- Jupiter's largest moon; home of moonbase for Mega Vehicles and Mega Winger
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First Appearance: (moonbase) 617-RMVy
Last Appearance: (moonbase) 642-CTD1
Pictures: Ganymede (shown at right), moonbase crater, Mega Vehicle hangar, Mega Winger bay, moonbase dome


  • Andros obtained from Darkonda a set of keycards which had been stolen from Zordon during the attack on Eltar.


  • On the Megaship's bridge, Alpha told the Rangers he'd decoded part of the keycards, and they indicated a massive weapon on one of Jupiter's moons; the monitor in front of Alpha showed Ganymede, with the text, "Top Secret."
  • Approaching Ganymede, the Delta Megaship's scanners detected no indication of any weapons on the moon.
  • A male operator voice spoke over the Delta Megaship's audio system, "Release controls. Navigation is now remotely controlled."
  • When asked by Carlos whether the guy was one of his friends, Andros said with astonishment that he had no clue.
  • A blue Earth-like planet would very often be visible in the starry sky above Ganymede even though no such celestial body resided anywhere near Ganymede.
  • The Delta Megaship flew up to a lit facility built into a large crater; a bay door opened, and the ship flew down a long tunnel, after which it stopped and the operator voice said, "Vehicle secured."
  • Andros led the Rangers out of the Delta Megaship's control room, then down a ladder with a sign with alien symbols on the wall beside it.
  • Thinking he'd heard something at the end of the walkway, Andros quickly led the Rangers across several ramps with numerous alien signs.
  • In a hangar containing numerous storage drums and crates, as well as a small orange one-person spaceship with alien writing on it, Andros knew he would know what he was looking for when he saw it; spotting a large panel of lights and controls on the wall near a door, he realized that had to be it.
  • When Astronema arrived with Ecliptor and Quantrons, Andros managed to get to the doors during the fight to work on the door controls, breaking the code and opening the doors within seconds.
  • As Andros went into the area beyond, filled with even more controls, he was suddenly carrying under his arm some sort of gray, square, flat object the size of a briefcase.
  • When Cassie was the last one heading for the other area, Astronema threw her boomerang, knocking Cassie down and the keycards from her hand, but Cassie grabbed them and began running for the open doors, which then began to close.
  • At this time, Andros no longer had the silver case.
  • Cassie leapt through just in time to seal the villains out.
  • Ashley passed out lantern devices to the others, and the Rangers headed off down the dark tunnel she'd spotted, with her leading; she suddenly hit a railing in the dark, dropping her flashlight over the edge and nearly falling, but Andros caught her.
  • Beside the Rangers on this balcony area, where there were still numerous alien signs, was a table apparatus very similar to the stand from which the Turbo Rangers had gotten their Turbo powers in the Power Chamber in 500-TPRM.
  • Looking at the table, Andros said there were more keycards, and the Rangers were then shown standing around the table and holding a new keycard each when the operator voice came from the darkened hangar below.
  • The voice announced, "Mega Vehicles activated," and each Mega Vehicle in the holding bay below was lit up by a spotlight as the voice said its name: Mega V-1, V-2, V-3, V-4, and V-5.
  • From the orientation shown, V-1 was in the lower left, V-4 was in the upper left, V-5 was in the upper right, V-2 was in the lower right, and V-3 was in the center.
  • Ashley figured that Zordon had hidden the Mega Vehicles there, knowing that one day there would be an emergency and they would need them; Andros noted, "Well, we need them right now!"
  • Poles lowered down to the Mega Vehicles, and each Ranger slid down his or her respective pole, with a large INET sign near the V-1, V-4, and V-5 poles; behind V-2's pole was an INET "Off Limits" caution sign.
  • When Andros dropped into his cockpit, it was almost completely darkened, except for a small, plain light to show him what he was doing; the operator voice then said, "Insert keycard," and an "Insert keycard" panel slid open.
  • After activating Mega V-1 for the first time, Andros tested out its controls, at which point Mega V-1 looked around, then tore out of the silver restraint cables on its arms.
  • Mega V-2's runway door, labeled appropriately, opened, and restraint arms released V-2; Mega V-3's overhead door slid open, and arms released V-3, V-5, and V-4.
  • As he prepared for launch in Mega V-3, T.J. remarked, "Let's hope this thing still fires," perhaps suggesting that the Mega Vehicles had remained dormant for quite some time.
  • Moving platforms on tracks led the four V-Zords down their own tunnels, leaving V-3 in the center.
  • V-3 lifted off, and the other four V-Zords were quickly accelerated down their tunnels before the five Mega Vehicles flew out of the moonbase; V-3 flew from the center of the crater, with the other four V-Zords flying out from lit areas.
  • There were numerous lit areas on the crater base left unused: two were on the side shown, and more were probably on the other side.
  • The Mega Voyager, upon being formed, was shown quite close in front of Ganymede, as usual, but at this point, the Rangers should have been closer to Earth.
  • Often before flying down from the sky on Earth, the Mega Voyager would be shown flying down from Ganymede, but its apparent proximity to the Earth should have made it the Earth's moon.


  • After the arrival and first use of the new Rebel-built Mega Winger, it was parked in its own bay in the moonbase.
  • Mega Winger's bay doors had a red triangle on them, with a gold M inside, a small yellow triangle within the top of the M, and a larger yellow triangle below the M.
  • The doors opened to reveal Mega Winger in jet mode, its wings folded up; it rolled down onto its short runway which read, "Mega-W," and then unfolded its wings for launch.


  • After tapping into the Megaship's computers and engine core, Ecliptor streaked into the engine room's control kiosk with green energy; then at a computer terminal with an empty chair in the moonbase, Ecliptor passed through a cable with red energy, then materialized from the inactive screen from red streaks, in his new solid red, supercharged form.
  • On the walls of the computer room were a few display panels just like those in the Mega Voyager cockpit.
  • Morphed Zhane rushed in from a doorway open directly to the outside, and the fight between him and Ecliptor soon moved outside into the cratered Ganymede surface.
  • Mega Winger and giant Ecliptor faced off just outside the moonbase, which consisted of a large blue dome in a crater.
  • Ecliptor slashed the moonbase's dome twice, making it crackle with red energy bolts, and explosions erupted throughout the base, even around the V-Zords, making V-1 fall over amongst the explosions and falling girders.
  • Shortly after Ecliptor and the Astro Megazord had left, the damaged Mega Winger sparked and collapsed amongst the ruined moonbase interior.
  • Later, unmorphed Cassie, T.J., and Zhane surveyed the absolute destruction inside the moonbase.
  • Zhane found a console that was still working, and Cassie said it was from the main computer bank.
  • Zhane gave the teens on the Megaship the good news that the power systems were intact and that they'd have it fixed in no time.


  • During Astronema's invasion of Earth, the section of the moonbase housing Mega Winger appeared undamaged.

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  • Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system.

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