- living, sentient giant animals capable of transforming into Zords,used by Galaxy Rangers
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First Appearance: 703-RTTR
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
Pictures: Galactabeasts (shown at right), Galactazords, cockpit (Lion), Five Rangers in one cockpit (737-GOTL)
Subcategories: Lion, Condor, Gorilla, Wolf, Wildcat, Galaxy Megazord


  • Within each Quasar Saber's hilt was a gold emblem of the Galactabeast animal of its respective Galaxy Ranger.


  • Each Ranger's morph featured the emblem of the Ranger's respective Galactabeast animal in the background; as the helmetless Ranger held out his hands, the animal emblem's eyes opened with Ranger-colored energy bolts flowing into the Ranger's hands, which he or she then used to form a helmet.
  • Each Ranger's helmet bore the design of the head of the Ranger's respective Galactabeast.
  • When running, the Rangers would always run slightly hunched over with arms outward in animalistic charges, and before they would leap somewhere, they would often slap the ground in an animal-like manner.
  • The Rangers' attacks would occasionally mimic their respective Galactabeast animals.


  • On a red planet, Stingwingers led by Brunt were anchoring massive chains from five giant metal cages to large stone weights below; inside the cages were the five Galactabeasts, apparently recently captured.
  • Through small windows in the cages at Stingwinger level, the insect soldiers were pulling on large ropes apparently attached to the Galactabeasts inside, and later firing bursts of lasers into the cages.
  • The five giant cages were together in a group in a large plain near a forest on the red planet.
  • On Terra Venture, Maya, the Mirinoite Yellow Galaxy Ranger, paused as she heard a distant howling (made by the Wolf Galactabeast) which caused birds to fly from the building's roof and the nearby trees.
  • As Leo asked, not hearing anything, Maya was worried that someone was in trouble.
  • After the Megaship had been flying through space for some time, the teens approached a red planet, and Maya cupped her ear and suddenly heard the howling again, telling the others that the animals were on that planet.
  • In the forest of the planet, Maya was again the only one to hear the distant howl, and it led her and the others to the clearing where the Galactabeasts were being held.
  • As the five Rangers fought Stingwingers and Radster, Maya was the first to cut the chains to the giant cages above, and the others followed, releasing their respective Galactabeasts.
  • The Galactabeasts were living Zord-sized animal beasts with the same colors, animal faces, and eye colors as on the Galaxy Rangers' helmets.
  • The Wildcat was the only Galactabeast with fur; the others had hard armor-like skin.
  • After Radster had retreated, the Lion stomped a paw on the ground and roared, and Maya replied, "We know."; Leo was awed that Maya could understand them, and when the Lion roared again, she translated that he had thanked the Rangers for rescuing them, and someday they would return the favor.
  • The Galactabeasts dissolved into inward-flowing blue energy particles, with a touch of Ranger-colored particles, and the specks then drifted away into the sky.
  • A bit later, as the Rangers were being defeated on Terra Venture by a giant Radster, Ranger-colored energy blasts from above bombarded the monster and the area around him.
  • Nearby in the city, smoke cleared as the Galactabeasts stood downtown, eyes glowing.
  • Leo concluded they were there to repay the favor.
  • The Lion roared, and its front paws sank a bit down into the street pavement below it as rocks and dirt fell off its top; the others stood ready, a bit of dirt and rocks falling off them as well as though they had come from underground.
  • Maya was able to translate the Lion's roar, which told Leo to combine powers with him and jump on.
  • After the Lion had destroyed Radster with Leo's help, the other four Rangers and four Galactabeasts joined them, and Leo shouted down to the Rangers that he thought they'd found some new friends.


  • To summon their Galactabeasts, the Rangers would normally hold a cupped hand beside their mouthplates while calling out, as Leo demonstrated for the first time in this episode.
  • The Lion Galactabeast would regularly emerge from a glowing red pit in the rocky ground following an explosion in a rock cliff somewhere; this apparently volcanic pit was probably located in the Forest Dome or the Mountain Dome, and the Galactabeasts would somehow cross into the subdome in which they were needed, as would be implied regularly.


