Gold Ranger
- powerful Triforian Ranger; aided Zeo Rangers (428-PwOG through 450-Good)
Gold Ranger
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First Appearance: 428-PwOG
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
Subcategories: Morphing


  • Pyramidas was Gold Ranger's Zord.
  • The energy signatures of the Zeo Subcrystals and Pyramidas were an exact match; Pyramidas and the Zeo Rangers were using the same energy source.
  • To help the Rangers against Wolfbane and the Cogs, Gold Ranger streaked down as a black, gold-edged energy streak, bouncing off two Cogs and knocking them over, then three others, then Wolfbane.
  • When Gold Ranger was first shown after bouncing off the Cogs and Wolfbane, the glowing gold symbol of the Gold Ranger flew into his visor.
  • Gold Ranger's symbol had several possible meanings: it had six ends on it, perhaps representing his status as the sixth Zeo Ranger; it consisted of three bars connected in the middle, perhaps representing his Triforian origin; it was also the Japanese symbol for "king."
  • Gold Ranger's suit was a black version of the Zeo Rangers', but with gold chest armor, gold armbands, more complex glove and boot cuffs, gold knee armor, and a belt buckle bearing his symbol rather than the Zeo symbol; he had no holster on his belt.
  • Gold Ranger singlehandedly fought all the Cogs.
  • To initiate his rush special attack, Gold Ranger held the Golden Power Staff up, and the middle piece (which bore the Zeo insignia) slid down to the bottom to give the staff a somewhat bladed end.
  • With a blurry effect, Gold Ranger quickly ran past his opponents, and gold lightning struck them as he passed.
  • After summoning Pyramidas, Gold Ranger teleported to the giant Zord in the form of a thin gold streak of light identical to the teleportation used by the five Zeo Rangers to teleport to the Zeozords and Red Battlezord.


  • After materializing inside Pyramidas, a Varox waited to attack Gold Ranger until the Ranger had left the protective field of Pyramidas.
  • When Borax told Mondo that he was a Varox bounty hunter, Mondo assumed that he had come to Earth searching for the Gold Ranger; Borax was unfamiliar with the term "Ranger" and only referred to the Gold Ranger as the pilot of the pyramid.
  • Borax said that once outside of his pyramid, Gold Ranger was completely powerless against him.
  • A direct hit from Borax's energy spheres caused Gold Ranger's black areas to glow with flaming red energy, and Gold Ranger clutched his head in great pain; he was immensely weakened for several minutes.
  • Before fainting from weakness, Gold Ranger told the Rangers he couldn't tell them who he was, or else he'd lose his powers.
  • Kat had Alpha teleport Gold Ranger to the Power Chamber, and the unconscious Gold Ranger teleported with his gold-edged black streak teleport.


  • Mondo expected the chase with the Varox to weaken the Gold Ranger greatly.
  • After being told that Gold Ranger was deep in the oceans of Aquitar (where Pyramidas had been shot down), the Varox commander declared that that was the end of the Gold Ranger and that their mission had been completed successfully.
  • After Cestro had helped him into the Aquitians' chamber, Gold Ranger began to glow with bright gold light; the image of the Gold Ranger suit seemed to expand away from him, then he reverted to an unmorphed form as Trey of Triforia.
  • Just as he demorphed, Trey remarked, "The power... I can't--"
  • Trey continued to hold the Golden Power Staff after demorphing.
  • As Trey weakly held his head, crackled with blue electricity, and showed flickers of the Gold Ranger's helmet and belt, green and red images of him slightly swayed away from either side of his head.
  • Trey told Delphine that he was losing control of the power and that he needed Zordon's help.
  • His latest battle with the Varox had splintered Trey's unity being, and until he was one, he was unable to utilize the Gold Ranger powers; he had to find a worthy beneficiary, or the powers would be lost forever.
  • The Gold Ranger powers were contained within the Golden Power Staff.
  • Immediately after the Treys had been teleported to the Power Chamber, they were shown officially presenting the Golden Power Staff and Gold Ranger powers to Billy; after asking him if he was ready, they held up the staff near him and announced, "Gift of power, take flight!" then told Billy that the Golden Power Staff was now his.
  • As Billy's hand approached the Golden Power Staff, it glowed gold and lit up the Power Chamber with flashes of light; when he held onto the staff, gold energy started to flow from the head of the staff into his hand but then returned to the head of the staff.
  • When the Rangers returned, Billy, looking crestfallen as he turned to face them, said that the power of the Gold Ranger couldn't be infused into him; he said he'd run a biomolecular scan on himself and explained that when the Command Center had blown up, he'd absorbed an extremely high dosage of "negative proton molecules" which resisted the Golden power like two magnets (presumably the like poles of two magnets) put together.


