General Havoc
- cyborg warlord; brother of Divatox
General Havoc
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First Appearance: 526-DrkD
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
See Also: Elgar, Mama D


  • As General Havoc's Space Base drifted through space, Havoc tried to contact Divatox in her subcraft from a control room in the Space Base, but she was busy and wouldn't take the call.
  • Havoc would rarely be shown without his weapon, a swordlike object with a flexible "blade."
  • General Havoc was Divatox's brother.
  • Havoc soon entered Divatox's subcraft's bridge from its lift with two Chromites by his side.
  • Divatox was excited to learn that Havoc had brought the Space Base; she'd ordered his men to build it, but that had been approximately a century ago.
  • Divatox was superficially sycophant toward Havoc after learning of his Space Base.
  • Havoc wasn't particularly glad to see Elgar.
  • Havoc said that the Space Base was big enough for Divatox's entire crew, as well as his private army of robot soldiers (Chromites).
  • Once the subcraft was docked with the Space Base, Divatox said it was sweet Havoc had remembered the space balcony, a balcony just beyond the subcraft's doors, overlooking the Earth; he said he never forgot a detail, and that from there, she'd have a view of any world she'd like to conquer.
  • Havoc told Divatox her Piranhatrons could run the Space Base as efficiently as his elite forces (Chromites).
  • Leading Divatox to the holding bay, Havoc said he'd saved the best for last: his secret weapon in the neverending fight against good, Metallasaurus; Divatox was thrilled that he hadn't forgotten.
  • From his control room on the Space Base, Havoc beamed a transmission to the Power Chamber, introducing himself as "General Havoc, brother to the pirate queen Divatox."
  • Havoc wanted the Rangers to meet him at the Angel Grove Pier to discuss their terms of surrender, without any of their Ranger tricks, or else he would destroy the Earth.
  • Havoc was sipping tea at a table at the pier when the Rangers drove up in Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster; he offered them a muffin.
  • Havoc, "on behalf of Divatox, queen pirate of the universe," ordered the Rangers to surrender immediately, as he was far too powerful for them to hope to defeat.
  • Havoc said that change was the only constant in the universe.
  • Havoc said the force he represented was far too powerful for the Rangers to even hope to defeat; he may have been referring to a force above him, such as Dark Specter.
  • Havoc said he was tougher than T.J. (calling T.J. "young man") could even imagine, and that his special troops (Chromites) were a great deal tougher, presumably than the Piranhatron.
  • The Rangers refused their one last chance to surrender, and Havoc had the Chromites leap out of the water nearby.
  • After a very brief fight, Havoc called off the Chromites, bringing forth Metallasaurus, which he piloted from the very top of its head.
  • After Metallasaurus had wrapped its tail around the Turbo Megazord, Havoc had the Chromites (for once using their name) scale the Megazord and break in.
  • Once the Rangers had been ejected from the Turbo Megazord, Metallasaurus flew away to the Space Base with the Megazord.
  • Returning to Divatox's bridge in success, Havoc remarked, "How the tides of war have changed. We have the Power Rangers' primary battle vehicle."; he appeared familiar with battling Power Rangers.


  • In the Space Base's holding bay, Metallasaurus's second form was being assembled, but its second form wouldn't be introduced until 528-FOPh.
  • Havoc had had Porto working around the clock to upgrade Metallasaurus's operating systems, and he said he'd borrowed and improved upon several ideas from the Turbo Megazord.
  • Havoc said nothing would stop them from conquering the Rangers' world.
  • Porto had printed out information hidden in the Turbo Megazord's database and gave it to Havoc in a black "Top Secret" binder which contained information on the unintroduced Siren Blaster Rescuezord and Artillatron, but most importantly, the Phantom Ranger and his Power Ruby.
  • The Turbozords' data banks apparently contained images of, among other things, Metallasaurus's first form confronting Artillatron. (Source: Submitted by Derik Smith)
  • Porto said that as Havoc knew, they would first have to eliminate the Phantom Ranger in order to defeat the Rangers.
  • A visual of Phantom walking through a dark chamber of some sort showed the location of Phantom's Power Ruby, his life source, located in his chest; capture the ruby, and Havoc could control his power.
  • As his armies were almost ready, Havoc set up a neutron laser on Divatox's balcony in case of attack.
  • As Havoc attacked Angel Grove in Metallasaurus, he consulted a map Elgar had given him, in the form of a brochure.
  • Ashley tried to get a lock on Havoc with Lightning Cruiser's scanner, but Havoc blocked it.
  • When Lightning Cruiser flew by blasting at Metallasaurus, Havoc noted that the Rangers were more resourceful than he'd thought.
  • Some time later, Havoc told the citizens of Angel Grove to say goodbye, and Metallasaurus began to pull up a skyscraper.
  • Alpha Six wasn't familiar with the sound of Artillatron's engines roaring, but Havoc was.
  • Havoc used digital binoculars to look at the Rescuezords after they'd been deployed from Artillatron.
  • Havoc realized that the Rangers were back in new Zords.
  • After Metallasaurus had been blown to the Space Base by an exploding tank of gas, Havoc and Divatox both vowed to get the Phantom Ranger.