  • Like the Lion, the other four Galactabeasts apparently had hiding places of their own, with the Condor and Gorilla shown in forest areas and the Wolf and Wildcat shown in mountainous valleys.
  • While the Rangers fought Gasser for a second time after everyone else on the colony had apparently been put to sleep by his gas, the Galactabeasts arrived on their own and gathered downtown in the heart of the gas cloud.
  • The Galactabeasts briefly glowed bluish-white, and the gas began to recede away from the downed Rangers; Leo said the Galactabeasts were sucking up the gas.
  • The Galactabeasts continued, glowing with more bluish-white bursts, with bluish-white energy rings intermittently radiating from them.
  • A gold energy wave across the city cleansed the city of the remaining gas, and two more waves followed in succession.
  • Some of the waves cleared Gasser's area and knocked him down.
  • Suddenly, the Galactabeasts turned to stone, prompting Leo to say they had to do something, but as people began to wake up and the Rangers got a better view of the stone Galactabeasts, he realized it was too late.
  • A panorama of the stone Galactabeasts showed that the ground in the area beneath them downtown had also apparently been turned to stone.
  • Gasser struck a sledgehammer against one Galactabeast, and explosions erupted around the Galactabeasts, shaking the area.
  • Refusing to let the Galactabeasts be destroyed, Leo leapt up onto his Galactabeast with his Transdagger, and the others did the same.
  • His arms wide as he appeared to be calling out into the sky, Leo proposed seeing if the Transdaggers would infuse the Galactabeasts with more power, as it was their only hope.
  • Leo held up his Transdagger, as did the others.
  • In a starfield was an arrangement of five Ranger-colored stars, with yellow northwest, green northeast, pink southeast, blue southwest, and red center; the five stars gleamed, and a flaming Ranger-colored energy ball flew down from each.
  • Leo flinched as a massive red energy shockwave from the sky touched his Transdagger, and fiery red energy passed through him into the Galactabeast; after his flinch, he again firmly held the dagger up, applying it to the forcewave hovering above him.
  • From afar, five Ranger-colored energy beams were shining down on the Rangers, making the Galactabeasts glow white.
  • Fiery red energy waves were flowing down Leo into the Lion as sparks erupted around him, and he said it was working.
  • A bright white light shone, and the Galactabeasts and Rangers were suddenly gone; then, somewhere uncertain (though apparently nearby), Leo was riding on the revived Lion Galactabeast's head with the Transdagger, and he said that now the Galactabeasts were even more powerful.
  • When Gasser grew, Leo called, "Galactazord, transform now!" and held up his Transdagger, initiating the never-before-mentioned transformation from Galactabeasts into Galactazords.
  • Leo ducked, apparently sinking into the Lion, as purple light streaks moved over the Lion, transforming its rocky beast surface from head to tail into mechanized Zord form in tiny, quick segments, with the eyes a bit delayed; the streaks then proceeded down its body, turning it completely into the Lion Galactazord.
  • Ranger-colored energy waves then passed down the other four Galactabeasts at once, turning them into Galactazords as well.
  • Charging while apparently in a mountainous valley, the five Galactazords assembled into the Galaxy Megazord in front of a background of green streaks.
  • Once the Galaxy Megazord was formed, the Rangers were shown in separate "cockpit" areas: each was surrounded by a white wall with a series of right-angle folds like an antique paper fan, but with parallel vertical folds; across the background was a horizontal black zigzag stripe.
  • Each Ranger stood at a clear round podium with a slowly rotating Ranger-colored wheel on it, in which the Transdagger rested, pointing up; the Ranger held his right hand out, palm inches from the Transdagger.


  • The Astro Cycles were three motorcycles shaped to resemble their owners' respective Galactabeast animals: the red Lion, green Condor, and blue Gorilla.
  • When summoned on this occasion, the Galactazords apparently arrived in mechanical form, bypassing their beast form; in most cases, however, they would regularly arrive as Galactabeasts and then transform into Zords.


  • When summoned by Kendrix, the Galactabeasts arrived initially in beast form this time, as would be standard in the future.


  • The Rangers could stand in their Galactazord cockpits before the Galaxy Megazord had been formed.


  • The Galactazords used their individual attacks against giant Ruptor.


  • To get inside the cockpit of the Lion Galactazord, Leo was shown materializing inside the cockpit with vertical red energy lines; then as he called for the Galaxy Megazord, he held his hand over the bare podium, and his Transdagger materialized on it with the same red energy.
  • Giant Fishface pounded the Galaxy Megazord, and when he eventually used his restored blast bag on it, the Megazord fell sparking and crackling with orange energy bolts, then exploded, and with Ranger-colored teleportation streaks, the weakened Galactabeasts landed smoking nearby, with the Rangers landing in a field.


  • The Rangers' Orion armor included an arm claw weapon which bore the gold emblem of the Ranger's respective Galactabeast.


