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First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: 343-HdA2


  • The Falconzord locked onto the back of the flying Ninja Megazord with blue energy to form the Ninja Megafalconzord.
  • The Falconzord was White Ranger's Ninjazord.
  • When Ninja Tommy stepped forward to claim the power of his Ninjazord, a beam of white, sparkling light shined down on him; Ninjor told him to immerse himself in the mighty Falcon Ninjazord's quest for justice and strength.


  • The Falconzord always appeared to fly down from the sun.
  • The Falconzord shot a red laser beam from its mouth.
  • When giant Rito uses his palm to block the Falconzord's laser, it was white rather than red.


  • In the back of the Falconzord's cockpit was the standard falcon symbol.
  • Thin white electricity flowed between White Ranger's hands and chest symbol in his cockpit as he powered up the Falconzord to form the Ninja Megafalconzord.


  • Though Tommy had summoned his Zord with the other Ninjazords, the Falconzord didn't appear at all in the ensuing battle.


  • The Falconzord folded its wings forward and shot a series of concussive blasts from its eight wingtip cannons.
  • In a circle on the Falconzord's chest was a hexagonal symbol.
  • Giant Hate Master was attacked by the Frog's mini-Frogzords, the Frog's flame breath, Titanus's fireballs, the Ape's charged double swords, the Falconzord's wingtip blasts, the Wolf's eyebeams, and the Bear's eyebeams, but it was the Crane's lasers which finally destroyed him.
  • After the battle was over, the Falconzord flew back toward the sun.


  • Although White Ranger had summoned the Falconzord with the others' Ninjazords, Rocky had to call out for Tommy's help in the middle of the Ninja Megazord's fight with giant Miss Chief before Tommy flew in in the Falconzord.
  • Just after the Ninja Megafalconzord had destroyed giant Miss Chief, White Ranger was shown in the Falconzord cockpit rather than in the main cockpit with the other Rangers.


  • Finster said that with the technology of a Ninjazord and a power source, he would be able to bring the Shogunzords to life.
  • For his and Rita's plan to steal a Ninjazord to access the Shogunzords, Zedd said they needed a Power Coin to get into the Ninjazord; a coin would allow them to steal a Ninjazord to copy its technology.
  • Having obtained the pink Power Coin, Zedd said they could steal the Falconzord, which would render the Rangers defenseless.
  • Possessing the pink Power Coin, Kat teleported into the Falconzord cockpit behind White Ranger and sent a pink energy bolt from her index finger into morphed Tommy, knocking him out with pink energy claw marks running all over his body, then used the same pink energy bolt to teleport him out with a pink clawed teleport, sending him falling to the ground.
  • After Kat had teleported out, pink energy transformed the Falconzord into a real falcon; the falcon appeared on Zedd's arm in the palace with pink energy, and Zedd had a cage, with his red Z cloth over it, ready to hold the falcon.
  • Having obtained Ninjor and the Falconzord, Zedd declared that they had everything they needed to bring the Shogunzords to life: "the battle technology from the almighty Falconzord and Ninjor's energy as its power source."
  • Billy theorized that Zedd's using the pink Power Coin to steal the Falconzord must have left Ninjor powerless and an easy target.
  • The Ninjazords were now for some reason out of commission.


  • The Ninjazords couldn't be used with Zedd in control of the Falconzord.
  • Zedd said everything was going as planned: he had Kimberly's Power Coin, and Finster was working on a way to siphon off Ninjor's power, combine it with the Falconzord's technology, and bring the Shogunzords to life; then, he said, all he needed was six pilots to command the Zords.
  • Zedd said he needed six pilots; if he indeed wanted a pilot for the Falconzord as well as the five Shogunzords, his plans for Kimberly would have made this quite difficult; perhaps there were plans to use a replacement (such as Kat) as the sixth pilot.


  • Rita told the Rangers that the Shogunzords were powered by Ninjor and armed with battle technology by their caged Falconzord.
  • Zordon said that as long as Zedd held the Falconzord captive, the Ninjazords would be inoperative, but the Shogunzords still functioned.


