle
The Rangers recover from Green Ranger's attack.  Tommy warps Jason to the Dark Dimension.

119-GWE3 : Green with Evil part 3: The Rescue
The Rangers rescue Jason from the clutches of the Green Ranger and fight Scorpina.

120-GWE4 : Green with Evil part 4: Eclipsing Megazord
Goldar, Scorpina, and Green Ranger nearly destroy the Megazord.

121-GWE5 : Green with Evil part 5: Breaking the Spell
The Rangers defeat the DragonzordJason breaks the spell over Tommy.

122-TWSh : The Trouble with Shellshock
Trini retrieves the Deandra flowers to save the others from Squatt and Baboo's monster.

123-IBSp : Itsy Bitsy Spider
Rita exploits Zack's fear of bugs with a spider monster.

124-SpFl : The Spit Flower
Kim makes a float for a parade, but Rita sends Putties to destroy it and sends the Spit Flower to terrorize Angel Grove.

125-LAMa : Life's a Masquerade
Rita mines Super Putty.  The Frankenstein monster crashes the Youth Center's costume party.

126-GuHo : Gung Ho!
Jason and Tommy must put their differences aside to retrieve special weapons to destroy the Super Putties.

127-WOMf : Wheel of Misfortune
Rita turns Kim's grandmother's spinning wheel into the Wheel of Misfortune.

128-IOI1 : Island of Illusion part 1
Rita summons Lokar and sends the Rangers to the Island of Illusion to prey on their self-doubts.

129-IOI2 : Island of Illusion part 2
The Rangers must conquer their fears to return to Angel Grove and stop Mutitis and Lokar.

130-Rkst : The Rockstar
Scorpina and the Rockstar try to get the Mirror of Destruction from Jason and his cousin Jeremy.

131-CKim : Calamity Kimberly
Kim's bad day gets worse when the Samurai Fan Man traps her in a jar.

132-ASIB : A Star is Born
Tommy auditions for a commercial.  The Rangers must face Babe Ruthless and Scorpina's worm monster.

133-TYOY : The Yolk's on You!
Rita tricks Fang into fighting the Rangers over his lost gooney bird eggs.

134-GrC1 : The Green Candle part 1
Rita uses the Green Candle to begin draining Tommy's powers.

135-GrC2 : The Green Candle part 2
Jason fails to retrieve the Green Candle, and Tommy must give up his Power Coin.

136-BOAF : Birds of a Feather
To destroy Hatchasaurus, the Rangers must first destroy Cardiatron, its computer heart.

137-CUCl : Clean-Up Club
The Polluticorn interrupts the teens' cleaning up of Angel Grove Park.

138-BROY : A Bad Reflection on You
Evil Ranger duplicates get the Rangers in big trouble.

139-Ddy1 : Doomsday part 1
Rita interrupts Power Ranger Day by summoning Goldar's Warzord Cyclopsis.

140-Ddy2 : Doomsday part 2
Cyclopsis nearly destroys the Zords, but the Rangers outsmart the Warzord.

141-PigS : A Pig Surprise
Rita tries to recreate Pudgy Pig from Bulk's pet pig.

142-L&Bl : Lions and Blizzards
Rita ruins Zack's date with Angela by turning the trophy from the Oddball Games into a monster.

143-RSOE : Rita's Seed of Evil
Rita plants the Octoplant to cover the Earth with its tentacles.

144-CrON : Crystal of Nightmares
Goldar drains the Rangers' self-confidence with the Crystal of Nightmares.

145-SFsh : Something Fishy
Billy must conquer his fear of fish, which Rita amplifies with a spell.

146-Flea : To Flea or Not to Flee
The Juice Bar almost goes out of business.  Jason gets a rash.

147-ROTJ : Reign of the Jellyfish
Rita tries to steal the Rangers' time capsule to be famous in the future.

148-POTM : Plague of the Mantis
The Mantis challenges Trini's sense of honor and her knowledge of praying mantis kung fu.

149-ROF1 : Return of an Old Friend part 1
Rita kidnaps the Rangers' parents and tricks the Rangers into giving up their Power Coins.

150-ROF2 : Return of an Old Friend part 2
Tommy returns as the Green Ranger to retrieve the Power Coins.

151-GBee : Grumble Bee
Billy gets his first B ever.  Billy and Trini fight the Grumble Bee.

152-THBO : Two Heads are Better Than One
Jason and Tommy team up to outsmart Rita's Two-Headed Parrot monster.

153-FwlP : Fowl Play
Zack's attempts to impress Angela with a magic show are put on hold by the Peckster.

154-ELiz : Enter... the Lizzinator
Rita kidnaps Kim's cousin Kelly.  The Rangers must fight the superstrong Lizzinator.

155-TOrT : Trick or Treat
Kim forfeits a game show and Tommy forfeits a martial arts competition to join the Rangers in fighting Pumpkin Rapper.

156-OF&N : On Fins and Needles
Tommy and Jason must overcome their rivalry spell to hunt down the Slippery Shark.

157-SeCh : Second Chance
Jason and Zack help Roger practice for the soccer tryouts.  Rita sends down the Soccadillo.

158-FbSe : Football Season
Tommy overcomes his self-doubt to try out for the football team.

159-MMMu : Mighty Morphin' Mutants
Rita uses the Badges of Darkness to turn Putties into Mutant Rangers.

160-OySt : An Oyster Stew
Zack and Angela double-date with Tommy and Kim.  The Rangers must take the Megazord underwater to fight the Oysterizer.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

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Episode Chronology

201-Mut1 : The Mutiny part 1
Lord Zedd takes over Rita's job and has Pirantishead sieze control of the Dinozords.

202-Mut2 : The Mutiny part 2
The Dinozords attack while the Rangers learn of the Thunderzords.

203-Mut3 : The Mutiny part 3
The Rangers recover the Dinozords and create the Thunderzords.

204-WBeR : The Wanna-Be Ranger
The Rangers must outsmart Zedd's shapeshifting monster.

205-POTB : Putty on the Brain
Zedd's spell has Billy and Zack seeing their fellow Rangers as Putties.

206-BlOD : Bloom of Doom
Zedd's spell makes Kim jealous of Trini.

207-GrDr : The Green Dream
Zedd puts Tommy under a spell to obtain the Sword of Power.

208-PStl : The Power Stealer
A camera records the Rangers morphingOctophantom captures all of the Rangers but Jason and Billy.

209-BInv : The Beetle Invasion
Zedd creates the Stag Beetle to drain the last of Tommy's powers.

210-WTVI : Welcome to Venus Island
The Rangers travel to Venus Island to save Trini's neighbor Hallie.

211-TSOG : The Song of Guitardo
Kim and Tommy team up to defeat the Guitardo and free the others from his spell.

212-GNM1 : Green No More part 1
Turbanshell siphons Tommy's powers into the Green Crystal.

213-GNM2 : Green No More part 2
Tommy destroys the Green Crystal and fights as the Green Ranger for the final time.

214-MGrn : Missing Green
Jason feels guilty about not retrieving the Green CandleZedd kidnaps the other four Rangers and uses magic candles on them.

215-OMIP : Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
Trumpet Top makes the Rangers hallucinate old monsters.

216-B&TB : Beauty and the Beast
Goldar kidnaps Kim to make her into Zedd's new queen.

217-WhL1 : White Light part 1
Rita's dumpster lands on EarthNimrod overwhelms the Rangers.

218-WhL2 : White Light part 2
Tommy becomes the White Ranger and the new leader of the team.

219-TFrO : Two for One
Tommy and Kim's date is interrupted by a duo of monsters.

220-OpAt : Opposites Attract
Billy monitors a magnetic storm.  Zedd turns his device into a monster.

221-ZdMM : Zedd's Monster Mash
Tommy is trapped in a haunted forest with monsters from the past.

222-NjE1 : The Ninja Encounter part 1
Zedd kidnaps three ninjas from Stone Canyon to turn them into evil warriors.

223-NjE2 : The Ninja Encounter part 2
The Terror Blossom and Hatchasaurus distract the Rangers from rescuing their friends.

224-NjE3 : The Ninja Encounter part 3
The Rangers save their new friends but reveal their identities in the process.

225-ZdWv : Zedd Waves
Beamcaster puts everyone, including the Rangers, under a spell, and only the Rangers' new friends can save the day.

226-MOGP : A Monster of Global Proportions
Zedd kidnaps the World Teen Summit members and ransoms them for the Power Coins.

227-PTr1 : The Power Transfer part 1
Jason, Trini, and Zack are chosen to go to a Peace Conference.  The Rangers travel in search of the Sword of Light for the power transfer.

228-PTr2 : The Power Transfer part 2
Jason, Trini, and Zack transfer their powers to Rocky, Aisha, and Adam.

229-GoVV : Goldar's Vice-Versa
Adam finds out too late that his date to the dance is Scorpina in disguise.

230-MrOR : Mirror of Regret
Goldar uses the Mirror of Regret to shatter Adam's self-esteem.

231-WRNR : When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?
Scatterbrain erases the Rangers' memories, and Bulk and Skull must come to their rescue.

232-RJWF : Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun
Zedd makes Rocky irresponsible.  The other Rangers are turned into giant pachinko balls.

233-LiCA : Lights, Camera, Action
The Rangers make their first national television appearance.

234-WSmF : Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
Becoming fire safety captain goes straight to Aisha's head.

235-ScvH : Scavenger Hunt
Zedd creates the Cannontop monster to interrupt the teens' scavenger hunt.

236-TGBE : The Great Bookala Escape
The Rangers help Bookala return to his home planet before Zedd can get Bookala's Lightning Diamond.

237-FoFr : Forever Friends
Aisha's old friend Shawna competes with Kim for Aisha's friendship and a gymnastics competition.

238-ARFS : A Reel Fish Story
Zedd brings back all of his old aquatic monsters.

