Evil Billy
- duplicate of Billy created from statue
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First Appearance: 252-BRGB
Last Appearance: 252-BRGB


  • Rita was impatient with Zedd's incantation to transform Violet's statue of Billy into an evil Billy, so she wrenched the staff from his hands and used it to transform the statue with the words, "Blue Ranger, be bad!"
  • Evil Billy wore duplicates of Billy's current clothes.
  • Evil Billy called Goldar "Lord Goldar."
  • Evil Billy's eyes briefly flashed red.
  • Once Billy had been captured in the Dark Dimension and evil Billy had been given Billy's communicator, backpack, and Morpher, Goldar told evil Billy to gain the teens' trust, then steal their communicators and Morphers.
  • Evil Billy teleported with a red energy flame effect after simply staring at Billy for a moment.
  • When Kim told evil Billy that Violet would be at the Youth Center, he told her not to be ridiculous, and that she wasn't even his type; he was then impatient with Kim when she seemed disapproving, saying he just wanted to lift some weights.
  • After working out, evil Billy completely ignored Violet in the Juice Bar when she said hi to him, except for glaring at her briefly.
  • Evil Billy told the teens he needed their communicators because that night he would be making adjustments to them like Zordon asked him to; when Kim asked what was wrong with the communicators, evil Billy replied that by redefining the geographical servo frequency ranger, they'd have less high-end interference, and the others then simply gave him their communicators; Tommy held on to his just in case, causing evil Billy to scowl at him.
  • Evil Billy secretly removed the teens' Morphers from their bookbags and put them into his own.
  • Evil Billy then left to lift some more weights when Kim began to study for an upcoming math test; he said he already knew math inside and out.
  • Evil Billy's bookbag (containing the five stolen Morphers) was open as he was walking through the park with the teens.
  • Evil Billy didn't know what Kim was talking about when she asked him to show Tommy his holographic disc, Billy's art class project.
  • Realizing that evil Billy had stolen their Morphers, Kim grabbed the bookbag from evil Billy when he turned his back to the teens briefly, then she accidentally got it stuck in a tree trying to throw it to Tommy; evil Billy climbed up the tree after it but fell out when the real Billy arrived and yelled at him, and the fall hurt his shoulder.
  • Evil Billy was still wearing Billy's communicator when Billy's Morpher seemed to morph both Billy and evil Billy into Blue Rangers, after which the Rangers would destroy the one they concluded was evil Billy; a later day, Billy was shown wearing his communicator in art class.
  • Just after evil Billy had tackled him, Billy used his Morpher to activate his morph, after which both Billy and evil Billy were in the form of Blue Rangers.
  • Immediately after evil Billy had been shown with his head face-down near Billy's side, two side-by-side Billy morph sequences were shown, each Billy with his own Morpher and Power Coin.
  • Both Blue Rangers had a Morpher and Power Coin on their belts and a Blade Blaster in their holsters.
  • The teens determined one of the two Blue Rangers to be a fake with the following dialogue:
    Kim (holding up holographic disc): "Hey, what is this?"
    Blue #1: "Uh, a mirror, right?"
    Blue #2: "A mirror?"
    Kim: "Wrong! It's a hologram. He's the fake."
  • After the above dialogue, the teens morphed, after which one of the Blue Rangers (designated here as Blue A) was standing amongst them; prior to the Rangers' gunning down of the Blue Ranger they'd determined to be fake was the following dialogue:
    Blue A: "Your masquerade's over!"
    Blue B: "You wouldn't dare!"
    - Rangers prepare laser blasters and fire on Blue B
  • The gunned-down Blue Ranger (presumably evil Billy) used his hands to deflect the combined laser fire from the five Blade Blasters and Saba but was soon overwhelmed by the lasers, and he vanished in a red energy flame effect, as had been used for evil Billy's teleportation.

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