- original owner of Youth Center (101-DOTD through 502-SIT2)
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 500-TPRM
Pictures: circa MMPR season 1 (shown at right), circa MMPR season 2, circa MMPR season 3


  • Ernie was the owner, food preparer, and server for the Angel Grove Youth Center Gym and Juice Bar.


  • Ernie had heard on the radio the same day as the Rangers' battles with Bones and the Giant that five superheroes calling themselves the "Power Rangers" had saved the park from a zombie.
  • Ernie seemed a bit amused by the news of the Power Rangers.


  • Ernie's losing count during Jason's first attempt at beating Bulk's benchpressing record of 1,009 may have made Jason start his benchpressing all over, when he was already at 1,006.
  • Jason and Zack covered Jason's communicator when it went off in front of Ernie; Zack told Ernie it was a new watch, and the teens then left to fight King Sphinx.
  • At the last minute, Ernie had gotten a "Happy Birthday, Mom" cake, the last one "they" had left, according to Ernie, to celebrate Jason's new record; he wheeled it in from the locker hall.


  • Ernie tried to dance during Kim's dance lesson.
  • Ernie didn't understand sign language.
  • Ernie gave the teens free sodas.


  • Accompanying Ernie in the Youth Center at the cultural food festival were two Hawaiian dancers who were particularly friendly with him.
  • Ernie and the Hawaiian dancers worked at the Hawaiian foods table of the food festival.
  • When Pudgy Pig attacked the food festival, Ernie wondered where the Rangers were when one needed them.


  • Ernie and the judge of the Junior Science Fair were playing Willy's hologame when the teens returned with Willy.


  • When Bulk accidentally skateboarded into Ernie's "Rock Around the Clock" cake, Ernie told Bulk and Skull to pay for the cake or never come back; he then kicked them both out, although Skull had had nothing to do with it.
  • Ernie and the teens watched and listened to Billy and Marge's conversation from the Juice Bar.
  • Ernie may have seen Jason pointing to his communicator upon telling Billy there was an emergency.
  • The smell of the money that had come from between Bulk's toes caused Ernie to fall over onto his new cake.
  • Covered with cake, Ernie started dancing around to work up an appetite for the sandwiches he would be serving later.


  • After being covered with goop from Billy's Cake-O-Matic, Ernie said he hated machines.
  • Ernie took a shower, almost certainly in the Youth Center showers, after being slimed by the Cake-O-Matic.
  • Ernie kept the Youth Center open late the night before Zack's birthday so the teens could decorate.
  • Ernie knew the term "Dinozords."
  • Ernie had heard that the Power Rangers were regular humans.
  • Jason told Ernie he'd heard that the Rangers were space aliens from a distant planet, boggling Ernie's mind.


  • Ernie asked Kim to get the chili for him while he was watching the news report on the Rangers.
  • Ernie said his fresh batch of veggie chili was on the house; many people rushed over to get some of it.


  • Ernie evacuated everyone from the Youth Center because of the quaking from giant Goldar's attack on downtown Angel Grove.


  • Ernie made Bulk and Skull help decorate for the upcoming masquerade party when he found them in the Youth Center.
  • Ernie's costume for the masquerade party was a vampire.
  • Ernie told everyone during the earthquake to calm down, saying that it was only a small quake.
  • Ernie awarded the blue ribbon for the costume contest to Alpha.


  • Ernie seemed to be doing techincal work backstage during the teens' class play; he also gave Bulk some coaching from offstage.


  • Ernie was trying to glue a broken plastic plate back together after the earthquake that had struck Angel Grove as a result of Rita's summoning of Mutitis and Lokar.


  • Ernie was the host of the dance contest in the Youth Center.


  • Ernie was impressed that Jeremy had met the Power Rangers.


  • After watching a newscast on another of the Rangers' victories, Ernie told the teens, "you gotta love the Power Rangers."


  • Ernie helped with the organization of the talent show in the Youth Center.


  • Ernie was amused by the idea of Bulk and Skull working out.


  • Ernie attended Power Ranger Day.


  • Ernie was upset when Bulk and Skull brought Norman the pig into the Juice Bar.