239-RBT1 : Rangers Back in Time part 1
Zedd turns the Rangers into children and traps them in a photograph.

240-RBT2 : Rangers Back in Time part 2
Alpha restores the Rangers, and they destroy the Rock of Time.

241-Wed1 : The Wedding part 1
Rita puts a love spell on Zedd.  Evil Alpha traps the Rangers in an abandoned theater.

242-Wed2 : The Wedding part 2
Rita and Zedd prepare for their wedding.  The Rangers remain trapped.

243-Wed3 : The Wedding part 3
Rita and Zedd get married.  The Rangers escape from the theater.

244-RGR1 : Return of the Green Ranger part 1
The Wizard of Deception makes a clone of Tommy to become the evil Green Ranger.

245-RGR2 : Return of the Green Ranger part 2
The Rangers are stranded in colonial Angel Grove while the White and Green Rangers fight in the present.

246-RGR3 : Return of the Green Ranger part 3
Tommy rescues the others from the past and turns his clone good.

247-BMFJ : Best Man for the Job
Rita makes Tommy and Kim resent each other, then she steals Saba.

248-SbR1 : Storybook Rangers part 1
Kim, Tommy, and Rocky are trapped in a storybook.

249-SbR2 : Storybook Rangers part 2
Aisha, Adam, and Billy fight Bulk and Skull's monster, then free the others from the storybook.

250-WWR1 : Wild West Rangers part 1
Zedd sends Goldar and Needlenose to conquer Angel Grove in the past.  Kim is stranded in the old west with the monsters.

251-WWR2 : Wild West Rangers part 2
Kim teams up with the ancestors of her fellow Rangers to send Zedd's forces back to the present.

252-BRGB : Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Rita and Zedd kidnap Billy and replace him with an evil duplicate.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

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Episode Chronology

301-FIN1 : A Friend in Need part 1
The Rangers travel to Edenoi and find themselves unwelcome.

302-FIN2 : A Friend in Need part 2
The Rangers team up with Masked Rider on EdenoiKim fights a monster on Earth while sick.

303-FIN3 : A Friend in Need part 3
The Rangers say goodbye to the Edenoites and return to Earth to help Kim.

304-NjQ1 : Ninja Quest part 1
Rito teams up with Rita and Zedd's old monsters to destroy the Thunderzords.

305-NjQ2 : Ninja Quest part 2
The Rangers travel through the Desert of Despair, seeking out the creator of the Power Coins.

306-NjQ3 : Ninja Quest part 3
Ninjor gives the Rangers new powers and Zords.

307-NjQ4 : Ninja Quest part 4
The Rangers use their new Ninjazords to fight Rito and Vampirus.

308-ABWD : A Brush with Destiny
Finster preys on Kim's fears about moving to France by pulling the Artistmole from her nightmares.

309-PsLn : Passing the Lantern
Adam learns of the power within himself when Rita and Zedd steal his family's lantern.

310-WFAD : Wizard for a Day
Rocky switches places with his teacher, whom Rito turns into a monster.

311-FD&L : Fourth Down and Long
Centiback turns all the Rangers but Rocky into footballs.

312-FiFO : Final Face-Off
Zedd and Rita release an ancient spirit which steals people's faces.

313-SHM1 : Stop the Hate Master part 1
The Hate Master fills the Rangers' minds with hate, leaving only Aisha unaffected.

314-SHM2 : Stop the Hate Master part 2
Aisha helps the Rangers conquer Hate Master's spell.

315-PoNo : The Potion Notion
Finster's love monster runs amok.

316-Cat1 : A Ranger Catastrophe part 1
Rita's double agent, Katherine, abducts Tommy.

317-Cat2 : A Ranger Catastrophe part 2
The Rangers must rescue Tommy from Rito and Goldar's clutches.

318-ChZ1 : Changing of the Zords part 1
Rita and Zedd obtain the lost Shogunzords, Kim's Power Coin, Ninjor, and the Falconzord.

319-ChZ2 : Changing of the Zords part 2
Kat tricks Kim into being captured.

320-ChZ3 : Changing of the Zords part 3
Tommy goes through Zedd to rescue Kim.  The Rangers steal back the Shogunzords.

321-FCab : Follow That Cab!
The Rangers get Shark Cycles to pursue the cab monster holding Kim, Bulk, and Skull captive.

322-DSP1 : A Different Shade of Pink part 1
Kim is dangerously weak from her training and Rita and Zedd's continuous attacks.

323-DSP2 : A Different Shade of Pink part 2
When Kat resists the spell over her, Rita and Zedd try to get her back by any means necessary.

324-DSP3 : A Different Shade of Pink part 3
Kat retrieves the pink Power CoinKim gives her powers to Kat and moves away.

325-IDWR : I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
It seems Kim and Tommy will never get any quality time under the mistletoe when Zedd takes over Santa's workshop. (Note: See Timeline for episode placement.)

326-Pita : Rita's Pita
A monster inside Tommy's stomach makes him crave junk food.

327-ABIW : Another Brick in the Wall
Billy fights Brick Bully alone while Kat frees the others from brick form.

328-Chmp : A Chimp in Charge
Finster turns Kat's aunt's chimp into a monster.

329-MVA1 : Master Vile and the Metallic Armor part 1
Master Vile recaptures NinjorTommy and Kat go to the moon to beat Vile to the Zeo Crystal.

330-MVA2 : Master Vile and the Metallic Armor part 2
Tommy and Kat get the Zeo Crystal and the FalconzordMaster Vile robs the Rangers of their Zords and the crystal.

331-MVA3 : Master Vile and the Metallic Armor part 3
The Rangers recover their Zords and scatter the Zeo Subcrystals through time and space.

332-TSOD : The Sound of Dischordia
Dischordia puts the Rangers under a dancing spell.

333-RIRv : Rangers in Reverse
Master Vile uses the Orb of Doom to turn back time and turn the Rangers into children again.

Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers

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334-ARA1 : Alien Rangers of Aquitar part 1
Rito and the Tengas chase the Rangers on their way back to the Command Center.

335-ARA2 : Alien Rangers of Aquitar part 2
The Aquitian Rangers arrive to defend the Earth.

336-CEvF : Climb Every Fountain
Billy restores his own age.  Rita and Zedd destroy the Power Coins.

337-ATrp : The Alien Trap
Rita and Zedd's monsters pollute Angel Grove Lake and weaken the Aquitian Rangers.

338-Bulk : Attack of the 60' Bulk
Rita and Zedd turn young Bulk into a monsterZordon announces the beginning of the Zeo quest.

339-WYTh : Water You Thinking?
The Rangers embark upon their Zeo quests.  Zedd blocks the Aquitians from calling their Battle Borgs.

340-ACSp : Along Came a Spider
Adam retrieves his Zeo Subcrystal.  The Aquitian Rangers must rescue Billy from Arachnofiend.

341-SSOE : Sowing the Seas of Evil
Tommy and Kat retrieve their Zeo Subcrystals.

342-HdA1 : Hogday Afternoon part 1
Aisha seeks out her Zeo Subcrystal.  The Aquitian Rangers face their arch-nemesis, Hydro Hog.

343-HdA2 : Hogday Afternoon part 2
Aisha sends Tanya in her place.  The kids reunite the Zeo Crystal, but Rito and Goldar destroy the Command Center.

Power Rangers Zeo

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400-PRZP : Power Rangers Zeo "It's Coming" previews
The Machine Empire is on its way, and the Power Rangers are nowhere to be seen. (Note: May be out of continuity; see "PRZ Misc.")

401-AZB1 : A Zeo Beginning part 1
The teens find their way into the Power Chamber.  The Machine Empire sends Rita and Zedd packing.

402-AZB2 : A Zeo Beginning part 2
The five teens become Zeo Rangers to fight the Machine Empire.

403-ShSt : The Shooting Star
Tanya is upset by her boyfriend Shawn's cheating.  The Rangers get new Zeozords.

404-Trgt : Target Rangers
Mondo completes Silo with the help of Rocky's and his science partner's computer program.

405-FCOL : For Cryin' Out Loud
Boohoo the Clown amplifies the crying of baby Joey, whom Tommy and Kat are babysitting for a school project.

406-Outf : Rangers in the Outfield
Tanya joins the baseball teamRocky is trapped inside the People Pitcher.

407-EDog : Every Dog Has His Day
Kat, in the woods with a sprained ankle and a broken communicator, must defend herself against the Machine Empire.

408-PuBl : The Puppet Blaster
Mondo turns the friendly robot Puppetman evil, and Puppetman then turns the children of Angel Grove evil.

409-IORS : Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers
Rocky, Kat, and Tanya are extras in a movie.  Sprocket traps the Rangers in a movie of his own.

410-GrBl : Graduation Blues
Billy graduates early and then goes with Cestro to Aquitar to help fight an alien invasion.

411-AFBS : A Few Bad Seeds
Mondo turns Rocky's plant into a duo of monstersRocky nearly becomes a plant himself.

412-InOD : Instrument of Destruction
Adam must protect a mysterious pianist from the clutches of the Machine Empire.

413-MnSc : Mean Screen
Mean Screen infects all the computers of Angel Grove, including the Rangers' computers.

414-MBWR : Mr. Billy's Wild Ride
The teens must bring Billy home safely before the Machine Empire can get him.

415-Sno1 : There's No Business Like Snow Business part 1
Billy and Kat take Tommy skiing to get his mind off his breakup with Kim.

416-Sno2 : There's No Business Like Snow Business part 2
Robocupid makes the people of Angel Grove fall in love with machines.

417-Sno3 : There's No Business Like Snow Business part 3
All of Angel Grove is heating up.  The Machine Empire ruins Tommy's last chance with Heather.

418-InSp : Inner Spirit
With the Zeo Megazord disabled, Tommy must learn to use the Red Battlezord.

