- Scorpius's former general (701-QsQ1 through 709-MagD)
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First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 709-MagD
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  • As people attempted unsuccessfully, one after the other, to pull the Quasar Sabers from the stone on Mirinoi, Stingwingers rapidly closed in on the area.
  • While the Stingwingers caused chaos throughout the village, Furio walked in past a fire with his sword over his shoulder.
  • Behind Furio's head was a gray organic-looking webby area, and in strips around his body were cyborg-like circuit patches.
  • After walking up to the Quasar Sabers' stone, Furio declared, "Finally, the Quasar Sabers will be mine!" and attempted to pull out the rightmost saber, but it wouldn't budge.
  • Furio then slashed the sabers' stone with his sword in outrage, to no avail, and he couldn't believe a little piece of rock was keeping him from "the ultimate power in the universe."


  • Some time later, Stingwingers held captives near the Quasar Sabers' stone, with the sage Jera closest, and Furio ordered him to tell him how to release the sabers or he'd destroy the whole planet.
  • Jera told Furio he would never release them, as he wasn't chosen, and as Furio prepared to strike with his sword for Jera's insolence, Maya leapt in and was soon joined by the other five teens from Terra Venture.
  • The six teens fought Stingwingers, none of them doing very well; facing Furio, Mike lost his gun and was kicked back against the saber rock.
  • As Furio, tired of toying with him, prepared to strike, Mike, in one quick move, pulled out the center saber and struck Furio's blow; with a spark explosion from his sword, Furio flew back.
  • Maya and the others, except Leo, joined Mike by the sabers; getting up, Furio wanted Mike's sword, but the four teens instead pulled the remaining sabers.
  • Furio declared that if he couldn't have the Quasar Sabers, no one would, and plunged his sword glowing with red electricity into the ground, beginning an expanding chain reaction which proceeded to turn everything and everyone in its path to stone.
  • Elsewhere, Furio and Stingwingers appeared in front of the fleeing teens with red and green energy respectively.
  • With his sword crackling red, Furio sliced the ground, making a quake which split the earth open; as the crevice opened beneath Mike, he fell in but grabbed the edge with his hands.
  • Once Mike had fallen into a crevice after giving Leo his saber, Leo angrily confronted the laughing Furio, who knew that they'd been brothers, and the other teens joined Leo.
  • When the Quasar Sabers glowed with Ranger-colored energy, Furio was startled and exclaimed that the Quasar Sabers were more powerful than he'd thought.
  • The teens held up their glowing sabers and morphed into the Galaxy Rangers with a bright flash of lightning; after shielding his eyes, Furio asked, "What in the galaxy is this?" and upon looking at the new Rangers, he remarked, "Interesting," but then told them that silly costumes wouldn't help against his power.
  • As morphed Leo fought him, Furio sent Leo flying back with a red energy bolt from his hand.
  • Furio said his name and declared that he never lost.
  • Leo charged his saber and struck with a red energy slash, and Furio fell amidst explosions; immediately afterward, the gray wave approached, perhaps having been willfully delayed by Furio beforehand.
  • As the Rangers retreated to the Megaship after Leo had continued fighting Furio, Stingwingers flew off to avoid the wave, but it passed over Furio without affecting him.
  • The Megaship lifted off, and Furio ordered the Stingwingers to get back to the Scorpion Stinger.
  • A short while after the Megaship had flown through a portal near Mirinoi to return to the Milky Way, the Scorpion Stinger was flying through regular space; Scorpius asked for their status, and Furio replied that they'd passed through the portal.
  • Scorpius had Furio begin his duty: getting the Quasar Sabers and destroying those who had taken them from him.


