Ghost Galleon
- centuries-old sea vessel to take teens to Muiranthias (500-TPRM)
Ghost Galleon
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 500-TPRM


  • In the Power Chamber, Zordon told the Rangers to take their Turbozords across the "great desert" to the sea; there they would find the Ghost Galleon, a phantom ship which would take them and their Zords to the Nemesis Triangle.
  • Zordon said the combined power of the Rangers' keys and the galleon would see them safely through the Nemesis Triangle.
  • Zordon told the Rangers that neither the galleon nor the Turbozords would be detectable by Divatox, but he neglected to mention that the Rangers would be detectable, at least in unmorphed form.
  • There was a human skeleton among the old boxes on the Ghost Galleon's dock.
  • Tommy spotted the galleon, but how the other teens had failed to see the enormous, conspicuously backlit galleon is unknown.
  • The teens somehow got the Turbozords aboard the Ghost Galleon's lower cargo area; it wouldn't be until much later that the Turbozords' ability to drive across water would be demonstrated.
  • A door on the Ghost Galleon slammed by itself as the teens explored its upper deck.
  • The galleon appeared to be very old, and there was at least one human skeleton on it.
  • On a podium on the upper deck of the galleon was an ornate box; inside were five keyholes.
  • Once the five Turbo Morpher keys had been inserted into the keyholes and turned ninety degrees, white light shone up from the keyholes, and the ship prepared itself for and embarked upon its voyage.
  • As the galleon prepared itself, the compass moved, the sails rose by themselves, and a bell rang itself several times as if tugged by an invisible force.
  • The next day, the teens watched the ocean as the Ghost Galleon sailed itself.
  • That night, the four teens were studying a map on a table downstairs, seemingly in the cargo area, yet the Turbozords were nowhere to be seen.
  • Lightning bolts struck the masts of the Ghost Galleon as it approached the Nemesis Triangle the next day.
  • There were two different stairways leading into the lower level of the galleon, where the Turbozords still weren't shown.
  • An off-balance barrel hit Justin's leg, making him drop his key, and it slid into a hole in the wall.
  • After Justin had retrieved his key and the teens had activated the keys, the shimmering wall of the Nemesis Triangle passed through the galleon and the teens as the ship went through.
  • In the crow's nest some time later, Justin used a pair of black binoculars to spot Muiranthias.
  • The galleon's control box was still open at this point, and the keys appeared to be back in the keyholes.
  • The teens must have had their keys in their possession by the time they came upstairs strapping on their Power Boxes, since, after this point, Adam, and soon the others, would leave the soon-to-be-destroyed Ghost Galleon in their Turbozords.
  • Immediately after he'd gone downstairs, Adam was shown, from through a grating with sunlight on it, getting into Desert Thunder; this indicates that the Turbozords were indeed in the one lower cargo area, and that they should have been down there all along whenever the teens had gone downstairs.
  • Two torpedoes launched from Divatox's subcraft blew the Ghost Galleon into flaming bits; this explosion was verified in the flashback in 501-SIT1.

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