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  • According to Zordon, the battle between good and evil began millions of years ago.


  • With the Zeo Megazord in repair, Zordon said that their only defense was the Red Battlezord and that this made the Earth even more vulnerable than before; the implication is that there were no other superheroes defending the planet at the time.


  • Sam explained that many years ago, the land had been ruled by powerful evil spirits, but that a great warrior had captured them and imprisoned them in the arrowhead Tommy and David now guarded; thus, whoever held the arrowhead controlled the spirits.


  • According to Blue Senturion's estimated future from the year 2000, the universe's greatest evils would join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe, then divide its wealth; only one force stood in their way. (See "Millennium message" for more information.)


  • Upon hearing that planet Eltar had fallen to evil forces, the teens were all quite concerned about Zordon and wanted to go help him, but Zordon and Dimitria both wanted the Rangers to stay on Earth, as they were the planet's only defense against Divatox.


  • Learning that Dark Specter had captured Zordon and was draining all his powers, T.J. and Cassie said that if Zordon lost all his powers, they were all history, but Andros replied that Zordon was strong and that it would take some time for Dark Specter to take away all the power, which gave Andros some time.


  • In a huge chamber of the Dark Fortress, Astronema addressed a huge army of Quantrons: "When we're finished, there will be no 'good' left in the universe. No 'love', no 'happiness!' Only chaos, anger, greed! Fight strong, and destroy all the forces of goodness, especially the Power Rangers! Go now, and spread the wrath of Dark Specter!!"
  • As the forces of evil began the takeover of the universe, Astronema told Zordon it was the end of his era and the beginning of hers.
  • Bewildered, Cassie saw that Rita and Zedd were attacking the Vica Galaxy; as the Vica had no defenses, they wouldn't know what had hit them, according to Carlos.


  • Shortly after Ecliptor's hologram had told the various invading armies that Dark Specter had been destroyed and Astronema was now their supreme leader, Astronema told the people of Earth, not necessarily speaking the truth, that the rest of the universe had surrendered.
  • Learning that night from Zhane that the Rebels had surrendered, Cassie conclued they were on their own, saying anyone who could help them had been destroyed or captured.
  • The next Earth day, a wave of gold energy from Zordon's destruction radiated outward from the Dark Fortress near Earth as a ring of energy which spread throughout the universe; when the wave passed over the armies of evil, they were dissolved into piles of sand, with the exception of a few villains who were purified into human forms.

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)

  • During Ivan Ooze's rule of Earth six thousand years ago, a rebel factor known as the Order of the Meledon eventually lured Ivan into a hyperlock chamber; in the final revision of the movie, Zordon would describe those who trapped Ivan as a group of young warriors like the Rangers.
  • The Great Power originated in another time and another dimension, brought to Phaedos long ago by the Nathadians, a people whose only surviving descendant was Dulcea; they had built the great monolith to protect the Power.
  • Dulcea and Zordon had both belonged to an interstellar peacekeeping force known as the Order of the Meledon.
  • As a member of the Order of the Meledon, Zordon was widely regarded as the finest commander in the galaxy, a true legend; if not for him, Dulcea told the teens, the universe would be a very different place.
  • Over time, the Order's enemies were defeated, and Dulcea returned to Phaedos, while Zordon moved on to continue the struggle elsewhere; prior to modern day, Dulcea hadn't heard from Zordon for centuries.
  • Dulcea said that Zordon was always an inspiration and that if he died, a piece of all of them would die, and the force of good within the universe would be dealt an irreparable blow.

    "Power" phrases
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    - Phrases used to invoke "the Power"
    Zordon: "Let the Power protect you."
    Zordon: "Be careful, and let the Power protect you."
    122-TWSh Zordon: "May the Power be yours."
    Zordon: "Good luck, [...] and let the Power protect you."
    Zordon: "May the Power protect you."
    Zordon: "Good luck, [...] and may the Power protect you."
    140-Ddy2 Zordon: "May the Power protect you, always."
    158-FbSe Tommy: "Now, let the Power protect me."
    158-FbSe Zordon: "Be strong, [...] and may the Power protect you."
    202-Mut2 Zordon: "And may the Power protect them all."
    218-WhL2 Zordon: "Go now, [...] and may the Power protect you."
    219-TFrO Zordon: "Go, [...] and let the Power protect you all."
    220-OpAt Zordon: "Go, [...] and let the Power protect you."
    228-PTr2 Zordon (to Jason, Trini, and Zack after power transfer): "The Power will always be with you and will protect you."
    246-RGR3 Zordon: "Be very careful, [...] and may the Power protect you."
    302-FIN2 Dex: "To the Power!"
    Rangers and Dex's friends: "To the Power!"
    Delphine: "May the Power protect you."
    343-HdA2 Zordon: "Know that the Power will protect you."
    433-RvOG Delphine: "Good luck, [...] and may the Power protect you."
    437-SOAW Trey of Wisdom: "Good luck, [...] and may the Power protect you all."
    438-Aurc Trey of Wisdom: "May the Power protect you."
    503-SIT3 Zordon: "Know that the Power is always within you."
    543-P&Pc T.J. (to Bulk and Skull): "May the Power protect you both."
    544-CIS1 Dimitria: "May the Power protect you."

