- invention which can turn objects evil
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First Appearance: 612-GrEv
Last Appearance: 612-GrEv


  • Outside a Phenomenus Ingenious Inc. facility, the Professor prepared to test a small double-barreled invention which Astronema would call an Evilyzer; he told Bulk and Skull that with the device they could give anything an attitude.
  • The Professor had Skull place a three-wheeled robot toy on the table, and the Professor considered, "Good or evil?".
  • The dial was initially turned to "Good," but the Professor turned it to "Evil," saying, "Let's see how evil we can make it."
  • The Professor turned on the device, and it generated a beam of green energy waves at the toy; the Professor soon turned it off, with nothing seeming to have happened, but then the robot face contorted into a grimace, and it spoke threateningly to them, saying, "You dare to awaken me? (laughs) I'll teach you a lesson you won't soon forget!"
  • When the three fled into their RV, the toy drove off the table and flew into the RV after them.
  • Outside, Ecliptor took the Evilyzer and walked off with it, laughing that he'd been looking for one of these.
  • Seeing the stolen invention on the Dark Fortress, Astronema remarked, "An Evilyzer," and was pleased, thinking they would need more weapons now that the Rangers had that Delta Megazord.
  • Ecliptor, having seen it work, hoped to use it to turn the Rangers evil; Astronema told him to test it on the Rangers but that she had an even bigger plan.
  • As a Quantron flew after the Red and Yellow Rangers in a Velocifighter with the Evilyzer mounted to its cockpit controls, the Quantron pressed a sequence of buttons on the device, then the Evilyzer's energy beam struck the yellow Galaxy Glider, making it zip around out of control, and Ashley barely managed to hang onto it.
  • Andros pulled Ashley onto his glider, and hers spiraled away into space.
  • Pleased with the success of the Evilyzer despite their having missed the Yellow Ranger, Astronema told Ecliptor to build her another Evilyzer, only much bigger.
  • On the Megaship, DECA theorized that the ray had reversed the yellow Galaxy Glider's central ion disseminators, and Andros agreed, saying the ray could've changed the glider's programming from positive to negative; Carlos assumed that by "negative" he meant evil, and DECA said this was essentially correct.
  • Once the Rangers had arrived to confront Destructipede, Astronema had the much larger Evilyzer cannon prepared to fire out a window of the Dark Fortress, but she wouldn't let Elgar fire yet, as she had a plan.
  • Once the Delta Megazord had arrived, Astronema finally had Ecliptor fire the Evilyzer.
  • A beam of green waves from the Dark Fortress washed over the Delta Megazord, turning it evil and breaking Andros's control over it.
  • As the Rangers struggled in the Astro Megazord against the evil Delta Megazord, Andros called Alpha to tell him to calculate a frequency to attempt reverse polarization (as had removed the evil spell from the Ninja Turtles in 604-ShSh); although the frequency was unknown, Andros asked for the closest estimate, and Alpha gave 03 at .28.
  • After the Delta Megazord had been bombarded for some time with the reverse-polarized beam, a beam of orange energy waves, the Evilyzer finally shorted out, charred and inoperative, and the Delta Megazord was soon back on the Rangers' side.
  • Upon leaping onto her out-of-control evilyzed Galaxy Glider later, Ashley shot the reverse-polarized orange energy beam from her Astro Blaster at her glider, bringing it back under control.
  • Later, in a field of tall plants, perhaps corn, Bulk, Skull, and the Professor took a break from their running from the evil toy after them; they pretended not to be afraid, but the toy drove up to them and laughed at the idea that they'd thought they could get rid of him that easily, and the three ran screaming in the direction from which they'd come.

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