Golden Power Staff
- weapon and power source for Gold Ranger
Golden Power Staff
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First Appearance: 428-PwOG
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
Pictures: Golden Power Staff (shown at right), staff close-up, attack mode


  • To summon the Golden Power Staff, Gold Ranger held his hand in front of his face, and, like Zeo Ranger Five's summoning of the Zeo Five Power Sword, gold energy from his visor formed the Golden Power Staff in his hand, with the Gold Ranger symbol on the staff positioned directly in front of the visor.
  • On the top of the Golden Power Staff was a red orb roughly the size of a ping-pong ball.
  • To initiate his rush special attack, Gold Ranger held the Golden Power Staff up, and the middle piece (which bore the Zeo insignia) slid down to the bottom to give the staff a somewhat bladed end.
  • With a blurry effect, Gold Ranger quickly ran past his opponents, and gold lightning struck them as he passed.
  • Gold Ranger could also perform with his staff an energy blast attack: he first pressed the red button on the handle just below the head of his staff; this caused the head to split open vertically, containing three flashing red lights arranged vertically; streaks of gold energy flew into the red orb on the top of the staff, and then in front of the gold Gold Ranger symbol, Gold Ranger pointed his staff forward, sending three spheres of gold energy flying into his opponent.
  • The Golden Power Staff's triple energy blast attack temporarily defeated Wolfbane.
  • When Gold Ranger summoned Pyramidas during the battle with giant Wolfbane, he held up his Golden Power Staff, and a golden beam shot upward from it; the sky grew dark, and Pyramidas flew down from the sky, in the form of a black pyramid speckled with hundreds of small gold square surfaces; a blue energy beam then connected the tip of Pyramidas with the sky as gold energy flames moved down Pyramidas, transforming it into its normal form.


  • When Leaky Faucet liquefied to dodge the Rangers' advanced Zeo Laser Pistol blasts, they shot the freon pipes beside him, freezing him solid; Gold Ranger's triple energy blast then obliterated the frozen monster.
  • Although the frozen Leaky Faucet had been completely obliterated by the energy blast, he was merely lying on the ground, whole, when Orbus made him grow.


  • The triple energy blast attack made the Cogs retreat.
  • Later, the triple energy blast blew Somnibot apart into pieces.
  • Later still, the triple energy blast temporarily defeated the rebuilt Somnibot.


  • When Gold Ranger performed his energy blast attack, the normal three blasts emerged from the staff, but then seven more blasts were shown firing from the staff as Gold Ranger continued to hold it out; the Cogs surrounding Gold Ranger then fell over after the blasts had caused explosions around them.


  • After demorphing from being shot down in Pyramidas by the Varox over Aquitar, Trey continued to hold the Golden Power Staff.
  • The Gold Ranger powers were contained within the Golden Power Staff.
  • Immediately after the Treys had been teleported to the Power Chamber, they were shown officially presenting the Golden Power Staff and Gold Ranger powers to Billy; after asking him if he was ready, they held up the staff near him and announced, "Gift of power, take flight!" then told Billy that the Golden Power Staff was now his.
  • As Billy's hand approached the Golden Power Staff, it glowed gold and lit up the Power Chamber with flashes of light; when he held onto the staff, gold energy started to flow from the head of the staff into his hand but then returned to the head of the staff.
  • When the Rangers returned, Billy, looking crestfallen as he turned to face them, said that the power of the Gold Ranger couldn't be infused into him; he said he'd run a biomolecular scan on himself and explained that when the Command Center had blown up, he'd absorbed an extremely high dosage of "negative proton molecules" which resisted the Golden power like two magnets (presumably the like poles of two magnets) put together.


  • To energize the Golden Power Staff and buy the teens more time to find a new Gold Ranger, the staff was in a bed of glowing red crystal, just inside the western double door alcove of the Power Chamber, with only the pink Zeo Subcrystal visible in the bed; the others may have been present but obscured by the other thin, pointy crystals in the group.
  • As Trey of Courage held out the staff for Jason, he told Jason that he gave forth the spirit and fortitude the Golden power possessed; Trey of Heart said he embraced Jason with the kindness and empathy the power held; Trey of Wisdom said he placed in Jason's hands the knowledge and experience of his people of Triforia.
  • As Jason held the Golden Power Staff along with Trey of Courage, bright golden energy flowed into his face, lighting the Power Chamber up with flashes of light and instantly suiting him up as the Gold Ranger in one such flash.
  • Taking the staff, morphed Jason said he could feel the power, and Trey of wisdom told him that he now possessed the power drawn from all three of Trey's essences.
  • The glowing golden staff activated the Super Zeo Gems and caused the Super Zeozords to appear outside in the desert.


  • The Golden Power Staff appeared to be responsible for Gold Ranger's morphing.


  • Morphed Jason summoned the Golden Power Staff with a flash of sparkling white light.
  • When the five other Rangers used their Zeo Laser Pistols, morphed Jason also used the Golden Power Staff to shoot a gold laser of its own, from the red orb on top.


  • When the five Rangers reached for their Zeo Laser Pistols to shoot Stenchy, morphed Jason wasn't holding the Golden Power Staff, but a gold laser was among the six lasers which struck Stenchy; afterward, Jason was holding the staff.
  • Morphed Jason held up his glowing gold staff to summon the Warrior Wheel from the holding bay.


  • Removing the Golden Power Staff from a stand in the Power Chamber which had caused the staff to glow orange, Billy told Jason that the energy from the staff should now regenerate itself, even in battle.


  • The teens were unable to summon their Zeonizers (or, in Jason's case, to morph) in the Machine Arena while Gasket's forcefield was blocking their morphing powers.


  • Jason's powers grew weak as the Rangers fought Cogs in the desert.
  • Gasket told Jason to surrender his powers to him or be destroyed, but Sprocket distracted Gasket, giving the Rangers time to escape.
  • Before summoning Pyramidas, morphed Jason summoned the Golden Power Staff from bright wisps of golden or orange energy.


  • Once in the desert with the teens and Treys to transfer the Golden powers, unmorphed Jason didn't know whether he had enough energy left to summon the Golden Power Staff, but he did so, from orange wisps of energy.
  • A green energy blast from the Power Chamber, bounced off Aquitar and Triforia before being sent back to Earth, struck the Golden Power Staff, simultaneously reuniting the Treys and returning to Trey the completely restored Gold Ranger powers (see "Gold Ranger" page for details).
  • To make the Rangers grow to confront giant Mondo, Gold Ranger had the Rangers hold his hand and focus their powers toward each other, and as he held up the Golden Power Staff, he summoned the power of Triforia, generating golden energy bolts which made the six Rangers grow to giant size.


  • Gold Ranger holding the Golden Power Staff when struggling against Rita and Zedd's forces, until being blasted by Goldar, at which point he dropped the staff and was grappled.


  • The staff lay on the ground nearby after Zordon's energy wave had wiped out the army around Gold Ranger.

    - Phrases used to summon Golden Power Staff
    436-BITS Jason: "Golden Power Staff, now!"

    - Phrases used to transform staff for blurred rush attack
    428-PwOG Trey: "It's time for a gold rush!"
    436-BITS Jason: "It's time for a gold rush!"

    - Phrases used for energy blast attack
    Trey: "It's time for a gold rush!"

    - Phrases used to enlarge Rangers to giant size with staff
    450-Good Trey: "Power of Triforia, make us grow!"

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