  • When Ernie heard on the news that they were under a tornado watch, he led everyone into the Youth Center basement.


  • Ernie took Billy fishing, and Billy caught a lobster.


  • The Juice Bar was going out of business, and Ernie was quite depressed about it.
  • At one point, Ernie looked up toward the ceiling in exasperation, possibly a suggestion of religious belief.
  • Ernie gave some food to the dog Jason had found.
  • The teens had the owner of the lost dog give Ernie the generous reward, saving the Juice Bar.
  • Ernie's celebration after the Juice Bar was just barely saved from bankruptcy was sodas and pizzas on the house, which the teens eagerly accepted.


  • Ernie was among the captives from Parent's Day to be returned with no memory of the ordeal after the destruction of Dramole in 150-ROF2.


  • Ernie used a mixture of anasis cosmosis, sidium fruit, and krika fruit in some new drinks; he also bought pineapple, guava, papaya and all kinds of exotic fruits to make exotic fruit shakes.
  • Tommy had Ernie give him his one pamango, into which he was planning to make a pamango shake, by making up a story (which Ernie thought was romantic) about having bought Kim a parrot that liked pamangos; the next day, Ernie gave Kim a pamango for her parrot, and she didn't know what he was talking about.


  • Ernie choked on his drink when Zack told Angela he hated to brag.
  • Ernie made a point to get Zack's attention when he saw on the TV a special report about Peckster attacking.


  • Ernie was glad to see the Jason, Trini, Zack, and Billy when they entered the Juice Bar, because his delivery truck had broken down and he needed someone to go downtown to pick up some supplies; Jason volunteered.


  • Ernie was responsible for evaluating the junior soccer team tryouts and assigning kids to teams.
  • A kid named Roger loved soccer, but he wasn't very good, so Ernie had a second tryout session.
  • Ernie heard Trini, Kim, and Billy's communicators go off, but he thought he was just hearing things; the three teens then rushed out.
  • Ernie made up a second soccer team because he said the kids had done so well at the second tryouts; he made Roger the captain of the second team.


  • Ernie had been an all-star fullback in his college days; he agreed to train Tommy at playing football.


  • Ernie gave Kim a glass of a mixture of passion fruit and pineapple juice for energy in planting her garden.
  • Ernie let Tommy have some flowers for him to give to Kim to try to cheer her up, not knowing she was really under one of Zedd's spells.


  • Ernie kept an eye on the equipment left behind in the Youth Center by the Angel Grove Weekend crew.


  • The youth center in Stone Canyon challenged Angel Grove's team to a game of broomball, a game played like street hockey but with brooms in place of hockey sticks and a ball similar to a soccer ball rather than a puck or puck-sized ball; Ernie, the coach for the Angel Grove Youth Center's team, recruited the teens to play for Angel Grove.
  • When Trini invited Richie to be on the Youth Center's broomball team, Ernie recruited him as an assistant coach.
  • Ernie gave his broomball team cold drinks on the house.


  • Richie told Curtis that he'd gotten a job at the Youth Center with Ernie.


  • Ernie was friends with Madam Swampy, and the maps and coupons to the Youth Center were a promotional gimmick.
  • Bulk and Skull had to wash dishes for Ernie to repay the price of two muffins, which both Billy and Richie had told them were free, waiting to tell them until after they'd bitten into the muffins that they were free only with the purchase of lunch.


  • While Ernie was on the other side of the Juice Bar counter from the three guys during the chaos of Magnetbrain's geomagnetic disruption, Jason told Zack and Tommy to grab on so they could leave and get to the Command Center.


  • On Halloween, Ernie was dressed in a gold jacket with a wide-brim hat.


  • Ernie helped set up the World Teen Summit in the Youth Center.


  • Despite Bulk and Skull not being allowed behind the Juice Bar counter, Ernie let them hide behind the counter until the punk girls who had a crush on them had left.


