- alien warrior; assistant to Rita and Lord Zedd
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
Pictures: long shot (with wings), circa MMPR season 1, circa late MMPR season 1 (shown at right), circa MMPR season 2, circa late MMPR season 2, circa PRZ


  • Goldar thought that he could lead the Putty Patrollers to make the Earth Rita's.
  • Goldar frequently wielded a sword.
  • The Viewing Globe showed Rita, on her flying bicycle, and Goldar, with large black bird wings in his back, flying over a city.
  • Goldar had a black, furry tail which was always pinned to the backside of his armor.
  • To go to Earth to make the planet Rita's, Goldar attacked Angel Grove, the city near which the Command Center was located and from which the five chosen Ranger teens originated; with almost no exceptions, all future non-planetwide villain attacks on Earth up through 643-CTD2 would be directed at Angel Grove.
  • Goldar had his wings out on the rooftop during his first attack on Angel Grove, but once he had grown to giant size, they were gone (possibly retracted into his back) and wouldn't be shown again until Lord Zedd gave them back to him in 201-Mut1.
  • Giant Goldar fired flaming red energy from his sword.
  • Giant Goldar retreated at the sight of the Megazord Power Sword.
  • Goldar teleported away instantly by hitting his right fist to his chest.


  • Goldar and Putties fought Kim and Trini near the waste site; he was a formidable opponent in the fight.
  • Goldar apparently returned to the moon palace upon being fired upon by the Pterodactyl.
  • Goldar whapped Finster on the head twice for the failure of his Minotaur.


  • Goldar launched a flaming energy ball from his sword.
  • Giant Goldar launched flaming energy from his sword.
  • Giant Goldar retreated once giant King Sphinx had been destroyed.


  • Goldar was sleeping on the observatory steps against the wall farther from Finster's workshop but soon afterward was awake.
  • Goldar went with Rita, Squatt, and Baboo to watch the Nasty Knight fight Zack.
  • Goldar cowered and covered his mouth when Rita started yelling at him after Nasty Knight had been destroyed.


  • Goldar and Putties helped Pineoctopus fight the Rangers.
  • After breathing in some of Pineoctopus's magic dust, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar began sneezing and then teleported away.
  • Goldar whapped Finster twice on the head for the failure of Pineoctopus.


  • Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo walked through a forest to get to Trini's uncle Howard's lab.


  • After Squatt had sabotaged Billy's thought transfer apparatus the previous night, Rita had Goldar look at Billy's garage through her telescope.
  • Goldar had the Genie go to Earth in the lamp so Zordon couldn't detect him.


  • On Earth at the time, Goldar wanted Chunky Chicken to hide Maria and then return to help him, Baboo, and Squatt for some reason.


  • Baboo and Squatt didn't seem familiar with the concept of the Green Ranger, but Goldar seemed like he may have been.
  • Goldar thought the Rangers being destroyed by another teenager was brilliant.
  • Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo were in the mountains, seemingly near the cave in the mountains from which Scorpina would be released.
  • Giant Goldar suddenly left in the middle of the Megazord fight, and Green Ranger then leapt up to the Megazord.


  • Goldar suggested giving Green Ranger the Sword of Darkness.
  • Goldar said Green Ranger had to earn the Sword of Darkness by proving himself, and Rita agreed.
  • Confronting Jason in the Dark Dimension, Goldar said Rita had given Jason to him as a reward for his faithful service.
  • Goldar summoned his sword with a misty fire cloud.
  • Goldar dropped Jason's Morpher to the ground and told Jason to try to get it.


  • When Jason hid beneath the mist along the floor of the Dark Dimension, Goldar began stabbing his sword down in random areas.
  • Goldar said that no human had ever defeated him.
  • As Kim and Zack went after Tommy to ask more about Jason, Goldar's voice was heard telling Rita that Pink Ranger probably suspected something, even though Rita was on her observatory and Goldar was in the Dark Dimension.
  • Goldar didn't plan on giving Jason any mercy.
  • Goldar left the Dark Dimension when Green Ranger arrived after Rita had ordered Green Ranger to personally see to Jason's end.
  • After Scorpina had arrived in the palace, Goldar said that now that he and Scorpina were together once again, they could finish the Power Rangers.
  • Following Jason's escape from the Dark Dimension, a hologram of Goldar's face appeared in the Dark Dimension to scold Green Ranger and tell him to remain where he was.
  • While Scorpina was fighting the Rangers, Goldar told Rita that although Scorpina was a brave warrior, she was outnumbered and must be called back.
  • When Scorpina was bickering with Goldar for pulling her out of battle, Rita said, "Children, shush now," to the both of them.
  • Squatt and Baboo agreed with Goldar when he stated that he was the most powerful warrior; Rita apparently agreed as well, as she chose Goldar to fight the Rangers.
  • Giant Goldar shot fireballs from his eyes.


  • While attacking Angel Grove, giant Goldar moved through downtown Angel Grove in the direction of the Youth Center.
  • Giant Goldar knew that Bulk and Skull were inside the Youth Center bus he picked up.
  • Goldar knew Bulk and Skull's names.
  • Giant Goldar held Bulk and Skull captive in the bus to try to make the Rangers surrender.
  • While fighting the Megazord, giant Goldar seemed to know that Green Ranger had been captured in the Command Center.
  • Goldar and Green Ranger, both giant, combined the energy of their swords to shoot a fire blast with a tight green energy beam in the middle; this blast opened a chasm in the earth, ejected the Rangers from the Megazord and demorphed them, and caused the Megazord to fall into the lava pit at the bottom of the chasm and disassemble into its component Zords before sinking into the lava.


  • During the villains' toast, Goldar toasted to the (apparent) destruction of the Megazord.
  • Goldar credited Rita in the victory over the Rangers.
  • When Squatt and Baboo were apprehensive about Rita's summoning the Dragonzord, Goldar defended her right to call it forth if she so chose.


  • Goldar said Rita wouldn't be happy when she found out Squatt and Baboo had created a monster without her permission.
  • Goldar, standing alone in the observatory, pounded the balcony angrily after Rita had congratulated Squatt and Baboo for the success of their monster, Shellshock.


  • Goldar joined Spidertron in fighting Zack.


  • Goldar sent the Putties to attack Tommy in the park and told Rita after the fact.
  • Goldar and Scorpina attacked Angel Grove together.
  • Giant Goldar released gold energy bolts from his fingertips.
  • Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, retreated from the Ultrazord after it had destroyed the Wheel of Misfortune.


  • Goldar knew that Rita's plan was as follows: Mutitis would destroy the city after Lokar had sent the Rangers to Rita's dreaded Island of Illusion.
  • Baboo stated that the last time Rita had called on Lokar, he'd nearly wiped them out; upon hearing Baboo's recollection of Lokar, Squatt tried to pull Rita's arm to stop her from summoning him, but she shoved him away, making Goldar and Scorpina nervous.
  • Goldar and Scorpina joined the Putties in occupying the Rangers while Rita summoned Mutitis and Lokar.
  • Goldar's translucent head appeared in the sky of the Island of Illusion to taunt the teens; he knew that the teens were without their Power Coins.
  • Goldar told the teens that on the Island of Illusion, nothing was real except the danger.
  • The image of Goldar's head remained in the sky for the rest of the episode.


