Galaxy Book
- magical book associated with GalaxyRangers and Lost Galaxy
Galaxy Book
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First Appearance: 718-ReMi
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
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  • One day, somewhere between the Earth and the Eurolean Galaxy, Terra Venture received a static-filled emergency transmission from an alien (referred to in this guide as an alien crewmember) begging for help; their ship was under attack, with explosions in the background, and the alien frantically didn't know if anyone could hear him.
  • Presumably weeks or months later (see "Missing time"), Terra Venture came within ten kilometers of the alien ship, and a crew of soldiers approached in a heliship, not seeing any sign of an ongoing attack.
  • On the ship's web-covered bridge, a control wall was still looping the distress transmission, which had been recorded an unknown period of time in the past.
  • At the bridge's transmission seat was a crewmember's skeleton wrapped in sticky webbing; a faint glow briefly came from its chest inside.
  • Slightly disgusted, Leo pulled open sticky flaps/panels that might've been clothing, a cocoon, or even the alien's chest cavity; he revealed and pulled out the Galaxy Book.
  • The book had a thick brown leathery cover, with a square indentation on the cover containing its golden emblem, a vertical twist wrapped around three evenly-spaced vertical dots.
  • Mike reported to Terra Venture that the message had been playing over and over and that whatever had been there was now long gone, but Kai suddenly detected an unknown lifeform rapidly moving in an erratic path through the tunnels toward the soldiers; it had probably reacted to the disturbing of the Galaxy Book.
  • As the soldiers moved through the tunnels after the creature had abducted their teammate Jasper, the creature was on the ceiling, and it attacked when they shouted and aimed at it.
  • The alien creature, with a humanoid physique but quite monstrous features, dropped down and attacked, slashing them and their weapons, knocking them back.
  • Leo grabbed his dropped rifle after being knocked back and shot at the creature, but it leapt up the wall onto the ceiling, where it crawled along dodging the laser fire, then dropped down and shoved Leo against a railing, making him drop the Galaxy Book over the edge.
  • After the creature had retreated, Leo said they were the only ones left, and Mike said they had to get his team back; Leo then realized the book was missing from his pack.
  • Below, near a cobwebbed crewmember skeleton, the alien creature picked up the Galaxy Book, the front square of which was glowing blue.
  • Later, as Leo and Mike released their fellow soldiers, who had been sealed, unharmed, into cocoons near some similarly cocooned alien crewmember skeletons, Leo saw a glowing spot of light near the chest of a crewmember skeleton in a cocoon, and he tore it open to find the Galaxy Book having been recently placed inside the cocoon over the crewmember's chest.
  • As the soldiers climbed up, Leo told Mike he'd gotten the book, but just then, the creature from the ceiling peeked around the corner, apparently preparing to attack.
  • Leo and Mike grabbed their weapons off the floor and ran in another direction to buy the others some time as they fled.
  • After Leo and Mike had blown open an exterior hatch, the heliship flew up beside the doorway; Leo leapt across the void into the heliship, and Mike began to leap holding the Galaxy Book, but the alien creature caught his foot, not letting go until Blue Ranger flew by and slashed him with his Quasar Saber.
  • Escaping in the heliship as the alien vessel exploded, Mike and Leo sat down and looked curiously at the mysterious Galaxy Book, wondering what this book's story was.


  • In the Science Division, scientists were all over working on various displays from the Galaxy Book.
  • Kendrix was given a color copy of a page from the book.
  • Commander Stanton entered and asked the senior scientist, Dr. Kovek, if there was any luck with the book, but Dr. Kovek replied that they couldn't even tell him what the title was, as they just weren't getting anywhere.
  • Dr. Kovek said they were completely in the dark, but they would keep working on it, as he was sure they would come up with something.
  • Meanwhile, Kendrix was flipping through pages of the actual book, filled with symbols and diagrams.
  • The pages of the book actually appeared to be newer paper pasted onto the older, larger pages.
  • Kendrix stumbled upon a torn page with the remaining left half showing a color drawing of the five Galactabeasts.
  • After hours, alone in the Science Division, Kendrix continued looking through the book's pages, again coming to the torn Galactabeast page.
  • With sudden inspiration, Kendrix looked through the loose photocopy pile beside her, finding the other half of the torn page.
  • The other half showed three more Galactabeasts, a red humanoid shape with the body of a rhino, a standing blue phoenix, and a grayish-blue shark above them; these were the original Galactabeast forms of Deviot's three evil Zords: the Zenith Carrierzord, the Centaurus Megazord, and the Stratoforce Megazord.
  • When and why the half of the page containing the three lost Galactabeasts had been torn out is unknown, as well as when and where the Science Division had obtained it.
  • Presumably later the same evening after Deviot's evil Zord attack, Kendrix and Kai worked alone on a Science Division computer to attempt to translate the symbols on the page of the Galaxy Book showing the Galactabeasts, but Kai said it looked like it was impossible to decode; apparently the pages had been scanned into the computer in addition to the printed reproductions.
  • Kendrix thought the book might be the only way to stop the evil Zords, though she didn't yet realize that they were the three lost Galactabeasts shown in the book.
  • The Galaxy Book was now in a glass case in the front of the lab by the windows, turned to the Galactabeast page with the loose half lying next to its other half.