419-Chal : Challenges
Tommy goes on a vision quest, but first he must save Adam by fighting Punchabunch.

420-Lost : Found and Lost
Tommy's recently discovered brother is kidnapped by the Machine Empire.

421-Bro? : Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?
Tommy saves David and successfully forms the Zeo Megabattlezord.

422-TrMe : Trust in Me
The Machine Empire sends down Defector to win the Rangers' trust.

423-ICAG : It Came from Angel Grove
Adam dreams about Rita and Zedd sending him on a quest.

424-BlkF : Bulk Fiction
Bulk has a crush on the police chief's daughterSprocket causes trouble with his new robot.

425-SSYw : Song Sung Yellow
Tanya gets her big break in the music industry.

426-ASTR : A Season to Remember
An elderly Tommy tells his grandson of a Christmas almost ruined by Prince Sprocket.

427-GHnr : Game of Honor
The Machine Empire prepares a fleet of invisible ships.

428-PwOG : The Power of Gold
The mysterious Gold Ranger comes to the aid of the Rangers.

429-SmPr : A Small Problem
Sprocket shrinks Tommy and Kat.

430-OBOR : Oily to Bed Oily to Rise
The Rangers must stop Leaky Faucet from poisoning the waters of Angel Grove.

431-RBye : Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers
The Machine Empire tries to put the Rangers to sleep - permanently.

432-DIKY : Do I Know You?
The Rangers help Gold Ranger when he is attacked by a robotic bounty hunter.

433-RvOG : Revelations of Gold
The unmasked Gold Ranger seeks Zordon's help.

434-GHom : A Golden Homecoming
Jason becomes the Gold Ranger.  The Rangers receive the Super Zeozords.

435-MLSt : Mondo's Last Stand
Rocky, feeling unappreciated, tries to take on Mondo by himself.

436-BITS : Bomber in the Summer
Rita and Zedd send Louie Kaboom to take over the Machine Empire.

437-SOAW : Scent of a Weasel
Machina makes the Rangers smell bad.

438-Aurc : The Lore of Auric
Tanya discovers the secrets of Auric the Conqueror and her lost parents.

439-RCGo : The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold
The Midas Hound turns everything around it to gold, including Jason.

440-TJOB : The Joke's on Blue
Gasket and Archerina arrive and send Louie Kaboom to battle the Rangers.

441-ZR5? : Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?
Gasket abducts TommyJason takes over as leader.

442-Kng1 : King for a Day part 1
Having lost his memory, Tommy thinks he's king of the Machine Empire.

443-Kng2 : King for a Day part 2
The Rangers rescue Tommy with some help from Bulk and Skull.

444-BMOT : A Brief Mystery of Time
Gasket makes time repeat itself, and only Tommy knows what's happening.

445-MyMe : A Mystery to Me
When her fellow Rangers vanish, Kat must fight Archerina alone.

446-AS&D : Another Song and Dance
Machina makes Tommy and Tanya unable to stop singing.

447-RTW1 : Rangers of Two Worlds part 1
Billy is rapidly aging.  Monsters from the Machine Empire and Rita and Zedd attack.

448-RTW2 : Rangers of Two Worlds part 2
The Zeo and Aquitian Rangers team up.  Billy moves away to Aquitar.

449-HZeo : Hawaii Zeo
Gasket and Archerina interrupt Tommy and Kat's first date.

450-Good : Good as Gold
Jason loses his powers.  Rita and Zedd destroy the Machine Empire.

Power Rangers Turbo

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500-TPRM : Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
Divatox releases her fiancee Maligore.  The Rangers use new Turbo powers and Zords to stop him.

501-SIT1 : Shift into Turbo part 1
Divatox plans to avenge the ruining of her wedding by ruining the teens' graduation.

502-SIT2 : Shift into Turbo part 2
The Rangers save a power plant and attend their graduation.

503-SIT3 : Shift into Turbo part 3
The Rangers use their Turbozords, and Zordon and Alpha 5 are replaced by Dimitria and Alpha 6.

504-Shad : Shadow Rangers
Porto's Chromite uses the Rangers' powers to create Shadow Rangers.

505-TrIm : Transmission Impossible
Visceron travels to Earth with an urgent message for Dimitria, but Divatox gets to him first.

506-RlyR : Rally Ranger
Justin's derby is interrupted by Porto's going AWOL.

507-BFSp : Built for Speed
The Rangers must fight Demon Racer and stop a drag race.

508-BBFB : Bicycle Built for the Blues
It's Justin's birthday, and Divatox gives him a bicycle that won't stop until it explodes.

509-WLie : The Whole Lie
Whenever Justin lies, a Piranhatron appears.

510-GlHa : Glyph Hanger
Adam inadvertently takes a monster's staff, and it turns all the writing around him into heiroglyphics.

511-Wt&S : Weight and See
When Kat's feeling self-conscious about her weight, Numbor makes her weightless.

512-Al&D : Alarmed and Dangerous
Two bullies are after JustinPiranhatrons are tripping alarms all over Angel Grove.

513-MiMe : The Millennium Message
Blue Senturion arrives with a warning from the future, but Divatox turns him against the Rangers.

514-ADTW : A Drive to Win
Adam's soccer coaching is interrupted by Electrovolt.

515-Cars : Cars Attacks
Kat has an important audition.  The Rangers must fight Griller.

516-Shr1 : Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers part 1
Shrinkasect shrinks Blue Senturion and all of the Rangers but Justin.

517-Shr2 : Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers part 2
The shrunken Rangers escape and return to normal.

518-PTT1 : Passing the Torch part 1
Divatox captures Tommy.  Two new friends help the Rangers.

519-PTT2 : Passing the Torch part 2
The Rangers destroy Flamite and then select replacements to be the next team of Rangers.

520-StWi : Stitch Witchery
Divatox puts the new teens under an anger spell.

521-TWOF : The Wheel of Fate
Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster join the Rangers' side.

522-TBTS : Trouble by the Slice
Divatox loses her memory and ends up working in a pizza parlor.

523-PhPh : The Phantom Phenomenon
The Phantom Ranger arrives on Earth and aids the Rangers.

524-VAct : Vanishing Act
When everything in Angel Grove vanishes, Ashley and Cassie save the day with some help from the Phantom Ranger.

525-WTFO : When Time Freezes Over
Divatox has Clockster turn back time so she can retry a failed scheme, but time becomes frozen along with Clockster.

526-DrkD : The Darkest Day
General Havoc arrives with Metallasaurus and steals the Turbo Megazord.

527-OLHo : One Last Hope
Phantom Ranger gives the Rangers new Rescuezords.

528-FOPh : The Fall of the Phantom
Havoc steals the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby and attacks with a rebuilt Metallasaurus.

529-ClMz : Clash of the Megazords
The Rangers must use the Rescue Megazord to fight the evil Turbo Megazord.

530-Robo : The Robot Ranger
The teens test Robot Rangers who will help out on Eltar.

531-BTTW : Beware the Third Wish
Of three of Divatox's wishing coins, one is used to turn Blue Senturion evil, one wasted by Elgar, and one missing on Earth.

532-GOEv : The Gardener of Evil
Divatox's forces pursue Bulk and Skull in the search for the final wishing coin.  The Rangers fight Blue Senturion.

533-FIYT : Fire in Your Tank
Torch Tiger uses stolen Ranger booster fuel to set Angel Grove Forest ablaze.  Porto uses it to make a flying car for Divatox.

534-TOWW : The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
Ashley takes a class in auto mechanics, and her knowledge of engines is put to the test in the battle with the Maniac Mechanic.

535-SpOW : Spirit of the Woods
T.J. aids a nature spirit named Erutan.

536-Conf : The Song of Confusion
Cassie's band is actually a team of Ranger-like monsters in disguise.

537-Accd : The Accident
Carlos feels guilty about hurting his friend's leg.  Divatox sends down the Terrorzord.

538-CBFr : Cassie's Best Friend
Mr. Goorific turns Cassie's dog temporarily into a humanGoo and Terrorzord attack.

539-CrvB : The Curveball
T.J. must learn how to hit a curveball to defeat the Strikeout monster.

540-C&TC : Carlos and the Count
Count Nocturn turns Carlos into a vampire.  The Rangers form the Rescue Turbo Megazord.

541-LSMn : Little Strong Man
Justin obtains super strength from an ant bite, but he's unable to morphDivatox pilots the Divazord.

542-RivR : The Rival Rangers
Cassie and Ashley compete for the same guy.  Porto pilots the Sharkzord.

543-P&Pc : Parts and Parcel
Using parts stolen by Piranhatrons, Rygog pilots all three evil Zords against the Rescuezords.

544-CIS1 : Chase into Space part 1
Goldgoyle destroys the Megazords.

545-CIS2 : Chase into Space part 2
Divatox destroys the Power Chamber before being called away.  The teens blast off for Eltar while Justin stays behind with his dad.

Power Rangers in Space

See also:  Episode Chronology

601-FON1 : From Out of Nowhere part 1
A Red Ranger crashes Dark Specter's banquet of villains.  The four teens are taken aboard Red Ranger's Megaship.

602-FON2 : From Out of Nowhere part 2
Andros gives the teens Astro Morphers, and Alpha discovers how to form the Astro Megazord.

603-SOSh : Save Our Ship
Ecliptor and Astronema attack NASADA, but the Rangers escape in the shuttle just in time.

604-ShSh : Shell Shocked
Astronema turns the Ninja Turtles evil and has them infiltrate the Megaship.

605-NvSS : Never Stop Searching
Andros searches for his lost sister, and Carlos is injured helping him fight Ecliptor.

606-SatS : Satellite Search
The Rangers retrieve data discs from a downed NASADA research satellite.

607-ARAT : A Ranger Among Thieves
Andros inadvertently joins up with a group of car thieves.