  • Goldar's head again appeared in the sky to announce the arrival of Kim's illusion, the second of six personal illusions.
  • Goldar again appeared in the sky to initiate the final illusion by criticizing Jason's leadership abilities.
  • Although it was Goldar who had told Jason that if he were a real leader he would have saved his friends already, Jason said that "she" was right, and Zack told Jason not to listen to "her."


  • Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, fought the Megazord.
  • Giant Goldar seemed to look right into the Mirror of Destruction as his image was reflected in it; giant Scorpina tossed the Mirror aside quickly, telling him not to look.
  • Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, retreated once the Mirror had been destroyed.


  • Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo, were with Samurai Fan Man when he captured Kim; the four villains then dined at the Putty Bowl Restaurant.
  • Giant Goldar fought the Rangers alongside giant Samurai Fan Man.
  • Giant Goldar retreated after giant Samurai Fan Man had been destroyed.


  • When the exhausted Rita wanted a day off, Goldar objected, saying she must lead them to victory.
  • Rita let Goldar lead, and Goldar quickly took her up on the offer, saying he would destroy the Rangers with the worst monsters the Earth had ever seen.
  • When the teens were at the beach, Goldar was pleased that the teens had let their guard down and that he could now take them by surprise.
  • Goldar had apparently sent Scorpina to fight the Rangers.
  • After the Rangers had escaped from the cocoon of Scorpina's pet worm, Goldar sent down Babe Ruthless and then joined Scorpina and the monster.
  • Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless somehow grew even though Rita was supposed to be taking a day off; Rita's wand was not shown during the growing sequence.
  • Scorpina and Goldar, both giant, crossed their swords to fire an energy blast composed of a bluish-white stream and a red energy bolt.
  • Goldar apparently left the battle near the time giant Babe Ruthless was destroyed.


  • When Fang was enraged that Squatt and Baboo had eaten his gooney bird eggs, Goldar told the monster that the Rangers had all the gooney bird eggs.


  • Holding the Green Candle once Rita had revealed her plan to drain Tommy's powers, Goldar told her she would have the Green Ranger's power as well as her own.
  • When Rita cast her incantation for Tommy's powers to be taken, Goldar planned for the Putties to find Tommy and take his Power Coin, and then they'd have him; it's unknown whether this was necessary to activate the Green Candle.
  • Goldar began teleporting with a fire cloud effect regularly.
  • Goldar stabbed his sword into the ground, teleporting the Putties and Tommy to the Dark Dimension with yellow energy squiggles, followed by yellow shimmers for the Putties and a green shimmer for Tommy.
  • Goldar told Tommy that he could work for Rita or lose his powers.
  • The attacks of unmorphed Tommy were completely ineffective on Goldar.
  • Goldar used his sword to put energy shackles on Tommy before leaving to fight the Rangers.
  • Goldar outmatched Red Ranger in a swordfight.
  • When Goldar returned to the Dark Dimension, Tommy got Goldar's sword and then stabbed it into the ground, teleporting both himself and Goldar, who was touching the sword, back to the pond in flame and green clouds, inside yellow squiggles; Tommy then took his Morpher from Goldar's hand and morphed.


  • Fighting Jason in the Dark Dimension, Goldar was shown falling twice, then he said while still standing, "You missed your chance," then he was down and in the act of standing up.


  • Goldar remarked that once Hatchasaurus had stopped Dragonzord, the Rangers wouldn't stand a chance.


  • Rita sent Goldar and Scorpina to help Polluticorn fight the Rangers.


  • To finish off the Rangers, Rita used all of her power to activate Goldar's Zord Cyclopsis.
  • Goldar teleported to Cyclopsis in a white energy streak, then appeared inside the cockpit with a fire cloud.


  • Goldar took some Putties to Billy's garage to personally finish off the teens as Billy attempted to bring their communicators back online; he smashed some of Billy's equipment as he approached the teens, but they teleported away in time.
  • Goldar piloted Cyclopsis against the Zords again, and this time his Zord was defeated permanently.
  • Back in the palace, Goldar told Rita to get the palace out of there before Ultrazord blasted them as well, but the Rangers had already ejected from the Zords; after doing as Goldar said anyway, Rita then told him never to tell her what to do again.


  • Giant Goldar fought the Megazord but retreated just as the Power Sword finishing move was heading his way.


  • It seemed to be Goldar's plan to send Squatt to plant the Octoplant seeds so that the Octoplant's tentacles would encircle the world and destroy it.
  • Goldar and Scorpina went to stop the Rangers from unearthing the Octoplant seeds.
  • In the middle of the battle, Scorpina winked at Goldar; the two villains then crossed their swords to release a blast of yellow and red energy.


  • It was Goldar's plan to use the Crystal of Nightmares to take away the teens' self-confidence and thus make their powers worthless; Rita didn't seem to realize the value of taking away the teens' self-confidence.
  • Goldar's sword made the Crystal of Nightmares crackle with white energy.
  • In the cave with the Crystal of Nightmares, Goldar said to himself, "The world will know it is I who is supreme after I turn the Rangers' dreams into nightmares and their powers will be lost forever."
  • Now that the teens had lost their self-confidence, Goldar said that they could destroy the world.
  • Goldar failed to prevent Jason from destroying the Crystal of Nightmares and retreated; he then returned to battle alongside Scorpina after the teens had defeated the Putties.
  • A full-powered chop from the Megazord Power Sword didn't destroy Goldar and Scorpina, both giant; the villains merely retreated afterward.


  • When Rita overheard that Billy didn't like fish, Goldar told her it was the perfect time for her toxic Goo Fish.
  • Goldar sent Putties to stop Kim and Billy from walking to the beach where the others were scuba diving.
  • Goldar suggested using a spell to make Billy's fear unbearable; Rita then chanted at her altar to fill Billy with fright.
  • Rita asked Goldar what was next for the Goo Fish, and Goldar said he'd told the Goo Fish to draw out the Megazord and destroy it with his venom.


  • After Jason had caught a contagious itch from the shrunken Fighting Flea, Goldar sent down Putties to finish him off.


  • Goldar hurried Finster as he made the Jellyfish, saying Finster was holding up his queen's evil scheme.
  • Goldar took it upon himself to send the Putties to distract the teens while Squatt and Baboo stole the time capsule for Rita.


  • Rita told Finster she wanted a monster, but it was Goldar who actually mentioned a Mantis monster.
  • When Rita saw that Trini was practicing her kung fu in the Youth Center, Goldar told Rita that now was her chance to get Trini away from the others.
  • Rita used her wand to strike Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar after Mantis had been destroyed.


  • Scorpina stood quite close to Goldar and affectionately played with one of his locks of hair.
  • After Rita had planned to make the Rangers surrender by kidnapping their parents, Goldar planned to have the teens give him their Power Coins.
  • When Rita called Goldar in and told him that Billy was all alone and that they could put him under a spell, Goldar told her that they would use him to retrieve the Dragon Dagger.
  • Under Rita's spell, Billy planned to return the Dragon Dagger to its rightful owner, and he then gave it to Goldar in the Dark Dimension.
  • Goldar summoned an hourglass from red energy spheres to count down until the Rangers had to choose between their parents and their Power Coins.
  • Goldar played the Dragonzord fanfare on the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord; the Zord responded to his commands.
  • Goldar morphed the Dragon Dagger into a black and gold box with two green gems on the outside and green felt inside so that the Rangers could place their Power Coins inside it.
  • Goldar intended to destroy the world.
  • After the Rangers had surrendered their Power Coins and demorphed, Goldar kept both the coins and the teens' parents.