  • To energize the Golden Power Staff and buy the teens more time to find a new Gold Ranger, the staff was in a bed of glowing red crystal, just inside the western double door alcove of the Power Chamber, with only the pink Zeo Subcrystal visible in the bed; the others may have been present but obscured by the other thin, pointy crystals in the group.
  • As Trey of Courage held out the staff for Jason, he told Jason that he gave forth the spirit and fortitude the Golden power possessed; Trey of Heart said he embraced Jason with the kindness and empathy the power held; Trey of Wisdom said he placed in Jason's hands the knowledge and experience of his people of Triforia.
  • As Jason held the Golden Power Staff along with Trey of Courage, bright golden energy flowed into his face, lighting the Power Chamber up with flashes of light and instantly suiting him up as the Gold Ranger in one such flash.
  • Taking the staff, morphed Jason said he could feel the power, and Trey of wisdom told him that he now possessed the power drawn from all three of Trey's essences.
  • Billy monitored the ensuing battle between the six Rangers and Silo and found that Jason had fully absorbed the Golden powers.


  • Removing the Golden Power Staff from a stand in the Power Chamber which had caused the staff to glow orange, Billy told Jason that the energy from the staff should now regenerate itself, even in battle.


  • Jason informally took over as leader of the Zeo Rangers in Tommy's absence; Cruel Chrome acknowledged Gold Ranger as the substitute team leader.


  • While morphed Tommy was trapped in his Brain Drain device, Gasket called in Altor, a gold robot monster with the Gold Ranger symbol on his face, arms, and belt, to have him infused with Tommy's powers to make the monster invincible.
  • Altor's staff bore the Gold Ranger symbol.


  • Jason's powers grew weak as the Rangers fought Cogs in the desert.
  • Gasket told Jason to surrender his powers to him or be destroyed, but Sprocket distracted Gasket, giving the Rangers time to escape.
  • After returning to the Power Chamber, Jason demorphed with the Gold Ranger suit expansion and dissolve, just as had happened to Trey in 433-RvOG.
  • After Jason tried to pass off his weakness and demorphing as mere exhaustion from his recent intense workouts, Zordon said it was entirely possible that Jason's physical exhaustion had caused his powers to become temporarily intermittent, and he had Alpha run a complete battery of tests on Jason.
  • The tests were negative (a good result), presumably indicating that Jason wasn't losing his powers, but Zordon told Jason not to exert himself, just in case.
  • Zordon told Alpha that he'd had grave concerns all along that Jason's physiological makeup would be unable to sustain the Gold Ranger powers.


  • Jason's communicator wouldn't work while his powers were waning in the forest.
  • Leaning up against a tree, morphed Jason demorphed with red energy and then spontaneously re-morphed.
  • Mondo wanted to wear Jason out; since he was losing the Golden powers, the Machine Empire could seize them, Mondo said.
  • As he was being confronted by Rita and Zedd, Jason did the suit expand demorph, then soon re-morphed with a reversed version of the same effect in time to fend off the Tengas.
  • As Jason posed upon re-morphing, his hands trailed with golden energy.
  • Some time after escaping from the forest, Jason, in unmorphed form, stumbled into the Youth Center and collapsed.
  • As Zordon had suspected, the Gold Ranger powers, and Jason's own vital life force along with them, were leaving Jason.
  • A short while later, Jason was resting with his eyes closed, as the struggle to maintain balance between the Gold Ranger powers and the forces of the universe could be very taxing on the human form.
  • Zordon called the Treys to Earth to reclaim the Gold Ranger powers.
  • Zordon said there was only one possibility to reunite the Treys that he was aware of, but it could prove very dangerous: an interplanetary unification beam would be used to create a positive energy flow between the planets Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth; the beam had to be reflected off the planets at specific points in their orbits and returned to Earth with exact precision, and if the beam struck Earth without first hitting the Golden Power Staff at exactly the right time, Jason and the Treys could be destroyed.
  • Trey of Heart said they didn't seem to have a choice and that they would do whatever it took to save Jason and their powers.
  • The location on Earth where the beam had to strike was in the northwest corner of the Angel Grove desert; at the proper location, a large triangle appeared to have been burned into the ground.
  • Once the three planets were in alignment, Zordon had Alpha fire the beam, which was a green energy blast from the Power Chamber's main external cylinder; the blast bounced off a southern area on Aquitar, then bounced off a southern area on Triforia, and finally headed back to Earth.
  • Before the blast arrived, the Treys stood at the points of the black triangle in the desert, with Jason holding up the Golden Power Staff in the center; the blast struck the staff, and gold energy bolts flowed into the Treys, merging them into the Gold Ranger, who was now standing in front of Jason.
  • Morphed Trey exclaimed that his powers were completely restored, and when Jason gave him the Golden Power Staff, he declared that now he could do some good, then rushed into battle.


  • As Astronema organized Dark Specter's forces in taking over the universe, Gold Ranger struggled against Rita and Zedd's forces in a planet in the Vica Galaxy.
  • Gold Ranger's voice wasn't heard clearly, so his identity at this point was uncertain.
  • Goldar shot an orange energy bolt from his sword at Gold Ranger, allowing the monsters to grapple him.
  • Hours later, as Ecliptor's hologram in the sky explained that Dark Specter had been destroyed and Astronema was now their supreme ruler, the villains had Gold Ranger restrained.


  • Shortly, Astronema told the people of Earth, not necessarily speaking the truth, that the rest of the universe had surrendered.
  • The next Earth morning, the energy wave from Zordon's destruction turned all of the monsters into piles of sand, leaving Rita and Zedd in human forms, and the couple danced away happily, to Gold Ranger's confusion.

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