608-WPCS : When Push Comes to Shove
Cassie goes on a date to get back her diary but ends up in the middle of a plutonium crisis.

609-CrIn : The Craterite Invasion
Thousands of Craterites escape from the Megaship's Simudeck and hide in Angel Grove.

610-Wasp : The Wasp with a Heart
Cassie discovers a monster who can't make himself be evil.

611-DDsc : The Delta Discovery
Phantom Ranger helps the Rangers follow Zordon's trail, and he sends Andros after the Delta Megazord.

612-GrEv : The Great Evilyzer
Astronema uses Professor Phenomenus's Evilyzer invention to turn the Delta Megazord evil.

613-Grma : Grandma Matchmaker
Ashley's grandmother tries to find Ashley a boyfriend and then ends up helping the Rangers.

614-BaSt : The Barillian Sting
Darkonda joins forces with Astronema and unleashes the Barillian Bug, which turns whomever it bites into a monster.

615-TJId : T.J.'s Identity Crisis
T.J. loses his memory after being injured by Darkliptor, the combination of Darkonda and Ecliptor.

616-FDrk : Flashes of Darkonda
A super-strong Darkonda nearly defeats the Rangers after Andros obtains from him a set of keycards and knowledge about his sister.

617-RMVy : The Rangers' Mega Voyage
While Darkonda trashes the Astro Megazord, the Rangers retrieve the Mega Vehicles and form the Mega Voyager.

618-TBTR : True Blue to the Rescue
Storm Blaster recruits the help of Justin and the Space Rangers to free the captured Lightning Cruiser.

619-IOBS : Invasion of the Body Switcher
Astronema infiltrates the Megaship by having a monster turn her into AshleyAshley adds to the confusion by having the monster turn her into Astronema.

620-SvSv : Survival of the Silver
When the Megaship is attacked by aliens, Andros's old friend Zhane awakens and comes to the Rangers' aid as the Silver Ranger.

621-Envy : Red with Envy
Andros, overcome with jealousy over the attention Ashley is giving Zhane, orders the Silver Ranger to stay behind as the others contend with the return of Darkonda.

622-SvSc : The Silver Secret
Zhane must find a way to recharge his limited morphing powers.  Meanwhile, the other teens think he is dying.

623-Date : A Date with Danger
When Zhane rescues Astronema from one of her own monsters, the Silver Ranger and the Princess of Evil actually develop a strong crush on each other.

624-ZhnD : Zhane's Destiny
The Rangers investigate a mysterious energy source, only to be captured by a group of KO-35 survivors looking for someone to blame for the strange affliction turning people into coral.

625-AACh : Always a Chance
When Carlos accidentally injures Cassie and quits the team, Adam helps out as a confidant to Carlos and also as the Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.

626-SOLk : The Secret of the Locket
Darkonda attempts to destroy Andros, but Ecliptor intervenes.  Andros then discovers that Astronema is his sister, but she refuses to believe it.

627-AsTT : Astronema Thinks Twice
Ecliptor and Darkonda face off once more.  Astronema can't seem to decide whether to destroy Andros or help him.

628-RLOF : The Rangers' Leap of Faith
Astronema leads the Rangers on a search for Zordon and proves to them that she wants to be their ally.

629-DSR1 : Dark Specter's Revenge part 1
Dark Specter sends an asteroid hurtling toward the Earth, forcing Karone to return to the Dark Fortress, where she is captured by a radically-altered Ecliptor.

630-DSR2 : Dark Specter's Revenge part 2
Zhane brings the Mega Winger to help the Rangers.  He and Andros then discover that Astronema has been brainwashed by cybernetic implants.

631-RGPs : Rangers Gone Psycho
Astronema unleashes the evil Psycho Rangers, designed to destroy the Power Rangers and use up Dark Specter's energies.

632-COnC : Carlos On Call
A young girl named Silvy discovers Carlos's identity as the Black Ranger and makes him follow her every whim.

633-Rift : A Rift in the Rangers
Cassie and Ashley have to regain their friendship in order to fend off Psycho Pink and Psycho Yellow.

634-FOAK : Five of a Kind
T.J. tries to prevent the Psycho Rangers from fighting their respectively-colored Space RangersZhane joins in the battle as Psycho Silver.

635-SiGo : Silence is Golden
The remaining Psycho Rangers hunt Cassie down by the sound of her voice.

636-EnWi : The Enemy Within
The Rangers retrieve their stolen Mega Vehicles but discover that Psycho Yellow has taken control.

637-A&St : Andros and the Stowaway
Andros protects a baby alien from its monstrous master Jakarak.

638-MTSC : Mission to Secret City
When Carlos, Silvy, and Andros are among people taken to Astronema's Secret City to become evil soldiers, Ashley, T.J., and Cassie must sneak in to rescue their friends.

639-Ghst : Ghosts in the Machine
As the Rangers once more infiltrate Secret City to free the captives Astronema is turning into data cards, the ghosts of the Psycho Rangers use Astronema's machine to come back to life.

640-IWeb : The Impenetrable Web
Astronema traps the Megaship in a forcefield.  Ecliptor becomes super-charged and attacks the Mega Vehicles' Jovian moonbase.

641-LITS : A Line in the Sand
The vehicular Tankenstein robot hunts down and captures the Rangers. Zhane rescues them, but the Mega Voyager is destroyed in battle.

642-CTD1 : Countdown to Destruction part 1
Dark Specter unleashes the mother of all wars upon the universe, determined to conquer it once and for all.

643-CTD2 : Countdown to Destruction part 2
Andros travels to the Dark Fortress to save Astronema.  There, he destroys Zordon, creating an energy wave which annihilates the invading armies of evil.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

See also:  Episode Chronology

701-QsQ1 : Quasar Quest part 1
Terra Venture prepares to leave Earth orbit.  Maya recruits officers Kendrix, Kai, and Mike, as well as the stowaway Leo, to help defend Mirinoi from Furio's attack.

702-QsQ2 : Quasar Quest part 2
Mike, Kai, Maya, Kendrix, and Megaship technician Damon release the Quasar SabersMike gives his saber to his brother Leo before falling to his apparent doom.

703-RTTR : Race to the Rescue
The Rangers free the Galactabeasts from Scorpius's forces, and the giant creatures soon repay the favor by saving Terra Venture from Radster's attack.

704-Rook : Rookie in Red
An evil weapons collector attempts to steal the Quasar Sabers, but the Rangers steal the Transdaggers from him instead.

705-Hmsk : Homesick
A young stowaway named Matthew hacks into Terra Venture's systems, but he ends up saving the colony from Furio and the Gasser.  The Rangers use the Galaxy Megazord.

706-LOrn : The Lights of Orion
Furio and Trakeena use an impostor of Mike in an attempt to obtain the Lights of Orion.

707-DblD : Double Duty
Kendrix takes the place of her doppelganger, the famous actress Carolyn Pickets, and ends up teaching the actress the value of dedication.

708-BlCr : The Blue Crush
Kai gets a crush on a girl named Hannah.  The Quakemaker monster shakes up Terra Venture.

709-MagD : The Magna Defender
After millennia of absence, the mysterious Magna Defender returns with a vendetta against Scorpius.

710-Sunf : The Sunflower Search
The Rangers learn the reasons behind the Magna Defender's hatred of Scorpius.  The Torozord arrives.

711-SiSl : Silent Sleep
When Chillyfish freezes everyone in Terra Venture, Leo struggles to break through Magna Defender's icy indifference to save the colony.

712-ORis : Orion Rising
Destruxo erects a forcefield inside Terra Venture and releases the Lights of Orion.

713-ORet : Orion Returns
The Rangers obtain the Lights of Orion, to the frustration of Magna Defender and Destruxo.

714-ShAt : Shark Attack
An injured Leo is visited by Mike's spirit.  Treacheron dies in combat against Red Ranger.

715-RDay : Redemption Day
Magna Defender sacrifices himself to save Terra Venture, in turn releasing Mike's captured spirit.

716-DFrG : Destined for Greatness
Mike becomes the Magna Defender and teaches Leo to believe in himself.

717-StlB : Stolen Beauty
Trakeena disguises herself to steal all of the beauty from Terra Venture's residents.

718-ReMi : The Rescue Mission
Mike leads a rescue team aboard an alien vessel, where they find a long-dead crew and a dangerous alien creature.

719-LGb1 : The Lost Galactabeasts part 1
Deviot arrives with the evil Centaurus Megazord, Stratoforce Megazord, and Zenith Carrierzord.

720-LGb2 : The Lost Galactabeasts part 2
The Rangers regain control of the three lost Galactabeasts.

721-Heir : Heir to the Throne
A wandering Trakeena trains with Villamax.  Meanwhile, Deviot lures Scorpius into a final battle with the Rangers.

722-EvGa : An Evil Game
Trakeena seeks vengeance against Leo for killing her father.  Meanwhile, Deviot has plans of his own.

723-MMir : Memories of Mirinoi
Maya is visited by her best friend Shondra, who turns out to be a monster in disguise.

724-GrCr : Green Courage
Trakeena kidnaps High Councilor Renier to force Damon to repair the Scorpion Stinger.

725-BTst : Blue to the Test
When Commander Stanton is controlled by one of Trakeena's monsters, Kai refuses orders, saving Terra Venture from incineration.

726-MWhM : Mean Wheels Mantis
Motor Mantis challenges Leo to a race to save Maya and Kendrix, but first Leo must learn to speak with the Galactabeasts.

727-LxLB : Loyax' Last Battle
Maya attempts to turn the heart of Loyax, an aging warrior seeking a glorious final battle.

728-RRom : A Red Romance
When his new girlfriend Ginger is captured, Leo gets the chance to prove himself to her brother Colby.

729-Cham : Chameliac Warrior
Chameliac duplicates the Rangers' powers.

