- nature spirit
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First Appearance: 535-SpOW
Last Appearance: 535-SpOW


  • Erutan, a boy wearing a red shirt with denim, watched as a group of teenagers littered in the woods.
  • Erutan made the teenagers' radio crackle, then the wind picked up and blew leaves onto the windshield saying, "Go away."
  • Erutan could disappear and reappear spontaneously.
  • In the woods during his jog a different morning, T.J. picked a discarded paper cup out of a bush while Erutan secretly watched.
  • T.J. and Erutan introduced themselves to each other; Erutan wasn't very polite, and he knew that T.J. was out jogging rather than lost.
  • T.J. turned to look toward an owl's hooting, and when he looked back, Erutan was gone.
  • T.J. morphed while Erutan watched from behind a tree nearby; Erutan appeared shocked by the discovery.
  • As Lord Litter was coating T.J. with newspaper litter, Erutan rushed out and commanded Lord Litter to go away, then held out his hand, generating a wind that blew the monster away; the boy then vanished.
  • In the resource center at school with Cassie the same day, T.J. wrote down "Erutan" and realized that backwards it spelled "nature."
  • Erutan was standing outside the resource center window, looking in at T.J., and T.J. ran out and chased him to the lake.
  • Once T.J. had reached the lake, Erutan appeared behind T.J., then reappeared standing on the surface of the water.
  • Erutan told T.J. that he'd made the wind, and that the woods wanted to thank him for helping them.
  • When T.J. asked Erutan if he was the spirit of the woods, Erutan replied, "Sometimes I'm the woods, or sometimes I'm the wind or the water."
  • Apparently that night, T.J. described Erutan to Dimitria and Alpha, but the scanners couldn't find Erutan in the woods; it was too late to search the woods for him now.
  • The next morning, T.J. looked for Erutan on his jog.
  • T.J. warned Erutan that there were evil forces that wanted to capture him; Erutan knew but wouldn't leave, pointing out that the same evil forces were after T.J. but that he wouldn't leave either.
  • Elgar, Lord Litter, and Piranhatron trapped Erutan in a net.
  • When T.J. told Cassie to help him get the net down, she shot it down with her Auto Blaster, and T.J. caught Erutan.
  • None of the Rangers but T.J. could see Erutan.
  • When Lord Litter sent trash cans clamping onto the Rangers' bodies, Erutan held up his hand with electricity flowing between his hand and the sky, where dark clouds gathered; he then screamed, and a lightning bolt from above struck Lord Litter, causing him to collapse and twitch uncontrollably.
  • Afterward, Erutan was extremely weakened, so T.J. stayed to help him while the other Rangers summoned the Rescuezords to fight giant Lord Litter.
  • Aftr the Rangers' battle, T.J. was unmorphed, unable to help the translucent and weakened Erutan.
  • Weakly walking away, Erutan told T.J. that as long as people like T.J. protected the woods, he would be okay; he then vanished while walking away.
  • On T.J.'s jog through the woods another morning, Erutan ran across the path behind him, but when T.J. looked back, there was a deer walking by.

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