  • In a jungle environment shortly before Deviot would attack with three evil Zords, Maya urgently came up to a clearing where the Galactabeasts were standing; when she asked what it was, the Galactabeasts all made their various growls, and Maya replied worriedly that she sensed it too.
  • That night, Maya came into the Science Division as Kendrix was studying the Galaxy Book alone.
  • Maya said there was something in the air, the same feeling she'd had when they'd found the Galactabeasts.
  • Kendrix showed Maya the torn page containing a drawing of the lost Rhino, Phoenix, and Shark Galactabeasts, but Maya didn't know what it was.
  • When Kendrix matched up the pages, explaining that they were three more Galactabeasts in addition to their five, Maya realized that was what she'd been sensing, concluding they were close.
  • Confronting the evil Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords, the Defender Torozord and Galaxy Megazord suddenly lowered their weapons, and the Transdagger podiums in the Galactazord cockpits stopped rotating, confusing the Rangers.
  • Deviot found it quite ironic that the Rangers didn't know why their Megazords wouldn't fight back.
  • Centaurus and Stratoforce attacked, but the Torozord and Galaxy Megazord wouldn't fight back; they fell after being blasted.


  • Later, Maya urgently talked with the Galactabeasts in the jungle, not understanding why they wouldn't help against the evil Zords' destructive intentions.
  • Downtown, Maya saw the evil Zords attacking, then saw the Galactabeasts arriving, and she ran off after nodding to the Lion.
  • The Galactabeasts attempted to restrain the evil Zords, but they were pounded during the struggle.
  • Kendrix discovered that the evil Zords were the three missing Galactabeasts, and it was Deviot who had made them evil; the five Galactabeasts knew their friends and wouldn't fight them.
  • After the evil Zords had come to their senses and allied with the Rangers, they helped the Galaxy Megazord up.
  • In the jungle clearing after Hardtochoke's destruction, Maya led Damon and Leo up to the Galactabeasts, but the three new allies were not shown.
  • Maya said the Galactabeasts were so happy to be together again; Damon called a "hey" up to the Galactabeasts, and they roared back.


  • On an alien planet, Leo called for the Galactabeasts for the Rangers, and the giant beasts ran in from the distance.


  • In the forest, Leo walked up to a tree where Maya stood happily listening to the growls of giant Wolf Galactabeast above, excitedly listening to a story he was telling in growls.
  • Leo was amazed, asking how she could understand them; she replied that it wasn't that hard, saying he had to listen to his heart, adding that the Galactabeasts spoke feelings, not words.
  • Maya had Leo try as the Wolf was still growling softly, and Leo closed his eyes but wasn't able to get anything, then joking that maybe he should stick to magic tricks.
  • That night after Leo had lost a race with Motor Mantis, he was frustratedly looking over a building's railing at the woods when he heard Motor Mantis in the distance, then the roar of the Lion Galactabeast, and he ran down and found the Lion in the woods, asking the beast what it was telling him.
  • Unable to understand, Leo remembered Maya's words, listening with his heart as the Lion continued to growl softly, and he suddenly knew it was leading him to more power; when asked where, the Lion replied, and Leo understood that the answer was his Astro Cycle, which he would later transform into the Red Capsular Cycle.
  • Arriving in his Galactazord cockpit, Leo called for "full power," causing his Transdagger to materialize in place on the Zord control podium.
  • Telling Maya about his speaking with the Lion, Leo joked that they'd talked for hours, all night long, and he'd told Leo about back when he'd been just a baby Lion Galactabeast growing up in another galaxy.


  • After morphing a second time to battle Chameliac, the Rangers were suddenly able to use the animal attacks and weapons of a different Ranger, although they retained the same Quasar Sabers: Leo performed Green Ranger's graceful leap attack, Maya wielded a blue Cosma Claw and pounded her chest like the Gorilla, Damon pounced, clawed, and preened himself like Pink Ranger's Wildcat style, Kai teleport-tackled and dragged Chameliac like Yellow Ranger, and Kendrix delivered a dual red energy slash with her Quasar Saber and a red Magna Talon.
  • Immediately afterward, Leo was able to use the Red Capsular Cycle (saying it was 100 percent Red), and the Rangers used their respective Zords; how they had switched powers and then apparently unswitched them is unknown, although the reader will note that the Transmorphers included a dial which could be turned to any of the five Ranger colors.


  • In a mountain clearing, the five Galactabeasts stood as the Space and Galaxy teens ran up laughing.
  • Cassie climbed atop the Wildcat's head and danced and sang until the beast roared and bucked, sending Cassie falling to a heap on the ground far below, but she was unharmed as the other teens laughed.


  • For her first Zord-summoning after becoming the new Pink Ranger, Damon had Karone call the Galactabeasts, telling her she could do it, but she then hopped up and down and waved her arms, calling, "Galactabeasts, over here!"; correcting her, Damon held her arm out and cupped his mouth, demonstrating the posture, and she was then able to summon them perfectly with the phrase, "Galactabeasts, arise!"


  • To fight giant Rocketron on Captain Mutiny's planet after Terra Venture had been sent to the Lost Galaxy, Leo summoned the Galactabeasts, and they were then shown running across the planet's desert.