  • After the Rangers had tricked Brunt and freed the Galactabeasts, Radster, a monster bearing Villamax's wing pin, briefly confronted them on the planet.
  • After Scorpius had scolded Brunt for the Rangers' releasing of the Galactabeasts, he called for Furio and told him to destroy the Power Rangers and bring him the Quasar Sabers.
  • Furio and Radster then teleported down to Terra Venture's city dome together.
  • Once the Rangers had arrived, Furio told Radster to get the Rangers' Quasar Sabers and return to the ship, at which point he vanished as red energy bolts.
  • After the combined force of the Galactabeasts and Rangers had destroyed Radster on Terra Venture, Furio entered and told Scorpius that now that they knew where the Quasar Sabers were, it was only a matter of time.
  • Scorpius replied that once they had the sabers, they could destroy the Rangers, and Furio laughed and exited.
  • Sitting against the wall near her father, Trakeena told Scorpius it looked as though he might have finally found a worthy general; Scorpius told his "sweet daughter" that time would tell.


  • While morphed Leo was practicing with his saber alone in the Forest Dome, Furio appeared seeking the saber, telling Leo it wasn't meant for him.
  • As they swordfought, Furio knocked the saber from Leo's hand, but the Red Ranger retrieved it, saying the saber was staying with him.
  • As Furio charged, a thundering sound in the sky stopped him, and he cupped his nonexistent ear and nodded, then told Leo that he'd gotten lucky this time, teleporting away.
  • In the corridor outside Scorpius's lair, Trakeena encountered Furio, teasing him about his inability to get one Quasar Saber and saying Scorpius was anxious to speak to him about his failure.
  • Scorpius called out to ask Trakeena where Furio was, and he urgently told her not to say anything, having another plan; she agreed, telling him he owed her.
  • In a dark room somewhere, Furio told the monster known as Horn, who fit the profile of Villamax style monsters, that many before him had tried to get the Quasar Sabers, but all had failed, and he asked how Horn was any different.
  • Horn replied that weapons were his expertise, especially rare ones, and he opened the right side of his coat to reveal the five Transdaggers attached to it.
  • Reaching, Furio was astounded, but Horn had him keep his hands off them; Furio urgently asked where he'd gotten them, as they had great power.
  • Horn replied that how he'd gotten the Transdaggers was unimportant, since he could also get the sabers just as he'd gotten the Transdaggers, and Furio agreed.
  • After Horn had stolen GSA laser rifles and the Quasar Sabers and captured Red Ranger as well, he was at a square pool of hot liquid slag in an industrial area, having Stingwingers melt down the GSA laser rifles to make room for his latest prizes.
  • Furio walked in with the five Quasar Sabers wrapped in a black bundle; as he walked by the slag pool, he bumped a Stingwinger, nearly knocking it face-first into the slag, but another Stingwinger came to its aid.
  • Furio said he wanted the sabers melted into tin cans, but Horn was shocked.
  • A Stingwinger, having unwrapped the sabers, prepared to throw in the five sabers, but Horn grabbed them, saying he couldn't.
  • As Furio said Scorpius commanded it, Horn told him to tell Scorpius they'd been destroyed, but Furio replied that Horn was more of a fool than he'd thought.
  • As they struggled for the sabers, they dropped the bundle and Horn stumbled back with one, but he swung it around wildly, unable to control it.
  • Furio blasted a red energy bolt from his hand at Horn, but the saber blocked it, deflecting it at Leo and breaking his chains.
  • As Leo escaped with the five sabers, Furio threatened to throw Horn into the slag pool.
  • Near the slag pool where Furio anxiously waited, Leo was blocked by Horn, who blasted him and took the bundle of sabers, actually fakes.
  • At the slag pool, Horn presented Furio with the sabers, telling him to get rid of them once and for all.
  • Excited over the end of the Quasar Sabers at last, Furio plopped them in, then told Horn to give him the Transdaggers; Horn protested that that hadn't been part of the deal, but Furio said they had no deal, opening Horn's coat and ripping out the Transdaggers.
  • The Rangers teleported by, stealing the Transdaggers in the process.
  • Furio told the Rangers they were nothing without their Quasar Sabers, but Leo revealed that those had been fakes used to trick the villains into showing them the location of the Transdaggers, and now they had both.
  • When the Rangers trounced the Stingwingers, Furio teleported away telling Horn to recapture the weapons, but the monster would soon be destroyed.