  • Goldar said it would be impossible for the Rangers to bring Green Ranger back, and Rita then said Green Ranger had lost his powers.
  • When Green Ranger confronted Goldar to retrieve the Power Coins, Goldar called him a "powerless Ranger."
  • Goldar was beating Green Ranger in their fight until Tommy managed to grab the Dragon Dagger off Goldar's podium.
  • Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, fought Dragonzord after Green Ranger had regained control over it.
  • Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, crossed their blades to fire a red and yellow energy bolt.
  • In the middle of the fight with Dragonzord, Goldar realized that they'd left the Power Coins unguarded, and he and Scorpina vanished; the villains never returned to the Power Coins, however, as the coins remained unguarded, allowing Tommy to reclaim them.
  • In the palace, Goldar and Scorpina were cowering in fear when Rita was upset about them letting Green Ranger get away with both the Power Coins and the Dragon Dagger.


  • Goldar went to Earth with the Putties and watched as the Putties captured Jason, Kim, and Zack with magic rope.
  • Goldar said the Grumble Bee would destroy the Rangers and the world.


  • Goldar sent the Putties to steal all the pamangos from the park, as Rita had requested.


  • Rita thought she was the only person the Angel Grove Junior High cheerleaders should be cheering, and Goldar seemed to think to kidnap Kelly while Lizzinator was created and unleashed on Earth.


  • When Rita said that "those bozos" (perhaps speaking of Bulk, Skull, and the teens after they'd discussed Kim and Skull being on the game show Trick or Treat, or perhaps speaking of Squatt and Baboo) had given her a wonderful idea, Goldar said he had the same idea, and he explained how they would unleash the Pumpkin Rapper from wherever they planted the rotten pumpkin seeds, and it seems as though Goldar had already had Squatt and Baboo plant the seeds in the park.


  • When Rita told Goldar she'd make Jason and Tommy enemies, he said the Slippery Shark's spell would do the trick.


  • Goldar initiated the idea of toying with the teens' urge to help Roger at soccer, but Finster was already charging up Soccadillo at the time.


  • When Squatt and Baboo suggested that Rita try to beat the Rangers at their own game (football), Goldar told Rita to join the Rhinoblaster with the Putties.


  • Goldar and Baboo, with the likely addition of Squatt, were familiar with the Badges of Darkness.
  • On an Earth beach, Goldar trained Putties for the task of being Mutant Rangers.
  • Goldar told the defective Putty at his training session that it would be a clay pot on Rita's coffee table if it didn't shape up.
  • Goldar returned Putty number six to the clay jar on Finster's workbench, using flames from his sword.


  • Rita asked Goldar what he thought when she observed that Zack was in love and wanted to buy pearl earrings, and Goldar told her to call on the Ecocyte Pearl to unleash the Oysterizer so that they could pollute the sea and take over the world.


  • When the palace quaked and lightning flashed, Goldar said it could mean only one thing, that Lord Zedd, the true emperor, had returned.
  • After Zedd had teleported into the palace, Goldar said that Zedd was where he belonged, his chamber of command; Goldar then left to greet Zedd.
  • When Rita said she had a headache, Goldar told her to deal with it, as he was going to meet his emperor.
  • When Zedd didn't initially recognize Goldar, Goldar said surely Zedd remembered him, his faithful servant.
  • Zedd seemed to recognize Goldar only after Goldar had spoken his own name.
  • Zedd described Goldar as "the groveling one."
  • Goldar was eager to serve only Lord Zedd and quick to turn on Rita.
  • Zedd said that Goldar's "spineless, sniveling attitude" led him to believe Goldar would serve him well, so he magically restored Goldar's wings, which Zedd said had once been taken away.
  • According to Zedd, it seems Goldar had never seen the likes of Zedd's Putties.


  • Often when Zedd would summon his grow bomb to throw to Earth, Goldar's head would jerk in a jump-cut as the bomb appeared.


  • Zedd had Goldar send the Putties to capture Tommy and bring him to the Dark Chamber, a cave somewhere.
  • Zedd's staff appeared in Goldar's hand with orange energy, and Goldar then used it to turn Tommy evil with red energy, causing Tommy's eyes to glow red.
  • After Tommy had given Robogoat the Sword of Power and the spell had left his mind, Goldar goaded Tommy into morphing to use up the last of his powers.


  • When Zedd prepared to send Putties to kidnap young Hallie, Goldar begged to go along with the Putties, as he had a score to settle, so Zedd let him go and take along a bottle containing secret instructions.
  • Goldar and the Putties kidnapped Hallie, but Goldar accidentally left at the beach the apparently unopened instructions to take Hallie to Venus Island.


  • Goldar accompanied Zedd to the Otherworld after Zedd had teleported five punks there to be his Dark Rangers.


  • Goldar begged to finish off the captured teens in the Otherworld, but Zedd sent them back to Earth without their powers; instead, Goldar took Turbanshell's place in finishing off the powerless Tommy elsewhere in the Otherworld.
  • Goldar summoned a time device to show Tommy scenes of his Green Ranger days, which were no more, attempting to break Tommy's spirit.
  • Goldar was planning to send Tommy spinning into space with the time device, but first he wanted to hear Tommy say he was Tommy's superior; after a long pause, Tommy said that Goldar was out of his mind, springing a surprise attack in which he kicked the sword from Goldar's hand, got the time device, and proceeded to pummel Goldar, saying he'd almost given up on himself but that the picture show had reminded him of how much good he'd done as both Green Ranger and Tommy.


  • Goldar teleported the four Rangers to the Dimension of Doom with flame energy from his sword.
  • Zedd told Goldar he could have the four Rangers to play with, but that the Red Ranger was his.
  • Goldar was at Zedd's side when Zedd threw a grow bomb to Earth, yet he was shown in the Dimension of Doom with the four captured Rangers before and after the grow bomb sequence.
  • Red Ranger kicked Goldar's sword out of his hand and eventually knocked him into the candle stand, starting a fire somehow and making Goldar retreat; the fire spontaneously stopped shortly after Goldar had left.
  • Although Goldar had teleported away, he was on the floor when he grabbed Red Ranger's foot as Jason was preparing to leave the Dimension of Doom.
  • After morphed Jason had kicked Goldar in the neck and escaped, Goldar yelled that his life was dedicated to destroying Jason.


  • Although Zedd initially told Goldar to cast a hallucination spell on the trumpet Curtis would be using, he actually ended up sending Putties to do the job.


  • Goldar reported to Zedd that since the defeat of the Green Ranger, the other teens were becoming increasingly distressed.
  • Zedd told Goldar to capture Kimberly and lure her to "the dark side," saying her days as a do-gooder would be over once she had tasted the power of evil; Goldar told Zedd he would train her well.
  • Goldar summoned some golden magic dust which knocked Kim out when he threw it in her face; he then took her to the Cave of Fantasy.
  • While Kim was still asleep in the Cave of Fantasy from Goldar's knockout dust, Zordon told Trini, Billy, and Zack that Goldar had apparently placed Kim under a spell that made it impossible for her to leave on her own, but the only magic of Goldar's that seemed to work was the sleeping dust.
  • After Goldar had merely asked her if she was ready to begin her training, Kim noted that Goldar thought his spell had worked, but she wouldn't have known of any spell other than her own previous state of unconsciousness caused by Goldar's magic dust.
  • Goldar wanted Kim to kneel to him as her master teacher, but, acting Rita's part, Kim began to scream at him, telling him he should be kneeling to her.
  • In reaction to the wild-tempered "evil" Kim, Goldar remarked that for once his spell had worked too well.
  • Blue Ranger knocked Goldar back with one spinning side-kick.
  • Goldar was at Zedd's side when Zedd threw a grow bomb to Earth.
  • After Mirror Maniac was destroyed following Kim's escape from the Cave of Fantasy, Zedd told Goldar that he'd once again snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.
  • Kim later remarked that she was glad Goldar's dust hadn't worked.