  • Ernie got a new pachinko machine for people to play at the Juice Bar.
  • Skull found that monster attacks for the last six months had corresponded to Ernie's days off, but on the day Bulk and Skull suspected Ernie of being a Ranger, he was at work the day of a monster attack.
  • Zedd used Ernie's pachinko machine to make Pachinko Head; Ernie noticed the disappearance of the machine.
  • Once his pachinko machine had mysteriously returned some time after Pachinko Head's destruction, Ernie asked Rocky if he wanted to play pachinko again, despite Rocky's earlier display of irresponsibility and addiction to the game.


  • Aisha got on Ernie's case about getting the Juice Bar's minor problems fixed immediately rather than by next week.
  • Aisha wanted Ernie to take apart his juice machine so she could check the wiring.
  • Ernie later gave Aisha (who had since calmed down with her Fire Safety Captain duties) a congratulations cake for her service as Fire Safety Captain.


  • Ernie had an 8x10" glossy of the Power Rangers in the Juice Bar's back area; he retrieved it and gave it to the teens for the scavenger hunt after figuring out the last clue for them.


  • Ernie dropped the teens and Bulk and Skull off at the train station to take them to the airport, from where they would fly to Australia as teen exchange speakers.


  • Ernest Ernie's ancestor in the year 1880 was Ernest, the owner of Ernest's Juice Saloon, established in that same year.


  • Watching the Annual Volleyball Championship between Angel Grove and Stone Canyon, Ernie told the teens and other team that the winners would get a free lunch at his new outdoor cafe.
  • The volleyball championship was sponsored by Ernie's outdoor cafe.
  • Ernie cheered for the Angel Grove team.
  • Once the Angel Grove team had won, Ernie changed his mind and gave everyone free lunches.


  • The teens and Ernie attended Bulk and Skull's graduation from the police academy to the Junior Police Patrol; they were proud of Bulk and Skull.


  • Bulk and Skull were waiters for Ernie's outdoor cafe as a stakeout for the graffiti bandit who had been vandalizing the Youth Center.
  • Bulk and Skull were fired shortly after being hired, for dumping Ernie's lunch plate special all over the governor's wife.
  • Upon discovering that the graffiti bandit who had spraypainted a wall outside the Youth Center had actually been the sleepwalking Skull, Ernie made Bulk and Skull clean off the graffiti.


  • Tommy asked Ernie if he'd seen Kim, at which point Ernie told him that Kim had called with a message that she was out looking for their cat and that she'd be right back.


  • Ernie brought a dish of milk to P.C., who was with Kim at the outdoor cafe.
  • Ernie called P.C. his favorite furry customer.
  • When P.C. vanished after Kim had asked him to watch the cat, Ernie said "he" was probably in the kitchen looking for a handout.


  • As he was closing up the Juice Bar, Ernie didn't have a problem with Kim staying to work out and then closing up the Juice Bar when she was done; he just told her to shut off the lights.


  • Ernie was among the guests at the surprise party for Kim in the Youth Center at least a day after she'd won the Pan Global trials.


  • Ernie's secret holiday recipe was hot chocolate.


  • Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull that the bananas Ernie was going to use for his special new smoothies were stolen from behind the outdoor cafe; days later, Ernie would tell Bulk and Skull that the new stock boy had merely put the bananas in the freezer by mistake, ruining them.


  • Angel Grove was under a monster alert; Ernie, sweeping up the outdoor cafe, had closed the Youth Center, and all of the furniture was missing from the outdoor cafe; it would be back in place when the Youth Center was set up for Master Vile's End of the World party.


  • One morning, at a time in which the Power Rangers were missing and the media was learning of the approach of an alien armada (the Machine Empire), Bulk and Skull, dirty, returned to the Juice Bar and told Ernie about seeing aliens, but he didn't seem to believe them.
  • Ernie said that until the governor came on and told him it was for real, he didn't believe anything; at this point, the governor came on TV to disclose the current emergency.
  • Later in the Youth Center, Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull went through a box and checklist of emergency supplies, including flashlights and blankets.
  • Ernie hoped it wasn't as bad as the experts predicted, but Lt. Stone said unfortunately he'd seen it with his own eyes and it didn't look good; Ernie noted the only ones that could save them had seemed to vanish into thin air, and Lt. Stone said if the Power Rangers were out there, they'd better hurry, as time was running out.


  • Ernie announced the big baseball game between Angel Grove and Stone Canyon.


