- Tommy Oliver's martial arts student (MMPR: The Movie)
Fred Kelman
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Full Name: Fred Kelman (MMPR: The Movie)
See Also: Mr. Kelman

MMPR: The Movie

  • When Mr. Kelman, Fred's dad, had participated in the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon skydiving contest, he'd landed in the parking lot, embarrassing Fred.
  • The next day, Fred was at the amusement park where the disguised Ivan Ooze was giving out free jars of ooze.
  • As a crowd of children was just beginning to receive their free jars of ooze, Fred, in the very back of the crowd, was curiously examining a jar of ooze that he'd somehow obtained.
  • Fred left his jar of ooze at home (where his dad examined it and was put under Ivan Ooze's mental control), then returned home some time later to find his dad missing.
  • Fred later found his hypnotized dad at the construction site where all the other parents were working for Ivan to dig up the Ectomorphicons.
  • Fred was wearing a Newport Beach shirt; Newport Beach is near Los Angeles.
  • Fred overheard Ivan's plans to annihilate Angel Grove and then the universe once his Ectomorphicons were operational and spreading ooze throughout the world.
  • Fred had followed the parents and villains to the chemical plant and watched as boxes of ooze were being produced and the Ectomorphicons were being assembled.
  • That night, Fred discovered at Ernie's a large crowd of kids that had apparently overrun the place; there were empty jars of ooze lying all over the bar, some kids were pouring the purple ooze into a blender and what looked like a juice machine, others were playing with ooze like silly putty, one girl even appeared to be blowing a bubble of ooze from her mouth, and all of the kids, as well as Bulk and Skull, who were eating there amidst the chaos, had ooze smeared on their heads; the crowd was, for the most part, wearing purple.
  • Fred whistled loudly, instantly getting the attention of every kid in Ernie's; he told them, "'ve all been brainwashed! Ivan's taking over the planet, and he's using all of us in his plans! And he's got our parents!" and, "Look, Ivan Ooze is evil. And if you don't come with me right now, our parents are gonna die! You gotta believe me!"; a number of kids, as well as Bulk and Skull, were later shown hurrying with Fred to the monorail to save the parents.
  • Fred pushed several buttons on the monorail train's controls, making it start moving, so that it could take them closer to the construction site.
  • At the site, Fred blasted the hypnotized parents (and the kids trying to hold them back from walking off a cliff) with water from a bucket lift, but it didn't accomplish much except push them back a bit.
  • Some time later, rumor had it that Fred had been quite a hero; Fred was modest about how much he'd helped.
  • Fred was Tommy's martial arts student; Tommy had taught him, "Use your head, and above all, stay calm."
  • Aisha told Fred she'd heard he was in line to be a Ranger one of these days.
  • Fred considered being the Silver Ranger but then decided on, "Fred Kelman: the Gold Ranger."

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • At the park where Wizard Ivan was addressing a mob of wild kids, Fred tricked Bulk and Skull, Ivan's assistants, into telling him where the missing parents were, at the construction site.

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