  • Billy knocked Goldar down while unmorphed with one somersault kick.
  • Zedd sent Goldar with Putties to the woods to attack Kimberly, who was alone in the woods with Laura and the Angelettes during the chaos of Magnetbrain's geomagnetic disruption.
  • White Ranger flew through the air for a considerable distance, one fist extended, straight toward Goldar, sending Goldar flying back into a tree.
  • White Ranger and Goldar had a one-on-one swordfight after the Putties had been defeated; Goldar retreated after failing to land a single blow against White Ranger.


  • When asked if the teens' Halloween party gave him any ideas, Goldar said they could send down their monsters to infiltrate the party, but Zedd used a different plan.
  • Goldar gathered together all of Zedd's supposedly favorite monsters to fight Tommy in the haunted forest dimension, according to Zedd's plan.
  • Zedd sent Goldar to take Tommy to the haunted forest dimension.
  • Fiery energy from Goldar's sword teleported Tommy into the haunted forest dimension.
  • The tombstone monster summoned Robogoat, Pumpkin Rapper, Primator, Rhinoblaster, Invenusable Flytrap, and Snizard to the haunted forest dimension; these were apparently the monsters Goldar had gathered together, claiming that they were Zedd's favorites.


  • When Zedd told Goldar the ninja competition should've been over, Goldar already knew that the Hasper City ninjas, whom he'd been planning to kidnap to the Cave of Despair, hadn't won.
  • Zedd was unimpressed with the idea of Goldar attempting to lure the Stone Canyon teens to the "dark side."
  • When Zedd was displeased with having to use the Stone Canyon teens instead of the Hasper City ninjas, Goldar offered to search the planet for three other ninjas, but Zedd silenced him.
  • Goldar used yellow energy from his sword to pull Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson toward him in the Youth Center parking lot; as he held them, his eyes briefly glowed red; he then vanished with the four captives.
  • In the Cave of Despair with his four captives, Goldar didn't give Rocky, Adam, and Aisha any choice to be made (in fact, he told them they didn't have any choice about using their talents for evil), yet he then told them to think wisely, as they didn't have much time.


  • Discovering the escaped Stone Canyon teens fighting the Putties in the Cave of Despair, Goldar used yellow energy from his sword to stun the three so the Putties could chain them back up.
  • Goldar summoned the Serpent of Darkness which would turn the three teens evil once it had completed its transformation.


  • Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Putties captured five of the World Teen Summit members and took them to the Cave of Despair.
  • Outside of the Cave of Despair, the Rangers gave Goldar what he thought were their Power Coins (but actually foil-covered chocolate Power Coins), but he wouldn't release the hostages; morphed Billy then snatched the box of decoy coins out of Goldar's hand, proving that if the coins had been real, Goldar wouldn't have managed to keep them anyway.
  • While the others fought Putties, White Ranger easily dodged and blocked all of Goldar's attacks, then kicked him and threw him face-down into the ground, after which he and the Putties retreated.


  • Goldar told Zedd that his "sources" had confirmed that the Rangers had left Earth and were apparently heading toward the "Farthest Galaxy" at lightspeed.
  • When Zedd asked whether Serpentera was fully energized, Goldar replied, "Armed and ready!"
  • While in Serpentera, Goldar supposedly got a message from Earth, not the moon, that someone was trying to destroy the sleep machine in Angel Grove Park.
  • Zedd told Goldar to have the Putties protect the sleep machine; Goldar did so from the cockpit of Serpentera.


  • Goldar had told Zedd the Rangers hadn't made it away from the Deserted Planet in time, but they later discovered the Rangers to be alive on Earth.


  • Zedd had Goldar send Putties to fight Adam.
  • When Zedd saw two Ranger teens hiking with Sabrina (actually Scorpina) instead of one, Goldar said he would use the two as bait for the other Rangers.
  • Yellow energy from Goldar's sword tied Adam and Aisha to a tree; neither Adam nor Aisha could then reach their Morphers.
  • White Ranger fought both Goldar and Scorpina simultaneously, with neither villain able to land a blow on him.
  • The giant Goldar had no wings visible. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • After Goldar and Scorpina had grown, Zordon, fearing the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord wouldn't be strong enough, had Alpha boost the power output of the Thunder Ultrazord and told the Rangers to call on it if necessary.
  • The Thunder Saber, strobing with yellow energy as from its finishing move, merely caused Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, to tumble back.
  • The Thunder Ultrazord fired a series of bluish-white energy pulses from Tor's shoulder cannons, blasting giant Goldar and giant Scorpina back and making them retreat.


  • Goldar wasn't familiar with the Mirror of Regret before Zedd sent him to sap Adam's self-confidence with it.
  • Goldar prooduced a cloud of thick white smoke by swirling his sword around.
  • After showing Adam several demeaning scenes from his youth in the Mirror of Regret, Goldar accidentally showed Adam an image of young Shawn doing well rather than poorly while practicing, and Adam regained his confidence.
  • Goldar retreated with the Mirror of Regret after Adam had regained his confidence and defeated the Putties.
  • After Skelerena's destruction, Goldar entered the chamber of command from a hallway to the left of the northern west entrance; this hallway would later be shown to lead to Finster's workshop.


  • Zedd told Goldar to steal Adam's kaleidoscope, and Goldar replied, "I shall send my Putties into action!"
  • Goldar appeared with a group of Putties to try to lure the three teens given amnesia by Scatterbrain into joining him, but they chose their fellow teens over Goldar.


  • Goldar again piloted Serpentera for Zedd's second assault on Earth with Serpentera.


  • Zedd planned to have Goldar capture the Rangers while he created evil twins of the Rangers to give his message on TV.
  • A flying kick from Red Ranger sent Goldar tumbling over, and he and the Putties then retreated.
  • As the Rangers fought Putties, Zedd sent Goldar to fight White Ranger, telling Goldar not to show his face back in the palace until he had White Ranger's mantle on his sword; after the giant Showbiz Monster had been destroyed, Goldar retreated without having landed a single blow against White Ranger.


  • When Zedd had an idea involving the burning of Angel Grove, Goldar said he would send the Putties to Earth with matches, but Zedd rejected his idea.
  • Later, Zedd had sent for Goldar, and Goldar walked in from the direction of Finster's workshop.
  • Zedd had sent for Goldar only to have him send the Putties to Earth.


  • Zedd wanted Goldar to steal one of the teens' scavenger hunt items to become his next monster; Zedd would end up personally selecting a toy cannon and telling Goldar steal the bag containing the toy.
  • Zedd referred to the Putties as Goldar's Putties.
  • Although Zedd had told Goldar to take the Putties to steal the toy cannon, Goldar wasn't with the Putties when they stole it.


  • Goldar once again flew Zedd in Serpentera, as Zedd chased after the Bookala for his Lightning Diamond power source.
  • Zedd sent Goldar to steal the Lightning Diamond from the Rangers; Goldar retrieved the decoy Lightning Diamond created by the Rangers to trick Zedd.


