Funaro Maximum Security Prison
- maximum security prison in the year 3000, located on the outskirts of Millennium City, used by Time Force to house captured mutant criminals
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1024-RFF1
See Also: Cryogenic Detainment Tower, Reanimator


  • The night following the trial, while seeing the transport convoy off, Captain Logan told Jen that he trusted her and her team to get Ransik to the prison on schedule.
  • The Funaro Maximum Security Prison was a metal island, in the shape of a surfaced submarine, largely colored a dark shade of purple. Thick ridges were all along its surface at repeating intervals. Dead center of it, was a risen precipice, which had, jutting skyward from the top of it, the mushroom shaped Cryogenic Detainment Tower. Down from the it, there were two platforms on the opposite sides from one another, sticking outward, disc-shaped, sort of like the front of the Starship Enterprise.
  • On a small block just down below and across from the front platform, was a metal-edged landing pad, looking not unlike a very small aircraft carrier.
  • The prison was a considerable drive away from Millennium City, across a mountain range and just offshore from a series of pinkish buildings.
  • Ransik remarked, as he, Frax, and Nadira stepped out of the hoverchopper and casually walked across the landing pad, "Ahh, it's the first time I've been here as a visitor. HEHEHEHA!" (implying he'd been held there at least once at some point in the past)
  • Inside the main room of the tower, several walls were labeled "TF-36" in white lettering, and in the sparsely-lit wallway that lead to it, was "TF-36" and "Maximum Security" in black. Presumably, this meant it was the thirty-sixth level of the prison itself.
  • Ransik noticed the sudden activation of a Holoscreen, which was set up on a marble block just in front of the freezer compartments. On it, was the Red Ranger, already morphed and heading up the stairs to the landing pad, with his Chrono-Saber drawn.
  • The Red Ranger cautiously made his way onto the vacant landing pad, holding double-bladed Chrono-Saber at the ready.
  • The hoverchopper, last shown parked on the landing pad, was now nowhere to be seen.
  • The landing pad was larger, and of a different floor coloring, during the battle between Ransik and Alex.
  • In the background during this battle, the base of the precipice which lead up to the tower was of a different color (brownish), and had numerous windows upon it, instead of being the usual smooth purple metal.
  • At the bottom of the outdoor stairwell to the landing pad, Jen urged her teammates to hurry, as they raced to the top, overhearing the battle sounds coming from overhead.
  • Following Frax's activation of the time device, the Cryogenic Detainment Tower of Funaro Maximum Security Prison was warped out of the year 3000 through a time hole, taking himself, Ransik, Gluto, Nadira and all the captured mutants with it.
  • Several paramedics and bulletproof vested-Time Force Officers raced up the stairs and onto the landing pad, attempting to aid Alex. It's possible the medics had been summoned to tend to the guards shot by Nadira earlier, or were those already stationed elsewhere in the prison.

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