    - Dimitria's comrade from Inquiris
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    First Appearance: 505-TrIm
    Last Appearance: 505-TrIm
    Pictures: Visceron (shown at right), Visceron's ship, ship cockpit, Visceron, slave form


  • Heading for Earth in a red carlike spacecraft similar to the design of the Auto Blasters, Visceron sent a transmission saying that it was an emergency that he contact Dimitria; he was using KAGV, the radio station at which Tanya worked, as a homing beacon.
  • The cockpit of Visceron's spacecraft was nearly identical in design to the Rescuezord cockpits.
  • Visceron was from Inquiris, but he didn't speak in questions.
  • Dimitria knew Visceron.
  • Visceron said he was en-route to Earth with urgent information too important to be monitored.
  • A red energy fireball from Divatox's subcraft on Earth struck Visceron's ship, and two Piranhatron soon dragged Visceron into the subcraft's bridge.
  • Visceron had "Max 300" on his breastplate, shoulders, and helmet.
  • Visceron knew Divatox.
  • When Visceron refused to work for Divatox or tell her the message, Divatox tried to hit him, and when he blocked, she flipped him onto the ground, then stepped on his chest.
  • Divatox had the Piranhatron take Visceron to "the sea cave" until he was ready to talk; the sea cave was a cavern, perhaps somewhere on Earth, with blue, red, and orange shades of what looked like sky in the background, and lava pits in the ground.
  • When Visceron awoke in the sea cave, he was smoking, and the right side of his face appeared to be smashed up; Elgar and Porto had been waiting to interrogate him.
  • Porto used a transformation sprayer to spray Visceron with some sort of fluid which transformed his head and turned him into a willing servant of Divatox.
  • After Elgar had given him an apron, Visceron began cleaning imaginary dishes, since he didn't see any real dishes.
  • In the subcraft's kitchen some time later, Visceron washed dishes very speedily.
  • After washing the dishes doing the laundry, vacuuming, and dusting, Visceron begged Divatox to let him clean something else.
  • Divatox had Porto send the Piranhatron to guard the detonator at KAGV, but when they were defeated, she sent Porto with Visceron to guard it.
  • Visceron told Porto he wasn't married.
  • Visceron shot a blue energy beam from his large red eye on his altered head.
  • Visceron got the detonator from the Rangers, but it then blew up in his hand, engulfing him in a large fireball; lying on the ground, Visceron then reverted to his original, damaged form.
  • Soon afterward, Visceron was unconscious on the medical table in the Power Chamber, and Alpha didn't think he was going to make it.
  • When the teens noted how evil and powerful Divatox was, Dimitria asked them if, after all they'd been through together, they hadn't yet learned the power of love and friendship; she showed the teens what this meant by holding out her hands, causing blue wisps of energy to heal and revive Visceron.
  • Visceron brought important news from Inquiris: it had been discovered that Dimitria's birth records had been tampered with; while it was always thought that she was an only child, she actually had a sister; after learning that this sister was actually a twin sister, Dimitria gasped and asked if it could be.

    - three kids with beetle-themed powers, armor, and weapons (from another Saban show), apparently not real in Power Rangers
    Beetleborgs (picture not from Power Rangers)
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    Pictures: Big Bad Beetleborgs comic book (non-PR), Big Bad Beetleborgs with weapons (non-PR), Beetleborgs Metallix (non-PR)


  • As Carlos and Ashley led kids into the Youth Center during giant Flamite's attack on Angel Grove, one of the kids was a boy in a striped shirt who looked identical to Drew, the Blue Stinger Beetleborg in the out-of-continuity show Big Bad Beetleborgs and the Chromium Gold Beetleborg in the out-of-continuity show Beetleborgs Metallix.


  • Bulk and Skull read Big Bad Beetleborgs comic books in their watchtower in Angel Grove Forest.


  • All of the monsters into which Body Switcher transformed himself were from Big Bad Beetleborgs or Beetleborgs Metallix. (Source: Submitted by Brent Crane)


  • The monster which had nearly killed Zhane two years ago on KO-35 was actually a recolored version of the statue monster in the Hillhurst mansion in Big Bad Beetleborgs.


  • Borgslayer from Big Bad Beetleborgs was among the assorted monsters in the Shadow World's underground tomb.

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