  • Yellow energy from Goldar's sword teleported Kim and Shawna to the Cave of Despair.
  • After the Putties had been defeated, Zedd was upset with Goldar for having sent the Putties to do his job for him.
  • Outside the Cave of Despair, White Ranger again beat Goldar without Goldar having landed a hit on him.
  • After kicking the sword from Goldar's hand, morphed Tommy told Goldar to pick up the sword and leave; Goldar did as he was told, and upon teleporting away, walked into the chamber of command from the hallway leading to Finster's workshop.
  • Zedd called Goldar pathetic, saying even White Ranger had felt sorry for him.


  • Zedd wouldn't let Goldar take the Putties (Goldar's Putties) to Earth; rather, he resurrected old aquatic monsters.
  • After summoning three monsters, Zedd had Goldar send down Commander Crayfish (calling him "Cruel Crayfish").
  • After the four fish monsters had been defeated, Zedd didn't ever want to see another fish again; he then asked Goldar what he'd ordered for lunch, and Goldar had ordered light trout almandine.


  • As Zedd used the Rock of Time to turn the teens into powerless children, Goldar said that Zedd would once again be master of the universe.
  • Goldar sent down Putties to attack the six kids.


  • Zedd sent Goldar to capture young Bulk and Skull to get the photograph in which the six kids were trapped.
  • Rather than using force, Goldar merely demanded that young Bulk and Skull give him the photograph.
  • Zedd said that Goldar was seven feet tall, but instances in which Goldar was in the same shot as other people seem to indicate that he couldn't have been this tall.
  • Goldar blew smelly green breath on young Bulk and Skull.
  • Goldar recognized Alpha on sight.
  • Alpha used his laser stun scanner to temporarily freeze Goldar and Photomare in their tracks with white energy.
  • Goldar managed to kick White Ranger down in their one-on-one combat during the Megazord fight.
  • Goldar retreated from the fight, his teleport burning impressions of his legs into the grass beneath him.
  • Zedd again referred to the Putties as Goldar's as he sent Goldar with the Putties to protect the Rock of Time, which he would fail to do.
  • While fighting the White and Yellow Rangers simultaneously, Goldar struck both with his sword; Goldar then eventually retreated after simultaneously fighting the Power Dagger-wielding Yellow Ranger and Saba-wielding White Ranger.


  • Discovering Rita in the rejuvenation chamber with Zedd, Goldar prepared to summon the Putties to seize her, but Zedd wouldn't allow it.
  • Zedd had Goldar, as his "worst man," prepare his and Rita's wedding, to Goldar's dismay.
  • Rita later told Zedd that the two of them would finally control the entire universe once they were married; as she said this, she continued to pour more and more love potion into the drinking cup he was holding, while Goldar watched from the window.
  • Goldar didn't want Rita to gain control again, because he feared she would do away with him.
  • As the wedding was about to begin, Goldar was depressed about the wedding but had the consolation of some decent snacks at the refreshments table in Zedd's chamber.


  • Goldar had been unable to find musicians on such short notice.
  • When Finster asked during the wedding if any creature knew why they shouldn't be married, Goldar started to speak up, but Rita hit him with her bouquet.
  • There were fireworks over the palace and a big party after the wedding, presumably a part of Goldar's preparations.
  • Serpentera, once flying, had an enormous flaming sign behind it which read "Just married," presumably another part of Goldar's preparations.


  • When Zedd wished he could send all the teens back in time, Goldar recalled how the Ghost of Darkness had once summoned a wizard with the ability to send people through time.


  • When Rita called for Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar, Goldar came running in obediently with the other two; when he learned of Rita's plan to prove herself to Zedd, he was suspicious, asking if Zedd knew of this; she admitted he didn't, but that he would when she destroyed the Rangers.
  • Goldar wasn't with Squatt and Baboo when they used Rita's magic rope on Kim and Tommy; instead, he told Zedd that Rita had come up with her own plan, and Zedd had him keep an eye on her.
  • Goldar and Putties ambushed Tommy in the park after he'd followed a fake note from Rita there for information on how to destroy Kimberly.
  • Goldar knocked White Ranger down with his sword, causing White Ranger to clutch his chest afterward.
  • As Tommy and Kim, both morphed, argued with each other, Goldar tapped Pink Ranger on the shoulder, then when she wouldn't reply, he turned her around and punched her, then grabbed Saba from White Ranger as two Putties grappled him.
  • Goldar made Saba involuntarily shoot his white sparkle eyebeams at the Rangers.
  • Goldar was later in the park with Rita, Squatt, and Baboo as Rita used Saba to activate the Tigerzord.


  • When Goldar told Rita she should have Zedd's permission before hatching a plan of her own, she told him he could wake Zedd up from his nap if he wanted, but that he knew how cranky Zedd got when he didn't get his rest.


  • Zedd sent Goldar with Needlenose into the past to prevent Kim from ruining his plans of having Needlenose conquer Angel Grove's past.
  • Zedd wanted Goldar and Needlenose to act quickly before the "time holes" closed, so why the two were walking through an arid landscape when the time hole was in the Youth Center is unknown; some time later, they finally teleported to the Youth Center and entered the time hole.


  • Goldar planned to change the name of 1880's Angel Grove to "Zedd-and-Rita-ville."
  • The laser beams from the Wild West Rangers' laser pistols and Pink Ranger's Blade Blaster knocked Goldar and Needlenose through a time hole which quickly appeared behind them and then just as quickly vanished.
  • Goldar redeemed himself by suggesting that Zedd make Needlenose grow, which Zedd thought was brilliant.


  • After Rita had enacted Zedd's plan of turning a Billy statue into an evil Billy, Goldar planned to capture the real Billy and put him to sleep forever and have evil Billy take his place to destroy the Rangers.
  • Once Billy had been captured in the Dark Dimension and evil Billy had been given Billy's communicator, backpack, and Morpher, Goldar told evil Billy to gain the teens' trust, then steal their communicators and Morphers.
  • Rita and Zedd sent Goldar to destroy the teens once evil Billy had stolen their Morphers.


  • When Goldar suggested an attack once five of the Rangers had left Earth, Rita mocked his seemingly appropriate idea.


  • When Rito entered the chamber of command, Zedd had Goldar sieze the intruder.
  • Goldar wasn't familiar with Rita's brother Rito.
  • Some time later in the chamber, Goldar was helping Rito benchpress a rod with boulders on the ends.


  • When Zedd mentioned that the teens were in the Desert of Despair, Goldar uttered an "uh oh," perhaps knowing that the lost temple and ninja powers were there.


  • Goldar said he'd known Rito would fail.


  • When Rito, leader for a day, was clueless as to what to do, Goldar told him that Rocky was without the others in the park and then rudely suggested that he send down the Tengas.


  • Rita watched the teens and schemed while, nearby in the chamber, Goldar tossed a football to Zedd, with Rito in the middle trying to intercept it.