  • As Metallasaurus was being rebuilt in its second form, Havoc said with these improvements to Metallasaurus, the Rescuezords would be helpless.
  • Havoc told Divatox to steal the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby, but she wasn't familiar with it.
  • After Havoc had told her that the Power Ruby was the source of the Phantom's incredible power but that it would be impossible to obtain, Divatox told Havoc that he was going to get it for her.
  • Later, in Cassie's locker at Angel Grove High was a black card in a black envelope; the words "Meet me at Angel Grove Park / A Friend" appeared in white writing on the card; she assumed it had been sent by the Phantom and was soon in the park to meet him.
  • Briefly disguised as the Phantom Ranger in the park, General Havoc revealed his true form with gold sparkles, summoning two Piranhatron and two Chromites as he revealed himself.
  • Since Havoc had presumably sent Cassie the note luring her to the park, he had to have known not only her secret identity, but also that she was interested in the Phantom Ranger.
  • Vines wrapped around Cassie's arms to restrain her.
  • Sending a transmission to the Power Chamber, Havoc conversed with the unmorphed teens, showing them Cassie lying unconscious on a table in the Cirrus Dimension with him, saying a pinch of Narvanian dust would turn Cassie to stone forever.
  • Havoc told the teens to exchange Phantom Ranger for Cassie, replying to their protest that they didn't know where Phantom was (or even if he was still on Earth) by saying he was sure the Phantom was hearing the transmission, wherever he was.
  • Rygog and Elgar were in the Cirrus Dimension with Piranhatron when the Rangers arrived to save Cassie; Rygog and Elgar fought fiercely for Rygog to carry out Havoc's orders of sprinkling Narvanian dust on Cassie to turn her to stone, even though the stone Cassie would actually be Havoc in disguise.
  • Phantom held his Power Ruby over the stone Cassie's face, and she returned to normal, but then revealed herself to be Havoc in disguise; Havoc grabbed Phantom and teleported away.
  • Alpha knew Havoc was after the Power Ruby rather than the Phantom, but actually, both Havoc and Divatox had also wanted revenge on the Phantom.
  • Soon afterward, Divatox kissed the ruby in the Cirrus Dimension while Piranhatron restrained Cassie; meanwhile, Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron brought the weakened Phantom to her.
  • After Cassie had escaped, Divatox furiously told Havoc to put Phantom back in his cage, then to teach the Rangers some respect.
  • In Angel Grove as Metallasaurus arrived in its second form, Havoc appeared to have his flexible sword in whip form.
  • The five teens morphed in front of Havoc.
  • Havoc piloted Metallasaurus's second form against the Rescuezords.
  • During the fight with the Rescuezords, Metallasaurus pulled out a cage with the listless Phantom inside.
  • After seeing the Rescuezords transform into high stance mode, Havoc remarked that that was a trick he hadn't seen before.
  • Havoc was surprised when he first saw the Rescuezords assembled into the Rescue Megazord.
  • After the Rescue Megazord's artillery cannons had destroyed Metallasaurus, Havoc was on the Space Base, where he promised to return with a new Metallasaurus; Divatox reminded him that his last promise had taken 100 years to keep, and he called her an ingrate as he walked away.


  • There were Chromites manning Divatox's Space Base even after Havoc's departure in 528-FOPh.


  • General Havoc attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; unlike the other villains, however, Havoc brought along no assistant.
  • Rita, laughing while walking with Zedd, accidentally bumped into Divatox, making the crowd of villains fall nervously silent; Havoc, watching in the background, appeared most nervous of all.
  • Later seated at the banquet table between Astronema and the cloaked Andros, Havoc drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.
  • Once Astronema had shouted that the cloaked stranger was a spy, morphed Andros fended off some Quantrons and then kicked Havoc over his chair.


  • When Zordon's energy wave approached after most of the universe had been conquered, Mondo, Machina, and General Havoc were standing on a cliff over the Machine Empire's army of monsters on Phantom Ranger's home planet.
  • General Havoc was turned into sand along with the other villains.

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