- alien scientist; faithful servant of Rita
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
Pictures: medium shot (shown at right), long shot


  • After being freed from the space dumpster, Finster said it was good to be free after all that time.
  • In the palace, Rita told Finster to start making Putty Patrollers.
  • After Rita had spotted the teens walking through the mountains, Finster was shown making Putty Patrollers from orange clay.
  • Finster had blue eyes.
  • Finster explained that the beauty of the Putty Patrollers was that they could always make more if they didn't work on the teens.
  • Finster cooked a large squad of twenty Putties in the Monstermatic for ten seconds.
  • At least one of Finster's first batch of Putties had a ball hand.


  • Finster cooked the gray Bones model on high in the Monstermatic and wondered whether he had overcooked him.


  • Finster said with determination that once his monster had eliminated the Power Rangers, the Earth was finished.
  • Finster made the Minotaur from gray clay.


  • King Sphinx was Finster's creation.


  • Finster was working on a monster that ate cars and smelled like a fish, but Rita wanted a musical monster instead.
  • Finster said that musical monsters weren't very reliable and suggested a fire-breathing hedgehog instead.
  • Finster created the Gnarly Gnome; his plan was for the monster to hypnotize and hold several kids, and when the Rangers came to rescue them, the monster would put the Rangers in Rita's power.


  • Finster seemed to get the idea of the Pudgy Pig out of a slender brown book.
  • Finster felt that all of his monsters were special.
  • Finster told Rita he already had a Pudgy Pig, but that it wasn't his best work.
  • Finster sighed that he was doomed upon seeing the Pudgy Pig come out of the Monstermatic.
  • Standing on the balcony after Pudgy Pig had eaten almost all of the Power Weapons, Finster declared that Pudgy Pig was his best monster ever and that he couldn't wait until Pudgy Pig had defeated the Rangers for good.
  • In his workshop later, Finster heard Rita calling for him from the observatory, but he chuckled and decided to make her wait a while, then he'd watch the monster win.
  • Finster was watching from the balcony as Pudgy Pig was destroyed; Finster then reminded Rita that he'd warned her it wasn't his best work.
  • Finster begged Rita not to yell at him and turn him into a toad or something.


  • Finster reminded Rita how well Eye Guy had worked on Regda 2.
  • Eye Guy was Finster's creation.


  • Terror Toad was Finster's creation.


  • Rita contacted Madame Woe and had her come to the palace on her own, yet she'd talked to Finster earlier as if he were responsible for Madame Woe.


  • The Snizard was Finster's creation.


  • Finster planned to make a monster to fight Zack on his birthday.
  • Late at night, Baboo and Finster were hammering out the Nasty Knight's sword on Earth.


  • Finster trained Pineoctopus personally.
  • Finster got angry when Goldar bopped him on the head twice for the failure of Pineoctopus.


  • Rita requested from Finster a monster that was invincible and clever; he combined the speed of a panther, the wisdom of the ages, and the strength of ten angry Octavian slime toads to create Dark Warrior.


  • Rita wanted a special monster that could get his hands on a child - a monster that had to be ruthless, nasty, and mean; both she and Finster knew she was talking about a Chunky Chicken monster.
  • Finster was pleased with Rita's Chunky Chicken decision.
  • Finster had a Chunky Chicken model ready to go.
  • Rita told Finster that if he was wrong about a child soon being in her hands, she would turn him into a sea slug.


  • Finster was bothered by Rita's choice to send Green Ranger, rather than one of his monsters, to finish off the Rangers.


  • Finster thought the stolen Forest Spirit Statue was an exquisite, marvelous example of Earth art which must have taken at least an hour to put together.
  • Finster considered putting the statue in the palace's dining room or parlor.
  • Finster made the Spidertron, based on Trini and Billy's interest in the Forest Spirit Statue.


  • When Rita asked for ideas, Finster told her of his very rare monster, the Spit Flower.


  • The Frankenstein monster was Finster's creation.
  • Finster supervised the Putties as they mined super putty from a cavern on Earth.


  • Finster and the Putties made Super Putties in the Monstermatic using clay from the boulder of super putty.
  • Finster said that nothing in the Rangers' arsenal could beat the Super Putties, and that the Super Putties were completely invincible, yet the Rangers' special weapons ultimately destroyed them.


  • Finster seemed to create the Samurai Fan Man from the Bones model.


  • According to Goldar, Finster had created both Scorpina's pet worm and Babe Ruthless.


  • Finster made Fang as a surprise birthday present for Rita.
  • Rita at first demanded to know who'd sent Fang without her authorization, but then she remembered that she'd told Finster it was her birthday.


  • Rita said that Finster had sent her Hatchasaurus to Earth.


  • The Polluticorn was Finster's creation.