  • During the evil Zords second attack, the Galaxy Book was now turned to a different page inside its glass case when Kendrix sneaked into the still-deserted Science Division.
  • A while after displaying "Searching" while on the Galactabeast page, Kendrix's computer continued searching with images of the three evil Zords slowly replacing the drawings of the three missing Galactabeasts while Kendrix urged, "It's gotta be there. Come on..."
  • The presence of a picture of the Zenith Carrierzord despite its isolation indicated that the Zord had been located somewhere inside Terra Venture.
  • The book was now turned to the Galactabeast page again inside its case.
  • Suddenly, the computer displayed, "Found," and showed the three Galactabeast drawings beside images of the three evil Zords, then made an equals sign between them to indicate that they were one and the same.
  • In Command Headquarters that same night, Stanton addressed an assembly of GSA officers; nearby in the empty Science Division, the Galaxy Book was now closed in its case.
  • During Stanton's speech (specifically, right after his remark about mysteries ahead), the square on the Galaxy Book's cover began to glow bluish-white.


  • After Scorpius's destruction, Kendrix was glad she could finally concentrate on the Galaxy Book; she was the first person to speak the book's name, which scientists in the Science Division would later use as well.


  • A guard who'd stopped Rykon from stealing the Galaxy Book used the book's name when describing his encounter the previous night.
  • Rykon later successfully stole the Galaxy Book in a cloth bag, but Maya would take it from her and hide it in some bushes while fighting the monster.
  • It's unknown how the Galaxy Book was returned to the Science Division.


  • In the near-empty Science Division during the Space Rangers' stay on Terra Venture, Kendrix was flipping through the Galaxy Book when she came to a page bearing a drawing and information of the Savage Sword, the name of which she then exclaimed to herself right after a fellow scientist had left another workstation.
  • Beside the Savage Sword drawing (shown in its third form) was a red design of two concentric rings around a red circle with four radial lines; at the end of each line, interrupting the outer ring, was an additional red circle.
  • Below the red design was a solar system diagram, comprised of small, medium, and large-sized planets; in the inner orbit was a medium red planet; in the middle orbit was a medium yellow planet, lined up with the first, and sharing an orbit with a large red planet; in an outer orbit was a medium blue planet lined up with the other three in a straight line, sharing an orbit with a medium red planet and a small planet, perhaps blue.
  • Kendrix discerned that the Savage Sword was on the planet Rashon, to which Terra Venture happened to be extremely close.
  • Psycho Pink said she would be unstoppable with the Savage Sword; Kendrix told Cassie that the sword was more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined.
  • In a mountainous area on Rashon, Psycho Pink arrived, weakly recalling that the Galaxy Book had said the Savage Sword was somewhere in the area, and she soon spotted the sword sticking out of a rock, as the Quasar Sabers had been kept on Mirinoi.
  • The Savage Sword began in a simple form, but after two transformations from draining Cassie's energy, it would transform into the massive form shown in the Galaxy Book.