  • Another day, Furio told Scorpius that the Gasser (a monster fitting the profile of Villamax monsters) would put all of Terra Venture into a deep sleep, and Furio would then take control; Scorpius approved.
  • In the city, after the gas had knocked everyone out, Furio with Stingwingers telling them to quickly find the elevator to the control tower.
  • As the villains approached the administration building, Furio said his plan was working perfectly; young Matthew, hiding nearby, was nearly discovered, but he then ran around and beat the villains inside the building, taking the elevator up just in time to escape the Stingwingers.
  • After the elevator had been called back down, the villains got in, but it stopped halfway up the building.
  • While Furio and the Stingwingers were stuck, more Stingwingers (or perhaps the same ones) attacked the Rangers in space during their first flight in the new Jet Jammers, but the Rangers would quickly destroy them and enter the control tower.
  • What the Rangers did in the control tower to stop the already stuck Furio is unknown, but he would not appear again until 706-LOrn.


  • In the Forest Dome days or weeks later, Furio walked up to a metallic panel in a mountain wall, leading to a cavern in which the Lights of Orion had supposedly been sealed for eons.
  • Trakeena's presence startled Furio, and she told him Scorpius had been looking for him and that his time had run out.
  • Furio urged Trakeena to convince her father to give him a small extension, as this time he would bring him the Lights of Orion; as he said this, he held a small crystal pendant.
  • Excited by the idea of actually getting the Lights, Trakeena forced Furio to team up with her in order to avoid facing Scorpius.
  • Handing Trakeena the pendant, Furio said they first needed to gain entrance to the cave.
  • The villains stood back and Furio whipped a red energy bolt from his sword at the panel, but nothing happened, and Furio was confused as a second blast failed as well; Trakeena coyly pointed out that he would never get in, as he wasn't "chosen," but Furio knew who was "chosen."
  • Soon, Furio and Trakeena attacked the Pink and Yellow Rangers with Stingwingers in the Forest Dome before the other Rangers arrived on new Astro Cycles.
  • With armored Trakeena as his assistant, Furio stood by a man-sized upright box, wearing a black tophat and magician's cape; inside the box stood an unconscious Mike (actually Mutantrum in disguise) in his black GSA uniform, his arms crossed by his shoulders.
  • As Stingwingers fought the Rangers, Furio and Trakeena had Stingwingers put the box in the back of a green Jeep, and they drove off, with Trakeena a passenger, a Stingwinger driving, and Furio, the box, and more Stingwingers in back.
  • Elsewhere, Leo found the abandoned Jeep with the empty box in back, and nearby he watched from some trees as the villains stood around Mike, who sat limply against a tree.
  • Furio told Trakeena to take care of him, and she crouched beside "Mike," lifted his head, and told a Stingwinger to get him some water.
  • Walking up, Damon spoke with the villains, hoping no one attacked him, and the villains charged, at which point the four Rangers morphed and fought the villains; meanwhile, morphed Leo freed Mike, according to the villains' plan.
  • Mike soon returned with the case supposedly containing the Lights and morphed into his monstrous Mutantrum form, bearing the emblems of Treacheron.
  • During a struggle with the Rangers over the box, Furio and Mutantrum blasted at the same time, flinging the Rangers about with a massive explosion, and Furio ran off with the box while Mutantrum was blasted by the Rangers.
  • Furio continued running through the forest with the box while Leo chased him, but why he didn't simply teleport is unknown.
  • Knocking Leo down, Furio told him he was lucky his brother wasn't around to see his defeat.
  • Leo projected a fire slash from his saber, making Furio drop the box, but they continued to struggle over it, soon sending each other falling to the ground.
  • Furio crawled over to the box, saying it was time to put the Lights to use; he held the crystal pendant near the box's latch, and a purple energy bolt from the crystal went into the latch, allowing him to open it.
  • Furio was shocked to find the box's black interior empty, saying it was impossible; Trakeena demanded an explanation, saying her father would be furious to learn of his failure, but Furio begged for another chance, saying he'd find them, and they teleported away.
  • In Scorpius's lair, Scorpius was holding Furio's arm with his tentacle as Furio struggled.
  • Scorpius growled asking how he dared return without the Lights of Orion; he called Furio a miserable excuse for a general and said he was finished with him once and for all.
  • Furio begged desperately to be spared, saying he would find the Lights; smiling nearby, Trakeena sweetly told her father to give him one more chance, and Scorpius gently agreed and released him.
  • Furio trudged away after pausing slightly beside Trakeena, and she smirked, "You're welcome," after he'd left.


