Golden Key
- mystical key capable of opening gateways between real world andShadow World
Golden Key
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First Appearance: 832-Sorc
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: sentai version, US version (shown at right), Skull castle keyhole
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  • Olympius knew Jinxer held the key to the monsters' Shadow World, demanding he give it to him so he could go there.
  • The key was a small golden skeleton key with two red gems beside a demon head design.
  • Inside the skull castle, Olympius went down some stone steps where he came to red double doors with fiery designs over the doorway.
  • Olympius inserted the Golden Key into a golden keyhole with a demon head design resembling Diabolico, and the key's gem glowed.
  • After Olympius had unlocked the doors and removed the key, they swung open into an orange mist, and the Gatekeeper emerged to allow him passage.
  • To make sure the Rangers never left the Shadow World after Gatekeeper had transported them in, locked the doors with the Golden Key, and the doorway vanished with blue energy.
  • Olympius told the Rangers the portal to their world was gone.
  • Examining Ryan's ancient tome of heiroglyphics like those in the Tomb of Forever, the Sorcerer of the Sands asked if Ryan had the key and, when he didn't know of a key, declared the Golden Key made all the difference.
  • Creating a hologram of the key, the Sorcerer explained that with the Golden Key, he could read the spells easily.
  • To escape the Shadow World, Olympius held up the Golden Key, and the doors faded into view.
  • Suddenly, lightning bolts from above blasted the two villains back, and the doors shattered out of existence.
  • The key flew from Olympius's hand; appearing in the sky above, Diabolico taunted that there was only one key to the place and he had it, holding the glowing key, and he then vanished.
  • Later taunting Ryan from afar, Diabolico was holding the Golden Key.


  • During a fight with Olympius, Diabolico nearly handed Carter the Golden Key which would help him defeat Bansheera, but he didn't get the chance before being destroyed and then resurrected as a giant zombie.
  • In fiery gold energy following Diabolico's destruction, the Golden Key flew down into the Tomb of Forever and then hovered in front of a blank block amidst other heiroglyphics.
  • The key hovered against the stone and, with an orange flare turned, into an outline within the stone.
  • A strip of perhaps five square blocks in the wall was as follows: the first was an eclipse, the second was several pointy objects (perhaps the circle of stones), the third was now the key, the fourth was five hands sticking up from within a square coffin, and the fifth was a crude outline of Bansheera's monster form.


  • When Ryan touched the new key imprint, and the figure turned into the real Golden Key with gold light, hovering in front of him.
  • Ryan recognized the Golden Key as the key that opened the tomb (presumably the tomb/coffin in the skull castle rather than the Tomb of Forever; see below).
  • As Ryan grasped the hovering key, the heiroglyphics throughout the tomb began to glow with blue light, and the key's glowing gems then projected with reddish-white wisps a blue rippling image on the wall.
  • The image projected by the key showed an eclipse, then a horde of monsters reaching toward the ceiling of a hellish underground tomb within the Shadow World.
  • Ryan promptly called the Aquabase telling the others of Bansheera's plan to resurrect all the "demons" from the Shadow World.
  • Saying no one would stop the ceremony, Bansheera wrapped her tendrils around Ryan, making him drop the Golden Key which she then picked up.
  • Within a chamber of the skull castle was a large rectangular coffin with human skeletal remains embedded in every side.
  • Ryan told Carter that Bansheera would start the ceremony when the solar eclipse happened, which Carter noted was today.
  • To begin the ceremony, Bansheera had Jinxer go to put "the stones" in place.
  • Bansheera laughed that she had waited a long time for this day, having Ryan imagine the destruction as she unleashed every horrid creature upon his planet.
  • The Omega Megazord, hijacked by Jinxer, slammed a giant tapered stone structure into place in the city.
  • Once the circle of stones was complete, the ceremony could begin, at which point, Bansheera said, no one would be able to stop her.


  • In a cleared area in the city with the ocean nearby, the Omega Megazord planted the fourth of a giant six-stone circle.
  • Jinxer reported that the circle of stones was almost complete, and Bansheera, holding the Golden Key, replied it was time for her to join the party.
  • Downtown, Bansheera's skull castle flew in atop a giant tapered, flat-based stone of its own, the structure landing in the center of the circle of stones.
  • After the skull castle's landing, the Omega Megazord placed the fifth stone, nearly completing the circle formation.
  • As the eclipse began, Bansheera observed that everything was going as planned, and only one more stone had to be placed before her evil reign could begin.
  • As the eclipse began, the Omega Megazord prepared to place the sixth and final stone, but it was interrupted by blasts from Carter and Ryan on the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle.
  • Despite the destruction of the Omega Megazord, the stone fell into place, completing the circle.
  • Bansheera began the ceremony by horizontally inserting the Golden Key into the keyhole in the gaping forehead of a skull in the skeletal coffin, making it glow red from within.
  • Bansheera called forth, "Forces of evil, heed my call! Gather now as darkness falls!"
  • As the shadow of the eclipse fell over the city, a purple energy beam shot down from the moon and entered through the top of the skull castle.
  • As the purple beam struck the key, it turned, and the coffin's lid began to rumble.
  • Confronted by the Rangers, Bansheera, as she'd said repeatedly about the ceremony, taunted that nothing could stop her now.
  • Bansheera continued, "Just as darkness conquers light, let evil triumph over right!"
  • Purple energy wisps then seeped out from the coffin, apparently with evil faces in portions, and the lid lifted up with bright purple light, revealing with a fiery puff the Shadow World's underworld chamber below, filled with dozens of seething, roaring monsters.
  • As Bansheera called, "Demons arise!" several fiery energy rings flew down from the moon, passing perfectly over the six giant stones, and the peak of each was thus lit orange, each beaming a purple energy bolt inward toward the castle.
  • Then, Carter managed to kick Bansheera into the coffin, and she screamed as she fell down the shaft.
  • As the purple eclipse beam continued into the shaft below, Carter was barely able to hold onto the shaft as Bansheera hung from him.
  • Just then, Diabolico's spirit flew up from the pit and severed Bansheera's tendrils with a blast from his staff, causing her to plummet screaming as Diabolico followed, laughing.
  • As the eclipse was departing, the Rangers pulled Carter out of the shaft with a rope.
  • When Ryan turned the Golden Key and removed it, the coffin lid slammed down with purple wisps, first sucking in some demonic purple and white wisps.
  • The Golden Key was last seen in Ryan's possession as the skull castle crumbled to dust.

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