- robot from the year 3000, built from remains of human Dr. Ferricks; former assistant to Ransik (through 927-Fury)
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 940-EOT3


  • According to narration, peace and justice reign a thousand years in the future. Thanks to the brave legion of the Time Force Police, the streets have been cleared of every criminal, except for Ransik.
  • Frax, apparently due to a percieved lack of free will in robots, was not considered a criminal initially.
  • Frax appearently piloted the hoverchopper, a hover vehicle with audibly whirring fan-blades, which blinded Lucas with its spotlights and destroyed the transport truck containing Ransik with missiles.
  • With the hoverchopper parked in the distance, Frax approached the wreckage of the transport truck.
  • Frax is a tall golden metal robotic being; He was perhaps just shy of 7 feet tall, and his voice is very metallic and echoey, with a nasally twinge to it; His left hand was a white rounded stump with pink rings around the wrist, and three thin metal claws for fingers; His right hand was gold metal knuckled, with a five black-fingered hand. His chest has that raised gem-like glass thing, his right shoulder has that lit orb thing, he has a golden cape, and his feet are thick gold block-shaped.
  • Frax placed his right hand to his chest, and slightly bowed before Nadira, stating humbly, "After you, Nadira!"
  • Frax approached the mutant mastermind, and bowed, noting, "Your plan is working just as you expected, Master Ransik!"
  • Frax referred to Ransik as his master.
  • The hoverchopper zoomed across the pink clouded blue sky at daybreak, over blue water, and landed on the landing pad beside the island stockade known as Funaro Maximum Security Prison.
  • Frax, Nadira, and Ransik stepped out of the flying vehicle, casually walking across the landing pad.
  • Trip saw, via his mental vision, Ransik entering the main room of the Cryogenic Detainment Tower with Frax by his side, after Nadira cleared it out of guards.
  • Frax had in his possession an identical time device to the one Ransik had used earlier, meaning the one Captain Logan gained possession of must have been a decoy.
  • He placed the time device atop the center console platform in the Cryogenic Detainment Tower of Funaro Maximum Security Prison, where it would remain for the rest of the series.
  • Readying the time device, Frax leaned down and excitedly watched as it first lit up, giving a wicked laugh while popping out his facial features as a gesture of this, making his mouth snap open and his glowing pink eyes to become exposed.
  • Frax announced, "Beginning time warp!", before Ransik halted him from pressing the activation button, exclaiming, "Stop! Wait! One bit... of unfinished business." Frax understood, replying obediantly, "Yes, master!"
  • Once Ransik returned and prompted him to do so, Frax proclaimed, "Time warp initiating!", and pressed a button on the console.
  • The time device shone to life, warping the room, along with the entire Cryogenic Detainment Tower of Funaro Maximum Security Prison out of the year 3000 through a time hole, taking Frax, Gluto, Ransik, Nadira and all the captured mutants with it in a rippling multicolored shimmer.

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