  • When Zedd took Rita on a second honeymoon in Serpentera, Zedd left Goldar in charge to make sure Finster finished his monster before they got back.
  • Goldar planned to show Zedd that he, not Rita, should be with him as they conquered the universe together, beginning with the Power Rangers.
  • Goldar fought the Ninja Rangers with the Tengas in the park.
  • Ninja Rocky knocked Goldar over with a jumping double punch.
  • Goldar and the Tengas eventually retreated from the Ninja Rangers.
  • Upon learning from Rito that Rita had used a love potion on Zedd, Goldar called Finster in and ordered him to make an antidote; once Finster had done so, Goldar made made him go down to Earth, invisible, to test the antidote's safety on the humans.
  • Since Miss Chief would only listen to Rito, Goldar had Rito tell her to spray Zedd with the antidote when he walked in, but Rito played a joke by having Miss Chief spray Rita with the love potion.
  • Goldar had wanted Rito to have Miss Chief spray Zedd with the antidote, but it was Finster who was holding the antidote; she was holding the love potion.
  • Rita affectionately tackled Goldar onto the throne in the chamber; Finster, telling Goldar he owed Finster one, then used the antidote on Rita.
  • It wasn't until Rita said that Goldar was somehow responsible for Miss Chief's defeat that Goldar, seemingly fed up, told Zedd that Rita had tricked him into marriage with a love potion.


  • As Rita's plan involving Kat was first starting, Zedd and Goldar entered the chamber together from the east side of the balcony.
  • Goldar called the Tengas the "Tengu Warriors." (Source: Submitted by "Hulk D. Skywalker")


  • Once Tommy had been captured, Goldar requested that Zedd let him destroy Tommy since he had an old score to settle; Zedd allowed him to do so and have a little fun since he'd earned it.
  • Goldar seemed evenly-matched with White Ranger, with Goldar wielding his sword and White Ranger not yet using Saba.
  • Just before Rito came in, Goldar had flipped White Ranger onto the ground.
  • Without using Saba, White Ranger was outmatched by Rito and Goldar.
  • While fighting, Goldar told Tommy to join forces with them.
  • Once White Ranger was using Saba, Goldar alone proved too much for him and sent Saba flying out of his hands.
  • When Tommy told the pessimistic Saba not to lose his faith yet, Goldar quipped, "Not even Zordon himself could save you now."


  • As the Tengas fought with White Ranger and Ninjor, Goldar grew to giant-size without any growing source shown.
  • When giant Ninjor was distracted by White Ranger's landing in the park after the Falconzord had been hijacked, giant Goldar caught him offguard and pounded him until he fell down and returned to normal size with blue and gold energy.
  • Goldar's sword had "Grifocalibur" etched in tiny writing into the blade. (Source: Corrected by Julian Ho.
  • Giant Goldar merely teleported away after Ninjor and the Falconzord had been stolen, rather than finishing off the tiny White Ranger.


  • Goldar said that by enslaving the Rangers, Rita and Zedd would control the universe.
  • Goldar teleported himself and the unconscious Kim away with flaming energy.


  • As part of Rita and Zedd's divide-and-conquer attack, Goldar, Rito, and Tengas were stationed in the park near the lake.
  • In White Ranger's fight against both Goldar and Rito in the park, all three using their swords, Goldar managed to kick White Ranger twice.
  • Once more, Goldar's flame teleportation left scorch marks in the grass where he'd been standing prior to teleporting away. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
  • The villains retreated when the Rangers had teamed up against them, then reappeared minutes later, then retreated again once the Rangers began using the Shark Cycles on them.


  • Rita, Goldar, and Rito appeared in the park to trade Ninjor (actually an empty bottle) for Kat.


  • As Rito was confronting the teens outside Santa's workshop, Goldar arrived to help Rito, but the two goons were then pelted by snowballs, and when they ran inside, the elves sprang a trap and tied up the goons and Tengas.
  • Alpha remotely teleported the captured goons back to the moon.
  • Later, Rito, wearing a large bow on his shoulder and a Santa hat on his head, gave Goldar a present (which Goldar wasn't shown opening) and wished him happy holidays.


  • When Rita pestered Finster about hurrying up with the monster he was working on, Goldar said, "That's what I like about her. She's a real people person."


  • When Rita said Kat was building houses for the homeless, Goldar asked if they could build a house for Rito, then he could finally move out, and Zedd laughed.


  • Master Vile had Rito and Goldar accompany him to his Space Skull as he created Globbor.
  • Goldar was among the villains dancing happily in the Space Skull's throne room following Master Vile's apparent victory.


  • At Master Vile's End of the World Party, Goldar didn't bother fighting Tommy, Rocky, and Kat when he encountered them in the Youth Center; he knew the Earth already belonged to Vile.


  • Goldar joined Rito as he placed the Orb of Doom on Earth.
  • When Goldar said back in the palace they didn't yet know that Rito hadn't screwed up the mission, Master Vile used blue and yellow energy from his wand to create a red muzzle over Goldar's mouth.
  • After the Orb of Doom had turned back time, Rita, Zedd, Goldar (sans muzzle), and Rito stood on a hill near the carnival, making the children run screaming.
  • Rita and Zedd made themselves and Rito and Goldar grow to terrorize Angel Grove.


  • Master Vile used yellow and blue energy snakes to shrink the four villains, saying they were going to ruin his plan; he then teleported them back to the moon.
  • Rito and Goldar later followed the six kids through the desert, with Rito suspecting that the kids would lead them to the Command Center; the kids were teleported away in the middle of their journey.
  • Rito and Goldar were later standing right outside the Command Center; Goldar wasn't comfortable being there.
  • When Rito was proud of Master Vile's coming up with a good idea, Goldar remarked that accidents happened.
  • A tiny bit of flaming energy from Goldar's sword lit the fuse on the implosion device, and the two soon left.


  • Master Vile sent Goldar and Rito to find out what source of goodness and purity had just come to Earth; they appeared with Tengas at Angel Grove Lake, where the six kids were soon joined by the Aquitian Rangers.
  • Before the Aquitians arrived, the kids held Rito and Goldar at bay by throwing beach toys at them.
  • Rito, Goldar, and the Tengas retreated after being blown back by the Aquitians' blue energy wind.
  • After Goldar and Rito had returned to the moon palace, describing in unknown detail their encounter with the Aquitian Rangers, Master Vile asked them, "Are you certain you saw the Alien Rangers?"


  • Rito was supposed to flush the kids out of their schoolbus while Goldar captured them with a net.
  • Goldar threw a net on Rito when he ran out, then clumsily fell on Rito.
  • Zedd sent Goldar and Rito to watch young Billy and notify Zedd once the six kids were assembled.
  • Once young Billy and Adam had left Billy's garage to meet the others, Goldar wanted to report back to Zedd, but Rito had them follow them to grab the coins when the kids were all together.
  • After Billy had restored his own age, Rito and Goldar chased the kids and Billy through the water treatment plant where they had met up, and Goldar managed to grab the regenerator from young Tommy.
  • Goldar removed the Power Coins from the regenerator.
  • Once Goldar had stolen the regenerator from the kids and Billy and removed the Power Coins, Rita and Zedd teleported in.
  • Goldar held up some Power Coins in each hand, and with a white energy bolt from Zedd's staff and a red energy beam from Rita's wand, Rita and Zedd caused gold light to flash in Goldar's hands, reducing the Power Coins to golden dust, which Goldar scattered to the wind; the small swirl of dust which drifted away appeared to fly downward and off to one side.


  • Zedd sent Rito and Goldar to steal Billy's generator device.
  • The weakened Aquitians projected their blue energy, knocking Rito and Goldar into an old rowboat and pushing it out into the lake; they would later be back on shore.
  • Goldar said that once the toxic chemicals had destroyed the Aquitian Rangers, the end of all the Power Rangers would be a reality.


