Giant fighting machines
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Elgar's vehicle fleet
- fleet of five giant vehicles controlled by Elgar
Elgar's vehicle fleet
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First Appearance: 503-SIT3
Last Appearance: 503-SIT3
Pictures: vehicle fleet (shown at right), bull vehicle, scorpion vehicle, cat vehicle, cockpit


  • Some time after Rygog had been ordered to prepare a full offensive on Angel Grove, Elgar drove one of a squadron of five giant vehicles through the desert.
  • Each of the five vehicles appeared to resemble a specific animal: one had the trunk and ears of an elephant, another had the curly tail of a pig, a third had the claws and tail of a scorpion, the largest of the vehicles had bull horns, and the final vehicle, in which Elgar drove, had what may have been the whiskers and ears of a cat.
  • A large claw hand in front of the bull vehicle scraped up the rear end of Red Lightning as it pursued the car.
  • When Wind Chaser, pinned from in front and behind by the elephant and pig vehicles, activated its split mode to dodge the vehicle in front, the elephant vehicle rear-ended the pig vehicle, making an explosion.
  • The scorpion vehicle shot red energy bolts from its mouth and tail.
  • Desert Thunder, Dune Star, Wind Chaser, and Mountain Blaster, docked together, slammed through the scorpion vehicle, seeming to destroy it.
  • Racing along a mountainous ledge in his vehicle, preventing Tommy from joining the other Turbozords, Elgar was startled when Tommy (perhaps inadvertantly) made the Turbo Megazord's head peek out and look at him; distracted, Elgar crashed his vehicle into a rock wall.
  • All five evil vehicles drove away with white flags sticking up from them once the Turbo Megazord was complete.

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