  • Scorpius told Furio that many had tried to find the Lights of Orion, and all had failed, including Furio.
  • Furio said that Wisewizard (a monster with a Treacheron emblem) had new information that could prove helpful, and Wisewizard said he believed the Lights were hidden in an ordinary camera and that the trick was to find out which one.
  • Furio said Wisewizard would find the Lights, and Scorpius approved, but said that he would destroy Furio if he failed him again; Furio understood and left with the monster.
  • Scorpius remarked to Trakeena that he'd had enough of this foolishness.
  • Wisewizard would eventually be destroyed without finding the Lights.


  • As Scorpius was refusing to allow Trakeena to go into action, Furio entered, having been called, and Scorpius demanded to know where the Lights were; Furio said he was very close and now believed they were buried in the soil of Terra Venture, and Scorpius told him not to come back without them.
  • Furio used Quakemaker, a monster with a Villamax pin, to cause earthquakes in hopes of shaking out the Lights of Orion.
  • Apparently in the Forest Dome, Furio soon directed Quakemaker where to place more Quake Stakes, planning to shake the place until the Lights showed themselves, and he had the monster begin making quakes, shouting for the Lights to arise; they did not, however.
  • After Quakemaker's destruction, Furio was in Scorpius's lair with his wrists chained together, held by Stingwingers.
  • Scorpius told Furio he'd been warned and had still failed, but Furio promised to find the Lights.
  • Scorpius said he'd wait no more and shot a yellow energy bolt from his palpi; Furio held up his chains to block, freeing himself.
  • As Trakeena watched excitedly, Furio shoved the Stingwingers back and ran out.
  • Inside a cave in the Forest Dome, Furio finished defeating the three Stingwingers sent after him, outraged that this was how Scorpius repayed him for all he'd done for him.
  • Furio went in one direction but suddenly looked at a rock area in the wall, asking as he approached, "What's this? Could it be, the Lights of Orion have been right under our noses the whole time?"


  • After saying the previous quote from 708-BlCr, Furio said he could finally prove to Scorpius that he was worthy.
  • As Leo and Furio were startled to see each other, Furio said Leo was uninvited yet again; Leo asked Furio what he was doing there, and Furio said he was about to end their rivalry once and for all.
  • As the two fought, Leo delivered a strong slash to Furio's chest, and he fell against the wall; dropping his sword, Furio declared that neither one of them would have the Lights, and he charged up with red energy, saying this would be their final battle.
  • Furio grappled Leo charging up with red energy and crackling with red energy bolts, saying they were both going down together; a huge explosion filled the cave, flinging the four Rangers outside back from the entrance.
  • Two different recaps of this episode would show Furio's hand limply collapsing in the rubble of the flaming cavern after his explosion; the recap in 738-USun during Leo's storytelling, however, like the actual episode, would not show the hand.


  • According to Leo, Furio had turned all of Mirinoi to stone.


  • In 702-QsQ2, all of Mirinoi had been stone, including the land and flora, yet now everything but Maya's former fellow villagers (and a bit of their camp), as would be shown in 745-End3, was back to normal; also during that time, the planet had at some point apparently moved from the Lost Galaxy into the normal universe.


  • After the Quasar Sabers had been returned to their stone on Mirinoi, they continued to shine, and the now bluish-white streaks continued to fly around the stone people.
  • All of the people, tikis, and a hut were stone, but all of the plant life was alive, and birds had been chirping all along; nearby, a pond, canoe, duck, and earth at the duck's edge of the pond were gray stone, but the surrounding brush at a nearby water edge, as well as the opposite shore, were not stone.
  • When a streak of sparkles flew into the stone pond, it generated an expanding radius of real water, and other sparkles restored everyone and everything in the village.

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