  • Rito and Goldar were bickering in the palace.
  • Zedd told Rito and Goldar that in his search for a weakness in the Command Center, he'd located an ancient scroll map in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath the Command Center; Rita told them to follow the map to the Command Center's most vulnerable spot, where they were to plant an implosion device that would supposedly blow Zordon into antimatter.
  • Goldar didn't want to take Rito along, but Zedd made him take Rito.
  • Following his part of the map, Rito got himself and Goldar lost, leading them to a dead end.
  • Shooting fire from his sword to blast through the wall, Rito accidentally set Goldar's half of the map on fire.


  • Rito and Goldar no longer had the map.
  • Rito and Goldar split up, with Goldar still holding the implosion device.
  • Goldar was later carrying a box of popcorn, and he was using it to leave a trail for himself so he wouldn't get lost; when he later followed his popcorn trail after hitting a dead end, he found that Rito was eating his trail, having been hungry.


  • Goldar had himself and Rito draw a map of where they'd been, but they remained lost.
  • Rito and Goldar both mysteriously had pieces of chalk to draw on the tunnel wall.
  • Rito and Goldar, having gone the wrong way, emerged into the outdoors through a cave opening in the mountains.


  • Back inside, Rito accidentally turned on the implosion device while trying to make Goldar carry it.
  • Goldar ran off, leaving his sword behind, telling Rito he was going to get help.


  • Goldar and Rito were now walking together through the tunnels with their swords but without the implosion device.
  • As they walked, Rito was now holding the implosion device, insisting that they were going the wrong way.
  • Goldar was able to read a sign written in English on the wall of the tunnels.
  • After finding the Command Center's basement and planting the implosion device, Rito and Goldar activated the countdown.
  • In the basement momentarily, Rita told Rito and Goldar not to activate the implosion device, but that she'd tell them when the Zeo Crystal was complete, at which point they were to take it to the palace; she told them not to bother coming back if they messed up this time.
  • Rito hadn't let Goldar tell Rita that they'd started the implosion device.


  • Later, Rito and Goldar were trying to figure out how to turn off the implosion device.
  • There were a hammer and screwdriver where Rito and Goldar were examining the device, and Goldar was holding a wrench and a fork.
  • With the timer later (after time had been restored) counting down from 50, Rito and Goldar were biting their "fingernails" in apprehension when Rita's voice told them to get the Zeo Crystal.
  • From the basement, Rito and Goldar were able to teleport up into the Command Center's main chamber to steal the Zeo Crystal.
  • When Goldar took the Zeo Crystal from the crystal transformer, it glowed briefly with red energy, and Rito and Goldar then teleported away; twenty seconds later, the implosion device's timer reached zero, beginning a series of small explosions, and over forty seconds after that, the Command Center finally exploded completely.


  • The Zeo Crystal was somehow still in the rubble of the destroyed Command Center, and Rito and Goldar were now amnesic on a residential street in Angel Grove; they no longer had their swords, and Goldar had lost his wings.
  • As Tengas hauled Rita and Zedd's things to Serpentera as the villains fled from the Machine Empire, one Tenga was carrying Goldar's detached wings. (Source: Submitted by CLFunaro)
  • Rito and Goldar were both hungry.
  • Rito thought he remembered Goldar's having big gold wings.
  • Rito and Goldar remembered neither their identities nor how they'd gotten there.
  • Goldar and Rito tried asking two teenagers who were taking out the trash for help; they didn't understand why the teenagers ran away from them.
  • Rito cried for his mommy, and Goldar tried to comfort him, telling him he'd take care of him, he guessed.
  • Rito and Goldar wandered by a wall of roses and bushes near Bulk and/or Skull's garage, with Goldar saying it was starting to look familiar.


  • Goldar and Rito politely entered Bulk and/or Skull's garage after Bulk and Skull had told them to come in; in a screaming fit of panic, Bulk and Skull ran around the garage until all four smashed heads together and fell back.
  • Rito and Goldar begged to live with Bulk and Skull; Bulk and Skull agreed to let them live there but made them be their personal servants.


  • When Bulk told Rito and Goldar to redo the cleaning of the patrol bike, Goldar refused, but Rito remained polite and willing to help.


  • Responding to Bulk and Skull's whistle at the park, Goldar and Rito emerged from the bushes to pick up the trash for Bulk and Skull.
  • Rito, Goldar, Bulk, Skull, and Cestro all screamed when Cestro had emerged from the spacecraft which had landed by the lake.
  • When Skull explained to Cestro that Rito and Goldar didn't bite, Bulk added, "...much."
  • Bulk and Skull made Goldar and Rito guard Cestro's spaceship while they took Cestro to find Billy.
  • Goldar was frustrated with the work Bulk and Skull had been making them do.
  • Lt. Stone, assuming the two were part of an invasion force, chased after Goldar and Rito, trying to arrest them; the two ran in fear.


  • Skull asked Bulk if he'd remembered to feed Rito and Goldar, but Bulk said it was Skull's turn.
  • Bulk and Skull knew Rito and Goldar's names.
  • Bulk and Skull left to check on Rito and Goldar.
  • Skull had forgotten to lock the garage door.
  • Goldar and Rito had run away, and Bulk and Skull later drove around on their patrol bike calling out for them, with Bulk calling for Goldar and Skull for Rito.
  • Lt. Stone found Bulk and Skull out during a monster alert, and just then, he saw Rito and Goldar walking down the street and had Bulk and Skull retreat with him.
  • Goldar sobbed when Bulk and Skull left them.
  • Goldar and Rito wanted to find their way back home and had been looking for Bulk and Skull.
  • Later that day, Bulk and Skull sadly put up their flyers, while around the corner, Rito and Goldar put up a flyer with a picture of Bulk and Skull, reading, "Have you seen these things?" and then "Call ??? [sic]." (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)
  • Skull and Rito simultaneously hit their thumbs with their hammers, and the four then looked around the corner at each other. (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)
  • Bulk, Skull, Rito, and Goldar were all quite happy to be back together. (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)
  • Bulk and Goldar hugged, and Bulk kissed Goldar on the nose, making Goldar chuckle bashfully. (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)


  • Bulk, Skull, Rito, and Goldar were together in the garage when Lt. Stone came by, forcing Rito and Goldar to hide.
  • Goldar and Rito were apparently fed with large silver pet bowls in the garage.


  • All of the actions of Bulk, Skull, Detective Stone, Rito, and Goldar in this episode were apparently included in elderly Tommy's story to his grandson decades in the future, but how Tommy would have known of their actions (including their affiliation with Rito and Goldar) is unknown.
  • Detective Stone gave Bulk and Skull the case of the missing fruitcakes, as someone had been stealing fruitcakes all over town.
  • In the middle of a residential street was a giant fruitcake, over six feet tall, which Rito and Goldar had made as a present for Bulk and Skull from the stolen fruitcakes.
  • Goldar knew Rito's name.
  • Goldar had wanted to give Bulk and Skull a cheese log instead.


  • Bulk planned to have Rito and Goldar do chores for them when Detective Stone assigned them to do chores for a client, Mrs. Filler; when Bulk rang his bell once he and Skull were alone, Goldar and Rito, in maid outfits, stumbled out of the closet in the detective agency.