  • The rescue dog Smokey smelled the pizzas which Ernie had left burning in the oven down the basement door.


  • Ernie was responsible for bringing Captain Pete's and Puppetman's show to the Youth Center; he told the teens he felt compelled to give something back to the community and did so with the show.
  • When the kids in the audience were turned into destructive brats by evil Puppetman, Ernie yelled for the Power Rangers (Captain Pete's secret word for the day), and he got splashed with water, as was a part of Captain Pete's show.


  • Ernie didn't understand the attraction of snowskiing sports.
  • Under Robocupid's spell, Ernie fell in love with a blender.


  • As Kat knew ahead of time, Ernie was closing the Youth Center early (before 5:00 in the afternoon) one Sunday to take inventory; he told Kat he'd be in the back room counting pitas and pineapples all afternoon.
  • Passing along an invitation to a dinner for two from Kat to Tommy that afternoon in the Youth Center, Ernie assured Tommy that the letter (which Tommy initially rejected) was good news.


  • Ernie thought some of the teenagers might be interested in boxing, so he had Lt. Stone come to the Youth Center to give free lessons.
  • Ernie walked into the Juice Bar just as Tanya, Kat, and Rocky were heading toward the western entrance (to answer their communicator call), after which they suddenly froze and tried to act nonchalant.


  • Ernie was dressed in a leather jacket at the "come as your favorite decade" dance in the Youth Center.


  • Ernie was going to start opening the Juice Bar on Saturday nights, and the teens and Billy were helping to set up.
  • Billy thought for Tanya to sing at the Youth Center that night.
  • Ernie left for an hour to get supplies, leaving the teens to keep everything under control until he returned.


  • During the international holidays celebration at the Youth Center, Ernie had to go to the market to pick up a few things, and he had the teens take over.


  • Harriet Gerard, executor of the Randolph B. Burble Foundation, makers of Burble Baby Food, hired Detective Stone, Bulk, and Skull to find Mr. Burble's long-lost nephew, the original Burbling Burble Baby; whoever found the baby would receive $10,000; the foundation's records indicated that the baby would be a teenager and would have just moved to the city.
  • Miss Gerard, walking into the Youth Center with Detective Stone and Ernie, said later that their calculations had been off; the baby was older than they'd thought, and he'd been living in Angel Grove for years; the baby was actually Ernie, and Miss Gerard gave him a lifetime supply of Burble Baby Food, which he considered using for baby food smoothies; to whom the $10,000 reward went is unknown.


  • Eddie's biker gang intimidated Ernie into canceling his setup of the beach club at the lake, until they returned to help out in appreciation for Jason's helping Emily.
  • When Ernie said the girl he'd hired to run the beach club had had to take another job and he needed someone who could start right away, Emily took the job.


  • Ernie worked a vending shack at the beach club.


  • Ernie returned from a vacation in Hawaii; he'd had a great time waterskiing, snorkeling, parasailing, and eating the food; to celebrate his return from the best vacation he'd ever had, Ernie held an island luau at the beach club.
  • Bulk and Skull, desperately needing jobs to save their bankrupt detective agency, got Ernie to hire them for security at his luau, but he made them dress in Hawaiian costumes.
  • The day after Cogs had trashed the beach club, Ernie said that someone had come the previous night and cleaned the whole place up; Tanya, Rocky, and Jason looked amused.


  • When Jason stumbled into the Youth Center and collapsed, the teens took Jason away rather than letting Ernie call an ambulance.


  • Ernie cheered for Tommy, Adam, and Jason with the teens at the national championship.


  • Lt. Stone was in the Youth Center merely as a visitor, indicating that Ernie was probably still around at this point.


  • Lt. Stone was now the new owner and manager of the Youth Center; as for Ernie's absence, he explained, "Oh, you didn't hear? Yeah, well, his foreign service unit recalled him and he had to, uh, suddenly leave. I dunno, something about building a bridge in the Amazon."

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  • Although good-natured and lovable, Ernie was described as "not very quick," not understanding the teens' references and sudden appearances and disappearances.
  • Ernie was further described as "the kind of guy who will someday make a great grandfather."

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