Gasket's palace
- Prince Gasket's palace and arena in another dimension
Machine Arena
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First Appearance: (Machine Arena) 442-Kng1
Last Appearance: (Machine Arena) 443-Kng2
See Also: Machine Skybase


  • In an area which looked like the surface of the moon with a dark blue sky overhead (perhaps a part of Gasket's palace or an area outside the Machine Skybase), Louie Kaboom wondered what a sound was, and Archerina then attacked him as Gasket watched.


  • With a blue energy bolt from his finger, Prince Gasket made Tommy vanish from Angel Grove Lake; Tommy would later be shown, as Zeo Ranger Five, restrained in a chair in a dark room with Gasket's Brain Drain device on his head.
  • Tommy's communicator signal was being blocked.
  • When the Power Chamber traced Tommy's energy residue to another dimension, the monitor displayed a map of several cocentric rings with adjoining rectangular areas, one of which Zeo Ranger Five was in; this appears to indicate that Tommy was being held in a room off the main area of the Machine Arena (which would be shown in 442-Kng1).
  • Displaying the map that looked like a map of the Machine Arena, the Power Chamber monitor gave an approximate coordinates of the "dimensional rift" as 34 72 4".


  • According to Gasket, the dark room in which Tommy was located (apparently, from the display in 441-ZR5?, a part of the Machine Arena) was also a part of Gasket's own palace.
  • The Machine Arena had a red tint to everything; around the walls were banners, each bearing a large gear design with a smaller gear to the lower right of the larger gear.
  • As Altor fought Cogs in the Machine Arena to test his strength, dozens of monsters, both those belonging to the Machine Empire and those having been used by Rita and Zedd, were in the stands.
  • At the lake was a transport area where, when the holographic entryway was activated, a translucent image of Zeo Ranger Five lured people (the Rangers, Gasket intended) into a warp to the Machine Arena.
  • The holographic entryway sucked in morphed Jason and, soon afterward, Bulk and Skull; while Jason appeared in the middle of the arena, Gasket had Archerina deposit the two stowaways into a holding cell, where he'd deal with them later.
  • There was alien writing on a sign on the wall in the arena's holding cell.
  • Jason ran into a large, spherical green energy grid surrounding the inner area of the arena when he tried to escape; the grid was invisible unless actively repelling someone.
  • As he introduced the fight between Altor and Gold Ranger, Gasket seemed to be speaking into Video Vulture, the camera for the image the Power Chamber's Viewing Screen was receiving.


  • When Tommy decided to fight Gold Ranger, Gasket called for positions, and Tommy then slide-teleported through the green energy grid.
  • Elsewhere in the facility was a storage room of some sort, guarded by Cogs.
  • The control room of the arena was off an open courtyard (with a tree visible in the distance above the courtyard in one direction).
  • To teleport away, the teens touched their communicators and turned into energy but immediately resolidified, as the forcefield blocked their escape.
  • The teens were unable to summon their Zeonizers (or, in Jason's case, to morph) in the Machine Arena while Gasket's forcefield was blocking their morphing powers.
  • As Trider continued destroying everything in sight in the control room, the room eventually exploded with Trider inside, apparently destroying the Cogs behind Bulk and Skull; Trider soon emerged from the flames, unharmed.
  • After the control room had been destroyed, the energy grid appeared and then dissolved, allowing the teens to teleport back home and Trider to take Bulk and Skull home.


  • When the Rangers destroyed Protectron, Gasket teleported himself, Archerina, Klank, and Sprocket away, and they were all then with Machina in an industrial-type area with the gear banners from the Machine Arena on the walls; this was probably a different area of Gasket's palace, since there was never a daytime sky over the Machine Skybase.


  • As part of Gasket's and Archerina's plan to isolate Kat, one doorway in the west wing of Detective Stone's whodunit party mansion was a glowing yellow gateway which led to a dungeon which Archerina referred to as her own.
  • Adam, Tanya, Rocky, and Tommy all eventually wandered through the yellow gateway and ended up in the dungeon, where their communicators and teleportation didn't work.
  • Tommy tried calling Zordon when the four teens were unable to find any way out, but they were then shown walking down a tunnel after they'd found that their communicators didn't work.
  • The captured teens were unable to call the Power Chamber or teleport from Archerina's dungeon, but when Alpha found a frequency that could reach the teens, Zordon's voice came over their communicators, telling them to adjust their communicators to his frequency, which they did by turning the outer silver dial on their communicators; after this, Zordon was able to teleport them into the Power Chamber.
  • Alpha was unable to find a frequency that would reach Jason's communicator, but Jason was not in the dungeon, but rather the mansion where Kat's communicator had worked.


  • Spying on Detective Stone, Bulk, and Skull in a Viewing Screen just like the one in the Machine Skybase's balcony room, Gasket and Archerina were standing in a rocky lunar area with a dark blue sky overhead, much like the area in which they'd attacked Louie Kaboom in 440-TJOB.
  • In their dark blue-skied outdoor room, Gasket had Archerina turn Detective Stone's supposed secret weapon into a monster; to accomplish this task, a blue energy gear fired from the base of the Machine Skybase's main tower, turning Detective Stone's Mechaterpillar fishing lure into the Mechaterpillar monster.


  • In an industrial area with trees and sky in the background, Gasket and Archerina used two sets of headphones and a small dish device to listen to the conversation between Sprocket and the newly-returned King Mondo in the Machine Skybase.
  • Gasket and Archerina retreated to their own planet for now, and Gasket said he would come up with a new plan, saying if Mondo caught him, he was toast.

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