730-TenP : To the Tenth Power
Deviot resurrects the Psycho Rangers to capture the Galaxy Rangers, prompting the Space Rangers to come to the rescue.

731-PPnk : The Power of Pink
When Psycho Pink obtains the Savage Sword and targets Cassie, Kendrix sacrifices her own life to set things right.

732-PQsS : Protect the Quasar Saber
As the Rangers seek to recover the lost pink Quasar Saber, Kendrix's spirit chooses Karone to succeed her.

733-FPst : Facing the Past
Karone must battle her evil persona to restore the Rangers' powers.

734-TVol : Turn up the Volume
Damon and his rival Baxter must team up to save the colony from the Decibat.

735-EnLG : Enter the Lost Galaxy
Despite the efforts of a mysterious Guardian, Deviot unlocks the Galaxy Book's powers, transforming himself and sending Terra Venture into the Lost Galaxy.

736-BMut : Beware the Mutiny
While Captain Mutiny attempts to gain the trust of Terra Venture, the Rangers investigate his homeworld.

737-GOTL : Grunchor on the Loose
Grunchor, a hideous monster sent by Captain Mutiny, wreaks havoc on Terra Venture.

738-USun : Until Sunset
After being captured, Leo and Damon recall fond memories of their adventures.

739-DrBa : Dream Battle
Hexuba traps the Rangers in a nightmare battle, leaving Mike to save the day.

740-HGrv : Hexuba's Graveyard
Hexuba unleashes an armada of resurrected monsters on Terra Venture.

741-RTit : Raise the Titanisaur
The Rangers must face the evil might of the Titanisaur.

742-EsLG : Escape the Lost Galaxy
Leo and Kai open a portal to grant Terra Venture passage out of the Lost Galaxy, but first Mike must free Captain Mutiny's slaves.

743-End1 : Journey's End part 1
Trakeena merges with Deviot and unleashes a full scale assault on Terra Venture, sending it crashing into the moon of a nearby planet.

744-End2 : Journey's End part 2
The Rangers sacrifice the Astro Megaship to spare the people of Terra Venture time to evacuate to the planet below.

745-End3 : Journey's End part 3
Trakeena mutates into a green form and attempts to crash the city dome into the humans' new settlement.  The Rangers learn that they are on Mirinoi and restore the planet.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

See also:  Episode Chronology

801-OpLs : Operation Lightspeed
Carter, Chad, Joel, Kelsey, and Dana are chosen to become Lightspeed Rangers to protect Mariner Bay from a band of demons.

802-LsTm : Lightspeed Teamwork
The Rangers use their Rail Rescues and Lightspeed Rescuezords to save the city from Magmavore.

803-TByF : Trial By Fire
Captain Mitchell trains Carter to use his brain during a crisis.

804-REdg : Riding the Edge
The Rangers rescue Kelsey's new friend and space shuttle pilot Nancy.

805-AMOT : A Matter of Trust
Dana is assigned to escort Earl and his secret fuel cell to the Aquabase.

806-WODe : Wheels of Destruction
The Rangers obtain the Lightspeed Cycles to counter Vypra's new Vyprari.

807-CybR : Cyborg Rangers
General McKnight replaces the teens with Cyborg Rangers, until the cyborgs go haywire.

808-UpCh : Up to the Challenge
Chad is confronted by an obsessed rival who allies with Vypra.

809-GVol : Go Volcanic
During a volcano eruption, Dana is caught on a bus with a hijacker.

810-RAsh : Rising from Ashes
Queen Bansheera resurrects Trifire and Magmavore, prompting the formation of the Supertrain Megazord.

811-FDIS : From Deep in the Shadows
Dana's long-lost brother Ryan allies with the demons and steals the Titanium Morpher to become the powerful Titanium Ranger.

812-TDis : Truth Discovered
Ryan learns of the fateful crash which took him from his father.

813-RyDe : Ryan's Destiny
Ryan discovers his inner goodness in time to help the Rangers against Diabolico's three angel-warriors.

814-CCob : Curse of the Cobra
Amidst battles with Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, Ryan struggles with the curse of Diabolico's cobra tattoo.

815-SSun : Strength of the Sun
Ryan disobeys orders not to morph and activates the new Max Solarzord to help the Rangers battle Falkar and Thunderon.

816-CobS : The Cobra Strikes
As the Rangers battle Troika and Diabolico, Ryan ventures to the Tomb of Forever to free himself of the cobra curse.

817-OlAs : Olympius Ascends
Possessing Diabolico's Star Power, Olympius wages war on the Rangers, infiltrating the Aquabase.

818-FFTP : A Face from the Past
As the teens take a day off, Captain Mitchell once again dons his firefighter gear, alarming Carter.

819-QRet : The Queen's Return
As the planets align, the Rangers struggle to prevent Spellbinder from summoning Queen Bansheera.  Ryan departs to research the secrets of demon banishment.

820-OPrj : The Omega Project
The Rangers activate the Omegazords to stop an incoming asteroid.

821-TrR1 : Trakeena's Revenge part 1
Leo, Maya, and Kai arrive in Mariner Bay as Triskull and Trakeena plan to doublecross Olympius.

822-TrR2 : Trakeena's Revenge part 2
The Galaxy Rangers and Lightspeed Rangers team up against a hideously mutated Trakeena.

823-FiCr : The Fifth Crystal
Kelsey seeks the help of her snobby grandmother to prevent Vypra from obtaining the fifth Starlight Crystal.

824-ChoP : The Chosen Path
As the Cyclopter monster trains with Mr. Tamashiro, Chad struggles to regain his sensei's confidence.

825-YAgn : Yesterday Again
Carter miraculously gets a second chance at mastering the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle's controls in order to save the lives of his teammates.

826-ATRO : As Time Runs Out
The Rangers scramble to neutralize Vilevine's poisonous spores by noon.  Meanwhile, betrayed by Olympius, Vypra and Loki resurrect Diabolico.

827-FrZo : In the Freeze Zone
When Freezard captures the Rangers and freezes Miss Fairweather, Carter must use the new Thermo Blasters to save the day.

828-MMBa : The Mighty Mega Battles
Miss Fairweather's brother Clark pays Lightspeed a visit, helping to design the new Mega Battle armors.

829-EggC : The Great Egg Caper
The Rangers and demons seek a scheming thief who has stolen an evil egg.

830-OBlu : Ocean Blue
Chad falls in love with Marina the mermaid, but Vypra uses their attraction against them.

831-Last : The Last Ranger
Memorase gives the Rangers amnesia, leaving Dana to fight alone as Miss Fairweather seeks to restore the others' lost memories.

832-Sorc : Sorcerer of the Sands
As Ryan seeks the mystical Sorcerer of the Sands, Olympius attempts to seal the Rangers inside the monster hell known as the Shadow World.

833-OlUn : Olympius Unbound
Jinxer hypnotizes Captain Mitchell to divert the Aquabase's energy.  Olympius escapes the Shadow World and battles the Rangers in mutated form.

834-NepD : Neptune's Daughter
Marina seeks Chad's help when the demons steal her father's magical trident.

835-WebW : Web War
Arachnor infiltrates the Aquabase and abducts its personnel, leaving Carter to save the day with his new Trans-Armor Cycle.

836-Lime : In the Limelight
Dana becomes swept up in a modeling stint, abandoning her Ranger duties before returning to her senses.

837-WrQn : Wrath of the Queen
Queen Bansheera finalizes her transformation, sucking the Rangers into her evil dimensionVypra and Loki perish as casualties of Bansheera's twisted scheme.

838-SDem : Rise of the Super Demons
As Diabolico and Olympius combat each other and the Rangers, Bansheera imbues them with super power as her evil pawns.  The Rangers use the Lifeforce Megazord.

839-FLs1 : The Fate of Lightspeed part 1
As Bansheera seeks to unleash a sinister army from the Shadow World, Batlings raid the Aquabase.  The Zords are captured, and the Lifeforce Megazord cripples the Aquabase.

840-FLs2 : The Fate of Lightspeed part 2
The Omega Megazord summons the skull castle downtown.  With the help of Diabolico's spirit, the Rangers successfully seal Bansheera inside the Shadow World.

Power Rangers Time Force

See also:  Episode Chronology

901-Fut1 : Force from the Future part 1
Four members of the Time Force Police in the year 3000 chase Ransik and his band of mutant criminals back to 2001 after Red Ranger Alex is apparently slain.

902-Fut2 : Force From The Future part 2
The four Time Force Officers (Jen, Lucas, Katie, and Trip) recruit Alex's lookalike & DNA twin Wes to unlock their Chrono-Morphers.

903-STFF : Something To Fight For
Wes permanently joins the team as the Rangers use the Time Force Megazord against Ransik's first mutant convict.

904-RLiv : Ransik Lives
As the teens establish a makeshift headquarters, Ransik captures Wes and reveals his origin.

905-BluS : A Blue Streak
The Rangers use the Vector Cycles against Nadira as Lucas applies for a driver's license.

906-APOW : A Parting of Ways
As Tentaclaw hijacks a schoolbus full of children, Wes turns away from his father's wealth-driven lifestyle.

907-ShCi : Short-Circuited
Nadira expoits Trip's trusting nature and kidnaps Circuit, preventing the Rangers from calling the Zords.

908-ClTw : The Legend of the Clock Tower
Finding herself in the past, Katie helps former clock tower resident Walter fight for his true love.

909-JenR : Jen's Revenge
Full of rage over Alex's death, Jen seeks revenge against Ransik and Fatcatfish.

910-TiSh : The Time Shadow
After the crippling of the Time Force Megazord and Mr. Collins' project Raimei, a mystery man in the future sends back the Time Shadow.

911-FuUn : Future Unknown
While the Rangers fight Vexicon, Katie worries her future family will be excised from the timestream.

912-Uniq : Uniquely Trip
A dejected Trip searches for his niche as a Ranger.

