Galaxy Gliders
- flying surfboard-sized gliders used by Space Rangers
Red Galaxy Glider
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First Appearance: (red) 601-FON1, (others) 604-ShSh
Last Appearance: (red) 1034-FRed, (others) 731-PPnk
Pictures: Red Galaxy Glider (shown at right), cyber-tunnel
See Also: Silver Cycle


  • Attacked by villains after being revealed at the Cimmerian Planet gathering, morphed Andros summoned his Galaxy Glider; it flew down from the sky and hovered by him, and once he'd hopped on, it flew off, blowing Goldar, Rita, and Divatox back with a gust of wind.
  • The Galaxy Gliders had a gold rectangle emblem on them.
  • As Andros was pursued by Velocifighters through space, a laser blast made him drop his Spiral Saber, at which point it dropped "down," despite there being no "down" in space.
  • After retrieving his Spiral Saber upon destroying the Velocifighters, Andros streaked away as red energy; as a red streak, he then flew into the standard teleportation port in the front of the Megaship.


  • As the Megaship appeared to be in Earth orbit, Andros showed the teens the red Galaxy Glider on a stand in the workbay, explaining how it worked, then after using a device on the rear portion of it, prepared to load it into the "launch bay," apparently something located in the workbay's west wall.
  • The Rangers were to accelerate on their Galaxy Gliders by leaning forward, and slow down by leaning back.
  • According to Andros, the Galaxy Gliders were for safety since the Astro Megashuttle was too vulnerable to attack.
  • After they'd leapt down the jump tubes, the five teens were then morphed on their Galaxy Gliders as they flew from the Megaship's standard teleportation port as glowing streaks.
  • Flying to Earth on this occasion, the Rangers were shown flying in a strange warp tunnel which looked digital in appearance, perhaps best described with the term cyber-tunnel.
  • The Rangers were then flying through downtown, approaching the power plant.
  • Finally, at the power plant, the Rangers materialized from teleportation streaks from the sky without their Galaxy Gliders.
  • According to Ashley, the jump tubes were used to morph onto the Galaxy Gliders or into the shuttle.
  • Later, Michelangelo said there was something he wanted to do just once before he left, and the Turtles then flew from the Megaship as green streaks; they were riding the Rangers' Galaxy Gliders, with Mike on Red.


  • As the teens called it a night, Carlos was finishing up work on the underside of the red Galaxy Glider, and he then rolled it on its cart over to the workbay's west wall.
  • After taking his jump tube down to KO-35 later that night, morphed Andros faded into existence and landed with a thud on the ground in a deserted city of KO-35.
  • The next morning, Carlos noticed the red Galaxy Glider was gone and gathered that Andros had left the ship.
  • Later, while Andros was out again, Cassie was able to use the left rear center station on the bridge to determine that the red Galaxy Glider was gone.


  • The teens took the jump tubes and flew their Galaxy Gliders morphed toward Kalderon through the cyber-tunnel, but they were unmorphed as they walked across the planet's surface.


  • When the Rangers learned that Cassie and Lenny were trapped at the top of a building which Elephantitan was trying to topple, Andros said the only way to get up there in time was the Megatank, though why they couldn't have used the Galaxy Gliders instead is unknown.


  • Between streaking away from the Megaship and flying over the city, the Rangers were shown flying through the cyber-tunnel; after reaching the center of the city, the five unmorphed teens were then walking together downtown.


  • When Cassie called for the Galaxy Gliders from Earth, five Ranger-colored streaks flew out of the Megaship, and the unmanned Galaxy Gliders flew through a reddish version of the cyber-tunnel before flying down to the Rangers; they would do this again in 611-Ddsc.
  • After hopping on, the Rangers flew into space as energy streaks.


  • Often when the Megaship was shown from behind during the Rangers' departure, their streaks would fly from somewhere on the front right side of the ship rather than the standard left area.
  • After coming upon the Delta Megaship in space, Andros then streaked into the ship as red energy.


  • In space on their Galaxy Gliders after searching a heavy planet for Dark Specter together, Andros and Ashley were quite pleased to be free of that gravity, and they then performed some flip and loop tricks.
  • Andros did a flip off his Galaxy Glider, but then as it moved sideways to catch him, he came back down onto it, under the effect of some gravitational forces.
  • As a Quantron flew after the two Rangers in a Velocifighter, the Evilyzer's energy beam struck the yellow Galaxy Glider, making it zip around out of control, and Ashley barely managed to hang onto it.
  • Andros pulled Ashley onto his glider, and hers spiraled away into space.
  • On the Megaship, DECA theorized that the ray had reversed the yellow Galaxy Glider's central ion disseminators, and Andros agreed, saying the ray could've changed the glider's programming from positive to negative; Carlos assumed that by "negative" he meant evil, and DECA said this was essentially correct.
  • After scanning the red Galaxy Glider on its cart in the workbay, Andros and Ashley wheeled it toward the workbay's southwest corner.
  • Later, to go after the missing glider, Ashley, then Andros, both hopped down the red jump tube and were then morphed as the Yellow and Red Rangers, flying together on the red Galaxy Glider.
  • Upon leaping onto her out-of-control evilyzed Galaxy Glider after the Rangers had used an orange energy wave beam of reverse polarization from the Astro Megazord to remove the Evilyzer's effects on the Delta Megazord, Ashley shot the same broad orange energy beam from her Astro Blaster at her glider, bringing it back under control.


