Golden Key
- magical artifact possessed by Lerigot
Golden Key
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 503-SIT3
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  • Lerigot's Golden Key opened the dimensional gateways of the universe. (Source: 500-TPRM introduction.)
  • When surrounded by Piranhatron-like warriors in a Liarian jungle, Lerigot removed from his vest his Golden Key, a very small gold rod with a sharp crystal tip, and held it up; gold energy swirled around him, and he flew to Earth as a golden streak of energy.
  • Elgar referred to the Golden Key as the key to the island of Muiranthias.
  • Divatox said that the Golden Key was the only key to freeing Maligore from his prison on Muiranthias.
  • The Golden Key wouldn't work in Divatox's hands.
  • The five Turbo Morpher keys which activated the Rangers' powers and Turbozords and allowed the Ghost Galleon to pass through the Nemesis Triangle were supposedly similar to the Golden Key.
  • Purring in tones with his eyes closed, Lerigot unleashed gold sparkles of energy from the Golden Key, sparkles which flowed from the subcraft's exterior into the wall of the Nemesis Triangle, and the subcraft freely passed through with flickering light around its edges at the points of entry; this scene was confirmed by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Outside Maligore's temple on Muiranthias, Divatox let Lerigot out of his cage and removed the mind blocker, then gave him the Golden Key, which he used to unlock the door to Maligore's temple with a swirl of golden energy specks, despite Yara's protests.
  • Divatox took the Golden Key back after the temple had been unlocked.
  • Lerigot was a descendant of those who had imprisoned Maligore.


  • To give Zordon his freedom, Lerigot had the teens form a circle around him; after Tommy had arrived, Lerigot made humming purrs, and gold sparkles drifted out from his Golden Key; Lerigot stopped the process, however, when the Power Chamber's alarm sounded.
  • Once the Rangers had defeated Elgar's fleet and again formed a circle around Lerigot, he again produced gold sparkles from his Golden Key, and the sparkles surrounded and dissolved Zordon's image, then more swept up Alpha, then the two swirls of gold sparkles flew out the main cylinder of the Power Chamber's exterior and into the wormhole in space.

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