913-WApt : Worlds Apart
Wes discovers his old friend Eric has joined the Silver Guardians, a team of mercenaries owned by Mr. Collins.

914-QntQ : The Quantum Quest
When archaeologists discover the Quantum Controller Box lost by Time Force, Eric steals it to become the Quantum Ranger.

915-ClC1 : Clash for Control part 1
Ransik sends Commandocon to the Jurassic Period to retrieve the lost Quantasaurus RexEric and Wes follow but are embroiled in personal conflict.

916-ClC2 : Clash for Control part 2
After battling Wes for the Quantum Morpher in the present, Eric obtains control over the Q-Rex, as well as the respect of Mr. Collins.

917-Bgrd : Bodyguard in Blue
Lucas protects the daughter of Dr. Zaskin when her father is kidnapped by a mutant sent to learn the secrets of the Quantum powers.

918-TrTr : Trust and Triumph
Jen and Wes must learn to trust each other in order to save the others from Turtlecon's evil Rangers.

919-TTAS : Trip Takes a Stand
Trip defends the peaceful mutant Notacon from Frax and a seemingly merciless Eric.

920-QSec : Quantum Secrets
When Conwing steals control of the Quantasaurus Megazord, Eric uses Mega Battle armor sent from the future to set things right.

921-Race : The Last Race
Lucas is confronted by his old rival Dash, a mutant unfrozen by Nadira.

922-Love : Lovestruck Rangers
The evil Contemptra pits Wes, Lucas and Trip against each other with a love spell.  Jen seeks vengeance.

923-FExp : Full Exposure
Katietries to convince a young tabloid photographer not to reveal the Rangers' identities.

924-Mov1 : Movie Madness part 1
When the teens visit the set of a Frankie Chang movie, Cinecon warps them to their own movie dimensions.

925-Mov2 : Movie Madness part 2
The Rangers escape from the movie world after taking on Ransik and Cinecon.

926-TFTr : Time Force Traitor
Jen is assaulted by the treacherous Steelix, once her first partner in Time Force.

927-Fury : Frax's Fury
Revealing himself as a once-human scientist betrayed by Ransik, Frax unleashes Venomark and destroys Ransik's supply of antidote serum.

928-Dawn : Dawn of Destiny
Ransik raids Bio-Lab for more serum, injuring Mr. Collins.  Meanwhile, the mystery man returns to the past as Frax constructs a super-robot.

929-FiAF : Fight Against Fate
Alex takes control of the team as the Red Ranger.  Meanwhile, Wes wrestles with his fate to inherit control of Bio-Lab from his dying father.

930-DeDf : Destiny Defeated
Wes reclaims his Morpher to lead the team to victory against Dragontron.  Before returning to the future, Alex changes history by reviving Mr. Collins.

931-Ucvr : Undercover Rangers
Jen and Wes infiltrate Frax's fitness club designed to turn people into robots.  Alex sends Wes the Strata Cycle.

932-BwKn : Beware the Knight
Wes obtains the mystic Battle Fire armor to stop an evil Black Knight.

933-TFLs : Time for Lightspeed
Rising from the dead, Vypra seeks the Solar Amulet to unleash the demon Quarganon, prompting Carter to assemble the Lightspeed Rangers once more.

934-RfOE : Reflections of Evil
Miracon forces the Rangers to fight old monsters in his mirror dimensions.

935-NaDD : Nadira's Dream Date
When Nadira mistakes Lucas's poem about a car as a love letter for her, Ransik forces the Blue Ranger to date his daughter.

936-CirU : Circuit Unsure
Doubting himself after Alex secretly edits his memory of the future, Circuit must regain his confidence to help the Rangers save the space center from destruction.

937-Calm : A Calm Before the Storm
While Frax continues work on his ultimate creation, Wes convinces his father to halt Dr. Zaskin's anachronistic Trizirium crystal research.

938-EOT1 : The End of Time part 1
As Ransik captures Frax, Nadira questions her father's hatred of humanity.  Wes sends his friends back to 3000 to save them from the city's impending doom.

939-EOT2 : The End of Time part 2
Wes and Eric struggle against the Cyclobots and Doomtron as the city is torn apart by time holes.  The four future Rangers escape from Alex's plans to erase their memories.

940-EOT3 : The End of Time part 3
The reunited Rangers save the city.  Stunned by nearly killing Nadira, Ransik surrenders and is returned to the future, leaving Wes and Eric to head the Silver Guardians.

Power Rangers Wild Force

1001-Lion : Lionheart
Confronted by a growing
Org menace, four existing Wild Force Rangers are joined by a fifth member when the Lion Wildzord selects jungle-raised orphan Cole.

1002-DAwk : Darkness Awakening
Duke Orgs Jindrax and Toxica encounter a slightly changed Master OrgCole tries to communicate with Barbed Wire Org but discovers Orgs possess no hearts.

1003-CCZm : Click, Click, Zoom
Princess Shayla retells the history of the AnimariumCole and Taylor learn to trust in teamwork as they battle Camera Org.

1004-NvGU : Never Give Up!
Feeling rejected by a lovestruck Danny, Max ventures out alone to a haunted temple, only to be captured by Bell Org.

1005-AnAw : Ancient Awakening
The Rangers obtain Savage Cycles to rescue Princess Shayla from Tire OrgAlyssa discovers the lost Elephantzord.

1006-WiWa : Wishes on the Water
Wishing to be seen as an adult, Max struggles against Ship Org and discovers the secret of the Giraffezord.

1007-Bear : The Bear Necessities
Taylor aids two mysterious boys who later reveal themselves as the Polar Bear and Black Bear Zords.

1008-SlSr : Soul Searching
Seeking the Soul Bird to heal the Red Lion, Cole instead encounters Master Org, the Gorillazord, and a mystical egg.

1009-SlBS : Soul Bird Salvation
The new Soul Bird hatches to empower the Rangers as they battle Master Org's former bodyguard Retinax.

1010-CWlf : Curse of the Wolf
Summoned by Master Org, Org General Nayzor unleashes the wolf-beast Zen-Aku from his 3,000 year imprisonment.

1011-BZrd : Battle of the Zords
Alyssa seeks her stolen ElephantzordZen-Aku unleashes his three Wildzords - the Wolf, Hammerhead, and Alligator.

1012-Pred : Predazord, Awaken
The Rangers struggle against Zen-Aku and Bus Org.  The Giraffe is lost to the might of the Predazord, Zen-Aku's evil Megazord.

1013-RZen : Revenge of Zen-Aku
As Zen-Aku discovers a mysterious tie to Princess Shayla, Taylor struggles against her old foe Motorcycle Org.

1014-IdCr : Identity Crisis
When Zen-Aku begins to remember his past, Nayzor takes control of his mind.  Meanwhile, the Rangers piece together that the wolf-beast was once human.

1015-AnWr : The Ancient Warrior
Aided by the Rhino and Armadillo Zords, the Rangers conquer the Predazord; freed of the wolf curse, Zen-Aku is revealed as the ancient warrior Merrick.

1016-LWlf : The Lone Wolf
Stuggling against Nayzor and Quadra Org, Merrick receives the powers of the Lunar Wolf Ranger, which he uses to recapture the Rangers' lost Animal Crystals.

1017-PPly : Power Play
Searching for his place in the world, Merrick is called upon to help the Rangers against Karaoke Org and the mysterious general Necronomica.

1018-SLie : Secrets and Lies
Following a brief bout of monster-induced amnesia, Cole learns of his parents' death in the Amazon.  Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica discover that Master Org is indeed a human.

1019-TSpn : The Tornado Spin
Max trains with his former mentor Don to defeat Bowling Org.

1020-ThCr : Three's A Crowd
Encountering his dream girl Kendall while fighting Wedding Dress Org, Danny is torn between her and saving the world.

1021-FaFs : A Father's Footsteps
Alyssa meets with her father, recalling her decision to abandon her Enrile Tiger Style training to attend university.

1022-Sing : Sing Song
Merrick and Shayla sing to the Deerzord to gain its help against Tombstone Org.

1023-WOAn : The Wings of Animaria
With the revived and upgraded Super Nayzor on the loose, the four Rangers enter a dark dimension, where they earn Cole the Animarium Armor and Falconzord.

1024-RFF1 : Reinforcements from the Future part 1
Time Force Rangers Wes and Eric are aided by the Wild Force Rangers as three Mut-Orgs arrive from the future.

1025-RFF2 : Reinforcements from the Future part 2
Ransik, Nadira, and the remaining Time Force Rangers journey back in time to vanquish the rampaging Mut-Orgs.

1026-MaLS : The Master's Last Stand
Revealing himself as the once heartbroken Dr. Adler, Master Org pits himself against the Rangers in a final showdown.  Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica unleash the Org general Mandilok.

1027-UnfB : Unfinished Business
Restored to life as a non-dependant entity, Zen-Aku stalks his former host, Merrick.

1028-Homc : Homecoming
Cole befriends a homeless boy known only as Kite, while Mandilok unleashes a pair of Duke Orgs on the city.

1029-Flut : The Flute
A rift between Princess Shayla and Merrick leads to the return of Animus to life, to fight against the Flute Org.

1030-Carn : Team Carnival
Feeling unwanted in the Nexus, Jindrax forms a new alliance against the Wild Force Rangers with the partnership of his brother, Juggelo.

1031-TOTZ : Taming of the Zords
Lion Tamer Org takes control of the Wildzords, forcing them to fight against their own kind.

1032-MonE : Monitoring Earth
Kite, manipulated by Mandilok into an anti-humanity stance, is revealed to be Animus in a human vessel.

1033-TSOH : The Soul of Humanity
Animus is convinced of an underlying good nature in humans, and restores the Wildzords to the Animarium.

1034-FRed : Forever Red
Ten Red Rangers are brought together to stop the remnants of the Machine Empire from reactivating Serpentera.

