Five punks
- teen bullies; former Dark Rangers (212-GNM1 through 213-GNM2)
Five punks
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First Appearance: 212-GNM1
Last Appearance: 213-GNM2
Pictures: five punks (shown at right), red punk (Justin), yellow (Tina) and black (Zane), blue and pink


  • The five punks sent Bulk and Skull rolling down the hallway at school in recycle bins; Bulk and Skull were terrified of the punks.
  • Each of the five punks wore a Ranger color and bore a strong resemblance to his or her Ranger teen counterpart, with the exception of the pink punk having long, straight blonde hair with blue eyes, the yellow punk appearing more Polynesian than Asian, and the blue punk having brown eyes.
  • The five punks had just transferred in to Angel Grove High.
  • The punks shoved a nerd named Stewart back into Miss Appleby's classroom, taking his bookbag.
  • The red punk tried to intimidate Tommy, Zack, and Billy, telling them he was used to making the rules where he went.
  • The punks went to the lake and harassed Jason, Billy, Kim, and Zack; the pink punk smacked the bucket of shells from Kim's hands.
  • The black punk was now wearing purple.
  • The red punk told the teens that Angel Grove belonged to them, the five punks, now.
  • The punks were preparing to fight the teens when Zedd teleported them to the Otherworld.
  • The punks were confused when white energy struck around them to teleport them to Zedd's Otherworld.
  • As Zedd told the punks they had been chosen to be his Dark Rangers, they were completely motionless, with the exception of the pink punk's glancing off to one side.
  • As Dark Rangers, the five punks saw the five captured and demorphed Ranger teens.
  • With the punks suited up as Dark Rangers, the black punk told the captured teens that no one had ever given them a chance like Lord Zedd had, and that he'd promised them his loyalty.
  • Zedd said the Dark Rangers would "take their rightful places," then begin the destruction of the world.


  • With the smashing of the Green Crystal, the Dark Rangers demorphed with Ranger-colored flame energy, and then the confused punks teleported away with the same effect.
  • Zordon had told Trini that the punks had returned home with absolutely no memories of what had happened.
  • The punks walked into the Juice Bar wanting five sodas.
  • Despite the five punks' earlier harassment of the teens, Jason bought their five sodas for them at the Juice Bar, and they were suddenly friendly toward the teens.
  • One of the punk girls (almost certainly the yellow punk) was named Tina.

    Other Sources

  • The closed-captioning from 212-GNM1 referred to the red punk as "Justin" and the black punk as "Zane."

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