  • Rito and Goldar watched the people in the park, and Rito wondered whether they had a family; Rito knew Goldar's name.
  • Rito and Goldar later walked in the front door of the detective agency, upsetting Bulk and Skull, who had told the two creatures not to go off by themselves.
  • Rito and Goldar paid Bulk and Skull a sack of junk as the first payment for Bulk and Skull to find their family.
  • On the same day that Rito and Goldar had hired Bulk and Skull to look for their (Rito and Goldar's) family and Bulk and Skull had come up with nothing, and also the same day that the Varox had shot down Gold Ranger over Aquitar, a small package arrived at the detective agency, addressed to Rito and Goldar, care of the Private Eyes Have It Detective Agency.
  • When the small silver box inside the paper wrapping was opened, two orange energy spheres flew out from the box and hovered in the air; the images of Rita and Zedd then appeared in the spheres, saying they were looking for two creatures by the names of Goldar and Rito; they then spoke to Rito and Goldar, telling them it was time to come home now.
  • When Rita and Zedd mentioned the names Goldar and Rito, Rito asked, "Who?" (despite their previous knowledge of their names, as well as the names on the package); Goldar thought Rita might have been his mother, and Rito thought Zedd might have been his father.


  • As Goldar and Rito slept in the detective agency, Goldar dreamt of his old days swordfighting Red Ranger, then growing and blasting the city with eye bolts.
  • Next in the dream, Rita and Zedd teased Rito and Goldar about their maid's outfits; Rita then told Goldar, "No more fooling around down on Earth," and Zedd said they had big plans which required Goldar's and even Rito's help.
  • In the dream, Zedd returned Goldar's wings, as well as Goldar's and Rito's swords, telling them that they could never be nice to anyone again; when Goldar woke up, he had his wings, sword, and memories, and Rito had his sword (and presumably his memories) as well.
  • Bulk rang the bell for Rito and Goldar to do a chore outside, but the two villains got in Bulk and Skull's patrol bike and drove off after Goldar had shot an energy beam from his sword at the two detectives.
  • Rito and Goldar got out of the patrol bike in a wooded area and were picked up by a blue energy sphere from which Rita's voice announced that their ride was there.


  • The blue energy sphere dropped Rito and Goldar off on the moon, where Rita and Zedd's RV appeared.
  • Before the RV appeared, Rito and Goldar were unsettled by their surroundings (with Rito saying it didn't look like home), but, as stated in 436-BITS, it was the moon, a location with which they should have been familiar.


  • As the first step in Zedd and Rita's "glorious" plan to regain their evil empire, according to Goldar, Rito and Goldar went to the beach on Earth, from where they launched Louie Kaboom so that Machina wouldn't be able to trace the launch back to the RV on the moon.
  • Rito and Goldar remembered the time they'd spent living with Bulk and Skull.
  • Rito and Goldar made Bulk and Skull, who were taking a day off at the beach, look for the lost remote.
  • While Bulk and Skull searched for the remote, Goldar and Rito relaxed on the beach, with Goldar wearing shades.
  • On the moon as punishment for their having lost Louie Kaboom's remote, Zedd and Rita assigned Rito and Goldar to cleanup duty, presenting maid's outfits for them to wear, and they run away yelling.


  • Blaming Rito for losing Louie's remote, Zedd kicked Rito and Goldar out of the RV until they could find something useful.
  • Rito found a golf ball on the moon and threw it toward a group of hills, where it crackled with red energy upon landing; Goldar and Rito investigated and found Machina and Sprocket secretly meeting with new arrivals Gasket and Archerina.
  • Rito knew enough about the Machine Empire to be surprised that Machina had another son.
  • On the moon, Rita and Zedd were relaxing in chairs while watching a cartoon on a TV outside the parked RV, with Finster cooking on a grill nearby, when Rito and Goldar ran up to tell them the news of Gasket and Archerina.


  • While Rita and Zedd played a card game with oversized playing cards in the RV, Rito and Goldar worked on an engine on the back of the RV so that they would have enough speed to zip through Machine security unnoticed and storm the "palace" (see either "Machine Skybase" or "Moon palace"), and once they'd brought destruction to the Machine Empire, Rita said, they would be home.
  • After Goldar and Rito had completed the booster on the RV, a single tap from Rito's hammer made the RV race backwards out of control.


  • Rito and Goldar sat outside the RV trying to watch TV, but they couldn't get any reception until accidentally tuning into Gasket's broadcast from the Machine Arena; Goldar excitedly called Rita and Zedd over to see the Gold Ranger.


  • Goldar and Rito ran up to Rita and Zedd to join them in confronting the Royal House of Gadgetry after the fight of Tengas versus Cogs had had no victor.
  • Goldar and Rito, standing by Rita and Zedd on a hilltop, watched as the giant Rangers fought giant Mondo and Cogs.


  • Rita and Zedd attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along Goldar, Finster, Zedd's Putties, and Tengas.
  • Later seated at the banquet table, Goldar drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.
  • As the villains ganged up on the cloaked stranger revealed by Astronema as a spy, Goldar managed to rip off his cloak, revealing him as the Red Space Ranger.


  • Goldar was with Rita and Zedd as they led an army of monsters against Gold Ranger on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.
  • Goldar shot an orange energy bolt from his sword at Gold Ranger, allowing the monsters to grapple him.


  • Goldar was presumably among the victims of Zordon's energy wave, though he wasn't shown when the wave hit.


    Pilot Episode

  • As in 101-DOTD, Goldar was released from the space dumpster along with the other villains, was shown in the Viewing Globe flying over the city with Rita, and had Putties fight the Rangers on a rooftop; however, in this episode, Goldar and Rita were flying over the city after Rita's palace had landed in downtown Angel Grove, and when Goldar grew to fight the Megazord, he did so to assist giant Fly Guy (King Sphinx).

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Goldar's birthplace was given as Saturn's moon Titan.
  • Goldar was described as Rita's bodyguard and beautician, as skilled with a laser cannon as he was with a curling iron.
  • Goldar's Titanian (note: not titanium) armor and apparently natural ability to grow to giant size made him incredibly formidable.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Goldar and Mordant Goldar and Mordant were Rita and Zedd's henchmen.
  • Goldar was shorter than usual; he had his wings, and he lacked his normal two furry black locks.
  • Goldar and Mordant chose to serve Ivan Ooze after watching Ivan trap Rita and Zedd inside a snow globe.
  • Goldar told Ivan that they never liked Rita and Zedd in the first place, and Mordant said they stank.
  • Goldar began toadying to Ivan immediately.
  • Ivan, bored at the construction site as the parents dug up the Ectomorphicons, had a parent dance, and he and Goldar gave him dance suggestions, which the parent obeyed; the suggestions included "the swim" from Ivan and ballet from Goldar.
  • From Angel Grove Tower, Ivan and Goldar later watched the Ectomorphicons' rampage through Angel Grove.
  • Ivan and Goldar had the following conversation as the Crane Ninjazord approached:
    Ivan: "Ah, here comes that cute little Pink Ranger to the rescue."
    Goldar: "Oh, you think she's cute too, huh?"
    Ivan (glaring at Goldar): "Hmm..."
  • When Hornitor-Ivan pulled up the tower while Goldar was still standing on it, Goldar used his wings to fly away.
  • Later, Goldar sat in Zedd's throne, calling himself "King Goldar," when Rita and Zedd entered angrily; Mordant was serving Goldar a bowl of fruit.

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • Mordant, originally a short, fat, furry creature, was supposed to be Goldar's second cousin three times removed on Goldar's mother's side, visiting for the summer.

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