  • To go down to Brokaya after morphing on the bridge in front of the amnesic T.J., morphed Andros merely teleported from the bridge rather than using the jump tubes; nothing, however, was wrong with the Galaxy Gliders at the time.
  • Inside the lid of T.J.'s Astro Morpher (and presumably the others as well) was a silver instruction panel listing the Morpher codes: beside 335 was a Space Ranger helmet, 259 was a Galaxy Glider, and so on.


  • Fleeing from the Onyx Tavern while still unmorphed, Andros called for his Galaxy Glider, and after it had flown down, Andros morphed while flipping through the air to land on the glider; this was the only time a Galaxy Glider would be summoned by an unmorphed Ranger.
  • To go down to Earth as Andros took the keycards Darkonda wanted, the five teens took the Megalift from the bridge, rather than using the jump tubes in the next room, and their teleportation streaks flew from the left side of the docking station rather than the Megaship, which was docked on top.


  • As the Rangers flew on their gliders through space alongside Justin, who rode in Storm Blaster, T.J. described, "Once you get the hang of it, it's like walking on air!" and Andros offered to teach Justin to ride one someday.


  • When Andros and then Astronema (disguised as Ashley) went down the red and yellow jump tubes, red and yellow streaks flew down to Earth; morphed Andros landed near a power plant area, and moments afterward, Astronema, having been morphed into the Yellow Space Ranger, flew down flailing her limbs and landed with a thud on the pavement behind Andros.


  • When the five Rangers flew from the Megaship to the planet Dekata 5, their teleportation streaks flew down toward an Earth-like planet which was presumably Dekata 5, but no travel time for the Megaship to go from Earth to Dekata 5 was shown; the Rangers were then shown in the cyber-tunnel before flying into Darkonda's lab on Dekata 5 riding their Galaxy Gliders.
  • When a Crocotox inside the facility projected a wall of green energy lines in front of the Rangers, they slammed into the wall, trapping them, but the Galaxy Gliders continued flying ahead.
  • The Silver Cycle was a reflective silver Galaxy Glider with two black wheels folded up underneath, capable of transforming into a motorcycle.
  • As Zhane rode his cycle into Darkonda's facility, the blue Crocotox generated the same green energy lines, but Zhane just managed to race past the energy barrier before it formed behind him.


  • As morphed Carlos held Silvy in place in front of him as she stood riding his Galaxy Glider through space with him, she wore no spacesuit, and her hair blew in some sort of breeze.


  • When the Megaship was surrounded with an energy web, the Rangers began to power down, then demorphed fully as they rolled down a dune after leaping from their Galaxy Gliders.


  • Ramming the rear of Cassie's Galaxy Glider, Tankenstein was somehow preventing her from lifting off with T.J. on her board, so the two had to jump, and the glider was run over and smashed flat.


  • This time when the Rangers teleported from the Megaship, their energy streaks came from the underside of the center of the normal left curved section.
  • As the Rangers streaked away from the Megaship toward Earth, a Velocifighter tried to shoot their passing energy streaks.
  • The Pink Galaxy Glider had been repaired or replaced.
  • A Velocifighter's lasers hit the rear of his Galaxy Glider, making a huge explosion behind Andros as he and his glider went spiraling through the air independent from each other.


  • After the return of the Space Rangers, the Rangers could still use their Galaxy Gliders despite the lack of jump tubes in the modified Astro Megaship.
  • To return to their mission on Earth, the Space Rangers flew from Terra Venture on their Galaxy Gliders.

    - Phrases used to call single Galaxy Glider
    Andros: "Galaxy Glider, hang ten!"
    616-FDrk Andros (before morphing): "Galaxy Glider, hang ten!"

    - Phrases used to call Galaxy Gliders
    610-Wasp Cassie: "Galaxy Gliders, hang ten!"
    611-DDsc Carlos: "Galaxy Glider, hang ten!"
    614-BaSt Andros: "Galaxy Glider, hang ten!"

    - Phrases used for Galaxy Gliders and silver glider to fly off with Rangers
    630-DSR2 Andros: "Galaxy Gliders..."
    Zhane: "Hang ten!"

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