  • Finster said the dimensional vortex beam was ready, and it would send the people of Angel Grove to another dimension to make it easy to hunt down the teens.


  • Fighting Flea was Finster's creation.
  • Finster had been looking forward to using the Fighting Flea for quite some time.


  • Jellyfish was Finster's creation.


  • Mantis was Finster's creation.
  • As Rita was about to send Putties to fight the teens, Baboo was playing an accordian and Finster was playing a drum, but neither instrument was making noise.


  • Rita planned to destroy Angel Grove and show how wicked she was, and Finster said the Dramole would finish Earth once and for all.


  • Finster spoke as though he would be creating Grumble Bee from super putty.


  • Peckster was Finster's creation.
  • Finster promised Rita he wouldn't blow it this time.
  • After Peckster had been destroyed, Rita said she'd obviously been way too nice, then grabbed onto the small horn on Finster's nose.


  • Finster seemed to create Lizzinator from a Bones model.


  • Finster created Slippery Shark after the monster's boomerang had put Tommy and Jason under its spell.


  • Goldar initiated the idea of toying with the teens' urge to help Roger at soccer, but Finster was already charging up Soccadillo at the time.


  • As Zedd ranted angrily over the destruction of Pirantishead, Finster, still making monsters in his workshop, remarked that if Zedd had used one of his monsters, none of this would have happened.


  • Finster was cheering Zedd with Squatt and Baboo in the chamber of command.
  • After Pursehead had been "destroyed," Finster seemed to be chuckling, or perhaps cowering, behind Squatt and Baboo as Zedd talked about destroying the Rangers.


  • Finster had given Squatt and Baboo instructions on using the sleep machine with which the two had been sent to Earth.


  • Just as Rita was, unbeknownst to him, making her way into his workshop, Finster wished for the good old days, saying, "I used to be somebody around here, monster-maker extraordinaire. Now I'm just old and in the way. Rita and I were quite a team. I almost miss her cranky little face. Oh, I wish she were here."
  • Finster and Rita seemed to have a playfully friendly relationship.
  • Finster returned Rita to normal size with his spectron reintegrator.
  • Rita gave Finster several congratulatory hugs while she was in his workshop.
  • Finster had been making monsters while Rita was gone, and he had dozens waiting, but Rita needed a love potion to make Zedd marry her so that she could rule the universe.
  • Finster knew that the teens were out of town.
  • With two Putties to hold Alpha, Finster teleported to the area where Alpha was outside the Command Center and forcefully inserted a virus disc which turned Alpha evil.
  • Finster used his special moon mud, along with cucumber slices for the eyes, to make Rita look young and beautiful.
  • Finster consulted a narrow red book from his desk before recreating some of Rita's most favorite monsters as wedding guests and the meanest ones to ambush the Rangers.


  • When Rita requested more monsters as wedding guests and that she wanted them to bring many gifts, Finster told her he'd program them with a generosity factor of ten, then muttered to himself that she'd completely "lost her cookies."


  • Finster performed Rita and Zedd's wedding.


  • Rita told Finster to make a potion to cause Zedd to forget his idea of having a baby with her, an idea which Finster found charming; although the aforementioned potion was never seen being made or administered, Zedd never did mention the idea of a baby again.


  • Finster was missing his blue headband.


  • When Zedd was depressed about Count Dregon's conquests, Rita tried to cheer him up by telling him that Finster was working on a monster that would blow the Earth out of the sky.


  • Finster came into the chamber of command to introduce his creation Repellator.


  • In his workshop, Finster told the sick Repellator to stay in bed for seven to ten nights and drink plenty of fluids, but Repellator said Rita and Zedd were already mad at him, and that he had to conquer the Rangers; when Finster agreed to give him some medicine, Repellator said he'd rest as soon as this job was over.
  • Repellator was afraid of the giant needle Finster was going to use, so Finster gave him two large white pills called "Finster's Tummy Tabs" instead, telling Repellator to take two now and two before he went to bed.
  • Before giving Repellator the pills, Finster warned him that they didn't taste very good.


  • Finster came into the chamber of command after Rito had arrived.
  • Following Rita's idea to ambush the Rangers with an army of monsters, Finster immediately got started by digging out what he called his best monster molds, then later when he presented the four recreated monsters (Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Stag Beetle, and Octophantom), only two of them had been Finster's creations.


  • Finster later joined the others in the chamber of command.
  • Rito remembered that his last egg was a Vampirus monster, and Finster noted that the Vampirus was such a nasty monster and not his cup of tea at all.


  • Finster made a device to view the dreams of Earth creatures as a gift for Rita; following Zedd's instruction, Finster modified the device to turn the dreams into reality.