1035-TMH1 : The Master's Herald part 1
Toxica is tricked by the Ninja Duke Org Onikage into cutting off her horn, which results in her death, while kidnapping Princess Shayla from the Animarium.

1036-TMH2 : The Master's Herald part 2
Onikage is revealed to be working for Master Org, now in full command of Dr. Adler's corpse. Mandilok is destroyed.

1037-FFAF : Fishing For a Friend
Jindrax manages to fish Toxica out of the Spirit World, by helping the Wild Force Rangers against Locomotive Org.

1038-SNex : Sealing The Nexus
After reviving his three Org Generals to keep the Wild Force Rangers busy, Master Org prepares to use the Org Heart.

1039-EPR1 : The End of The Power Rangers part 1
Now in a fully Org body, Master Org once again slaughters Animus, along with every one of the Rangers' Wildzords.

1040-EPR2 : The End of The Power Rangers part 2
The powerless Wild Force Rangers make a stand against the giant Master Org, leading to a widescale revival of the Wildzords, and the debut of dozens more.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

1101-PTAS : Prelude to a Storm
Banished Ninja
Lothor returns to Earth, where he and his forces, conquer the Wind Ninja Academy. The only three uncaptured students become the Wind Ninja Rangers.

1102-TNIT : There's No "I" in Team
Shane struggles to work as a team with Dustin and Tori. The Storm Megazord is used against the giant Evil Space Ninja, Mad Magnet.

1103-B&TB : Beauty and the Beach
Tori faces her evil clone, created during a fashion shoot trap by Marah and Kapri.

1104-Loom : Looming Thunder
Dustin encounters a pair of mysterious motocrossing brothers, who are secretly working for Lothor as the Thunder Ninja Rangers.

1105-TSr1 : Thunder Strangers part 1
The Thunder Rangers launch their first full strike against the Wind Rangers, using their own Thunder Megazord.

1106-TSr2 : Thunder Strangers part 2
Tori is unwillingly duped by Blake into exposing the entrance to Ninja Ops, allowing he and Hunter to kidnap Sensei.

1107-TSr3 : Thunder Strangers part 3
The Thunder Rangers discover they've been misled by Lothor after learning from their parents' ghosts the truth of their demise, and depart Blue Bay Harbor.

1108-NoGr : Nowhere to Grow
Cam disobeys his father's wishes in an effort to help in stopping Florabundacus from evilly pollinating the planet.

1109-Snip : Snip It, Snip It Good
Snipster is sent to disrupt order at an environmental conference. Meanwhile, Tori seeks out the Turtle Mace.

1110-RTh1 : Return of Thunder part 1
The Thunder Rangers are lured back to Lothor's ship by Choobo, where they are brainwashed to fight the Wind Rangers.

1111-RTh2 : Return of Thunder part 2
Trapped on Portico Island, the Wind Rangers face the brainwashed Thunder Rangers, while the Earth grows rapidly colder.

1112-RTh3 : Return of Thunder part 3
Having broken Choobo's mind-spell, Blake aids the Wind Rangers against his rage-blinded brother, Hunter.

1113-RTh4 : Return of Thunder part 4
After much consideration, the Thunder Rangers join the Wind Rangers as a full team. The newly combined Thunderstorm Megazord reduces Choobo into Marah's pet.

1114-BRoo : Boxing Bopp-A-Roo
Shane and Hunter compete fiercely against one another in a triathlon. Also, Lothor sends down his nieces' personal trainer, Bopp-A-Roo, to fight the Rangers.

1115-Pork : Pork Chopped
Tori juggles conflicting obligations to both Shane and Blake, which is taken advantage of by Lothor's pig monster, General Trayf.

1116-SmJ1 : The Samurai's Journey part 1
The Rangers' powers are imprisoned by Madtropolis, leading Cam to use the Scroll of Time to seek from the past the only item capable of freeing them.

1117-SmJ2 : The Samurai's Journey part 2
Decades in the past, Cam encounters his mother and father, and discovers Lothor is his father's twin brother. He retreives the Samurai Amulet, and uses it to become the Green Samurai Ranger in the present.

1118-SmJ3 : The Samurai's Journey part 3
Lothor sends down multiple monsters in response to his nephew becoming the Green Samurai Ranger. The Samurai Storm Megazord combination is introduced.

1119-SOAR : Scent of a Ranger
Cam's new holographic double and assistant, Cyber-Cam, forcibly assumes his role in life, and shuns his Rangers duties.

1120-ILvL : I Love Lothor
A love-spell scheme surrounding Lothor's new sitcom leads to Blake and Cam coming to blows in a rivalry for Tori's affections.

1121-GWHu : Good Will Hunter
A young boy Hunter is playing Big Brother to comes into possession of the Personal Alien Manager, and accidentally uses it to create DJ Drummond.

1122-AABe : All About Beevil
Dustin finds a common bond with Marah when she's kicked out of Lothor's ship.

1123-SnSw : Sensei Switcheroo
In an attempt to restore him to his human form, Sensei is accidentally body-switched with Shane, then Dustin.

1124-T&Ch : Tongue and Cheek
After saving Storm Chargers from being ransacked, Dustin grows egotistical under the media's spotlight.

1125-BroA : Brothers in Arms
The maniacal machinations of master motorcycle mechanic Perry lead to him becoming the evil Motodrone. Hunter's use of the Ninja Glider Cycle separates them.

1126-ShK1 : Shane's Karma part 1
Bounty hunter Vexacus tracks a Karmanian named Skyla to Earth, as she seeks out Shane, whom she had met when he was a child.

1127-ShK2 : Shane's Karma part 2
Skyla's evolutionary passage provides Shane with the ability to become the Red Tri-Battlized Ranger. Vexacus becomes Lothor's new top general.

1128-ShR1 : Shimazu Returns part 1
Motodrone is reactivated as the newest member of Lothor's army. An ancient warlord known as Shimazu is revived accidentally and also joins the Evil Space Ninja ranks.

1129-ShR2 : Shimazu Returns part 2
Shimazu's Wolfblades prove too much for the Rangers, until Cam retreives the Lightning Riff Blaster, and uses it to summon the Mammothzord.

1130-WiWO : The Wild Wipeout
Shunted into a pocket parallel dimension by Goldwinger, Tori encounters her Ranger teammates as evil, and Lothor and the space ninjas as good.

1131-DEBl : Double-Edged Blake
Blake secretly trains with the daughter of the Thunder Ninja Academy's Sensei Omino in the use of the powerful Thunder Blade.

1132-EyOS : Eye of the Storm
Shane's disapproving brother Porter discovers his secret identity as a Power Ranger. The Hurricane Megazord is formed to fight the fear-exploiting monster Eyezak.

1133-GeD1 : General Deception part 1
Vexacus schemes against Zurgane, manipulating him into using his third Zurgane Zord, which copies the data of that of the Rangers' own Ninjazords and Thunderzords.

1134-GeD2 : General Deception part 2
The Rangers' camping trip is interrupted by Zurgane's new Hyper Zurganezord. It's destroyed, and Zurgane is then eliminated by Vexacus.

1135-GDay : A Gem of a Day
Using the Dragonforce Vehicle, Green Samurai Ranger boards Lothor's ship in a failed attempt to rescue the captured Ninja students. Before Motodrone can report on Vexacus' repeated treachery, he's destroyed.

1136-Dn&D : Down and Dirty
Marah, Kapri and Shimazu each use their own evil Zords against the Rangers.

1137-SBC1 : Storm Before the Calm part 1
Lothor reveals he's been allowing his generals to be destroyed to open the Abyss of Evil, as recorded on the Scroll of Destiny. Ninja Ops is destroyed by the remnants of the evil space ninjas.

1138-SBC2 : Storm Before the Calm part 2
Blake and Hunter mount a rescue attempt to free Cam and the captured Ninja students. The Abyss of Evil is closed, destroying Lothor and the Ninja Storm Rangers' powers.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

1201-DDi1 : Day of the Dino part 1
While serving detention with their teacher
Dr. Tommy Oliver, high school students Conner, Kira, and Ethan stumble unto the ancient Dino Gems.

1202-DDi2 : Day of the Dino part 2
Mesogog's forces attack Reefside, forcing Tommy to activate the Dino Morphers, turning his three students into the Dino Rangers.

1203-WavG : Wave Goodbye
Conner debates whether to remain the Red Dino Ranger or pursue his dreams of playing professional soccer. Tommy is kidnapped by Zeltrax

1204-LgOP : Legacy of Power
After uncovering Tommy's video diary, the teens learn the history of the Power Rangers.

1205-BaBk : Back in Black
Hayley unveils the Raptor Cycles, capable of breaching the defenses of Mesogog's island fortress. Tommy is bonded to the Black Dino Gem, becoming the Black Dino Ranger. The Brachiozord and Cephalazord are reawakened.

1206-Diva : Diva in Distress
Kira's old friend Kylee Styles returns, now a wildly successful pop star. Donkeyvac attacks Reefside, absorbing the youth of its citizens.

1207-GmOn : Game On
Ethan is thrust into one of his video games by the machinations of De-magnetron.

1208-GBoy : Golden Boy
Anton Mercer presents Trent with the deed to the Hayley's Cyberspace. Zeltrax, eager to prove his worth to Mesogog, creates Golden Rod.

1209-BSfc : Beneath the Surface
Faking an attack by their forces to acquire the Dimetrozord egg, Elsa attempts to use her identity as Principal Randall to ingratiate herself to Tommy.

1210-OcAl : Ocean Alert
Mesogog kidnaps actress Nikki Valentine for use in his genetic experiments. Hayley discovers the Stegazord egg.

1211-WTh1 : White Thunder part 1
Elsa releases the White Dino Gem, intending to bond its power to Mesogog. Trent accidentally invisiportals to the island, becoming the evil White Dino Ranger.