  • Billy used a small Falconzord-shaped device hooked up to the Command Center's computers to imitate the Falconzord's energy readings to allow the Rangers to operate both the Shogunzords and Ninjazords simultaneously; Rocky told him it was good work, but Billy admitted it was no substitute for the real Falconzord's power.


  • As he and morphed Kat prepared to teleport out of the chamber of command with the Zeo Crystal, morphed Tommy placed his hand on the Falconzord's cage and had it teleport out in white energy with them.
  • On Earth, morphed Tommy and Kat both rode in the Falconzord as it flew down, seemingly from the sun, back in Ninjazord form.
  • For this one flight, the Falconzord cockpit had a stylized falcon symbol on the back wall in place of the standard Falconzord coin symbol; at all other times, it would have the standard coin symbol.
  • The Zeo Crystal was being stored temporarily in the Falconzord's engine room as the Ninjazords and Shogunzords fought giant Globbor.


  • The Falconzord became the Shogun Megazord's arm cannons to form the Shogun Megafalconzord.
  • As Rita teased Master Vile about his defeat, the Falconzord's cage was still shown to be in the chamber of command, but Tommy and Kat had taken the cage (and falcon inside) from the palace in 330-MVA2.


  • Once the Falconzord had taken to the skies again after being detached from the Ninja Megazord, the sky brightened back up (bothering Dischordia), and the previously weakened Ninja Megazord, Shogun Megazord, and giant Ninjor got back up, seemingly at full strength.


  • As Rita and Zedd made Hydro Hog grow, the Falconzord's cage was visible in the background. (Source: Submitted by Rene Charbonneau)
  • When Zordon said the Aquitian Rangers needed more power against giant Hydro Hog than just the Shogun Megazord alone, Billy thought to use the Falconzord remote (which was simply lying on the top of a Command Center console) to bring in the Falconzord by remote and form the Shogun Megafalconzord.
  • The Falconzord's power source is unknown, as the Power Coins had been destroyed in 336-CEvF, and it seemed that the Shogunzords had to be powered by the Aquitian Rangers in order to operate following the coins' destruction.
  • Before forming the Shogun Megafalconzord, the Falconzord shot at giant Hydro Hog on its way down, then looped under a bridge and flew through the city.

    - Phrases used to summon Falconzord
    318-ChZ1 Tommy: "I need Falconzord power, power ready, power up, now!"

    - Phrases used once White Ranger is in Falconzord cockpit
    314-SHM2 Tommy: "Falconzord, power up!"
    318-ChZ1 Tommy: "Falconzord, battle mode, now!"
    332-TSOD Tommy: "White Falconzord, power up!"

    - Phrases used to fire wingtip cannons
    314-SHM2 Tommy: "Falconzord, fire!"

    MMPR: The Movie

  • White Ranger entered the Falconzord by flipping into the black area located between the Falconzord's neck and chest.
  • The Falconzord cockpit looked quite similar to the Crane's cockpit; it had a white, center joystick.
  • The Falconzord's sensors detected a disturbance (Scorpitron) in the east quadrant of the city.
  • The Falconzord could shoot three silver and red minimissiles from the front of each wing.
  • Three minimissiles were shown shooting from the Falconzord's left wing, yet the shot from behind the Falconzord only showed two missiles flying from each wing, for a total of four.
  • Scorpitron's tail laser hit the Falconzord's right wing, making Tommy pull out of battle, even though the flaming area didn't appear to affect his flight capabilities; he would later return with a seemingly undamaged wing.
  • To fire its wingtip rockets, the Falcon brought its wings forward and launched the top three of its four large red rockets from each wingtip; these rockets blew Scorpitron into pieces.
  • The Falconzord was able to hover in place to allow the monorail train to pass over its back to cross the broken section of monorail track.

    - Phrases used as White Ranger rides seat into cockpit
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "Ready to rock! Yes!"

    - Phrases used to fire six minimissiles from front of wings
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "Rockets away!"

    - Phrases used to fire six of its eight wingtip rockets
    MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "Rockets away!"

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