  • When Zedd and Rita had let him assume leadership for the day, Rito, not knowing how to make a monster, called Finster in.
  • Finster was holding a monster mold when he entered the chamber of command.
  • Finster refused to make a monster for Rito, saying he served only Zedd and Rita.
  • Rito took Finster's monster mold and accidentally broke the head off.
  • Later, Rito still trying to work with a lump of clay, presumably the mooshed remains of Finster's monster mold.
  • After Rito's monster (Marvo the Meanie, accidentally created from Mr. Wilton using Zedd's staff) had been destroyed, Rita shooed Rito off to go clean Finster's lab.


  • Finster entered the chamber with the mold for a magic centipede which he thought Rita would truly appreciate, but Rita told him no more bugs.
  • When Zedd fumbled the football Goldar had thrown, Finster scrambled to get it for him, causing him to drop his magic centipede on the football, accidentally creating the Centiback monster.
  • When Finster told Rita and Zedd after the destruction of Centiback that they shouldn't be arguing, the couple remembered that it was actually Finster's fault.


  • Finster didn't seem to think Zedd had a great understanding of magical forces.
  • For Zedd's plan to create a hate monster, Finster gave Zedd magical seeds of hate which had had extracted from the evil of every monster he'd ever created, and he had Zedd throw them to Earth, then had Rita and Zedd recite an incantation.


  • When Zedd took Rita on a second honeymoon in Serpentera, Zedd left Goldar in charge to make sure Finster finished his monster before they got back.
  • Miss Chief was lying full-size on a table in Finster's workshop.
  • Finster said "last time," he'd equipped Miss Chief with a love potion.
  • Finster accidentally told Rito that Rita had used a love potion on Zedd but didn't seem to think his slip was that big of a deal.
  • Finster left his lab for a moment, telling Rito not to touch anything.
  • Upon learning from Rito that Rita had used a love potion on Zedd, Goldar called Finster in and ordered him to make an antidote; Finster reluctantly did as asked.
  • Once the antidote was complete, Goldar made Finster go down to Earth, invisible, to test the antidote's safety out on the humans.
  • Back in the palace, Miss Chief, following a joke Rito had told her to do, sprayed Rita with love potion, making her fall in love with Goldar; Finster, telling Goldar he owed Finster one, then used the antidote on Rita.


  • After years of failed attempts, Finster finally deciphered the Scrolls of Zordnia, which showed the location of the dormant Shogunzords.
  • Finster said that with the technology of a Ninjazord and a power source, he would be able to bring the Shogunzords to life.
  • Finster, Squatt, and Baboo looked for the Shogunzords in a dense jungle; Squatt would be the one to inadvertently discover the dormant Zords.
  • After having obtained the Falconzord and Ninjor Zedd gave the jug in which Ninjor was trapped, to Finster to have him create a way to siphon off Ninjor's energy so they could power up the Shogunzords.


  • Finster was sweeping the chamber of command with a broom, humming, after the villains' celebration party had ended.
  • When Rita told Finster she needed a monster, Finster asked whether she should wait for Lord Zedd; when she pointed out with annoyance that she used to run the place, he apologized and said he had the perfect monster to "keep an eye" on the Rangers: See Monster.
  • Finster thought that Rita's summoning the Shogunzords was a really bad idea.


  • Finster presented Zedd with a vehicular transformer apparatus, a cannon with a green barrel which Zedd used to transform the cab that Bulk, Skull, and Kim were in into Crabby Cabbie with a green energy beam; Zedd's staff may have still been damaged at the time, perhaps explaining the purpose of the transformer apparatus.


  • After Kat had gone to the hospital with Kim when Kim fell off the balance beam and knocked herself out, Rita demanded to know from Finster what had happened to the spell; holding a scroll of symbols before him, Finster concluded that the goodness of Kat's totally selfless deed of attempting to save Kim overcame and completely neutralized Rita's spell.
  • Finster created Garbage Mouth, who represented the place where all broken dreams went, in honor of the Pink Ranger.


  • Rita pestered Finster to hurry up with the monster he was working on.
  • Finster was already in the process of creating Ravenator before Rita and Zedd had been bothered by Tommy's lessons of eating well.
  • Finster addressed Rita as his reason for existing.


  • Zedd sent Finster to turn Kat's chimp Kelly into a monster, along with Tengas to distract the teens.
  • Finster was friendly to Kelly.
  • Finster shot at Kelly multiple times with a device, missing each time, then retreated when ninja Kat leapt at him.


  • When quakes and bright flashes of light rocked the moon palace (from Master Vile's approach), Rita asked Finster if he'd forgotten to pay the electric bill again.
  • Finster wasn't seen after Master Vile had arrived, and he didn't attend any of the villains' celebrations of Master Vile's successes against the Rangers.


  • Finster had at some point created the Revivafier, which turned once-evil people evil again, permanently.


  • Rita, Zedd, their henchmen, and Master Vile formed an audience of sorts by the throne in the chamber of command as Finster stood at a microphone in front of the chamber's western doorway and introduced Dischordia, who entered from the direction of his workshop.


