- four rock warriors defending Phaedos monolith
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  • On a street of the villains' Old West town on Onyx, standing with two Quantrons outside the Onyx Tavern, were two Tengas, one of which held the pike of a Gatekeeper monster from MMPR: The Movie.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • After Tommy had touched the central statue of the four statues on the monolith temple and turned his back to it, it was suited up in armor, and it then jumped out from its crevice in the wall in the form of a Gatekeeper; the other three soon transformed and emerged from their crevices as well.
  • The four Gatekeepers, with a row of three along the bottom, and a fourth above the central lower one, were as follows: the central lower one, designated here as Gatekeeper #1, wielded curved blades; the left lower one, Gatekeeper #2, wielded a spiked spear; the right lower one, Gatekeeper #3, wielded a spiked club; finally, the central upper one, Gatekeeper #4, wielded a six-pointed axe.
  • The monsters were, as Adam noted, made of rock and, as Billy noted, strong.
  • When Adam kicked a Gatekeeper (#1) into a pond below, it steamed and may have disintegrated; whether the pond was caustic or whether the statue monsters were vulnerable to ordinary water is unknown.
  • Rocky kicked Gatekeeper #4's weapon from its hand.
  • Tommy and Kim caused a rockslide which crushed Gatekeeper #3 and made it lie still.
  • Gatekeeper #4 was on a cliff attacking Billy but was then immediately down below attacking Adam with Gatekeeper #2.
  • Gatekeeper #4 swung at Adam with its axe weapon (which it had earlier dropped) and inadvertently sliced #2 clean in half when Billy used a vine-branch pully system to lift Adam out of the way.
  • Only moments later, Gatekeeper #4 was then chasing Rocky without its axe weapon; no Billy or sliced #2 were within sight; the Gatekeeper then picked up Gatekeeper #2's dropped spear and hurled it at Rocky, missing.
  • To finish off the final Gatekeeper, #4, Tommy used the Ninjetti Corkscrew Kick, which sent the monster flying back through the air and shattering against the front of the temple at the base of the monolith.
  • When the final Gatekeeper was destroyed (although #3 had been merely buried by rocks), the monolith's temple opened to give the teens the Great Power.

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