1212-WTh2 : White Thunder part 2
While the teens tracks down the Parasaurzord egg, the White Ranger uses the power acquired from the others to bond the Dragozord to himself.

1213-WTh3 : White Thunder part 3
The White Ranger takes control of the Stegazord, creating his own Megazord. Tommy discovers Trent's identity and is sealed in amber.

1214-TCon : Truth and Consequences
Trent and the White Ranger vie for control of their shared body, leading him to reveal his dual identity to Kira. The Ankylozord is reawakened.

1215-LWhk : Leader of the Whack
An enchanted meteorite inverts the personalities of the Rangers, Cassidy, and Devin. Tommy is released from the amber, now inadvertently stuck in his morphed form.

1216-BABE : Burning at Both Ends
Trent, now fully subverted to the White Dino Gem's evil, uses the Thunder ATVs to try and destroy the Rangers. The White Ranger gains control of the Cephalazord and Dimetrozord.

1217-MiBo : The Missing Bone
Anton Mercer assumes Tommy's place as the teens' science teacher. Fossilador, an abandoned experiment of Tommy and Anton's, takes control of Kira's mind while on a field trip.

1218-BulE : Bully for Ethan
Ethan is forced to confront a hostile teammate of Conner's. Trent humiliates Zeltrax in a battle for second-in-command status. Zeltrax reveals his true identity to Tommy.

1219-LFIT : Lost & Found in Translation
The Rangers discover a Japanese television series based on their exploits.

1220-MadM : It's A Mad Mad Mackerel
Elsa wreaks havoc on the Channel Three studios, jeopardizing Kira's internship and endangering two of its stars.

1221-Copy : Copy That
Mercer frees Trent from the White Dino Gem's control. Zeltrax uses Copyotter to create an evil White Ranger clone.

1222-TrTr : Triassic Triumph
The White Ranger clone imbues the White Terrorsaurus with its own lifeforce, making it nearly unstoppable. The Rangers unlock the ancient Shield of Triumph, allowing Conner to become the Triassic Ranger.

1223-ASIT : A Star is Torn
Conner uses the Triassic Mega-Rover to battle the Terra Assault Craft, while Tommy leaves Zeltrax to be destroyed aboard it. Ethan learns he's been Internet-dating Cassidy.

1224-AREx : A Ranger Exclusive
Ethan begs Kira to get Cassidy an interview with Channel Three. Mesogog seizes control of the station transmitter, hoping to collapse the planet Jupiter.

1225-TutC : Tutenhawken's Curse
On a trip to the museum, Ethan accidentally invokes the curse of Egyptian deity Tutenhawken. Hayley develops the Blue Hovercraft Cycle to help him, as Cassidy struggles with being Tutenhawken's queen.

1226-DAct : Disappearing Act
Elsa uses an unstable slime to augment her mutant plant Thornox. Tommy exposes himself to the slime in hopes of demorphing, but is left invisible. After their first date ends in disaster, Ethan and Cassidy part as friends.

1227-FSpi : Fighting Spirit
The Black Dino Gem is destroyed returning Tommy to normal, putting him in a coma. The Terrorsaurus is recreated and absorbs the Rangers' powers, as Tommy battles his past selves in his mind.

1228-TPOC : The Passion of Connor [sic]
Conner becomes infatuated with a young environmentalist, and tries to help save an ancient tree on school grounds from Randall's wrecking crew. Zeltrax returns, using the tree's sap to restore himself. Conner becomes the Battlized Triassic Ranger.

1229-Lava : Isn't it Lava-ly
Substitute teacher Dr. Morton is turned into a monster by Elsa, and reawakens a dormant volcano beneath Reefside. Zeltrax continues his fight against both factions

1230-SRel : Strange Relations
Mesogog uses a hybrid plant of Anton Mercer's to create his Jade Gladiator, as the White Ranger clone's powers wane, threatening to destroy both he and Trent in the process. Trent regains control of the Stegazord and Dragozord.

1231-TSm1 : Thunder Storm part 1
Lothor escapes from the Abyss of Evil, enthralling the Wind Rangers and demolishing the Wind Ninja Academy.

1232-TSm2 : Thunder Storm part 2
Cam and the Thunder Rangers mount an expedition into the Abyss of Evil to aid in restoring the Wind Rangers to normal, and Mesogogand Lothor's armies ally for a final confrontation with the two teams.

1233-IYDr : In Your Dreams
Elsa attacks the Rangers with illusionary monsters in their sleep.

1234-DrID : Drawn into Danger
When a magic pen imprisons the rest of the teens in a comic book, Trent must confront his artistic idol to save them.

1235-HsOC : House of Cards
After her identity as Principal Randall is compromised to the public, Elsa uses a collectable card game to wreak havoc on the Rangers.

1236-ATOT : A Test of Trust
Trent is forced to prove himself after the team learns the truth about his father. Mesogog finally separates from Anton Mercer, becoming more bestial in the process.

1237-TSk1 : Thunder Struck part 1
Mesogog begins his plan to evolve the entire world's population to saurian forms. The Rangers and Hayley mount a daring assault on the island fortress, liberating Mercer. Zeltrax destroys Tommy's lab, and captures the now-human Elsa.

1238-TSk2 : Thunder Struck part 2
Zeltrax unleashes his Zelzord on Reefside, leading to a final confrontation which destroys the Zords. Mesogog evolves to his final form, forcing the teens to sacrifice their powers to stop him.

1300-HidE : The Hidden Episode
Kira and Ethan stumble upon a conduit to the Morphing Grid and receive a glimpse of the future SPD Rangers.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

1301-Beg1 : Beginnings part 1
In the near future,
Emperor Gruumm seeks a proton accelerator to access a wormhole to Earth.  Serving in the shadow of the A-Squad Rangers, SPD B-Squad cadets Sky, Bridge, and Syd are sent to apprehend thieves Jack and Z.

1302-Beg2 : Beginnings part 2
Jack and Z join B-Squad as Power RangersEmperor Gruumm, meanwhile, approaches Earth.

1303-Cnfr : Confronted
Jack must earn his teammates' trust as leader of B-SquadA-Squad departs for the Helix Nebula, leaving B-Squad in charge of the Delta Runner Zords.

1304-Wall : Walls
Gruumm steals diamonds from Earth as an energy source.  Sky continues to learn to trust Jack.

1305-Dogd : Dogged
Syd saves the malfunctioning RIC from the scrap heap, and the robot dog in turn saves the Rangers after being upgraded by Bridge and Boom.

1306-ABrg : A-Bridged
Bridge solves a series of crimes by discovering an unlikely perpetrator.

1307-Sam1 : Sam part 1
Mora and Bugglesworth manipulate a young mutant boy named Sam, resulting in an office full of people turned into dolls.

1308-Sam2 : Sam part 2
The Rangers learn of their SPD origins and rescue Sam.

1309-Idol : Idol
Sky is betrayed by his old friend Dru, who makes an attempt on Commander Cruger's life.

1310-StkO : Stakeout
When the evil scientist Sinuku returns to Earth seeking his old partner, Jack ruins Syd's birthday celebration by bringing her on a stakeout.

1311-Shd1 : Shadow part 1
Gruumm visits Earth in human form, accompanied by General BenaagDoggie reveals part of his tragic past.

1312-Shd2 : Shadow part 2
Haunted by memories of his lost wife, Doggie defeats General Benaag and rescues Kat as the Shadow Ranger.

1313-Aban : Abandoned
As the Rangers seek to stop "the Evil" from being unleashed, Doggie teaches them not to rely solely on Shadow Ranger.

1314-Wir1 : Wired part 1
Troobian general hopeful Valko seeks D-Squad member Sophie, secretly a cyborg, after unleashing the powerful creature Goradon.

1315-Wir2 : Wired part 2
Sophie escapes from Valko and helps transform the Command Base into the Delta Command MegazordGruumm turns Mora into Morgana.

1316-Boom : Boom
Boom pretends to be a Ranger while his parents visit.  Jack and Sky, meanwhile, are at the mercy of Tomars' interdimensional hyperspeed locator.

1317-Recg : Recognition
Wootox the Destroyer switches bodies with Sky to gain access to the Delta Command Megazord cockpit.

1318-Samu : Samurai
Jack seeks to use Cruger's Shadow Saber when Gruumm summons the alien warrior Katana from Japan's past.

1319-Dism : Dismissed
Doggie is dismissed by his superior, Commander Birdy, but returns for a showdown with Gruumm.

1320-Prsp : Perspective
The Rangers each recount different versions of their battle with Green Eyes.

1321-Mes1 : Messenger part 1
After picking up a distress signal from the future, the Rangers are overwhelmed by the combined forces of Morgana, Shorty, and Devastation.

1322-Mes2 : Messenger part 2
Omega Ranger, a high-tech SPD Ranger from the future, joins forces with the Rangers and reveals his identity.


Pilot Episode
Zoltar recruits five teenagers to become Power Rangers.

MMPR Interactive CD-ROM (Xiphias Corporation)
Quicktime movies of MMPR episodes.  Included are bios and stats for various MMPR season 1 characters. (Source: All CD-ROM entries submitted by John Green)

Fan Club Video
For the real-life fan club audience, Alpha Five plays the history of Rita and Zordon's struggle, as well as in-character interviews with each of the Ranger teens.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie
Ivan Ooze destroys the Rangers' powers, and they travel to Phaedos to retrieve new Ninja powers and Zords.

Power Rangers Zeo comic book (Image Comics)
Despite the Zeo Rangers' intervention, King Mondo obtains from Master Vile the Power Coin energies stolen by Lord Zedd.  [This comic book was set around or in place of 422-TrMe; both uncannily featured monsters assembled from Machine Empire scrap metal.]

Outtake segments
Often behind the scenes, real-life bloopers.  [Questionable validity.]

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