  • When Master Vile's magic caused the moon palace to quake while Vile worked under the surface of the moon, Finster scurried off to his workshop, knowing that Vile was responsible.


  • Finster used a clipboard and an oversized pencil to take attendance of the group of monsters that Master Vile had assembled to the palace.


  • Finster got trampled flat by the stampeding monsters heading toward his lab to go to Earth; he sighed that sometimes he really hated being a badguy.


  • Zedd and Rita had Finster activate the dimensional teleporter so they could summon Hydro Hog from Aquitar.


  • Rita had Finster find out where Rito and Goldar were so she didn't have to go looking for them; rather, she was able merely to teleport to the location in the Command Center tunnels where Rito and Goldar were.


  • Finster asked Zedd how it felt to be the ultimate evil power in the universe now that he'd beaten the Rangers.
  • Learning from Finster the next day that Mondo and his forces had already arrived (after Rita and Zedd had already known of their approach), Zedd swore to stand his ground, but Finster told him Mondo's forces were too strong, and that with all due respect they should leave immediately.
  • While looking at Earth in her telescope, Rita had happened to see Machine Empire craft entering the planet's atmosphere, and the next day, Mondo and Machina had discovered Rita and Zedd's presence and vowed to show them no mercy, but in 401-AZB1, Finster would fearfully interrupt Rita and Zedd's celebration just before the palace was attacked by Quadrafighters.


  • When Rita, Zedd, Squatt, and Baboo were celebrating the Rangers' defeat in the chamber, Finster entered from his workshop, trying to warn them of the approaching Machine Empire, but before he could warn them fully, three Quadrafighters began blasting the palace.
  • Finster exclaimed that they were completely defenseless against the armies of the Machine King (Mondo) and that he would prepare for their immediate departure.
  • When Rita hurried Finster during the villains' retreat, he said he was doing the best he could, but that they'd accumulated a lot of junk over the millennia.


  • As Serpentera flew away from the moon with the villains inside, Finster rode in Serpentera's cargo area with Squatt, Baboo, and the three Tengas with the boxes and staves; Finster said he'd made some of his best monsters in the palace and that he thought that going to live with Master Vile was a dreadful turn of events.


  • Finster was with Rita and Zedd when they returned to the moon in their RV.


  • Finster was to operate a super-magnet (presumably of his design) mounted on top of the RV to bring Louie Kaboom back, but Rito accidentally caused it to bring Detective Stone's new sportscar to the moon.


  • On the moon, Rita and Zedd were relaxing in chairs while watching a cartoon on a TV outside the parked RV, with Finster cooking on a grill nearby, when Rito and Goldar ran up to tell them the news of Gasket and Archerina.


  • Zedd liked Finster's idea to use the Rangers against the Machine Empire, but Zedd announced the same plan moments earlier.
  • Finster had been working on a one-use transporter, even though he had little to work with; the transporter successfully teleported the four remaining Rangers into the Machine Arena with blue energy bolts (seemingly teleporting the Rangers in pieces), burning itself out in the process.


  • Finster gave Rita a new wand (which he called a staff) to make monsters with, claiming it was much more powerful than anything she was accustomed to and that it would give her the power to do things she had never thought possible.
  • The only way the wand would work on Earth targets was if Rita rode in the RV fast enough to match the target's location and velocity; when Rita intended to turn Kat into a monster (but actually turned Kat's purse into the Impursonator monster), she was in the RV as it drove across the moon; this was the only time Rita used her new wand in this manner.


  • Using what looked like a Viewing Globe sphere on a stand, Finster found the lost Impursonator monster and teleported her back to Earth, where she materialized in the Super Zeo Megazord's cockpit and kicked the Rangers out; Rita appeared impressed merely by the globe's ability to bring Impursonator back.
  • In the RV, Finster was able to intercept a command transmission from Mondo, ordering Cog Changer and a battalion of Cogs to attack the Angel Grove Coliseum.


  • Rita and Zedd attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along Goldar, Finster, Zedd's Putties, and Tengas.
  • Later seated at the banquet table, Finster drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.


  • Finster was with Rita and Zedd as they led an army of monsters against Gold Ranger on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.
  • Finster's ears could be seen drooping downward rather than pointing straight up. (Source: Submitted by MegaZeo)


  • Finster was presumably among the victims of Zordon's energy wave, though he wasn't shown when the wave hit.

    Pilot Episode

  • Finster's voice was different.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Finster's birthplace was given as the distant planet Claydoious.
  • Finster's skill at creating disposable soldiers from space clay made him indispensable in the galactic conquest game.
  • Finster was described as a smart alien who knew to stay out of Rita's way but was at the same time blinded by his total devotion to her.

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