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Ecto Accelerator
- morphing device used by Masked Rider
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First Appearance: 301-FIN1
Last Appearance: (Power Rangers) 303-FIN3


  • Prince Dex held up his right hand with pinky and thumb extended, then held it out by his side, then swept his left hand out and then into a fist, forming on his belt the Ecto Accelerator, a rectangular golden device with two red circles, much like the silver and yellow belt buckles on the Turbo Rangers' suits.
  • Once Dex announced, "Ecto phase activate!", the Ecto Accelerator took the foreground with a black background, then morphed into a green insect's head, then Masked Rider's head, then the camera zoomed out as Masked Rider posed; the Ecto Accelerator was now a silver belt once he'd transformed.


  • When Masked Rider summoned his Electro Saber, its handle formed from white energy from his Ecto Accelerator, after which he pulled the blade out.


  • The Turbo Ranger suits' belt buckles which appeared to be partially responsible for the morphing process resembled Masked Rider's Ecto Accelerator.

    - Phrases used for Dex to transform into Masked Rider
    301-FIN1 Dex: "I call upon the powers of light and truth to become Masked Rider! Ecto phase activate!"
    302-FIN2 Dex: "In the name of King Lexian, rightful ruler of Edenoi, ecto phase activate!"


  • The name "Ecto Accelerator" comes from the Masked Rider series.

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