  • The front of the Lion cockpit had the same zigzag wall as covered the rear.


  • Inside one end of Leo's Quasar Launcher was a gold Lion emblem.


  • After taking quite a beating, the Orion Galaxy Megazord was blasted yet again by Titanisaur, and the Galactabeasts, initially glowing Ranger-colored, dropped to the ground where the Megazord had been.
  • Later, in preparation for Titanisaur's second attack, the Rangers summoned the Galactabeasts to the city and rode atop their heads to fight the monster as independent Galactabeasts.
  • On Maya's initiative, the Wolf leapt but was tail-struck back.
  • The Condor rammed Titanisaur, but Titanisaur caught it; the Gorilla ran up but was tail-struck back, and the Condor was dropped.
  • The Condor and Gorilla soon charged together but were mouthblasted.
  • The Lion firebreathed Titanisaur in the back twice, stunning the monster, and the five Galactabeasts gathered together and formed the Orion Galaxy Megazord on Leo's command.


  • After the city dome had been wrenched from Terra Venture and the rest had apparently been destroyed, the Galactabeasts would survive.


  • As the city dome flew on a collision course for Terra Venture's new settlement on Mirinoi, Trakeena told Leo that when it crashed, everyone on the entire planet would be destroyed.
  • After Trakeena's destruction, the Rangers set out to slow or steer the careening city dome, but they then stood at the end of the dome's remaining broken tunnel, which pointed forward; they were horrified that they could do nothing, and Leo said they'd destroy the colony and themselves at this speed.
  • Suddenly, the Galaxy Megazord rose up and nodded right in front of the Rangers in the front tunnel, redirecting and slowing the city dome.
  • The city dome flew over a hillside into a valley and crashed with an earthshaking explosion.
  • As the debris settled, a beast roared, and the five Galactabeasts emerged from the smoke with the Rangers on their heads, and Kai exclaimed triumphantly that they'd survived.
  • When the Rangers leapt down, everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; after shaking hands with someone, morphed Maya looked up as the Wolf growled down to her, and Leo joined her.
  • The Galactabeasts walked away, and Maya said they wanted them to follow them; she and Leo ran off into the jungle, followed by the other three.
  • Without helmets, the Rangers followed Maya as she pressed through the jungle and came upon a region filled with stone people covered by vines.
  • Maya removed the vines and was stunned to see it was Jera, realizing they'd landed on Mirinoi.
  • Wishing they could have saved Mirinoi, Maya uncovered the sabers' stone and drew her Quasar Saber, telling it, "Our quest is complete. Maybe someday the next chosen warriors will free you."; until that time, she thrust the saber into its spot in the stone, and the other four did the same, demorphing as energy was released from the sabers.
  • After the Mirinoite village had been restored by the sabers' energy and Kendrix had appeared from blue light, the Galactabeasts stood watching a fireworks display in the sky above them, and Damon said it looked like they were celebrating too.


  • As the Lightspeed Rangers were being beaten in the Omega Megazord by giant monster-Trakeena in Mariner Bay on Earth, the Galaxy Rangers wanted to help, but Leo said the Galactabeasts were on Mirinoi; suddenly, the five Galactabeasts gathered in the city, startling the Rangers.
  • The Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber's finishing slash made giant monster-Trakeena crackle with blue electricity; following the Omega Megazord's missile, she erupted with enormous explosions which spread outward and struck the Zords, and the defeated Galactabeasts fell.

    - Phrases used to summon Galactabeasts
    Kendrix: "Galactabeasts, arise!"
    728-RRom 729-Cham
    Leo: "Galactabeasts, arise!"
    723-MMir Maya: "Galactazord, transform!"
    727-LxLB Maya: "Galactabeasts, arise!"
    732-PQsS Karone (before instruction): "Galactabeasts, over here!"
    732-PQsS Karone: "Galactabeasts, arise!"
    735-EnLG Kai: "Galactabeasts, arise!"
    739-DrBa Damon (in nightmare world): "Galactabeasts, arise!"

    - Phrases used to transform Galactabeasts into Galactazords
    Leo: "Galactazord, transform now!"
    Leo: "Zord transform, now!"
    714-ShAt Leo: "Zords, transform now!"
    716-DFrG Leo: "Zord transform!"
    Leo: "Galactazords, transform!"
    727-LxLB Maya: "Galactazords, transform!"
    732-PQsS Karone: "Zord transform now!"
    735-EnLG Kai: "Zord transform, now!"
    739-DrBa Damon (in nightmare world): "Zord transform, now!"
    822-TrR2 Leo: "Galactazord, transform!"

    - Phrases used to summon Transdagger to Galactazord podium
    726-MWhM Leo: "Full power, activate!"

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