  • One night in the Science Division, a researcher named Ramsey began to speak out words from the Galaxy Book as he made them out from his monitor.
  • When Ramsey spoke, "Keonta, Karova, Melanta," the Galaxy Book began crackling slightly with blue energy in its glass case.
  • The second word, "Karova," was the name of KO-35's star system.
  • The proper third word was apparently "Melanite," as revealed in 742-EsLG.
  • Dr. Kovek approached and asked Ramsey what he was working on; Ramsey replied that that certain phrase appeared to be particularly important.
  • As Kovek read the three words again, he looked back and saw the crackling, back but now a bit stronger.
  • Approaching the book, intrigued, Kovek repeated the three words twice, and the blue energy bolts continued increasing with violent intensity.
  • Consulting the monitor, Ramsey added, "Hakova!" and powerful blue energy bolts ripped through the area, shorting out much of the colony's power as lightning bolts crackled down from the control tower and into the city dome, striking at least one building in the city.
  • Mike found that the energy pulse had burned out all of the transformers, which could perhaps be replaced within 48 hours.
  • Stanton ordered to Kai that the book was to be locked up, with no further research until they learned what was going on.
  • Some time later that night, the mysterious Guardian arrived on Terra Venture; on his forehead was the gold symbol from the Galaxy Book's cover.
  • After being thrown in a detention cell for attempting to steal the book, the Guardian explained to Kai that he was the guardian of the Galaxy Book and that it had been stolen centuries ago; recently, it had sent forth a small energy pulse after someone had begun to recite the Keonta spell; had the entire spell been spoken, he said, the result would have been unimaginable.
  • The Galaxy Book, said the Guardian, had never been meant to be a research experiment; he needed to take it back and guard it, and, he said, it was Kai's destiny to help him.
  • The next morning, the Guardian showed Kai a holographic projection, showing Kai picking up the Galaxy Book from sand with the other teens behind him; able to see the future, the Guardian spoke, "Everything will transpire as written, in time."
  • When Deviot attacked Kai to get the Galaxy Book which Kai had stolen from the Science Division, the Guardian fought him, shocking Deviot with the warrior's presence.
  • Picking up the box containing the Galaxy Book after the Guardian was weak, Deviot remarked that it was finally his.
  • Before vanishing from a fatal blast from Deviot, the Guardian told Kai that he had to guard the book now.
  • As the other Rangers arrived, Deviot said he'd just begun, opening the Galaxy Book and proceeding to read the Keonta spell: "Keonta, Karova, Melanite, Hakova!"
  • After the first four words, the sky grew dark, and blue energy bolts began crackling from the book.
  • Deviot read the rest of the spell: A thousand nightmares will soon come true. Space will twist, then rip in two. Reality ends, time is tossed, as galaxies found become galaxies lost!"
  • The crackling book hovered up from Deviot's hands as he laughed that it was working.
  • With orange energy bolts, Deviot was morphed into a monstrous, greenish-yellow, biomechanical form.
  • The sky lightened, and the book fell to the ground.
  • Deviot said he had more power than they could ever imagine, and he proceeded to pound the Rangers; apparently invulnerable to their Orion powers, he said the power he now held was limitless.
  • After the apparent destruction of giant monster-Deviot, the Rangers ran down a hillside toward the Galaxy Book, but it suddenly blew open with blue energy bolts, and a bluish cyclone enveloped the book, keeping the Rangers back with a strong wind.
  • Blue energy bolts from the book struck around the Rangers, sending them flying down a hill and apparently demorphing.
  • The teens soon approached the book after things had calmed, a large black charred area extending around the book.
  • Kai approached and picked the book up just like the Guardian's hologram had shown.
  • As Kai recalled the Guardian's words of seeing into the future as he flipped through the book, the sky grew dark again, and Leo had the teens go.
  • In the tunnel leading to the city dome, the teens stopped suddenly, realizing the surrounding space was full of brightly-colored nebulae, making the starscape a huge pattern of rainbow colors.
  • Thinking, Kai repeated the phrase, "Reality ends, time is tossed, as galaxies found become galaxies lost," and realized with astonishment that they were in the Lost Galaxy, and Damon couldn't believe it; how Kai (and probably the other teens) had known of the Lost Galaxy is unknown, though it's doubtful that their only experience with the term was the reference to "galaxies lost."


  • When Stanton told Captain Mutiny they'd been caught up in some energy storm, Mutiny laughed, saying it was always the same story; every hundred years or so, he said, a spaceship ended up in the Lost Galaxy, but whether Mutiny was being truthful is dubious.


  • After Mike had allowed himself to be kidnapped to infiltrate Barbarax's slave camp, Leo and Kai were alone in their room.
  • Getting the Galaxy Book from his bunk, Kai said the book had gotten them into this mess and would get them out; he'd apparently been keeping the book ever since stealing it from the Science Division in 735-EnLG.
  • Leo wished Kendrix were there, as she'd know what to do.
  • Kai flipped through the pages to find the Keonta spell which Deviot had read, and he soon found the page.
  • Kai read the four words, "Karontu, Karova, Melanite, Hakova," but nothing happened, perhaps because the first word was supposed to be "Keonta."
  • The Keonta spell's page was near the end of the Galaxy Book.
  • Leo thought to try reading the spell backwards to reverse it.
  • Leo wrote the four words in backwards spelling as Kai read them out in his improper pronunciation again.
  • The two began to read the backwards spell, alternating words: "Avokah," "Etivalem," "Avorak..." at which point Leo nervously gave Kai the notepad to finish, sliding back a bit.
  • On the page was no main script for the spell, unless it was the border of strange designs around the center area of the page.
  • When Kai spoke the final reversed word, "Atnoek," nothing happened, but then suddenly a blue energy bolt sent them both flying back.
  • Leo and Kai watched from behind the couch as the violently crackling Galaxy Book then turned into spectral blue energy (quite like the blue energy spirits associated with Magna Defender) and rippled right out the window; this is the last time it was seen.
  • In space with thundering blue bursts, a glowing yellow energy fissure tore open in space, opening a ripple-edged portal (like those in 701-QsQ1) containing a rapidly-flowing purple/blue/white twisting tunnel (like the one shown in the transition to Mirinoi in 701-QsQ1).
  • As GSA officers watched the widening portal, someone remarked, "The portal!" implying it was identical to the (unseen) one which had brought them to the Lost Galaxy.


  • When asked if he had any ideas where they could land after they'd escaped the Lost Galaxy, Stanton brought up a monitor display of a planet within reach, what would later be revealed to be Mirinoi, which might or might not have been located in the Lost Galaxy originally.
  • Mirinoi was now shown to be a bright green planet with white cloud wisps and a rocky gray (insanely close) moon, though the planet had not previously been shown with clouds or a moon.

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